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January 12 2016

What Have You “Gotten Into” Because of a Book?

Our tastes tend to solidify once we get to a certain age. Our hobbies stay the same, for the most part. Unless something comes along to change them! For our purposes, what we're talking about...
December 23 2015

How Many Books Will You Read Over the Holiday?

This will be the last Morning Coffee for a few days while Team H&H takes a break while our offices are closed for the Christmas and New Year's holiday. With that much free time on our hands,...
December 7 2015

Most Romantic Quotes: Submit Yours!

We all have our favorite quotes from books. Whether you review a book and want to remember something for later because it just got you right in the feels, or even as a casual reader a scene or...
November 18 2015

Why Do You Read Romance?

The obvious answer should be “because I like it.” We love the sighs, the declarations of love... the love scenes! However, as Monday's Morning Coffee showed, it's not the only the...
November 16 2015

Melt Your Heart or Melt Your Panties?

Many sites these days focus in on the heat levels of their reads, and that's a valid concern for readers. Some readers like their reads to be “the hotter the better” but others prefer...
November 12 2015

Throwback Thursday: What Was Your First Family?

Yesterday, we shared the news that H&H would be trekking it to the RT Booklovers Convention in Las Vegas, and be moderating a panel there with authors of some of our favorite families—Julia...
November 10 2015

Does Your Relationship Status Affect Your Reading Habits?

Single, married, never been in a relationship, serial monogamist—the relationship statuses of romance readers are as varied as an OKCupid Profile. Especially if you've been reading romance...
November 6 2015

What “First” Do You Still Have?

Today is the first Friday of the month, and later this weekend, one of our bloggers will be sharing her thoughts on one of her firsts—her first male/male romance. For many, that's a category...
November 3 2015

What Was the Last Thing You Got Someone Else Hooked On?

Sharing is caring! Sometimes you just can't be quiet about something and need to share with everyone. Enthusiasm is catching and when we start sharing with our friends, they inevitably get curious...
November 2 2015

Romance News: Remember Georgette Heyer & Read a Regency

Welcome to H&H's daily news roundup! Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in the romance world right now. —Deal Alert #1: To celebrate the 80th anniversary...
November 2 2015

What’s the Weirdest Thing You’ve Ever Looked Up?

For many people, they have an unofficial pact with their friends that should they die suddenly, said friend will clean out their house of anything they wouldn't want their family's to find...
October 29 2015

Throwback Thursday: What Was Your First Adult Read?

Source: We all remember our first romance, and the first book we got to pick out for ourselves. Our childhood reading can often greatly...
September 17 2015

Throwback Thursday: What Author Have You Been Reading the Longest?

Some authors just stick with us—whether they're our first or someone that we found well into our reading career and continue to love. What authors have you been reading for the longest...
September 14 2015

How Picky Are You About Genre Classification?

Recently in a post of Paranormal recommendations, Jane Kriel said “Does a romance set in a post-apocalyptic zombie world count as paranormal? Whatever. I’m not too concerned about genre...
September 4 2015

Do Your Reading Habits Change During the Year?

Source:   Our reading habits change for whatever reason all the time; however, it always seems that...
September 2 2015

Finish Off or Move On?

Source: Yesterday was a big release day, and as we do, we want to know your reading habits! When you get a highly anticipated book—whether...
August 27 2015

Throwback Thursday: How Much Do You Remember From Your First Romance Novel?

You never forget your first...but you might forget a lot of the details. Whether it was a year ago or many years ago, a lot of romance readers remember their first official romance—the title,...
August 26 2015

Expectations vs. Reality: The Struggles of Being Friends with Non-Romance Readers

We've all been there and dealt with it. If we're at all “out” about being a romance reader, then we've heard it all before—especially when we're the only romance...
August 24 2015

How Deep Are You Willing To Go?

Okay, the question is much dirtier than my intent, so let me explain... Sometimes, we are very late to the boat on a given series. We finally decide we want to try Christine Feehan, for example...but...
August 19 2015

Where Do You Get Your Books?

Bookstores, online, or the library, the options of where and how we get our books these days is as endless as the number of books at our fingertips. When you are looking to pick up a book, where do...
August 14 2015

What is the First Thing You Do with a New Book?

Source: It's Friday and you have the whole weekend ahead of you! What does that mean? Endless reading time!!...
August 13 2015

Throwback Thursday: What Was Your First Young Adult Novel?

Young Adult, isn't for everyone. For some it's not sexy enough, for some it's too close to the age of their own children. For others, they've just grown out of it. But there are novels...
August 4 2015

Time Hop: Yay or Nay?

Source: Whether it's a few years or a few decades, whether the hop is within the book, or within the series, a “time...
July 28 2015

What’s the Best Insult You’ve Ever Learned from a Book?

We all (probably) went through a phase, after we learned that Shakespeare's “I bite my thumb at you, sir” was the same thing thing as flipping someone the bird...or was that just us......
June 23 2015

Do You Pre-Order Books?

Today is release day for many authors, and pre-orders are still very much part of the success of a book. However, it also is a mark of you as a fan. Pre-ordering a book was reserved for the books that...
June 17 2015

Have You Ever Had a Character Not Say I Love You?

Back in March, I posed the question of whether saying “I Love You” was totally necessary and for the most part, people agreed that while it wouldn't be needed, it would be missed. After...
June 10 2015

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey: Are You Aware of the Passage of Time in a Romance?

When we're reading, we're not always aware of the passage of time outside of a romance (“when did it become 11 p.m., I just started reading?!...7 hours ago”), however, inside a romance,...
June 8 2015

It’s Elementary! Do You Read Books with “Elements”?

“An erotic romance with romantic suspense elements.” “Historical romance with paranormal elements.” “Women's fiction with historical elements.” We've...
June 4 2015

Throwback Thursday: What Was Your First Self-Published Book?

By now, self-published books are readily available for any discerning reader with the patience to wade through all the ones on the market, and access to an e-reader. What was the first self-published...
June 1 2015

How Long Can You Go Until Your Next Fix?

We've talked in the past about how long it takes us to finish a book, how many books we think we read in a year, a week, etc. However, today I'm wondering how long you can go between readings....