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May 14 2015

First Look: Chanel Cleeton Flirting with Scandal (May 19, 2015)

Chanel Cleeton Flirting with Scandal (A Capital Confessions Novel #1) Intermix / May 19, 2015 / $4.99 digital The first book in a sexy contemporary romance series about three sisters...
May 12 2015

First Look: C.L. Parker’s Playing Dirty (May 12, 2015)

C.L. Parker Playing Dirty (Monkey Business Trio #1) Random House / May 12, 2015 / $15.00 print, $9.99 digital For fans of Bared to You and Beautiful Bastard comes the start of an irresistible...
May 11 2015

First Look: Cora Carmack’s All Played Out (May 12, 2015)

Cora Carmack All Played Out (Rusk University #3) Harper Collins / May 12, 2015 / $13.99 print, $4.99 digital In the third book in New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cora Carmack’s...
May 4 2015

First Look: Christina Lee’s Two of Hearts (May 5, 2015)

Christina Lee Two of Hearts Penguin / May 5, 2015 / $14.00 print, $5.99 digital From the author of the Between Breaths novels comes a gripping romance about finding yourself while...
May 4 2015

First Look: Brighton Walsh’s Tessa Ever After (May 5, 2015)

Brighton Walsh Tessa Ever After (Caged in Winter #2) Penguin / May 5, 2015 / $14.00 print, $9.99 digital In this grippingly emotional New Adult novel from the author of Caged in Winter,...
May 4 2015

A (Brief) Guide to Transgender Terminology in Romance

Romance as a genre wants to become more diverse. Male/male romance’s popularity and the increasing demand for non-normative historical settings have been seen as positive steps towards an...
April 30 2015

H&H Bloggers Recommend: Best Reads of April 2015

Each month, we ask our bloggers to share the best thing they’ve read (or things, plural, if our bloggers declare a tie ’cause they just can’t choose). It doesn’t have...
April 30 2015

Endings Bring New Beginnings: New Adult Best Bets for April 2015

A lot of series endings are included in this list but that only leaves room for brand new ones! With endings also come new beginnings and these books herald how what you think is an ending could...
April 29 2015

May 2015 Romance Novel New Releases Shopping List

Find your future faves with this delightfully convenient shopping list of romance novels coming out in May. We’ve divided them up by week to make it easier for you to find the newest releases....
April 28 2015

First Look: Leah Raeder’s Black Iris (April 28, 2015)

Leah Raeder Black Iris Atria Books / April 28, 2015 / $15.00 print, $5.99 digital The next dark and sexy romantic suspense novel from the USA TODAY bestselling author of Unteachable,...
April 28 2015

First Look: Elle Kennedy The Mistake (April 28, 2015)

Elle Kennedy The Mistake (Off-Campus #2) Elle Kennedy / April 28, 2015 / $4.99 digital He’s a player in more ways than one… College junior John Logan can get...
April 26 2015

First Look: Tracy Wolff’s Exposed (May 5, 2015)

Tracy Wolff Exposed (Ethan Frost #3)  Random House / May 5, 2015 / $4.99 digital Ethan Frost, the irresistible leading man from the New York Times bestselling Ruined and Addicted, returns...
April 21 2015

First Look: Penelope Douglas’s Aflame (April 21, 2015)

Penelope Douglas Aflame (Fall Away #4) Penguin Intermix / April 21, 2015 / $2.99 digital The tables have turned. Now I have the power—and it’s his turn to beg… Everyone...
April 17 2015

First Look: Jay Crownover’s Asa (April 21, 2015)

Jay Crownover Asa (Marked Men #6) William Morrow / April 21, 2015 / $13.99 print, $5.99 digital You never know which moment might lead to forever . . . Asa Cross struggles with being...
April 16 2015

Got the Magic in Me: Magical Girls Have It Tough from Sailor Moon, Laurenston, and More!

Source: Re-watching clips of Sailor Moon, I realized that being a magical girl/heroine is pretty difficult. For those not...
April 15 2015

Protective, Possessive, and Passionate: The Alpha Heroes of J. Lynn’s Wait for You Series

J. Lynn aka Jennifer L. Armentrout’s New Adult series Wait for You is a witty, sexy look into a group of friends that are more like family. Since the first, Wait for You to Fall with Me I’ve...
April 13 2015

First Look: Lauren Layne’s Crushed (April 14, 2015)

Lauren Layne Crushed (Redemption #2) Random House / April 14, 2015 / $2.99 digital Lauren Layne’s latest novel about the healing power of redemption tells the story of a crush gone...
April 7 2015

Romance News Roundup: Molly McAdams Deal and Vampire Diaries Shocker!

Welcome to H&H's daily news roundup! Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in the romance world right now. —Deal Alert: Letting Go by Molly...
April 2 2015

Top of the Charts: The Yummy Men (and Women) of Kylie Scott’s Stage Dive

True story: I happened across Kylie Scott’s  Stage Dive  series by accident. It was scrolling as a recommendation and since I was discovering New Adult, I bought it and devoured it in...
March 26 2015

March Madness, The Secrets Game: New Adult Romance Best Bets for March 2015

This month brought some very interesting reading material. These characters are plagued with secrets and what a tangled web you weave, when you practice to deceive. From orchestrated encounters, using...
March 25 2015

April 2015 Romance Novel New Releases Shopping List

Find your future faves with this delightfully convenient shopping list of romance novels coming out in April. We’ve divided them up by week to make it easier for you to find the newest releases....
March 24 2015

Cover Tuesday: Exclusive Reveals from Renita Pizzitola and Kathy Clark!

Today we're thrilled to reveal covers for books by Renita Pizzitola and Kathy Clark. In Renita Pizzitola's Just a Little Kiss, both the hero and heroine are trying to get over heartbreak and...
March 18 2015

Why Can’t We Be Friends (With Benefits): A Guide to Friends with Benefits

In my quest to help all H&H readers out with all their needs, I’ve come up with some helpful advice on “Friends with Benefits” (for street cred, I’m using the acronym FWB)....
March 18 2015

First Look: Brighton Walsh’s Captive (March 24, 2015)

Brighton Walsh Captive St. Martin's Press / March 24, 2015 / $14.99 print, $9.99 digital He's the most dangerous man she's ever met…and she's falling in love...
March 16 2015

First Look: Alex Rosa’s Tryst (March 17, 2015)

Alex Rosa Tryst Intermix / March 17, 2015 / $3.99 digital In this sensational New Adult debut by Alex Rosa, boyfriends are too much trouble. So what’s the harm in a little fun? With...
March 6 2015

Change Is Good: Top 5 Reformed Playboys from Day, Kleypas, Phillips, and More!

Source:   One of the reasons I love Jane the Virgin is our hero, Rafael Solano, and his status as a reformed...
March 4 2015

First Look: Colleen Hoover’s Confess (March 10, 2015)

Colleen Hoover Confess Simon & Schuster / March 10, 2015 / Auburn Reed has her entire life mapped out. Her goals are in sight and there’s no room for mistakes. But when she walks...
March 3 2015

First Look: Monica Murphy’s Stealing Rose (March 3, 2015)

Monica Murphy Stealing Roses Bantam / March 3, 2015 / $15.00 print & $5.99 digital Perfect for fans of Christina Lauren and Emma Chase—the second novel in New York Times bestselling...
March 1 2015

First Look: Jessica Scott’s Before I Fall (March 3, 2015)

Jessica Scott Before I Fall (Falling #1) Self-published / March 3, 2015 / $4.99 digital Stay focused. Get a job. Save her father’s life. Beth Lamont knows far too much about...
February 25 2015

March 2015 Romance Novel New Releases Shopping List

Find your future faves with this delightfully convenient shopping list of romance novels coming out in March. We know you each have your favorite subgenre, but we also know many of you read across genre...