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September 8 2014

What the Heart Wants: Fall 2014’s Can’t-Miss Romance Books, Movies, and Shows

September | October | November | Printable Version Team H&H eats, breathes, and sleeps romance, but even we have trouble keeping track of all the amazing content...
February 28 2014

“I Want the Whole Damn Thing”: April’s Choice in Grey’s Anatomy 10x13

Note: This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of Grey's Anatomy, including last night's Season 10, episode 13, “Take It Back.” Enjoy! Just when...
December 13 2013

“I Love You, April”: Jackson’s Grand Gesture in Grey’s Anatomy 10.12

This post contains spoilers for all aired episodes of Grey's Anatomy, including last night’s 2x12, “Get Up, Stand Up." Grey's Anatomy doctors Jackson Avery and April Kepner...
April 3 2012

I’ll Ship If I Want To: A Romance Fan’s Thoughts on Shipping and Shippers

While watching Moonlighting, did you find yourself pulling for Maddie and David to end up together? Did you tune in to The X-Files every week as much for Mulder and Scully’s chemistry...
March 25 2011

This Is How Grey’s Does It

Just when you think Grey's Anatomy can't shock you anymore (and/or that you don't care anymore) . . . BAM. Tonight's episode, “This is How We Do It,”...