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August 26 2015

Expectations vs. Reality: The Struggles of Being Friends with Non-Romance Readers

We've all been there and dealt with it. If we're at all “out” about being a romance reader, then we've heard it all before—especially when we're the only romance...
July 20 2015

Anticipatory Re-Reading: What Do You Do When the Next Installment is Coming?

One of the beautiful things about romance, in our opinion (outside of the HEAs and hot sex, of course) is that a lot of authors write within a beloved series. So, when we finish one book, there...
July 10 2015

Lending Habits: What Are Yours?

We all have rules for lending out books—even if they're only subconscious and we never say them out loud (but then there's hell to pay when they're broken). Some of us don't...
June 17 2015

Have You Ever Had a Character Not Say I Love You?

Back in March, I posed the question of whether saying “I Love You” was totally necessary and for the most part, people agreed that while it wouldn't be needed, it would be missed. After...
June 1 2015

How Long Can You Go Until Your Next Fix?

We've talked in the past about how long it takes us to finish a book, how many books we think we read in a year, a week, etc. However, today I'm wondering how long you can go between readings....
May 27 2015

Who Is Your Most Trusted Recommender?

In the past we've talked about our reading twins—the people in our lives (both on- and offline) whose taste parallels ours. However, there are other people who may not always read the...
March 23 2015

What Do You Do When You Realize You’re Reading Out of Order?

Sometimes we read books out of order: I'll leave you time to recover from the shock that brings to some readers. It just can't be helped—especially in the days before we could obsessively...
March 18 2015

First and Last Lines?

“Emma Burnett could have never imagined that going hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt would be so exhilerating.” ... “In the town she'd always called home.” -Hope...
March 13 2015

Clean Reading App: Would You Use It?

The clean reading app has been making waves in the online community this week. Romance isn't exactly known for it's clean language—we've all learned some words that, if said aloud...
December 18 2014

Romance News Roundup: Reader Problems, The Americans, and More

Welcome to H&H's brand-new daily news roundup! Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in the romance world right now. —A reader's life is tough!...
November 21 2014

Friday Beefcake: NaNoWriMo Reward

It's the home stretch of National Novel Writing Month, fondly called NaNoWriMo! If you kept at the pace NaNoWriMo sets, then at this point you should have written more than 35,007 words! Woohoo!...
November 6 2014

Turgid Rod, Dewy Petals: You’re Invited to the Euphemism Party!

Today we're pleased to welcome author Brighton Walsh to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Brighton's new book, Caged in Winter, is released this week, and includes Cade, a sexy chef, and Winter, an...
October 17 2014

H&H Debriefing: Binge Reading—Do You Do It?

Another day, another way to follow H&H—we're now on YouTube! Subscribe to the HeroesnHearts channel to catch weekly Debriefings in which Team H&H's Heather, Megan,...
June 16 2014

You Never Forget Your First: Rereading Your First Romance Novels

The internet helped me locate the very first genre romance I ever read as an adolescent, a book that made such a strong impression on me, I still can't use the word “chiffon” in a crossword...
April 21 2014

What Will Get You to Read Out of Your Comfort Zone?

We asked recently what genre was the biggest surprise to you, and many of you called out that some authors and subgenres got you out of your comfort zone—and you've never been happier! So...
March 4 2014

You Know You’re a Romance Reader When...

Today we're joined by Sugar Jamison, whose latest release, Thrown for a Curve, is the newest in her Perfect Fit series, featuring plus-sized heroines whose heroes think they're perfect the way...
August 14 2013

Peanut Butter in My Chocolate?: Non-Romance Books Romance Readers Love

In a Morning Coffee of about a year ago, we asked our readers What's the Last Non-Romance Novel You Read?, and our commenters chimed in with many book and even genre answers. We already know...
May 22 2013

Squick Me Out, Part 4: Return of the Moist

It’s that time again, where I gross you out and make you dirty giggle in your office. I can’t believe this is my fourth squick words post; I'd have thought I wouldn’t have to do...
May 10 2013

Get Crackin’!: Addictive Romances from Ashley, Michaels, and Kelly

Have you ever read a book that you thought was crazy, but loved it anyway? Has something ever happened in a book that made you raise your eyebrows and ask yourself: “Did that really just happen?”...
May 2 2013

It’s Not Me, It’s You: Breaking Up with a Series

I love a good series, and it's hard to give up on a pair of characters or a world when I've cared about it so much. When I find out an author is going to expand their story into a series, I...
April 29 2013

Just Say Yes?: The Makings of Book Crack

The reading community—like any legion of fans—likes to to create its own terms. You’ll find romance readers mentioning PNR (paranormal romance), H/H (hero/heroine, not to be confused...
March 26 2013

(Lover) At Last! Today is the Day!

Many, many readers have been waiting for today—the day when J.R. Ward's Lover at Last is released, revealing Qhuinn and Blaylock's story. We've asked before how you sneak in reading...
March 12 2013

Ruh-roh, Did I Just Read That?: Grammatical Errors in Books

As a reader of more than my fair share of self-published novels, I have come across a common trend that for the most part I can let pass: grammatical errors. That's not to say I'm okay if a...
January 15 2013

H&H Readers: We’re All Above Average!

Thanks to BookRiot, which mentioned a study the The Pew Research Center released about how and how much America reads. If we were to poll H&H's readers, the starting point would have...
November 9 2012

Body Geometry, The Day of Reckoning, and Stalling Out: Getting Pulled Out of the Story

Picture this: I’m reading and in the midst of a very sexy scene. I’m getting into it, then...I’m yanked out of the narrative. The culprit? The narrative itself. Is the heroine on top...
September 12 2012

Many Different Points of View on...Point of View in Romance Novels

Point of view (POV). When you get a bunch of writers together, those three letters can start a good, old-fashioned donnybrook. These days it seems everyone’s got an opinion on the subject. I’ve...
June 11 2012

A Busman’s Holiday (or When Characters Have the Same Job You Do)

My dad is a doctor, and years ago we got hooked on the TV show ER. We used to watch it together as a father-daughter bonding experience. Worst. Idea. Ever. He was critical of every single tiny little...
May 24 2012

Best Summer Read?

At some point during the late spring, entertainment media offer their ideas for your summer reading—books you take to the beach, on vacation, outside to the garden, etc. And for these sources,...
May 22 2012

Where is Your Favorite Place to Read?

Everyone loves to read, anytime, anywhere. That’s a given. But where do you like to read best? Is it at home, in a favorite chair? At night, tucked up in bed next to your loved one? Maybe...
May 13 2012

Epilogues: Yea or Nay?

Megan: Epilogues, authors tell us, are a way for us to glimpse what happens after the Happy Ever After. In the epilogue, all is right with the world, the hero and heroine have adorable children being...