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July 26 2016

First Look: Jackie Ashenden’s Dirty for Me (July 26, 2016)

Jackie Ashenden  Dirty for Me (Motor City Royals #1) Kensington / July 26, 2016 / $9.95 print, $7.99 digital The good-girl/bad-boy trope is still going strong in Romancelandia, and...
July 25 2016

First Look: Erin Watt’s Broken Prince (July 25, 2016)

Erin Watt Broken Prince (Royals #2) EverAfter Romance / July 25, 2016 / $14.99 print, $4.99 digital Broken Prince picks up where Paper Princess left off, Ella has flown the coop away from...
July 25 2016

First Look: B.J. Daniels’s Into Dust (July 26, 2016)

B.J. Daniels Into Dust  (The Montana Hamiltons #5) HQN Books / July 26th 2016 / $7.99 print, $5.99 digital It’s a big week in gossip, politically speaking. The republican candidate...
July 24 2016

First Look: Megan Frampton’s Why Do Dukes Fall in Love? (July 26, 2016)

Megan Frampton Why Do Dukes Fall in Love? (Dukes Behaving Badly #4) Avon / July 26, 2016 / $7.99 print, $5.99 digital Fun Fact: Megan Frampton is the former community manager of Heroes...
Rhyll Biest
July 24 2016

First Look: Ainslie Paton’s Damaged Goods (July 29, 2016)

Ainslie Paton Damaged Goods (Sidelined #2) Supervised by Cat / July 29, 2016 / #3.99 digital Jesus Heist, this book—which follows Offensive Behaviour, book one in the Sidelined series—is...
July 23 2016

First Look: Jaci Burton’s Don’t Let Go (July 26, 2016)

Jaci Burton Don't Let Go (Hope #6) Jove / July 26, 2016 / $7.99 print & digital By their wares shall you know them? Megan’s pastries and Brady’s bikes are superlative...
July 22 2016

First Look: Kelly Bowen’s A Duke to Remember (July 26, 2016)

Kelly Bowen A Duke to Remember (Season of Scandal #2) Forever / July 26, 2016 / $5.99 print & digital A Duke to Remember is book two of Kelly Bowen’s s Season of Scandal...
July 22 2016

First Look: Beth Harbison’s One Less Problem Without You (July 26, 2016)

Beth Harbison One Less Problem Without You St. Martin's Press / July 26, 2016 / $26.99 print, $12.99 digital Meet Prinny, Chelsea and Diana. Prinny is the owner of Cosmos, a shop...
July 21 2016

First Look at Tamsen Parker’s True North (July 25, 2016)

Tamsen Parker True North (Compass #4) Tamsen Parker / July 25, 2016 / $3.99 digital Four months ago, Slade Lewis got to fulfill his wildest, long-repressed BDSM fantasies during a one-night...
July 21 2016

First Look: Molly Harper’s Where the Wild Things Bite (July 26, 2016)

Molly Harper Where the Wild Things Bite (Half-Moon Hollow #8) Pocket Books / July 26, 2016 / $7.99 print, $6.99 digital Molly Harper does her best to make sure that you cross camping, and...
July 20 2016

First Look: J.R. Ward’s The Angels’ Share (July 26, 2016)

J.R. Ward The Angels' Share (Bourbon Kings #2) NAL / July 26, 2016 / $28.00 print, $14.99 digital The Angels' Share is the second book of J.R. Ward’s The Bourbon Kings series,...
July 20 2016

First Look: Rowan Coleman’s We Are All Made of Stars (July 26, 2016)

Rowan Coleman We Are All Made of Stars Ballantine Books / July 26, 2016 / $27.00 print, $13.99 digital Oh, how I loved We Are All Made of Stars by Rowan Coleman. Let me rephrase that…this...
July 19 2016

First Look: Nalini Singh’s Rock Wedding (July 19, 2016)

Nalini Singh Rock Wedding (Rock Kiss #5) Nalini Singh / July 19, 2016 / $5.99 digital I feel that a lot of readers including myself, were inclined to dislike Sarah's character based...
July 18 2016

First Look: Rachel Gibson’s Just Kiss Me (July 26, 2016)

Rachel Gibson Just Kiss Me  Avon / July 26, 2016 / $7.99 print, $6.99 digital We read certain authors for various reasons. Some we pick because we know what to expect, others we read...
July 17 2016

Love You Forever and Forevermore, Kristen Callihan

Welcome to Darkest London, a world in which supernatural beings exist side-by-side with humans, their actions monitored and kept in check by the SOS (Society for the Suppression of Supernaturals)....
July 14 2016

First Look: Helen Hardt’s Obsession (July 19, 2016)

Helen Hardt Obsession (Steel Brothers Saga #2) Waterhouse Press / July 19, 2016 / $15.99 print, $6.99 digital The love story between Talon and Jade continues in Obsession. An apt title...
July 11 2016

First Look: Delphine Dryden’s Top to Bottom (July 18, 2016)

Delphine Dryden Top to Bottom Riptide Publishing / July 18, 2016 / $16.99 print What doesn’t Top to Bottom have to entice readers? BDSM scene? Check. Second chances and exes reuniting?...
July 9 2016

Nothing Bittersweet About Sarina Bowen’s Masterful Writing!

Contrary to popular opinion, romance writers care a great deal about the language they use in a book. Language choice in romance novels is important because the words used need to tell a great...
July 7 2016

First Look: Laura Andersen’s The Virgin’s War (July 12, 2016)

Laura Andersen The Virgin's War (Tudor Legacy #3) Ballantine / July 12, 2016 / $16.00 print, $11.99 digital The Tudor Legacy series continues with Laura Andersen’s The...
July 6 2016

First Look: Alice Clayton’s Cream of the Crop (July 12, 2016)

Alice Clayton  Cream of the Crop (Hudson Valley #2) Gallery / July 12, 2016 / $16.00 print, $7.99 digital Holy cow!  It’s not cheesy to say that Alice Clayton takes us...
July 5 2016

Susan Howatch and the Wheel of Time

Fellow Readers of a Certain Era, let’s say it together! I was ten years old when I first saw the Inheritance and twenty years old when I first saw Janna Roslyn, but my reaction to both...
July 3 2016

And They All Lived Happily Ever After in Monica McCarty’s The Ghost

Spoilers for those who are not full caught up with Monica McCarty's Highland Guard series. Reader beware! The Ghost is the final book in Monica McCarty’s Highland Guard series which...
June 29 2016

Swedish Import: Simona Ahrnstedt’s All In

Swedish author Simona Ahrnstedt makes something old new again in her contemporary romance All In. Set in the cutthroat world of Sweden's financial elite, this is a tale where the stakes are...
June 28 2016

First Look: Darynda Jones’ The Curse of Tenth Grave (June 28, 2016)

Darynda Jones  The Curse of Tenth Grave (Charley Davidson #10) St. Martin's Press / June 28, 2016 / $26.99 print, $12.99 digital Charley Davidson is back.  Back in Albuquerque...
June 28 2016

First Look: Elle Kennedy’s Addicted (June 28, 2016)

Elle Kennedy Addicted (Outlaws #2) Signet / June 28, 2016 / $$7.99 print & digital With Elle Kennedy’s Outlaws series, she’s accomplished quite a feat: bringing Dystopian...
June 27 2016

First Look: Eloisa James’ A Gentleman Never Tells (June 28, 2016)

Eloisa James A Gentleman Never Tells: A Novella Avon / (July 26, 2016) / $3.99 print, $.99 digital Eighteen months ago, Lizzie Troutt’s husband died in his mistress’s bed,...
June 27 2016

First Look: Emily Giffin’s First Comes Love (June 28, 2016)

Emily Giffin First Comes Love  Ballantine / June 28, 2016 / $28.00 print, $13.99 digital You can have the same parents, be raised in the same family and be strikingly different with...
June 26 2016

Remind Me Not to Get on Your Bad Side, Sassenach: Outlander 2x12 Jamie/Claire Heart-to-Heart

Show/Episode: Outlander, Season 2, Episode 12, “The Hail Mary” Ship: Jamie/Claire Jamie and Claire were separated and reunited in the span of last week’s episode....
June 24 2016

Tara Wyatt’s Primal Instinct Defies the Double Standard

Generally speaking, we as readers know the trajectory of a bodyguard story.  Our bodyguard hero is forced to protect the heroine from danger.  She will be vulnerable and she will be thrust...
June 21 2016

First Look: Tiffany Reisz’s The Bourbon Thief (June 28, 2016)

Tiffany Reisz The Bourbon Thief MIRA / June 28, 2016 / $15.99 print, $8.99 digital Rarely does a title so completely describe a plot and yet disguise the complex tale that lies behind....