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Unrequited Love
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August 1 2014

Romance’s Most Hated: In Defense of Outlander’s Laoghaire

Poor Laoghaire. Yes, you read that right. Oh, I am not about to suggest that she is a paragon of all the virtues—or, indeed, any. But I have always felt mighty sorry for the poor wee lass,...
February 11 2014

The “Fighting Takes the Edge Off” Scene in Michelle Willingham’s To Tempt A Viking

There is nothing quite as tragic as unrequited love; when one person yearns for another and circumstances invariably end up keeping them apart. In Michelle Willingham’s recent Forbidden Vikings...
November 2 2011

Chemistry 301: Top 10 Onscreen Breakups, with Buffy, Doctor Who, Sookie, and More!

This is the third post on offbeat onscreen moments; previous posts have covered Chemistry 101: Top 10 Romantic Moments and Chemistry 201: Top Sexy Onscreen Moments, sharing favorite scenes from TV and...
November 1 2011

The State of Play on Gossip Girl, or What’s Up with Dan and Blair?

Five episodes into the season and already a CW-mandated break in programming! What better time than this, then, for a contemplation of just what’s been going down on the Upper East Side… Well,...
March 5 2011

Does Edmund Bertram Need a Slap Upside the Head?

If asked for their least favorite of Jane Austen's six novels, my guess is that 9 out of 10 people would identify Mansfield Park without hesitation. I am not one of those 9. I love Mansfield Park,...