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September 25 2016

First Look: Robyn Carr’s The Life She Wants (September 27, 2016)

Robyn Carr The Life She Wants MIRA/ September 27, 2016/ $15.99 print, $9.99 digital #1 New York Times bestselling author Robyn Carr creates an emotional and uplifting ensemble of characters...
September 21 2016

First Look: RaeAnne Thayne’s Snowfall on Haven Point (September 27, 2016)

RaeAnne Thayne Snowfall on Haven Point (A Haven Point Novel) HQN Books/ September 27, 2016 / $7.99 print, $5.99 digital It’s been two rough years since Andrea Montgomery lost...
September 15 2016

Best Friend’s Older Brother and the Big Apple Are Up for Grabs in Sarah Morgan’s Sunset in Central Park

After the dreaminess of Sleepless in Manhattan, Sarah Morgan has returned to her crew of small town ex-pats in New York City with Sunset in Central Park. This second book in the trilogy follows...
September 13 2016

Cover Tuesday: Exclusive Reveals from Katee Robert, Annika Martin, and Kira Archer !

Team H&H is elated to bring you three exclusive cover reveals from authors Katee Robert, Annika Martin, and Kira Archer! First up, Katee Robert's Forbidden Promises is the next book...
September 6 2016

First Look: Samantha Young’s The One Real Thing (September 6, 2016)

Samantha Young  The One Real Thing (Hart's Boardwalk #1) Berkley / September 6, 2016 / $15.00 print, $5.99 digital As the summer winds down, Samantha Young gives us one last stroll...
September 3 2016

Make Lake Echo Your Vacation Spot in Maggie McGinnis’ She’s Got A Way

I’ve never having the pleasure of reading Maggie McGinnis before. But now after reading She’s Got A Way the third in her continuation of her Echo Lake series, I know I am going to pounce...
September 1 2016

First Look: Tawna Fenske’s Now That It’s You (September 6, 2016)

Tawna Fenske Now That It's You  Montlake Romance / September 6, 2016 / $12.95 print, $3.99 digital How does an author write of death, grief and infidelity and not write a depressing...
August 31 2016

August 2016 Women’s Fiction Best Bets—“It is in Your DNA to Love a Good Story”

It is in your DNA to love a good story. You know, neat tales with heroes and villains and conflicts to resolve. A good story pushes our buttons, is exciting and memorable. -Barry Ritholtz Memorable...
August 17 2016

Romance: A Light in Dark Places, When All Other Lights Go Out

A year ago, in her hard hitting article, Never Read a Romance Novel? Grow Up, Kristan Higgins talked about romance novels and the insidious lack of respect that is prevalent still, even though...
August 14 2016

U.S. Authors and Their World Counterparts: “Read If You Like...” International Edition

Imagine that you live in a city with a bakery that makes one of  Best Cheese Cakes in America.  That cheesecake is wonderfully decadent, and it is your weekly treat for all the hours...
August 5 2016

How a Murder Plot Spices Up a Romance

What are the Best Elements of a Great Romance Novel? Murder, mayhem… love? It all goes hand-in-hand. Jane Heller (Three Blonde Mice) has combined the three when she puts together...
August 2 2016

Cover Tuesday: Exclusive Reveals from May McGoldrick, Michele Mannon, Jenna Bayley-Burke, Kimberly Bell, Margaret Brownley, Mary Connealy, and Ruth Logan Herne

We're so thrilled to bring you seven exclusive cover reveals from authors May McGoldrick, Michele Mannon, Jenna Bayley-Burke, Kimberly Bell, Margaret Brownley, Mary Connealy, and...
July 28 2016

July 2016 Women’s Fiction Best Bets—Laugh as Much as You Cry

My great hope is to laugh as much as I cry; to get my work done and try to love somebody and have the courage to accept the love in return. -Maya Angelou Every month there seems...
July 28 2016

First Look: Debbie Macomber’s Sweet Tomorrows (August 2, 2016)

Debbie Macomber Sweet Tomorrows (Rose Harbor #5) Ballantine / August 2, 2016 / $26.00 print, $12.99 digital There’s a reason why Debbie Macomber is a #1 New York Times bestselling...
July 25 2016

Dream Destinations... Only a Page Away!

Heroes and Heartbreakers is thrilled to welcome Anita Hughes (Santorini Sunsets) to the site. Luckily for readers, many vacation spots are only a page away even when they can't actually get...
July 22 2016

First Look: Beth Harbison’s One Less Problem Without You (July 26, 2016)

Beth Harbison One Less Problem Without You St. Martin's Press / July 26, 2016 / $26.99 print, $12.99 digital Meet Prinny, Chelsea and Diana. Prinny is the owner of Cosmos, a shop...
July 20 2016

First Look: Rowan Coleman’s We Are All Made of Stars (July 26, 2016)

Rowan Coleman We Are All Made of Stars Ballantine Books / July 26, 2016 / $27.00 print, $13.99 digital Oh, how I loved We Are All Made of Stars by Rowan Coleman. Let me rephrase that…this...
July 18 2016

I Need a Hero: Arrow’s Oliver Queen

Today we're thrilled to welcome Amy E. Reichert (Luck, Love, & Lemon Pie) to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Amy may write women's fiction, but at night she has a secret identity—as...
June 29 2016

Til the Summer Comes: June 2016 Women’s Fiction Best Bets

A life without love is like a year without summer. ~Swedish Proverb Since the average summer high in Sweden is 70 degrees you can understand why they value this time of year as much as love. ...
June 27 2016

First Look: Emily Giffin’s First Comes Love (June 28, 2016)

Emily Giffin First Comes Love  Ballantine / June 28, 2016 / $28.00 print, $13.99 digital You can have the same parents, be raised in the same family and be strikingly different with...
June 16 2016

Up, Up, and Away—Supergirl Finds Its Superman: Romance News

Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in romance. {Did you know you can sign up to receive Afternoon Tea as an e-mail? Sign up have your daily cuppa delivered...
June 15 2016

Off the Grid Deals & 2 More His Fair Assassin Books: Romance News

Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in romance. {Did you know you can sign up to receive Afternoon Tea as an e-mail? Sign up have your daily cuppa delivered...
June 10 2016

The Finest China (and Read): Karen White’s Flight Patterns

As readers we often ask authors, “where do you get your ideas?” And they of course say everywhere. I think that this ability is what makes authors true storytellers. The way they are...
May 29 2016

Land of Possibility: May 2016 Women’s Fiction Best Bets

“The world's favorite season is the spring. All things seem possible in May.” -Edwin Way Teale All things do seem possible in May. Maybe this why this month’s...
May 23 2016

First Look: Liz Talley’s Charmingly Yours (May 24, 2016)

Liz Talley  Charmingly Yours (Morning Glory #1) Montlake / May 24, 2016 / $9.50 print, $3.99 digital Charmingly Yours is an appealing play on the charm bracelet that serves as catalyst...
May 18 2016

What Is the Difference Between New Adult and Women’s Fiction?

What is in a name? Sometimes very little and sometimes a lot. Books are labeled or classified for marketing reasons and of course for our convenience.  However, the demarcation between one...
May 12 2016

First Look: Mary Kay Andrews’ The Weekenders (May 17, 2016)

Mary Kay Andrews  The Weekenders St. Martin's Press / May 17, 2016 / $27.99 print, $14.99 digital Some people stay all summer long on the idyllic island of Belle Isle, North...
May 6 2016

Monster-in-Law: 5 Mothers-in-Law You’ll Be Glad to Not Have

Mother’s Day. A day to celebrate the bond usually formed at birth. This is a woman we know well—sometimes our best friend, sometimes our nemesis (we still won’t let her forget...
May 2 2016

First Look: Mary Alice Monroe’s A Lowcountry Wedding (May 3, 2016)

Mary Alice Monroe A Lowcountry Wedding (Lowcountry Summer) Gallery / May 3, 2016 / $16.00 print, $11.99 digital Nothing could be more enchanting than a summer wedding—or two!—in...
April 29 2016

Uplift Us: April 2016 Women’s Fiction Best Bets

“I once received a letter from an old lady in California who informed me that when the tired reader comes home at night, he wishes to read something that will lift up his heart. And it...