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November 16 2015

Seal Your Vows with a Kiss: Popping the Question in Romance with Rocha, Kleypas, Austen, and More!

Today we're thrilled to welcome author Amy Jo Cousins to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Amy Jo's latest release in her Bend or Break series, Real World, comes out tomorrow, and revisits a much-loved...
November 11 2015

A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock’n’Roll: Favorite Real-Life Rock Stars

Today we're thrilled to welcome Dawn Ryder to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Dawn's first book in her Rock Band series, Rock Me Two Times, came out November 3. We still consider ourselves total...
November 9 2015

Romance Readers Anonymous: 11 Signs You’re Addicted to Reading

Today we're thrilled to have Colleen Hoover on Heroes and Heartbreakers. While today is November 9, like the title of her latest book, it doesn't hit shelves until tomorrow. We're addicted...
November 6 2015

Dragon Song: The Perfect Playlist for Donna Grant’s Laith

Today we're thrilled to have collaborated with Donna Grant on a very special playlist. Writers will often create a playlist to get in the mood. Today Donna is sharing a few songs that help...
November 5 2015

A History of Badassery: Rebel Heroines and the Heroes Who Love Them

Today we're thrilled to welcome Anna Bradley to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Anna's debut romance novel, Wicked Way to Win an Earl, was published earlier this week. Like many of us, Anna loves...
November 4 2015

Tinker...Cowboy, Soldier, Rock Star—What’s Your Hero Type?

Today Heroes and Heartbreakers is thrilled to welcome three authors to the site. The three heroes in The Outback Bachelor Ball anthology are a cowboy (Win Me by Joan Kilby—book 1); a soldier...
November 3 2015

Under the Mistletoe: 12 Signs You May Be the Heroine in a Holiday Romance

Today we're thrilled to welcome Jessica Lemmon to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Halloween is behind us, and now we have the holidays—and holiday romance novels—to look forward to! Jessica's...
October 27 2015

A Playlist As Cold As Ice: The Perfect Songs for Every Hockey Romance Lover

We are so thrilled to welcome Sarina Bowen to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Sarina writes the Ivy Years series, and the latest book, The Fifteenth Minute came out last week. Many of her books feature...
October 20 2015

Dating, 19th Century Style: Tips from the Past That Still Apply!

Today we're thrilled to give you a “double feature” of sorts as we welcome both Tasha Alexander and Ashley Weaver to Heroes and Heartbreakers! Tasha and Ashley write historical...
October 7 2015

Two Writing as One: Co-Authors on Writing Duos

Today we're thrilled to welcome two authors—writing as one—to Heroes and Heartbreakers: Summer Devon and Bonnie Dee. Summer and Bonnie's latest release, The Shepherd and the...
October 6 2015

Noir Heroes: Dry, Shaken, Stirred

Today we are thrilled to be joined by Suzanne Johnson on Heroes and Heartbreakers. Suzanne has blogged for H&H in the past but today she's here with her author hat on—and she's...
October 2 2015

You Clever Girl: Wickedly Witty Women Writers in Romance from Dahl, Rodale, and Quinn!

Today we're thrilled to welcome Eva Leigh to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Eva's latest release, Forever Your Earl, came out on September 29, and is the first book in her Wicked Quills of London...
September 30 2015

Love Transcends Time: 5 Romances to Break the Space-Time Continuum

Today we're thrilled to welcome Gwyn Cready to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Gwyn's latest release in her Sirens of the Scottish Borderlands series, First Time with a Highlander, comes out...
September 16 2015

Of Course, Dahling: The 5 Reasons You Should Be Watching Ladies of London

Today we're thrilled to welcome Valerie Bowman to Heroes and Heartbreakers! Valerie's upcoming book, The Irresistible Rogue, comes out on November 3. That's a long way off, right!?...
September 10 2015

Fantasy Football: Picking the Top Players in Sports Romance

 via isportsmagazine Today we're thrilled to welcome Nicole Michaels and Julie Brannagh. Both Nicole and Julie write romances featuring sports heroes. Nicole's latest book, Win...
September 8 2015

Hot Guys in Hot Cars: Why NASCAR Country Fits in Romance-landia

Today we're thrilled to welcome Joelle Knox to Heroes and Heartbreakers. If you're unfamiliar with her name, you might know her from her other pen name, Kit Rocha, who you might know as...
September 2 2015

Quiz: What Small Town Do You Belong In?

Today we're thrilled to welcome Candis Terry to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Candis is known for her Sweet, Texas series, which we said goodbye to earlier this summer with Truly Sweet. Never fear,...
September 2 2015

Knights Ladies in Shining Armor: 4 Medieval Romances with Ladies of Power

Today we're thrilled to welcome Rue Allyn to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Rue's latest release, Knight Errant came out on August 17, and features, well, a knight! However, it also features...
August 31 2015

Analyze This: Character Therapy and Development in Romances from Cole, Pace, and More!

Today we're thrilled to welcome Kelly Moran to Heroes and Heartbreakers! Kelly's latest release, All of Me, comes out tomorrow and features a character who is very good at reading people—author...
August 24 2015

Why The Wrong Guy Just Might Be Mr. Right

Today we're thrilled to welcome Lia Riley to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Lia's second book in her Brightwater series, Right Wrong Guy, came out on August 4 and features a small-town...
August 19 2015

You Know You Belong in A Highland Romance When…

Today we're thrilled to welcome Sabrina York to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Sabrina has a thing for the Highlands—or least that's the assumption we make with two series based in the...
August 17 2015

Girl Power: Authentic Female Friendships in Romance Novels

Today we're thrilled to welcome Chloe T. Barlow to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Chloe's latest release in her Gateway to Love series, Shanghai Wind, came out earlier this summer. Romances...
Grace Burrowes
August 11 2015

Store Your Rakes for the Season: The Art of Being a True Gentleman in Romance

Today we're thrilled to welcome Grace Burrowes to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Grace's new series, True Gentlemen, kicked off with Tremaine's True Love on August 4. Grace is here today...
August 10 2015

Wrestling and Romance Novels: Black Moments, Hope Spots, and Heels (Both Kinds)

Today we're thrilled to have Mary Beth Bass on Heroes and Heartbreakers. Mary Beth writes Young Adult fantasy romance and her latest release All That We See, came out at the beginning of July....
August 7 2015

3 Tips from Romance for Surviving in a Male Dominated Field

Today we're thrilled to have Paige Tyler on Heroes and Heartbreakers. Paige's latest release in her SWAT series, Wolf Trouble, features a female werewolf who's the very first female...
Scarlett Cole
August 4 2015

Gooey Center: The Sweet, but Tough Side of the Alpha Hero!

Today we're thrilled to welcome authors Scarlett Cole and Sidney Halston to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Scarlett and Sidney are not co-authors, but write similar kick-ass alpha heroes in their...
July 31 2015

Slash Through the Heart: Popular LGBTQ Ships in Pop Culture

Today we're thrilled to welcome author Megan Erickson to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Megan's latest release, Focus on Me, came out on July 21 and is a male/male romance. Male/male romance...
July 30 2015

10 Ways to Ruin a Rogue

Today we're thrilled to welcome Sophie Jordan to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Sophie's latest release in her Debutante Files series, All the Ways to Ruin a Rogue, came out July 28. Sophie...
July 29 2015

Wait...Where’s the Rest?!: The 12 Feels You Feel Reading Serialized Fiction

Today we're thrilled to welcome Kate J. Squires to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Kate became a master of serialized fiction when she journeyed into the world of Wattpad. Kate's latest release,...
July 28 2015

Danger, Curves Ahead: Positive Body Image and Romance Novels

Today we're thrilled to welcome author Lauren Smith to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Lauren's latest release in her Surrender series, The Gilded Cage, came out last month, and the first book...