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April 29 2015

Romance News Roundup: Born of Defiance Trailer & Meredith Duran Deal Alert!

Welcome to H&H's daily news roundup! Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in the romance world right now. —Deal Alert #1: Meredith Duran's historical That...
January 22 2015

Meredith Duran and the Romance of Uncertain Loyalties

Where does loyalty lie? To the past, family, tradition, a profession, mission, aspiration, country? Romance fiction often pits loyalties against love. Will the romantic suspense hero mitigate danger...
July 24 2014

I Spy the Prince Regent: Historical Spies from Bradley, Galen, Quinn, and More!

Like many readers, historical romances were among the first romances I read, but it wasn’t until recently that I realized that among my favorite tropes of the subgenre (marriage of convenience,...
April 23 2014

H&H Bloggers Recommend: Best Reads of April 2014

Each month, we ask our bloggers to share the best thing they’ve read (or things, plural, if our bloggers declare a tie ’cause they just can’t choose). It doesn’t have to...
March 28 2014

He’s All That: Historical Romance Heroes with Unusual Professions

Today we're joined by author Jennifer McQuiston, whose Moonlight on My Mind is out this week. Moonlight On My Mind's hero is an Earl who's accused of murder—by the heroine, who might...
March 25 2014

First Look: Meredith Duran’s Fool Me Twice (March 25, 2014)

Meredith Duran Fool Me Twice Pocket Books / March 25, 2014 / $5.99 print / $1.99 digital All Olivia Holladay wants is the chance to make a home for herself. When she realizes that the...
February 19 2014

March 2014 Romance Novel New Releases Shopping List

Find your future faves with this delightfully convenient shopping list of romance novels coming out in March. We’ve divided them up by subgenre to make it easier for those who’ve got a very...
July 17 2013

Class Differences in Historical Romance, Part 1: The Triumph of Love Over Level

Part One: Marrying the Maid (Or the Governess or . . .) The theme of love powerful enough to overcome the boundaries of class is rooted deeply in the tradition of romance fiction. Whether one views...
February 5 2013

Bound by Wicked Pleasure: Discovering Meredith Duran

In the spring of 2008, I received a rare you-must-read-this email from my friend PJ. The book she was urging me to read was The Duke of Shadows by Meredith Duran. Since I trust PJ, I read The Duke of...
December 5 2012

January 2013 Upcoming Romance Novel Releases Shopping List

Find your future faves with this delightfully convenient shopping list of romance novels coming out in January. We’ve divided them up by subgenre to make it easier for those who’ve got a...
June 26 2012

Bring the Pain: Angsty Historicals from Ranney, Judith James, Spencer, and More!

Angsty romances aren’t for everyone, but stories where the hero and heroine really have to earn their happily ever after are among my favorites. There’s a certain catharsis in following a pair of...
March 23 2012

Fresh Meat: Meredith Duran’s At Your Pleasure (March 27, 2012)

Meredith Duran At Your Pleasure Pocket, $7.99, March 27, 2012, Glittering court socialites and underworld cutpurses alike know that Adrian Ferrers, Earl of Rivenham, is the most dangerous man...
March 20 2012

Read & Win: Meredith Duran

Get a sneak peek of Meredith Duran’s At Your Pleasure (available March 27, 2012) with a special excerpt of the first Chapter. Plus, enter for a chance to win a copy of Meredith Duran’s...
December 30 2011

H&H Bloggers Pick the Best of 2011: Laurie Gold, Ashley March, and Jackie Lester

Want to know what books your favorite bloggers most enjoyed in 2011? Be sure to check out each post in the Best of 2011 series! Laurie Gold This is the first year...I think...that I had...