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Take a Chance on Me: Exclusive Excerpt

An exclusive excerpt of a selected scene from Jennifer Dawson's Take a Chance on Me (February 4, 2014) is available on Heroes and Heartbreakers to members. Please log in or register to read the full excerpt.

Take a Chance on Me by Jennifer DawsonGorgeous runaway brides…

When Maddie Donovan runs out on her high school sweetheart moments before walking down the aisle, she ends up at a bar in the small town of Revival, Illinois, with only the wedding dress on her back, fifty dollars to her name, and her “good girl” reputation in tatters. Not ready to return to Chicago and face the music, she accepts hot bartender Mitch Riley’s offer to stay at his place. But sharing such close quarters is driving Maddie insane with desire.

Always drink for free…

Mitch thinks he’s seen it all—until Maddie strides into his bar in full wedding attire and downs three shots of whiskey. Though the gorgeous knockout seems tough as nails, he also senses her vulnerability. With a troubled past of his own, Mitch has no interest in ties of any kind—yet he can’t help falling for Maddie. Now he’s got to find a way to convince her to give love a second chance.

What felt like an eternity later, Maddie threw open the door. Adrenaline alone had kept her going for the last quarter mile. Her dress was torn and streaked with dirt, but she’d finally made it.

Maybe God hadn’t abandoned her after all.

A warm gust of humid air and probably a few mosquitoes followed her into the nearly empty bar. She’d have bites tomorrow, but she wouldn’t think about that now.

No. She’d think about that, and everything else, later.

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