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October 18 2015

Not Your Children’s Fairy Tales: Fantasy and Paranormal Romance to Make the Brothers Grimm Proud

What is it that make fairy tales timeless? Is it the difficulty that the heroine or hero must endure before they get their Happily Ever After? Or the social lesson of morality or values that consistently...
April 30 2015

Throwback Thursday: Have You Read Mercedes Lackey?

Many readers credit Mercedes Lackey with their interest in romance and fantasy romance (this blogger, included). Just this week many fans were excited to add From a High Tower (available June 2, 2015)...
July 19 2012

SF/F as the Gateway Drug to Romance Novels: McCaffrey, Carey, Lackey, Feehan and More!

Every summer my parents would pack up the family to set off on a family vacation. Each of these trips were preceded by several magical hours spent in the local Waldenbooks acquiring paperbacks to keep...
December 30 2011

Breaking from Tradition: Mercedes Lackey’s Empowered Heroines

In many traditional fairy tales, the young, beautiful heroine sits around and waits for the valiant hero to save her—to wake her with a kiss, or rescue her from the tower, or cut her out of the wolf’s...