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April 9 2015

Forget the Wedding Present, Bring the Heat in Lauren Gallagher’s I’ll Show You Mine

Lauren Gallagher’s I’ll Show You Mine is a book that enflames with sexual tension from the first page. Erotic romance like this is the reason heat ratings exist, and I can mean that only...
December 22 2014

First Look: Lauren Gallagher’s Razor Wire (December 22, 2014)

Lauren Gallagher Razor Wire Riptide Publishing / December 22, 2014 / $4.99, digital Two women. One terrible crime. Zero allies. After being raped by a superior officer, MA3 Kim Lockhoff...
August 8 2014

Switching Sides: What it Means to be a Switch in BDSM

Today we welcome author Sidney Bristol to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Sidney's new release, Committed, has a super-sexy romance with a DEA agent hero. The heroine of Committed identifies as a...
December 18 2013

Can Money Buy Love?: Male Escorts in Romance

Heroes and Heartbreakers has covered the topic of male escorts in romance novels before, but since then, there have been more examples of male prostitutes/male escorts as the hero. (Be warned going...
May 23 2013

Watch It!: Voyeurism in Romance Novels

Voyeurism is the practice of spying on people engaged in intimate behaviors, such as undressing, sexual activity, or other actions usually considered to be of a private nature. Voyeurs are most commonly...