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October 22 2013

Reading All Through the Night: October 2013’s Digital Reissues

October offers quite a variety of digital reissues. For lovers of historical romance, a classic from Connie Brockway, one of the subgenre’s masters, becomes available, along with her debut novel....
September 10 2013

Do You Remember?: September 2013’s Digital Reissues

This month I bring you a variety of ebook reissues in terms of genre and age (the earliest was first published in 2000). First up is the next in Keri Arthur’s Nikki & Michael series, which...
August 9 2013

August 2013 New Reissues in Digital: Krentz, Gardner, Johansen, and More!

Those of you looking to enter a digital way back machine will be happy this month. A couple of very early releases from Jayne Ann Krentz under her Stephanie James pseudonym are being reissued, as is...
July 13 2013

Poll: How Do You Prepare for Reading on Vacation?

Summer is the time of blockbusters, beaches, hot weather, and, most importantly, vacation! We've asked you in the past if you bring a physical book for you along with your e-reader when you fly...
July 9 2013

Heating Up in July’s Digital Reissues

If you’re like me, in years passed you probably packed a suitcase filled with books to read on your summer vacation. That’s no longer necessary now that ebooks are so prevalent, so many...
May 20 2013

Short, Delicious, and Oh-So-Sweet: Favorite Historical Novellas

My love affair with the novella began when as an undergrad I discovered I much preferred “Bartleby the Scrivener” to Moby Dick and “The Dead” to Ulysses. Part of the attraction...
May 12 2013

Find it Yourself: Finding DIY Authors

Did you know that Christy Reece recently released a new book in her Last Chance Rescue series, titled Chances Are? I’m a fan of this series and have read all of the Last Chance Rescue books, but...
April 8 2013

Spring Marches into E-Books: Newly Digitized Titles for Your E-Reader

As the number of those of us reading digitally continues to grow, more and more backlist titles are becoming available in e-book form. Grand Central, for instance, recently began to digitally publish...
March 15 2013

Book Quests: Adding to Your Digital Shelves

My husband calls them quests. My quest to build a digital library as a replacement for my actual library started five years ago, when I received my first Kindle for Mother's Day. At the time we...
December 15 2012

Chrismahanukwanzakah Is Coming to Town: Which E-Reader is Best for You?

With the holidays coming up, many of us are trying to decide on what type of e-reader or tablet to put on our wish lists. More options than ever are available, but here’s the catch: There’s...