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February 21 2017

What Sort of Reading Month Did You Have?

February is always the shortest month of the year, which means you either don't get as much reading done as you'd like or your month ends up being jam-packed with great reads.  What...
February 13 2017

What Book Have You Put Off Reading and Why?

There are many classics I have put off reading because I know it'll tear me apart. Much like TV shows and movies, that I can only watch once (I'm looking at you, The Notebook), there are...
February 9 2017

Do You Read More or Less When You Have a Day Off?

For many people on the East Coast of the US today, they are tucked in at home with their families as a major winter storm takes over region. For some it means a relaxing day as everyone entertains...
January 31 2017

Is Your Keeper Shelf Vastly Different from Your Current Reading Pattern?

It wasn't until a recent conversation with a friend that I realized the books I kept on my keeper shelf were no longer what I was reading currently. I had shifted heat level and subgenre quite...
January 27 2017

Have You Ever Converted Someone to Romance?

Since we are romance readers, we love to spread the love. And nothing says “the gift that keeps on giving” quite like converting someone to romance. Have you ever been able to get a...
January 9 2017

Do You Think of Books as Luxury Products?

While listening to an XOXO After Dark Cast the other day, one of the editors on the podcast mentioned that books are considered a luxury good. What do you think of this idea? Do you agree? Do you...
January 3 2017

How Many Books Do You Want to Read in 2017?

Half a million people have already made the pledge on GoodReads for how many books they want to read in 2017. Have you? If not, how many books do you think you'll read in 2017? Do you tend to estimate...
December 2 2016

How Flawed Is Too Flawed?

Recently, members of Team H&H got in an argument healthy discussion, about flawed characters. It's something that many authors have to walk the fine line with—to the point that it...
November 25 2016

In Defense of Breaking Spines

We’re not monsters. We’re not bad people.We’re not book hating anarchists. We’re your friends, your neighbors, your sisters and spouses. We work next to you, come to your...
November 22 2016

6 Excuses to Help You Sneak Away to Read This Thanksgiving

The holidays are nigh upon us and while it's great to be around family, sometimes all we want to do is relax, unwind, and read! With family underfoot, that can be a little hard to do. For your...
November 21 2016

Realism in Romance—Do We Need It?

Today Heroes and Heartbreakers is thrilled to welcome Jamie Beck (Worth the Risk). Many people read to escape life, but there's something to be said for injecting a bit of realism into fiction....
November 18 2016

Prologues: Yay or Nay?

Prologues can be a great start to a novel. They set up some of the back story without bogging down the narrative, they give you a bit of history to the characters...and sometimes they can be a...
November 17 2016

If I Read One More...

We all love a trend. Sometimes it can spawn a new slew of really great books and other times, well, one too many people have hopped on the band wagon. If this sounds at all familiar, fill in the...
November 16 2016

5 Books from 2016 That Will Get You Through the Rest of the Year

2016 has been a very interesting year. I personally think that 2016 is trying to kill me, but luckily there has been plenty of romance to keep me company while whoever else is clearly dead set on finding...
November 14 2016

What Was the Last Author You Binged?

 I think we can all admit we binge—this is a safe place, it's okay! And finding a new author we can binge is always a relief. What was the last author you binged? What made them so bingeworthy...
November 11 2016

What’s Good?

This week kicked our butt! What romances have made this week good? Have you had any great re-reads this week? Has anything exciting happened in the ships you ship on television? Have you seen any...
November 8 2016

How to (Re-)Arrange Your Romances Novels At Home

Has your romance collection turned into a zillion of your beloved books scattered in piles you keep meaning to get to? Are you overwhelmed because space is starting to be an issue? Don’t...
November 2 2016

What Needs to Happen in the Finale of Your Favorite Series?

This week we found out that Diana Gabaldon's 10th Outlander book would be the last. Every year it seems there is a conclusion to a beloved series on the horizon—in January we see the...
October 27 2016

Do You Ever Struggle to Find Out Why a Book Doesn’t Work for You?

Today's Morning Coffee comes from reader Michelle99, who asked us if there any other readers ever struggle to identify why they don't like a book. Many times we can: the heroine is insufferable,...
October 26 2016

Would You Rather... Find a New Author With a Full Back List or an Unread Book by a Favorite Author?

It's Hump Day! After Monday, it can be one of the hardest days to get through, so down in the comments, let's make Wednesday a little brighter by sharing your “Would You Rather”!...
October 25 2016

What Author Has Branched Out the Most?

Yesterday, we gave our community the floor and asked you all what you wanted to talk about! You delivered, so today we're following up with Scarlettleigh's question: what do you think when...
October 24 2016

What Do You Want to Talk About?

We love talking with our readers and many times our conversations with you via email or on social media spawn my Morning Coffee questions. So today, I kick the morning Q out to you—what do...
October 13 2016

How Do You Decide Your Next Read When You Have Too Many Good Books?

Too many books... that's not a thing, right?! It can be when you're trying to make a reading decision! What's your step-by-step way of choosing your next book? How hard is it? Altertnatively,...
October 3 2016

Have You Ever Suffered from “Book Goggles”?

Book Goggles: (noun; informal) used to refer to the supposed influence of endorphins on one's mental perception, whereby one loves a book until the effects of said endorphins have worn...
September 1 2016

A Bundle of Joy from Jennifer Hayward, M. O’Keefe, Alexa Riley & More: Romance News & Deals

Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in romance. {Did you know you can sign up to receive Afternoon Tea as an e-mail? Sign up to have your daily cuppa delivered...
August 29 2016

Reader Seeks France-Set Historical with Pirate Hero

Today we're especially thrilled to help a reader out because the reader in question is former Heroes and Heartbreakers community manager, Megan Frampton. Megan is looking for a book she read...
August 22 2016

What Does Ideal “Reading Weather” Look Like?

“Reading Weather” is often associate with dreary days and cool temperatures. However, for some, reading weather looks the most perfect with the sun on your face and a book in your hand.  What...
August 17 2016

What Are Your #7FaveRomanceNovels?

This week, if you live at all on Twitter, you'll know that various “7 Fave” tags were trending. People named their 7 Fave Movies, their 7 Fave TV Shows, 7 Fave Hashtags... the list...
August 15 2016

What General Themes Do You Like to Read About?

We all are in Romancelandia because we love ONE general theme: love. We love falling in love with characters, watching them fall in love, and well... all the things that go with that.  However,...
August 11 2016

What Author Do You Trust the Most?

“But if anyone can do it (this author) can” is a pretty powerful statement. It brings to mind things like WWTAD (What Would the Author Do?) and cheers of “she/he can do it.”...