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July 27 2016

Now Win This!: RWA 2016 Souvenir Sweepstakes!

  RWA 2016 Souvenir Sweepstakes!* This sweepstakes is now closed. Check out our Sweepstakes page for more chances to win Enter...
June 7 2013

Have Tech, Will Travel: Big List of Tech-Based Time Travel Romances

There are two general modes of travel in time travel romances: magic/paranormal (e.g., magic amulet; portal) and scientific devices (e.g., time machine). As a fan of science fiction romance, I gravitate...
February 26 2012

Open Vampire World, the Enclave, Downside and More: Top 5 Worst Urban Fantasy Locations to Live

One of the main reasons I read fantasy and paranormal novels is the escape. Not just being drawn into another’s life, but the whole world. Even when it’s a slight shift on our current world, I get...
June 22 2011

The Bookstore Beat: July 2011

July’s new releases are unexpected, exciting and in some ways, bittersweet. But most of them are all about the series. Contemporary readers get the unexpected this month, a reissue of one of J.R....
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