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July 27 2016

How Often Do You Get in a Reading Slump?

We've asked you about reading slumps in the past: how do you get out of one, is your keeper pile the solution to your slump, are you currently in a reading slump, and so on and so forth....
June 18 2016

Reunited Lovers: Falling Back in (Readerly) Love with an Author

You ended your low-carb diet with some delectable fat-laden, sugar-rich-gooey confection.  With that one bite you were a goner. The sweet, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth taste lit up all your...
June 16 2016

Do You Ever Want to Solve the Couple’s Problems for Them?

We set the scene: we're innocently reading along in a book and are about halfway through. Suddenly we realize, all the problems the main couple face could be fixed with one simple solution....
June 2 2016

My Dark And Twisted Relationship With…Google: 5 Suspicious Questions Every Reader/Writer Has Looked Up

Today we're thrilled to welcome Cynthia Eden (author of Torn) to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Cynthia writes pulse-pounding—in more than one way *wink wink*—romantic suspense. However,...
June 1 2016

What Do You Consider a Beach Read?

June marks the beginning of two of our favorite seasons—Wedding Season and Beach Season. For the laywoman, Beach Season usually means diving into her “trashy book” collection...
May 23 2016

Do You Ever Get “Second-Hand Anger” at Characters?

via GIPHY Among my friends I have often discussed the feeling of “second-hand embarrassment” which is a feeling of embarrassment I get when I know another person is, or in my mind,...
May 19 2016

Does a Re-Read of a Book Hook You As Much as the Original?

Many of us turn to an old favorite when we're in a reading rut. It's a comfort read and yet, even though we've read it before, we can find ourselves just as sucked in. Suddenly it's...
May 10 2016

Cowgirl Up: Romance News

Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in romance. {Did you know you can sign up to receive Afternoon Tea as an e-mail? Sign up have your daily cuppa delivered...
May 4 2016

Do You Like Heroes/Heroines Who Are Similar to You?

Fiction, for many, is escapism—pure and simple. However, for some that means one of two things: they look for characters who are very similar to themselves, or they look for characters who...
May 3 2016

How Many Books Do You Read in a Week?

Source: Spring has sprung, kind of. Many children are on their way back from Spring Break, while many more are looking forward to having summer...
April 21 2016

Describe Your Favorite Book in 5 Words or Less!

We're almost through the week, so we thought it'd be fun to play a little game. We all have our favorite books, but sometimes it's hard to articulate what's going on with them and why...
April 5 2016

Do You Ever Have a “Freudian” Moment with Romance?

We've all had Freudian slips, however, do you ever notice them in your reading?  Last week, I had to serve jury duty, and it wasn't until about 3 hours into waiting and roughly one-third...
March 23 2016

Do You Save Favorite Quotes?

As reviewers, much of Team H&H will highlight portions of books that we love or that resonate with us. Is that because we're reviewers or are we reviewers because we like to highlight......
March 15 2016

Are You in a Reading Slump?

We've all been there, when we're just not feeling our to-be-read piles—we're in a slump!  Many people on Twitter, we've noticed are facing a similar slump. Are you...
March 11 2016

Do You “Overcorrect”?

Do you read a really “raunchy” read and then head to your nearest go-to “sweet” author? Have you spent too much time with a vampire, and now it's time to go to the PD...
February 22 2016

Do You Ever Read to Escape the Bad Weather?

Reading is escapism for many of us. A rainy day is a great excuse to stay in and read, and may make the coldest days of winter tolerable for us. Here at H&H we're feeling pretty done with...
January 19 2016

Do You Wait to Read Reviews Until After You’ve Read the Book?

Source: In movies and TV, we do this quite often. You've seen a trailer for a television show and you're excited for it. Then the reviews...
January 6 2016

How Do You Reread a Series?

Whether you re-read at all, or not, is an entirely different debate. But for those who do—and I think there are a decent number of you, this blogger included—there comes a time when...
January 5 2016

Do You Feel Cheated If There’s Not a Sex Scene?

Source: Source: Okay, no, we don't read romance for the sex. In fact, the sex is just one...
December 9 2015

So Fresh and So Clean: What’s the Cleanest Romance You’ve Ever Read?

Source: We've asked about the dirtiest book you read... a lot. Here's a sampling: Why Do We Love Dirty Talk in Romance? What's...
November 16 2015

Melt Your Heart or Melt Your Panties?

Many sites these days focus in on the heat levels of their reads, and that's a valid concern for readers. Some readers like their reads to be “the hotter the better” but others prefer...
November 13 2015

What Are Your Perfect Reading Conditions?

Perfect reading conditions: it makes it sound like we're about to go on a trip and we're worried the weather might slow us down. However, those conditions are very important! Whether...
October 28 2015

How Picky Are You About Picking Up a New Series?

Is your TBR pile falling over because you will say yes to just about any book, as long as it comes recommended (The old “I'll try anything once”) or are you hesitant to buy into...
September 22 2015

Is Your Favorite Couple Also Your Favorite Book?

We all have a favorite author, and within that we all have a favorite book by that author—it may also be your favorite book of all time! However, that's not always the case. Even more so when...
September 21 2015

What’s the Most Creative Excuse You’ve Made to Keep Reading?

 Source: It was the weekend and for us, that means two days off to read (forget chores and other things)! Whether it's the age old...
September 18 2015

Not IRL, but Fiction Is a Different Story!

“He has the body of a professional athlete, chiseled to perfection in all the right places.”  There's a lot to love about athletes—even outside of their bodies....
August 26 2015

Expectations vs. Reality: The Struggles of Being Friends with Non-Romance Readers

We've all been there and dealt with it. If we're at all “out” about being a romance reader, then we've heard it all before—especially when we're the only romance...
July 20 2015

Anticipatory Re-Reading: What Do You Do When the Next Installment is Coming?

One of the beautiful things about romance, in our opinion (outside of the HEAs and hot sex, of course) is that a lot of authors write within a beloved series. So, when we finish one book, there...
July 10 2015

Lending Habits: What Are Yours?

We all have rules for lending out books—even if they're only subconscious and we never say them out loud (but then there's hell to pay when they're broken). Some of us don't...
June 17 2015

Have You Ever Had a Character Not Say I Love You?

Back in March, I posed the question of whether saying “I Love You” was totally necessary and for the most part, people agreed that while it wouldn't be needed, it would be missed. After...