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September 7 2016

How to Talk to a Woman Who is Reading a Romance Novel

Editor's Note: An article has been making the rounds—“How to Talk to a Woman Who is Wearing Headphones.” The simple answer: don't. However, just in case a man is thinking...
December 9 2015

The Almack’s Almanac: Regency Historical Terminology

Interested in giving Historical Romance a try, but are frustrated by the Secret Language of Incomprehensible Terms? And seemingly Random Capitalization? Here’s a primer to some common items...
December 5 2015

Let Me Make You Scream: The Appeal of the Horror Romance (Horromance)

Source Image The girl on the screen is gorgeous; her blonde hair falls like a waterfall around her shoulders as her half-exposed breasts heave up and down with nerves and anticipation. ...
July 10 2014

Women Love Bad Boys in the Scandalous Heroes Anthology

Scandalous Heroes is an anthology of 9 stories by authors well known by readers of multicultural romance novels. This collaboration highlights the respective strengths of the authors that their...
January 9 2014

Lost Senses Awakened: Judith Kinghorn’s The Memory of Lost Senses

The Memory of Lost Senses is my first Judith Kinghorn book. It won't be my last.  This book tells the overlapping stories  of two women, Cecily and Cora. Cecily Chadwick's story...
December 3 2013

First Look: Karen Doornebos’s Undressing Mr. Darcy (December 3, 2013)

Karen Doornebos Undressing Mr. Darcy Berkley Trade / December 3, 2013/ $9.49 print / $7.99 digital Thirty-five-year-old American social media master Vanessa Roberts lives her thoroughly...
March 23 2011

Hot for the Scots: Top Three Julie Garwood Medievals

Julie Garwood’s stories were the first medievals I read, which led me to becoming enamored with the medieval sub-genre: Hardy warriors and strong women eking out a living in a harsh environment...