<i>Immortally Yours</i>: Exclusive Excerpt Immortally Yours: Exclusive Excerpt Lynsay Sands "He’ll have to rethink everything he once believed about love and destiny..." <i>Rank & File</i>: Exclusive Excerpt Rank & File: Exclusive Excerpt L.A. Witt "Will can retire, Brent can resign, or they'll both face court-martial." <i>The Love Song of Sawyer Bell</i>: Exclusive Excerpt The Love Song of Sawyer Bell: Exclusive Excerpt Avon Gale "A tough decision about her future—and what it means to follow her heart." <i>The Rogue's Conquest</i>: Exclusive Excerpt The Rogue's Conquest: Exclusive Excerpt Lily Maxton "There's too much at stake for James to give in to his growing attraction."
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September 23, 2017
ICYMI: Bittersweet Book Club, Nalini Singh Excerpt, Indie Romances, and more!
Team H & H
September 22, 2017
Happy Endings for Susan Mallery's You Say It First
Janet Webb
September 21, 2017
3 Books That Put the Romance Back in Fiction
Keira Soleore
September 21, 2017
Victorian Women & the Periodical Press
Sandra Schwab
September 21, 2017
4 Moments That Prove 10 Things I Hate About You Is The Best
Sep 21 2017 2:00pm

3 Books That Put the Romance Back in Fiction

Major Pettigrew's Last Stand by Helen Simonson

The earliest readers of Heroes & Heartbreakers know that I used to write opinion articles here. This is my first piece in a long time, and I am so delighted to return here. The Romance in Fiction column will feature books that have a strong romantic subplot. While I read widely and enjoy fiction of all kind, I find that the stories that resonate with me best are the ones with a love interest in them. I don't necessarily mean only romance genre fiction, but also general fiction with a touch of romance.

For example, I love C.S. Harris's long-running Sebastian St. Cyr Regency mystery series for the detecting elements and the era, but also for the thread of Sebastian's romantic entanglements that, to me, is the heart of the series and the driving force of the series.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey through the romance to be found in fiction as I explore which books spoke to me vividly.

The three stories I have chosen below are stories of bravery, where the protagonists have to take courage into their hands to achieve happiness.

Major Pettigrew's Last Stand by Helen Simonson

(Amazon | B&N | Kobo)

This book is set in the English countryside. There is all the insularity and peculiarity of living in close quarters with a few families. Everyone is in everyone else's business and gossips about whoever is not there. Bossy women run the social life of the village. Old spinsters run the gardening clubs and book clubs. Middle-aged men play golf. But then comes this Pakistani-British family in the midst of all this country whiteness. They're “othered” and treated as foreigners even though they were born in England, and they forever disturb the homogeneous harmony of the village.

[Read more...]

Sep 21 2017 1:00pm

The Quiet Revolution: Victorian Women & the Periodical Press

Yuletide Truce by Sandra Schwab

Today we're thrilled to welcome Sandra Schwab (Yuletide Truce) has done a lot of research for her Victorian romances. While in historical periods it's often assumed that women were oppressed, there was a quiet revolution going on behind closed doors—and amidst the pages of periodicals. Sandra is here today to talk about Victorian women and the plans they put into action for equality. Thanks, Sandra!

I fell in love with Victorian periodicals back in 2010, when I was invited to give a paper at the annual conference of the Research Society for Victorian Periodicals. The conference was held at Yale, which was nerve-racking enough, but what really blew my mind was the camaraderie among the scholars in this field—and the sheer breadth of the field itself. That conference was a revelation, and I was hooked.

Upon my return home, I immediately started to forage around the online catalogues of antique bookshops, and a few weeks later, several huge packages containing all volumes of the satirical magazine Punch from 1841-1891 arrived on my doorstep. (I think the nice UPS man was a bit taken aback that I nearly burst into tears when I opened the door and saw him.) The 154 pounds of Mr. Punch moved into my sitting room, and for the next five years, my academic research focused on this particular magazine — and soon influenced my fiction as well.

[Read more...]

Sep 21 2017 12:16pm

L.P. Maxa Excerpt: Jaw Dropping

L.P. Maxa

Lincoln Sumner’s life is perfect. He gets to live every man’s dream: He’s in a perpetual state of adolescence working as a baseball coach at St. Leasing Boarding School for Boys. He bags all the chicks he wants, vacations around the world every summer, drives a hot car too fast, and has the best packmates in the world. “Forever” is not in the stars for Linc. Then the gorgeous new school nurse arrives.

Madden West’s life is perfect. Working her dream job as a trauma nurse in short-term gigs all over the world, she lives life on her terms, goes where she wants and does what she wants with whomever she wants to do it. When the opportunity to become the school nurse at St. Leasing falls into her lap, she says, “Sure, why not? Never been to Colorado.” When she meets sexy baseball coach Linc Sumner, she thinks, “There’s my next fling.” Until everything changes and forever is more than a possibility, it’s the reality she was sure she never wanted but now craves.

Get a sneak peek at L.P. Maxa's Jaw Dropping (available September 28, 2017) with an exclusive excerpt of a selected scene.

“Have you lost your ever loving mind? You signed that contract Linc, you swore.” Baze pointed down the bar toward Madden. She had her lips wrapped around the mouth of a beer bottle and it was making Linc’s dick rock hard. “She is medical personnel that means she is one hundred percent off fucking limits to you. Pun entirely intended.” Baze was fighting mad. Like nostrils flared, teeth grinding pissed off.

Linc thought Baze was being completely unreasonable. “Come on man, she’s gorgeous.” Linc knew he was whining, but damn if he didn’t care.

[Read the full Jaw Dropping excerpt...]

Sep 21 2017 9:30am

4 Moments That Prove 10 Things I Hate About You Is The Best

10 Things I Hate About You

The best adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew is the 1999 romantic comedy 10 Things I Hate About You. This is a fact. (Shh, let me have this.) There’s a lot to love in the movie, from Allison Janney’s romance-writing guidance counselor, Ms. Perky, to the sonnet-rapping English teacher, Mr. Morgan. Joey is a terrible/excellent antagonist who gets exactly what’s coming to him when Bianca publicly kicks his butt at prom. Kat and her dad have a heartwarming moment that speaks to the beauty of a parent-child relationship and the ways that changes as kids grow into adulthood.

It’s a GREAT MOVIE. The best part, though? Kat and Patrick’s relationship. Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles have some serious chemistry, and their relationship is what got me hooked on the enemies-to-lovers trope. Without further ado, I offer my top 4 Kat & Patrick scenes in this, my favorite of all rom-coms.

4. The Almost Kiss

For their first sort-of-date, Kat and Patrick go to a party. Kat really doesn’t want to be there and gets rather sloshed. During a memorable table dance, she hits her head on a chandelier and Patrick catches her. He brings her to a swing set in the backyard and tries to keep her awake for fear that she has a concussion. There’s a touching moment… then she vomits. Later, he’s driving her home and she opens up about her dream of starting a band. It’s the first time she’s let her guard down with him, even going so far as to say “you’re not as vile as I thought you were.” (Best line.)

[Read more...]

Sep 21 2017 8:02am

What Piece of Clothing from a Book or Movie Would You Add to Your Closet?

In The Incredibles, Edna Mode had one hard and fast rule: No Capes. Luckily we are not superheroes, and Edna Mode isn't here to critique us because when we found out that we could buy the cape that Howl wears in Howl's Moving Castle, suffice to say we were thrilled. Would you ever buy an item that's been featured in a book or movie? Have you ever gotten any themed clothing? We confess we have a lot in our own closets so feel free to share your own fandom finds down in the comments!

Sep 20 2017 4:30pm

The Pleasure Principle: Romance News & Deals from Elizabeth Hoyt, R.C. Ryan, and More

Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in romance.

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Top Off Your TBR Pile

Duke of Pleasure by Elizabeth Hoyt

Deal Alert: Elizabeth Hoyt's historical romance Duke of Pleasure is $1.99 at Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Kobo | etc.* “When Hugh Fitzroy, Duke of Kyle, is charged with bringing down a secret society known as the Lords of Chaos, he’ll need Alf’s help.” Alf's identity as the Ghost of St. Giles, and a woman, creates sizzling tension and chemistry between her and Hugh as they band together to fight the dangerous lords. 

Deal Alert: R.C. Ryan's contemporary cowboy romance The Maverick of Copper Creek is $2.99 at Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Kobo | Amazon | etc.* This small-town romance comes with “a fair amount of suspense included; the small-town aspect becomes so well integrated that you can’t help but appreciate it. It also has a romance with just enough heat to live up to the sexy cowboy on the cover. That doesn’t hurt, either.” Cowboys, reunited lovers, and a mystery to solve...what's not to love?

Deal Alert: Yasmine Galenorn's urban fantasy Fury Rising is $.99 at iBooks | Kobo | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | etc.* Add another fantasy romance to your TBR pile, with the first book in Galenorn's Fury Unbound series. Kaeleen Donovan, a minor goddess, is charged with hunting down Abominations by night and running her Crossroads Cleaning Company by day. When the chaos magicians arrive to upset the balance of the world, it's up to Kaeleen and her friends to stop the world from crumbling. 

[+Sarina Bowen book news]

Sep 20 2017 3:00pm

Julie Ann Walker Black Knights Inc. to End with Built to Last

Built to Last by Julie Ann Walker

Today we're thrilled to not only announce that Julie Ann Walker's Black Knight Inc. series would be ending (sob!) with Built to Last, but we also get to share the cover! While we're sad to see the series go, we got a chance to sit down with Julie and learn everything we could about the last book, and thrills we have to look forward to in the finale of the series! 

Without further ado, learn more about what's to come in Built to Last:

Masterful, mysterious, and completely ruthless, Jamin “Angel” Agassi joined the Black Knights Inc. after a mission-gone-wrong forced him to undergo extensive plastic surgery and change his name. He's going to bring down the world's worst crime syndicate, and hopefully keep Sonya Butler, a love from his past, from discovering who he really is...

When a dark-eyed stranger gets caught up in Sonya’s latest mission, she starts to question all her hard-won instincts. Something about Angel tells her he's more than he seems, and sometimes, when she least expects it, he reminds her of a man she used to know. As the bullets fly, she realizes that in love and war nothing is ever what it seems...

And now get the scoop straight from the source herself:

[Read more...]

Sep 20 2017 1:30pm

“Found Family” Can Be the Best Family

Source: Shutterstock

4 Favorite Found Families

Family doesn't always have to be the people you're related to by blood. Many of us have found that the people we're closest too are the ones that we share no blood ties with at all. Today, authors Michele de Winton (Ride Me Right), Violetta Rand (One Taste of Angel), Michele Mannon (author of the Deadliest Lies series), and Katana Collins (author of the Harrison Street Crew series) are here to discuss some of their favorite found families in fiction. Thanks, ladies!

Note: These authors are part of a massive sale of books. Check out their titles on sale, and peruse all the books (over 100!!) that are on sale from now until September 25. 

Definition: A group of unrelated persons who commit to one another as a family.

Oceans Eleven. Harry Potter. Friends. The Found Family is a favorite trope used within fictional storytelling. It’s often done with clear intention and can be very obvious, like in the movie, The Avengers. This story revolves around an unlikely band of misfit superheroes who’ve joined together to save the world. And if you think about it, this is usually the case with adventure stories where the plot lines revolve around newly established and often unexpected brotherhoods. Moviegoers appreciate the rich characterization that goes hand in hand with this type of storyline.

However, the Found Family trope can be showcased in a slightly more subtle way, as is the case in the movie, Steel Magnolias. In this movie, a deep, very realistic sisterhood develops between the characters. Yet it’s the undercurrent of what bonds them together—a strong case of southern moxie along with a dark, painful tragedy—that bears closer inspection. 

We asked four dark contemporary/suspense authors to share examples of their favorite brotherhoods and sisterhoods. And, as is the way with author-hoods writing within the same trope, we received four uniquely different responses.

[Read more...]

Sep 20 2017 12:11pm

RaeAnne Thayne Excerpt: Sugar Pine Trail

RaeAnne Thayne

Librarian Julia Winston is ready to ditch the quiet existence she's been living. She's made a list of new things to experience, but falling for Jamie Caine, her sexy military pilot neighbor, isn't one of them. Julia's looking to conquer life, not become the heartbreaker's latest conquest. But when two young brothers wind up in Julia's care for the holidays, she'll take any help she can get—even Jamie's.

Happy to step in, Jamie reveals a side of himself that's much harder to resist. Not only is he fantastic with kids, he provides the strength Julia needs to tackle her list. She knows their temporary family can't last beyond the holidays, but the closer she gets to Jamie, the more she wonders if things could be this merry and bright forever…

Get a sneak peek at RaeAnne Thayne's Sugar Pine Trail (available September 26, 2017) with an exclusive excerpt of a selected scene.

Jamie waited for Julia’s answer with an anxiousness that he didn’t quite understand.

The idea had been one of those spur-of-the-moment things, but it suddenly seemed vitally important that she say yes.

“What do you say?” he pressed, when her silence dragged on. “Think the boys might enjoy an airplane ride? Aidan and I can keep a close eye on the three kids on the flight there. On the way back, there will be a dozen more Caines to watch them on the plane.”

[Read the full Sugar Pine Trail excerpt...]

Sep 20 2017 11:00am

Sarina Bowen on Bittersweet, Zara’s Hero, and More True North Goodness!

Bittersweet by Sarina Bowen

After a wonderful spring and summer, H&H’s E-Book of the Month Club program is going on a short break. We hope you enjoyed the free e-books and will let you know as soon when the next free e-book is available for download.

In the meantime, we’re happy to say that Book Club continues! We invite you to join us for monthly discussions, author Q&As, and more about books we’re loving, like Sarina Bowen's Bittersweet!

We can't help but talk about books all day, every day, and we always take the opportunity to celebrate our favorites. This month, we've decided to continue the book love—and the book club—with our spotlight on Sarina Bowen's Bittersweet. When it comes to farmer heroes, we definitely think his tractor is sexy—especially when that tractor is being ridden by one of Sarina Bowen's heroes! When Bittersweet, the first book in Bowen's True North series, came out, we immediately had a major crush on the cover, and our infatuation only got fiercer when we started reading! Today we sit down with Sarina to discuss everything we love about the True North series, what ciders inspired the Shipley Farm's brand, and, of course, what makes Griff and Audrey such standout characters.

Heroes and Heartbreakers: At 27, Griffin is very young to have to run his family’s orchard and worry about his siblings’ college funds; what appeals to you about responsible heroes like Griff?

Sarina Bowen: The thing about Griff is that he doesn’t have to run the orchard or pay the college tuition. But he thinks he has to. I was drawn to the idea that his greatest strength (responsibility) is also his greatest flaw. He sees himself as Mr. Unavailable until Audrey shows him otherwise.

H&H: Audrey is a bit of a lost lamb in the beginning of the book but flourishes under the attention of the Shipleys. What did you hope readers would take away from her arc?

SB: We don’t all get it right on the first try. Audrey is proof of that. But she’s sunny instead of bitter. She really is Griff’s opposite in this way.

H&H: What would you say is your favorite Griff and Audrey scene in the book and why?

SB: Definitely the pig butchery! Another woman would be scared off, but not our Audrey.

[Read on for cider recommendations, Zara scoop, and more...]

Sep 20 2017 11:00am

Sarina Bowen’s Bittersweet Book Club Discussion Thread

Bittersweet by Sarina Bowen

After a wonderful spring and summer, H&H’s E-Book of the Month Club program is going on a short break. We hope you enjoyed the free e-books and will let you know as soon when the next free e-book is available for download.

In the meantime, we’re happy to say that Book Club continues! We invite you to join us for monthly discussions, author Q&As, and more about books we’re loving.

And now, for September, we’re thrilled to announce our Book Club pick is Sarina Bowen's Bittersweet!

Bittersweet is one of those books we just couldn't shut up about here at Heroes and Heartbreakers HQ because What?? Farmers are hot now? Despite the evidence of Alice Clayton's Nuts and our own trend watch for “men who work with their hands” in December 2015, we still couldn't believe how into lumbersexuals we all were when this first True North book was released in the summer of 2016.

And now? Well, now we can't wait to discuss this book with all of you and to learn whether you liked it as much as we did.

Want more? Read our Q&A with author Sarina Bowen about Bittersweet and the True North series!

Note: The comments for this post will be made up ENTIRELY of SPOILERS and is intended as a place for fans to gather and discuss the book AFTER reading it, so if you have yet to finish, steer clear of anything after the jump. Go finish the book, then come back.


[Read more...]

Sep 20 2017 9:30am

First Look: Nalini Singh’s Archangel’s Viper (September 26, 2017)

Archangel's Viper by Nalini Singh

Nalini Singh
Archangel's Viper (A Guild Hunter Novel #10)
Berkley / September 26, 2017 / $7.99 print & digital

Venom has to be one of the most intriguing characters introduced by Nalini Singh in her Guild Hunter series so it is only fitting that he be given a heroine who is as unique as he is.

Venom is one of Archangel Raphael’s seven; his most trusted circle of advisors, protectors, and friends.  He is a vampire who was made by Neha, the Archangel of India, also known as the Queen of Poisons and Snakes, and as his name suggests, Venom’s bite is toxic.  It is not just his bite and his cool demeanor that makes him so captivating.  There is no confusing Venom for any other vampire since there is only one man alive with eyes like a snake. He knows how to use his unusual gaze to unbalance his opponents and captivate women.

Wraparound mirrored sunglasses obscured his eyes. Holly still hadn’t figured out if he wore the sunglasses because his eyes were sensitive to light, so people wouldn’t freak out, or simply because he was an asshole who like to look impenetrable.

She bet on the last.

A character as unusual and unforgettable as Venom needs a heroine who can stand up to him and not fade into the background whenever he is around. She has to be someone who can accept him and his odd characteristics.  Neither he, nor the fans of the series, would be satisfied with a demure woman, and Nalini doesn’t fail in giving us all just what we need in Holly Chang.

[Read more...]

Sep 20 2017 8:01am

What Would Be Your Ideal Romance Film Adaptation?

Today Passionflix launches and we have to admit it's a project we've been eagerly anticipating. Who wouldn't love to have their favorite books turned into movies? For many readers that dream is coming true. Alessandra Torre, Brenda Jackson, and Sylvia Day are just a few of the authors having their work turned into a movie under Passionflix, and today Alessandra Torre's Hollywood Dirt is the first film to premiere under the brand. 

That has us wondering: what books would you like to be turned into movies? What authors' voices lend themselves to the screen? 

Sep 19 2017 4:30pm

Avast, Me Hearties!: Romance News & Deals from Sabrina Jeffries, Penny Reid, and More

Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in romance.

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Top Off Your TBR Pile

The Pirate Lord by Sabrina Jeffries

Deal Alert: Sabrina Jeffries's historical romance The Pirate Lord is $.99 at iBooks | Kobo | Barnes & Noble | Amazon | etc.* Tired of wandering the seven seas, pirate captain Gideon Horn sees the ship full of women who have come across his path as an opportunity to finally settle down and marry. Sara Willis, however, is not keen on the idea and demands to be courted properly by the rougish sea captain. Sara soon learns the captain never backs down from a challenge. These pirates won't make you walk the plank!

Deal Alert: Kristin Cashore's fantasy YA romance Fire is $2.99 Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Kobo | etc.* Marked as one of the fantasy romances you should be reading, Cashore's Fire lives in the same universe as Graceling. “Not only does it seriously explore the moral dilemmas caused by unusual powers, but the heroine completely owns her own sexuality, and understands the difference between sex, affectionate love, and romantic love.”

Deal Alert: Penny Reid's romantic comedy Truth or Beard is $.99 at Amazon | etc.* “These [Winston] brothers are a delicious fantasy, six super sexy, rugged small town Tennessee men and all of them are single and in need of a woman.” Jess has had a long time crush on the dreamy, handsome, and kind Beau Winston. So when she finally gets to kiss him, she thinks her life can't get any better...until she finds out she's kissed Beau's twin brother, Duane, the bane of his existence.

Deal Alert: Jana Aston's erotic romance Wrong is FREE at Kobo | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | etc.* This laugh-out-loud, raunchy rom-com by Aston features Sophie, who “always falls for the wrong guy and she keeps the record going by falling in serious like with her regular coffee shop customer. Sounds fine? Turns out he’s her new gynecologist. ” 

[+Passionflix, and upcoming romances from Calista Fox, Penny Reid, and Christina Lauren]

Sep 19 2017 3:00pm

No Faking in Mia Sosa’s Acting on Impulse

Acting on Impulse by Mia Sosa

I happen to know that Mia Sosa, author of Acting on Impulse, is one of the nicest people on the planet...so, imagine my surprise when I discovered that she writes scorching-hot sex scenes! Totally here for it, along with a lot of other things about this book.

Acting on Impulse stars Carter Williamson (aka Carter Stone), a sitcom heartthrob trying to break into serious film, and Tori “I don’t have time for your bullshit” Alvarez, a powerhouse personal trainer. The pairing of these two was super unexpected for me. Despite Carter being rich and famous, Tori wears the pants in their relationship from word one, and I’ve gotta say...I kind of loved it.

The book opens up in Carter’s point of view as he boards a plane, and right away I was treated to Sosa’s immersive settings. From every shuffling step as Carter waits for the other passengers to stow their luggage, to the claustrophobic feelings of being too big for a small space, I was right there with him. Even when he unapologetically checks out Tori’s ass, and internally declares that she’s going to be his wife someday. Oh, Carter.

[Read more...]

Sep 19 2017 2:00pm

Cover Tuesday: Exclusive Reveals from Kimberly Kincaid, Sidney Halston, Stefanie London, and Layla Reyne

Team H&H has four covers for you today from upcoming romances by authors Kimberly Kincaid, Sidney Halston, Stefanie London, and Layla Reyne. Take a look at these hot, sexy, and suspenseful romances headed your way soon!

In Too Deep by Kimberly Kincaid

In Too Deep by Kimberly Kincaid

As Station Seventeen’s rookie, Luke Slater knows his fire and EMS training will be both rigorous and risky, but he never imagined having to partner up with the one woman he wants to keep at arm’s length most of all. Quinn Copeland is as wide-open as Luke is reserved. He has no interest in letting the sweet and sexy paramedic rock his hard-earned control. But the need for composure becomes the need to survive when they find themselves in the crosshairs of a brutal gang leader on their first shift together.

Paramedic Quinn Copeland’s station mates aren’t just her friends. They’re her family. She’d do anything to keep them safe—including reluctantly trusting her impossible-to- read, impossibly gorgeous new partner with the one thing she holds close. As the passion between Luke and Quinn goes from a slow burn to a sizzle, their steps grow more and more dangerous, both in the fire house and out. Can they outwit a cold-blooded killer and face the fears that could cost them everything? Or are they in too deep?

Learn more about or pre-order a copy of In Too Deep by Kimberly Kincaid, available October 17, 2017:

Buy at Amazon



[+3 more covers ahead]

Sep 19 2017 12:05pm

An Express Checkout of Superstore’s Top 3 Ships

Superstore on NBC

Office romances are so my jam. I don't know that you'd consider Superstore a “traditional” office comedy in the way that you would...The Office, but co-workers to lovers is truly a wonderful thing to me. If you're not yet watching Superstore, don't worry, I'm here to give you a crash course on the best ships of the show because I am who I am and I must ship something in order to watch TV. 

I regret nothing. 

Superstore is filled with characters—and I'm not simply referring to quantity, but quality. Everyone has so much personality and it's a deeply funny, flawed, and wonderful show. 

This show has two full seasons, with Season 3 beginning September 28, so you've got plenty of time to catch up on the hilarity that is this fantastic update on an office comedy that works in spades.

So who is there to ship?

Warning: spoilers ahead for Seasons 1 and 2 of  Superstore.

[Read more...]

Sep 19 2017 9:30am

Nalini Singh Excerpt: Archangel’s Viper

Nalini Singh

Archangel's Viper by Nalini Singh

Once a broken girl known as Sorrow, Holly Chang now prowls the shadowy gray underground of the city for the angels. But it’s not her winged allies who make her a wanted woman—it’s the unknown power coursing through her veins. Brutalized by an insane archangel, she was left with the bloodlust of a vampire, the ability to mesmerize her prey, and a poisonous bite.

Now, someone has put a bounty on her head…

Venom is one of the Seven, Archangel Raphael’s private guard, and he’s as infuriating as he is seductive. A centuries-old vampire, his fangs dispense a poison deadlier than Holly’s. But even if Venom can protect Holly from those hunting her, he might not be able to save himself—because the strange, violent power inside Holly is awakening…

No one is safe.

We lost our minds when Nalini Singh shared this tantalizing snippet from Archangel's Viper on Instagram in July...

...So we are thrilled to share that AND what happens on the next page! Read on for an exclusive excerpt from Nalini Singh's Archangel's Viper, Holly and Venom's book, out September 26, 2017...

[Read the full excerpt!...]

Sep 19 2017 8:05am

What Jane Austen Retellings Would You Recommend?

Clueless (1995)Yesterday on Twitter, one of our followers asked us a question: What Jane Austen retellings (particularly Emma and Pride and Prejudice) did we have to recommend? Many fellow users chimed in with their favorites, but for a really great Emma re-telling we found ourselves stumped! 

What Jane Austen retellings—particularly of Emma—have you found and loved? 

Let us know down in the comments and help a fellow reader out!

(Jane Austen fun fact: Clueless is a modern-day retelling of Emma)

Sep 18 2017 4:30pm

Get Some Bang for a Buck: Romance News & Deals from Swerve, Tracy Wolff, and More

Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in romance.

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Top Off Your TBR Pile

Deal Alert: Helena Hunting, Scarlett Cole, Jackie Ashenden, May McGoldrick, Donna Grant, Lecia Cornwall, Calista Fox, and more are part of a massive Swerve e-book sale that starts today and runs through September 25. Each book is $.99 for this limited time—and with 117 titles to choose from (yes, really!) in everything from contemporary to paranormal to historical, you're sure to find your next favorite read!

Deal Alert: Tracy Wolff's sports romance Down & Dirty is $1.99 at Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Kobo | Amazon | etc.* If you're in the mood for a jock hero, NFL superstar Hunter Browning is just the guy.  The ultimate playboy is looking to put down some roots to help raise his niece and nephew. Real estate agent Emerson Day can't stand Hunter, but her entire career hinges on being able to make this sale. Hunter's more than willing to help Emerson save her job, as well as never let her go. 

Deal Alert: Sophie Jordan's contemporary romance Fury on Fire is $1.99 at iBooks | Kobo | Amazon | etc.* The third book in Jordan's Devil's Rock series introduces North Callaghan, a man who's finally free after years in prison. He's not interested in anything permanent, but his new next-door neighbor, Faith, might make him change his mind about what his future could be. 

[+Author Julia Quinn talks about what makes a hero sexy...]