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September 11 2015

First Look: Penny Watson’s A Taste of Heaven (September 15, 2015)

Penny Watson A Taste of Heaven (e-book) Self-Published / September 15, 2015 / $2.99 digital “Create one perfect bite.” Good little widow Sophia Brown always follows...
September 8 2015

Order’s Up!: 4 Food & Romance Pairings from Kincaid, Watson, and More!

If my life went the way I wanted it to, I would be able to read in a cozy outdoor spot during these waning days of summer. I’d be relaxed, surrounded by lush greenery and gorgeous container...
December 17 2014

25 Romances of Christmas: Holiday Romance Recommendations, Part 3

While the holidays are creeping in, it might be just the time to start in on that list—the books on your To Be Read list, that is. Over the next few weeks Phoebe Chase and Jennifer Proffitt will...
June 13 2014

I’m a Lumberjack and I’m…a Romance Hero? Lumberjack Heroes from McKenna, Kelley, Harper and More!

Love the beards, the smell of evergreens or just the outdoors? Then it’s likely you’ve come across or should read a book with a lumberjack hero. Some people might have a problem with the...
August 28 2013

Bearded Romance Heroes from Ward, Jeffries, Rocha and More!

Our Who's Your Favorite Bearded Hero? post erupted into a comments frenzy, with many commenters (including two H&Hers!) posting pix of hirsute hotties. The post originated with a citation...