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October 29 2015

First Look: Asa Maria Bradley’s Viking Warrior Rising (November 3, 2015)

Asa Maria Bradley Viking Warrior Rising (Viking Warriors #1) Sourcebooks Casablanca / November 3, 2015 / $7.99 print & digital Immortal Vikings are among us. Leif Skarsganger...
August 10 2015

Romance News Roundup: Sherry Thomas Deal & Roommates-to-Lovers Tale!

Welcome to H&H's daily news roundup! Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in the romance world right now. —Deal Alert #1: Sherry Thomas's YA...
March 17 2015

First Look: Sandra Lake’s The Warlord’s Wife (March 17, 2015)

Sandra Lake The Warlord’s Wife (Sons of the North #1) Intermix / March 17, 2015 / $4.99 digital A stunning historical romance from debut author Sandra Lake transports readers to 12th...
May 17 2014

May We Interest You in Some Historicals? May 2014 Not-Your-Usual Historicals Recommendations

Spring has sprung and as all manner of flowers begin to bloom so do a variety of unusual historicals this merry month of May. Heroines that are actresses, mail-order brides, brothel madams, and World...
April 11 2014

Two Weddings, Sexual Tension, and a Blood Eagle in Vikings 2x07

This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of Vikings, including last night’s Season 2, episode 7, “Blood Eagle." Enjoy! Helga has wonderful news for her lover, Floki, everyody’s...
February 11 2014

The “Fighting Takes the Edge Off” Scene in Michelle Willingham’s To Tempt A Viking

There is nothing quite as tragic as unrequited love; when one person yearns for another and circumstances invariably end up keeping them apart. In Michelle Willingham’s recent Forbidden Vikings...
January 14 2014

First Look: Michelle Willingham’s To Tempt a Viking (January 21, 2014)

Michelle Willingham To Tempt a Viking Harlequin Historical / January 21, 2014 (print), February 1, 2014 (digital)/ $6.50 print, $5.99 digital Warrior Viking Ragnar Olafsson stood by as...
September 25 2013

Don’t Let Napoleon Win: Not-Your-Usual Historicals for September 2013

September seems to be a thin month in general for historicals, so there are only a few options for Prinny-free historicals this month.  Still, there’s a nice variety here among the offerings...
July 30 2013

Beau Brummel Is Mr. Snotty Pants: Not-Your-Usual-Historicals Shopping List For July 2013

I love the Regency, you love the Regency, but sometimes we all need a historical romance that doesn’t mention Beau Brummel. Without further ado, here are some historical romances hitting the shelves...
July 23 2013

First Look: Michelle Willingham’s To Sin with a Viking (July 23, 2013)

Michelle Willingham To Sin with a Viking Harlequin Historical / July 23, 2013 / $6.50 print, $5.99 digital Caragh Ó Brannon defended herself bravely when the enemy landed—only...
May 8 2013

Ships Ahoy!: Viking Romance

Long before the History Channel brought us the TV series Vikings, stories of Viking adventure and romance have been making blood race and hearts flutter. When we say “long before,” we mean...