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January 11 2017

Linda Howard Targets Her Toughest Books, Recommended Reads, and More!

Today we're thrilled to welcome Linda Howard to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Linda's name has become synonymous with romantic suspense and is a staple for many romance readers. With the paperback...
October 4 2016

Why the World Needs Dark Romance

Today we're happy to welcome Abbie Roads (Race the Darkness) to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Abbie isn't afraid to embrace the dark in her books—and has some real-life experience that...
September 4 2016

8 Romantic Suspense Novels Packing Heat

With the hottest summer on record almost behind us, it’s a relief to bring the sizzle inside with the air conditioning. These sexy romantic suspenses haven’t helped, either. Bodyguards...
November 10 2015

First Look: Lora Leigh’s Nauti Seductress (November 10, 2015)

Lora Leigh Nauti Seductress (Nauti Girls #3) Berkley / November 10, 2015 / $16.00 print, $9.99 digital #1 New York Times bestselling author Lora Leigh delivers the heat with...
August 18 2015

First Look: Lora Leigh’s Secret Pleasure (August 18, 2015)

Lora Leigh Secret Pleasure (Bound Hearts #4) St. Martin's Press / August 4, 2015 / $14.99 print, $9.99 digital In Secret Pleasure by #1 New York Times bestselling...
June 8 2015

It’s Elementary! Do You Read Books with “Elements”?

“An erotic romance with romantic suspense elements.” “Historical romance with paranormal elements.” “Women's fiction with historical elements.” We've...
Lynne Connolly
May 6 2015

Baby Girl: 10 Moments That Prove Criminal Minds’ Morgan and Garcia Are Meant to Be!

Editor's note (3/25/16): Join us in saying good-bye to Derek Morgan here. *Sniffle* Sometimes characters have a life beyond the show they’re in. Sometimes their onscreen chemistry...
April 4 2015

All the Right Love in All the Unusual Places: Epic Romances in Unexpected (Non-Romance) Books

Gravitating toward the romance section makes the most sense if you are looking for a love story to make you swoon. However, epic romances sometimes pop up in the most unexpected places like in a gritty...
March 12 2015

First Look: Laura K. Curtis’s Echoes (March 17, 2015)

Laura K. Curtis Echoes (Harp City Security #1) Penguin Intermix / March 17, 2015 / $4.99 digital Who is she? A single photo of herself as an infant on a beach, taken before the date...
January 21 2015

A Damn Fine Show: Revisiting Twin Peaks

You might have already heard that there’s a limited-run Twin Peaks TV series (nine episodes) coming out in 2016, with a book in late 2015, to celebrate the show’s 25th anniversary. But even...
December 22 2014

(Spoiler!) State of The Affair 1x10

Note: This post contains spoilers of all aired episodes of The Affair, including last night's Season 1 finale. So we’ve seen ten episodes now of this fascinating (and recently Golden Globe-nominated)...
October 14 2014

In My Next Life I Want to be a Femme Fatale

Today we're joined by author J.D. Mason, whose Crazy Sexy Revenge is out today! Crazy Sexy Revenge is the final book in the Beautiful Dirty Rich trilogy, and includes Desi, a woman who is strong...
August 27 2014

Second Chance at Love: Lori Foster’s No Limits

In Lori Foster's new release, No Limits, the hero Cannon Colter is an MMA champion on his way back from his Supreme Battle Championship fight in Japan when he receives news that an old friend, Tipton...
August 26 2014

Action! Adventure! Larger-than-Life Heroes in Romantic Suspense

Today Heroes and Heartbreakers is delighted to welcome author Shannon Stacey. Shannon's No Place to Hide, the fourth book of her Devlin Group series, is a thrilling romantic ride with the hero having...
July 10 2014

Women Love Bad Boys in the Scandalous Heroes Anthology

Scandalous Heroes is an anthology of 9 stories by authors well known by readers of multicultural romance novels. This collaboration highlights the respective strengths of the authors that their...
July 2 2014

Love Among the Wreckage: Adrenaline-Fueled Romance at the Movies

In the closing moments of 1994’s Speed, Sandra Bullock’s Annie tells Keanu Reeves’s smitten Jack that “...relationships that start under intense circumstances, they never...
June 3 2014

First Look: Rhyannon Byrd’s Keep Me Closer (June 3, 2014)

Rhyannon Byrd Keep Me Closer (Dangerous Tides #2) Berkley / June 3, 2014 / $15.00 print, $9.99 digital Five years after the end of his marriage and his career as a detective, Alex Hudson...
May 6 2014

First Look: Rebecca Zanetti’s Blind Faith (May 6, 2014)

Rebecca Zanetti Blind Faith Forever / May 6, 2014 / $2.99 digital For Nate Dean, love is a four-letter word. As part of a secret black-ops military unit, he and his brothers were genetically...
April 4 2014

Read & Win: Iris Johansen’s Live to See Tomorrow

Get a sneak peek of Iris Johansen’s Live to See Tomorrow (available April 29, 2014), with an exclusive excerpt! Then, enter for a chance to win a copy of the book!* Click here...
March 5 2014

Exclusive Cover Reveal: Christina Dodd’s Virtue Falls!

Big day, right?! We've got yet more exciting news: H&H is thrilled to bring you the final cover for Christina Dodd's Virtue Falls, a cover chosen by popular vote by you, the fans! What do...
February 17 2014

First Look: J.D. Robb’s Concealed in Death (February 18, 2014)

J.D. Robb Concealed in Death Putnam Adult / February 18, 2014 / $27.95 print, $11.99 digital In a decrepit, long-empty New York building, Lieutenant Eve Dallas’s husband begins the...
January 13 2014

First Look: Beth Yarnall’s Wake Up Maggie (January 21, 2014)

Beth Yarnall Wake Up Maggie Samhain / January 21, 2014 / $2.50 digital Rearranging your cheating boyfriend’s family jewels isn’t a crime—unless your boyfriend is an Arizona...
December 2 2013

Finding Love in Action-Adventure: Strike Back’s Michael Stonebridge and Kim Martinez

Strike Back is an action-adventure show on Cinemax, and the show upped the romantic stakes in the most recent season when it introduced a new female soldier to the team. Instant sparks flew between...
November 9 2013

First Look: Cynthia Eden’s Fear for Me (November 12, 2013)

Cynthia Eden Fear for Me: A Novel of The Bayou Butcher Montlake / November 12, 2013 / $12.95 print, $9.99 digital A shared passion for justice first brought Baton Rouge district attorney...
October 9 2013

Come to the Dark Side: The Best Onscreen Dark Romantic Thrillers

Authors Laura Griffin and Allison Brennan have cowritten a book, the first in the Moreno and Hart series, titled Crash and Burn, which includes elements of both mystery and romance, and so they are...
September 4 2013

Why You Should Become a Reacher Creature: Loving Lee Child’s Jack Reacher

Have you met Jack Reacher? Not the Jack Reacher that was in the Jack Reacher movie; no…not THAT guy. Because….sigh….No. He’s not Jack Reacher. I mean the Jack Reacher in the...
August 7 2013

The Balancing Act of Romantic Suspense: Kennedy, Robb, Gerard and More!

Romantic Suspense is a tough sub-genre to write. Instead of just having one subject to deal with, the author has to balance both romance and suspense. Usually, one of those elements is overwhelmed by...
June 28 2013

Friday Beefcake: The Men of White House Down

So it's been a busy year for Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx. Channing has been hopping between blockbuster action flicks, sweet romances, and dramedies, while Jamie Foxx's triumph was with Quentin...
June 11 2013

Summer Lovin’: Summer Premieres, June 2013, Part 2

Here we are, already two weeks into the summer season, and there are yet more television series premieres coming our way... ahead, the highly anticipated premiere of Camp, the welcome returns of Necessary...
April 7 2013

First Look: Melinda Leigh’s Midnight Sacrifice (April 16, 2013)

Melinda Leigh Midnight Sacrifice Montlake / April 16, 2013 / $12.95 print, $9.99 digital (retail) Four months ago Huntsville, Maine, was rocked by the evil deeds of a serial killer…who...