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August 1 2014

Friday Beefcake: Best Bromances with Hiddleston/Hemsworth, Damon/Affleck, and More!

Source:   The success of a movie often depends on the chemistry of the two leads—whether those leads...
July 22 2014

Driven to Distraction: An Argument for Adam Driver’s Sex Appeal

The French have a word, jolie laide, for “good-looking ugly women,” women such as Anjelica Huston, Bette Davis, and Tilda Swinton. There isn't such a term for good-lucking ugly men,...
July 21 2014

True Blood Season 7, Episode 5: Party at Sookie’s House

Believe it or not, the wait is finally over: True Blood's seventh and final (!!!) season is now under way. Tune in each week as we recap and discuss the last chapter in the story of our favorite...
June 27 2014

Friday Beefcake: Oh Canada with Kitsch, Amell, and More!

Oh Can-ah-da!  July 1 will be Canada Day so we're celebrating our favorite (and hottest) Canadians. Whether your cup of tea is Borgia's Francois Arnaud, Taylor Kitsch, or Stephen Amell,...
June 20 2014

Friday Beefcake: True Blood Stars—Gif Edition!

Source: Forever Fan Girl. All good things must come to an end—even vampires who are meant to live forever. This Sunday marks the final season of...
May 29 2014

Take Me Away: Top Five Romantic Getaways…And The Heroes to Pack with You!

In Lindsay Evans’s contemporary romance, Pleasure Under the Sun, the heroine Bailey Hughes is swept off on a romantic week abroad by her sexy hero, artist Seven Carmichael. The two start their...
May 23 2014

Friday Beefcake: The Men of Night Shift

You might not have heard of this new show on NBC, but Night Shift (which premieres May 27) certainly has some faces you are familiar with. And they definitely made some good casting decisions in...
May 9 2014

Friday Beefcake: Famous Family with Eastwood, Wayans, Hanks, and More!

Most celebrities have a pretty good gene pool to offer up. To celebrate Mother's Day, we're sharing some gentlemen who have no problem showing off what mama (and papa) gave them! These children...
May 9 2014

The Big Bang Theory 7x23: Will You _____ _____ ?

The movies mean romantic complications for Raj, Leonard and Penny, in two very different ways. Raj faces a bout of uncertainty when he spies Emily, his current crush, at the movies with another man,...
April 25 2014

Friday Beefcake: The Men of Orphan Black

The virtues of Orphan Black are many: scene-stealing performances, bold storytelling, thrilling action...beautiful cast. And although the actors' hotness is merely the cherry on top of a delicious...
April 18 2014

Friday Beefcake: Blue-Eyed Devils with Skarsgard, Dane, Somerhalder, and More!

For St. Patrick's Day we gave you some green-eyed beefcake to feast your eyes on, so this week we'd thought we'd shift the theme back to the eyes—after all, they're the window...
March 28 2014

Friday Beefcake: Criminals from Clooney, Statham, Theroux, and More!

Criminals and anti-heroes have surged into popularity the last year with motorcycle clubs, dystopic gangs, mafiya enforcers, and assassins. It's just one more way to push the envelope with...
March 25 2014

How I Met Your Mother: Wedding Bells!

There are moments that shippers live for with a favorite couple. That initial spark. The first touch, first kiss. First intimate encounter. The proposal, and most of all, the wedding. For Barney/Robin...
March 14 2014

Mid-Season Television: What Are You Watching...and Who Are You Shipping?

I don’t love the term “shipping,” but honestly, has the internet ever come up with a better shorthand for that fugue state which many of us fans of romance will suddenly find...
March 14 2014

Irish Corned Beefcake: Green-Eyed Guys from Ealy, Owen, Ackles, and More!

Happy (early) St. Patrick’s Day! In our fourth annual edition of Irish Corned Beefcake, we have got a treat for you. This year we're switching it up a little bit, after all, one of the best...
February 28 2014

Friday Beefcake: Nordic Invasion from Fimmel, Skarsgard, Hedlund, and More!

With Vikings premiering again this weekend, it's put us in a Nordic frame of mind—and with all the cold sweeping the nation, it's only fair that we should be getting warm with some hotties...
January 31 2014

Friday Beefcake: Dudes with Dreads from Sherman, Larsen, Kravitz, and More!

The Super Bowl is this weekend, and while we know some of you are sports fans—and we are, too—we took a few moments to look at the very hunky rosters. One name that has caught many an eye...
January 22 2014

In the Nick of Time: New (Birthday) Girl 3x13

This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of New Girl, including last night’s 3x13, “Birthday.” Enjoy! Jess downs a horrible birthday eve cocktail, served by world’s...
January 10 2014

Friday Beefcake: Back Me Up with Johnson, Gandy, Roshan, and More!

It's the New Year, and many of you are striving to achieve your “New You” with resolutions. If you're going to succeed, you need to know that people have your back in making these...
December 4 2013

The Mindy Project: Think of All the Fellas That I Haven’t Kissed

It can easily be said that Mindy Kaling's Mindy Lahiri on The Mindy Project is one of the most relatable characters on TV—or at least the most relatable one with all the shenanigans we wish...
November 14 2013

Criminal Minds Season 9, Episode 8 Thoughts: More Morcia—or Not?

Criminal Minds shippers, we have to talk. We’ve seen a lot of scary things on this show: wind chimes made from human bones, the killer who kept a giant room full of his victims’ shoes, some...
November 8 2013

Friday Beefcake: A Six Pack of Yum!

Okay, we love our heroes for many reasons, but for beefcake we tend to focus on just one. Or in this week's edition, six tiny little reasons. You guessed it, we're celebrating six packs! Or...
November 5 2013

How I Met Your Mother: The Proposal!

**This post contains spoilers for all aired episodes of How I Met Your Mother, including last night’s episode “The Lighthouse”** In the final season of How I Met Your Mother, there...
November 1 2013

Friday Beefcake: Tall, Dark, and Handsome Beefcake from Gandy, Bomer, Gao and More!

A few months ago, we promised Tall, Dark, and Handsome Beefcake after we gave you some Blond Beefcake. Now it's time to deliver and we're delivering in spades with some of our favorite actors,...
October 31 2013

Who Needs Shirts?: Why Teen Wolf, The Vampire Diaries Are So Addictive

Book crack is a well-established theme here at Heroes and Heartbreakers. We’ve talked about what makes a book cracktastic—as in OMG I can’t put it down, but I probably should. Those...
October 24 2013

Beyond Jamie and Claire: Outlander Casting News

With the key roles of Jamie Fraser and Claire Randall cast, our attention turns to the other important characters in Diana Gabaldon's Outlander. Perhaps the most pivotal part is Captain Jack Randall,...
October 12 2013

Poll: What’s Your Favorite New Fall TV Show?

By now, most fall shows have premiered and aired at least two episodes—usually a good indicator of how they'll go on. We've talked about a few of the new shows like Sleepy Hollow, Once...
August 30 2013

Friday Beefcake: Blonds Have More Fun with Bruce and Bethel!

Okay, I'm usually a strictly tall, dark, and handsome sort when it comes to my personal tastes and my reading tastes. However, lately a few of my biggest crushes have been blond men so I thought...
August 9 2013

Brooding Beefcake from Armitage, Hunnam, and More!

We talked about billionaires last week and whether you love them or hate them one of the adjectives typically associated with them is “brooding.” We love a good brooding hero—if he's...
August 2 2013

Friday Beefcake: Aged to Perfection from Manganiello, Hounsou, Stamos and More!

They're older and wiser and a whole lot hotter! Have you ever noticed certain men who just get hotter and hotter as they get older? Add a touch of silver and we're giving them gold in hotness!...