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August 25 2016

Sosie Frost Makes Secret Babies Fun Again

There aren’t many tropes in romance that annoy me. Second chance, insta-love, best friend’s little sister, May/December, etc...they all have their moments in the sun. When paired with...
August 15 2016

The 5 Reasons You Should Always Read Kit Rocha

Maybe you have heard me say this before, but just in case you haven’t, I am going to say it again: If you haven’t been reading the Beyond series by Kit Rocha, I don’t know what...
August 7 2016

A Formula for Love–Hallmark Movies as Category Romances

  Source: Straight From the Heart screencap There was a time when I would devour category romance novels as enthusiastically, as mindlessly, as...
August 4 2016

Trope-Flippers: 5 Category Romances that “Mess” with the Formula

Note: These are all older books, but be aware that spoilers abound! As I wrote recently, many category readers both enjoy their standard tropes and like to mix it up a bit. Here are some category...
July 26 2016

First Look: Jayne Castle’s Illusion Town (July 26, 2016)

Jayne Castle Illusion Town (Illusion Town) Jove / July 26, 2016 / $7.99 print & digital It has been almost sixteen years since Jayne Castle wrote her first Harmony series book, and...
July 26 2016

First Look: Jackie Ashenden’s Dirty for Me (July 26, 2016)

Jackie Ashenden  Dirty for Me (Motor City Royals #1) Kensington / July 26, 2016 / $9.95 print, $7.99 digital The good-girl/bad-boy trope is still going strong in Romancelandia, and...
July 26 2016

Can a Trope Be Your Favorite and Least Favorite at the Same Time?

Tropes can walk a fine line. We love them here in Romancelandia—though they're considered cliche out in the “real world.” Many of us have tropes we gravitate towards—friends...
July 15 2016

Waiting on the Beast: 5 Books to Read Until You Can See Emma Watson as Beauty in Beauty and the Beast

With the upcoming release of a live action Beauty and the Beast, a lot of readers, including myself, are thrilled with the casting and the development but not so thrilled about having to wait a...
July 14 2016

Bringing It Back: The Subtle Twists of Michelle Smart

Being a category romance reader can be a bit of a double-bind. On the one hand, the whole point of category lines is that you know basically what you're getting. For example, my two favorite...
July 11 2016

What Trope Would You Want to Be in Real Life?

There are many tropes that translate to “real life” quite easily—friends-to-lovers is quite common among actual married couples, and has the bonus of being a favorite in the genre...
July 7 2016

Marked on My Soul: Mate Markings and Tattoos in Romances from Ione, Cole, Rocha, and More!

As we know, romance comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors. Sometimes outside forces conspire to keep our two lovers apart, while other times it’s our characters themselves. One...
July 7 2016

Ship Off: 4 Shows That Always Have Us Asking, “Will They or Won’t They?”

Will they? Or won’t they? You all know this classic TV trope. They’ve got chemistry, they banter, they take care of each other, and they just might secretly be in love with one another....
July 6 2016

Romance and Fan Fiction Readers Have More in Common Than You Think

Do you like fan fic? Are you still recovering from the ending of the Harry Potter or Twilight series? Do you like to read fun, sometimes wacky stories? Me, too. I don’t spend nearly as much...
June 24 2016

Tara Wyatt’s Primal Instinct Defies the Double Standard

Generally speaking, we as readers know the trajectory of a bodyguard story.  Our bodyguard hero is forced to protect the heroine from danger.  She will be vulnerable and she will be thrust...
June 16 2016

Is the First Hero the Most Accessible?: How The introduction to a Series Can Make a Difference

If you binge-read series like I do, you may have noticed a trend that I like to call the Vanilla First Syndrome. Let’s assume that men are like ice cream and we readers enjoy different flavors....
June 12 2016

Why Do Readers Like Tropes So Much?

Tropes—we talk about them a lot. In fact, Jennifer Proffitt, in her Morning Coffee blog “Do You Like Tropes?”, said almost exact same thing. If you do a search on the site, 51...
June 11 2016

First Look: Lecia Cornwall’s Beauty and the Highland Beast (June 21, 2016)

Lecia Cornwall Beauty and the Highland Beast (Highland Fairy Tale #1) Swerve / June 21, 2016 / $3.99 digital Lecia Cornwall is a new author for me and I’m so thankful I found her....
June 1 2016

A Primer on “Star-Crossed Lovers”

Heroes and Heartbreakers is thrilled to welcome Paige Tyler to the site today! Paige, author of To Love a Wolf, is here today to give you primer on star-crossed lover—a trope we love and...
May 10 2016

Bully to Hero—Can the Modern Reader “Buy” It?

Two years ago we ran an article about a trend among romance novels that placed former, reformed, and sometimes current, bullies as heroes. This is a trend not at all dissimilar to the “villain...
May 6 2016

Hitch and Ditched in Vegas: Real Life and the Quickie Wedding Trope

Sometimes real life can get in the way of enjoying a trope, but Kiersten Hallie Krum (an author we're also proud to call blogger) is here to talk about how it hasn't stopped her from enjoying...
April 29 2016

On Hiddlesbum and Favorite Tropes: Comments That Made Our Week

We at Heroes and Heartbreakers are so proud of and thankful for this wonderful community. Thank you for always adding a little extra sparkle to our week. In honor of Fan Friday, we want to give a special...
April 26 2016

What’s Your Favorite Trope Combination?

In classic literature, tropes often get a bad reputation. But in Romancelandia, they reign supreme! According to Romance Writers of America, the top 10 tropes in the genre are: friends...
December 16 2015

Marriage of Convenience Business: Marriage Contracts as Business Contracts in Romance Novels

Heroes and Heartbreakers is thrilled to welcome Katee Robert to the site today. Katee's latest release, The Marriage Contract, will come out in paperback on December 22. While friends-to-lovers...
December 16 2015

How Would You Freshen Up a “Tired” Trope?

The “old” billionaire trope is one we're very familiar with, but what if that billionaire becomes a lady billionaire (like in Alisha Rai's A Gentleman in the Street or...
December 3 2015

Friends to Lovers: Top 5 “Light Bulb” Moments from Yates, Probst, and More!

According to a recent RWA/Nielsen report, Friends to Lovers is romance readers’ favorite trope. To most people who read and write romance, that was not shocking news. What makes it such...
October 27 2015

If You Could Only Read One Trope...

We all have our favorite tropes. This month at H&H, Scarlettleigh discussed why reunited lovers was her favorite and TanyaLK voiced her opinion on friends to lovers with a twist—roommates...
October 15 2015

Best Friend’s Little Sister Takes an Erotic Turn in Eden Bradley’s Dangerously Broken

The brother’s best friend/little sister trope takes on hard BDSM kink in Eden Bradley’s long-awaited sequel, Dangerously Broken, where the great thing about the combination of this...
September 29 2015

What Trope Would You “Live” In?

We all love tropes—maybe the governess/duke, the villain to hero, or the reunited lovers are your favorites. However, there are some romance novels that we love to read, but would probably...
September 15 2015

Oh, It’s On!: Competitions in Romance—Yay or Nay?

Who doesn't love a little competition? It gets the blood going and the passions high...especially when caffeine is involved! While the trailer for the documentary called Barista doesn't have...
August 18 2015

What is Your Favorite May-December Romance?

We're ready to have the seasons change here and give us some cooler weather. With the seasons in mind, let's talk May-December romances. Once upon a time, they used to be fairly common—especially...