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August 17 2016

“There Has Only Been You”: Searching for Home in Lily Blackwood’s The Beast of Clan Kincaid

Note: Because we'll be talking about a scene dripping with delicious despair, this post may contain spoilers for anyone who hasn't read The Beast of Clan Kincaid by Lily Blackwood... but...
August 16 2016

It’s Always Darkest Before the Dawn: Kerrigan Byrne’s The Highlander

Belle Glen Asylum: the dreadful mental hospital Lady Philomena (Mena) Benchley gets sent to for daring to stand up to her husband and his mother, more than just a prison, becomes a place of constant...
May 28 2015

Cover Thursday: Exclusive Reveals from Sabrina York, Donna Grant, and Kate Douglas

Today we're thrilled to reveal the covers for books from Sabrina York, Donna Grant, and Kate Douglas. First up, we have a naughty Scotsman on our hands who has found himself banished...
March 26 2015

Love Is In the Air: Not-Your-Usual-Historicals Best Bets for March 2015

March is that time of year when we’re all desperate for daffodils and Easter candy, but would happily settle for someone to dig us out of the snow bank where we’ve been imprisoned for months...
October 8 2014

Improper Love in Jennifer Ashley’s Rules for a Proper Governess

Jennifer Ashley's feisty, independent heroines are distinct and memorable. In her fabulous Mackenzie series, the Mackenzie/McBride clan is made up of Scottish, alpha males. It's not easy to...
September 30 2014

First Look: Amanda Scott’s Moonlight Raider (September 30, 2014)

Amanda Scott Moonlight Raider (Border Nights #1) Forever / September 30, 2014 / $8.00 print  / $7.99 digital Border lord Walter Scott of Rankilburn, grief-stricken after burying his...
July 9 2014

Top 10 Scottish Historicals: A Verra Opinionated Opinion

Is it really true that if you’ve read one Scottish romance, you’ve read them all? Not even close. Within this hugely popular subgenre, there is an amazing amount of variety. History can...
August 12 2013

Spiking Almack’s Lemonade: Not-Your-Usual Historicals for August 2013

I love the Regency, you love the Regency, but sometimes we all need a historical romance that doesn’t mention the weak lemonade at Almack's. Without further ado, here are some historical romances...
July 30 2013

Beau Brummel Is Mr. Snotty Pants: Not-Your-Usual-Historicals Shopping List For July 2013

I love the Regency, you love the Regency, but sometimes we all need a historical romance that doesn’t mention Beau Brummel. Without further ado, here are some historical romances hitting the shelves...
January 25 2013

Scottish Beefcake: James McAvoy, Kevin McKidd, and More!

Obviously, we love Scottish heroes in romance, so the love will undoubtedly overflow into real-life Scots. Today, is the little-known Scottish holiday (at least in the States) called Burns Day that...
November 19 2012

Hot for a Scot: Why Scottish Men are So Appealing as Romance Heroes

Picture a shirtless Fabio type standing on a heather-covered hill. His long hair streams out behind him, while his heavily muscled legs, visible under a short, plaid kilt, are mostly bare to the chilly...
May 23 2012

H&H Book Club: Teresa Medeiros’s The Bride and the Beast

We’re in the penultimate meeting of the H&H Book Club for May, which is Teresa Medeiros’s The Bride and the Beast. Let’s continue the discussion of the book with a few questions: Have...
May 14 2012

H&H Book Club: Halfway Through Teresa Medeiros’s The Bride and the Beast

So here we are, about halfway through May’s H&H Book Club choice, Teresa Medeiros’s The Bride and the Beast. What is striking about it is the wit; the three on-screen characters, Gwen...
April 10 2011

Medieval Times: Garwood and Elliott Bring Historical Hotness

I am a Regency Romance Gal; it's my preferred historical time period and my default comfort-zone reading. But sometimes I just have to have me some medieval brawn: A big ol' hunk o'...
April 8 2011

Outlander Fantasy Casting!

Fantasy Casting: In the movies of our favorite romance novels…who should play whom? Outlander (AKA Cross Stitch) by Diana Gabaldon, 1991, Book 1 in the Outlander Series Diana Gabaldon’s...
February 13 2011

Romantic Couple: Jamie And Claire from Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander

A couple, a duo, a pair, a match, a Brangelina or a TomKat—you can’t have a Romance without them. It’s kind of a staple. Technically, I guess one could romance themselves,...