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July 2 2015

The Regency…Oh, the Scandal of It!: 5 Heroines Who Don’t Care About Scandal!

Today we're thrilled to have Julie LeMense at Heroes and Heartbreakers. Julie's latest book, Once Upon a Scandal, came out on June 22, and deals with a heroine who wanted to avoid scandal...
July 1 2015

Family Matters: The Role of Family in Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy

Today we're thrilled to welcome Sharon Ashwood to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Sharon's latest release, Possessed by the Fallen, came out today! Sharon writes about wolf shifters, and as we...
June 30 2015

Talk Nerdy to Me: Top 5 Nerds in Romance (and Why We Love Them)

Today we're thrilled to welcome Jennifer Probst to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Jennifer's latest book, Searching for Always is the fourth book in her matchmaking Searching For series that...
June 26 2015

Friday Beefcake: The Boys of Summer with Baseball Hotties from Rios, Kemp, and More!

Today we're thrilled to welcome Aubrey Gross to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Aubrey usually blogs for us, but today she's here with our writer hat on! Aubrey loves baseball, and writes about...
June 26 2015

Bi, Bi, Baby!: Bisexual Characters in Romance from McKenna, Witt, and More!

Today we're thrilled to welcome author Amy Jo Cousins to Heroes and Heartbreakers! Amy Jo's latest book, The Girl Next Door, came out on June 16, and features a bisexual heroine. Bisexual...
June 24 2015

Leave Your Labels at Home: Sexually Liberated Heroines Who Defy All the Standards

Today we're thrilled to welcome Regina Cole to Heroes and Heartbreakers. On June 30, Regina's new book, Sex Becomes Her, will hit shelves. The heroine of Sex Becomes Her doesn't have...
June 22 2015

Why Do Opposites Attract? It’s More Than Biology in Romances from Knox, McCarthy, and More!

Today we're thrilled to welcome author Regina Kyle to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Regina's latest release, Triple Time, came out in May and is the second book in her Art of Seduction series....
June 18 2015

The 200th Anniversary of Waterloo: The Battle that Changed the World (and Influenced Romance Forever)

Today we're thrilled to welcome author Elizabeth Boyle onto Heroes and Heartbreakers. Elizabeth's latest release, Mad About the Major, features a battle-weary soldier fresh from the battle...
June 17 2015

Build-a-Cowboy: Top 5 Characteristics of the Perfect Cowboy

Today we're so excited to welcome Victoria Vane on Heroes and Heartbreakers. Victoria writes heroes have rough exteriors, but have hearts of gold, especially the hero of her most recent release...
June 15 2015

Heroine Worship: Top Traits a Heroine Must Have

Today we're so excited to have author Caroline Linden on Heroes and Heartbreakers. Last month, we saw the release of Love in the Time of Scandal. The secret to any great romance is giving us...
June 11 2015

As Seen on TV: The Pleasures and Perils of Workplace Romances in Real Life and on Television

Today we're thrilled to be joined by debut author, Jenna Sutton. Jenna's first book, All the Right Places, features an accessories designer at Riley O'Brien & Co, and one of the...
June 9 2015

Wish List: 5 Authors We Need to Have More From

Today we're thrilled to be joined by Molly McAdams on Heroes and Heartbreakers! Molly's latest book, Trusting Liam, which came out today, is the product of two HEAs from Molly's other...
June 7 2015

Band of Brothers: The Perfect Mix of Danger and Brotherhood in Romantic Suspense

Today we're excited to welcome HelenKay Dimon to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Falling Hard, the fourth book in her Bad Boys Undercover series, came out on May 26. HelenKay became a big fan of...
June 5 2015

Fantasy Land: What Is or Isn’t Taboo...and Why We Love It Anyway

(Trigger Warning: This post involves references to various taboo fantasies as seen in romances, in particular rape fantasy, incest, and others)  Today we're thrilled to welcome Lilah...
June 3 2015

Second Chance Romance: Why The Mulligan Is So Magnificently Romantic

Today we're thrilled to have Jessica Peterson on Hereos and Heartbreakers. Jessica's last book in her Hope Diamond trilogy, The Undercover Scoundrel, was published yesterday, and sees two lovers...
May 29 2015

How (NOT) to Act Around that Hot Guy in Your Office

Today we're thrilled to welcome Suzanne Rock to Heroes and Heartbreakers. The paperback edition of Suzanne's serial romance, At His Service, will be coming out June 2 and features one of...
May 27 2015

The Perfect Mix: A Recommendation, a Vacation Spot, and a Cocktail...Oh, My!

Today we're thrilled to have Jennifer Probst on Heroes and Heartbreakers. Jennifer's latest book in her Searching For series, Searching for Beautiful, came out on Tuesday and features the...
May 25 2015

3 Types of Series for Every Reader

Today we're thrilled to have Nalini Singh on Heroes and Heartbreakers! Nalini's book, Shards of Hope, releases on June 2 and is the 14th book in her Psy-Changeling series. She has kept...
May 19 2015

Top 7 Ballsy Women in Movies, TV, and Novels (and Why We Need More!)

Today we're thrilled to have Winter Austin on Heroes and Heartbreakers. Winter writes ballsy women—Nic, the heroine of her upcoming book, Atonement, which came out yesterday, is a former...
May 14 2015

And Then I Came to Paris: The True Love Story of Heloise and Abelard

Today we're thrilled to welcome author Cassandra Clark to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Cassandra writes mysteries set in the Medieval era, and her latest book, The Dragon of Handale, features...
May 11 2015

The Flame and the Feminist: The Feminism of Kathleen Woodiwiss?

Today we're thrilled to have Maya Rodale on Heroes and Heartbreakers. Maya's latest book is a little different. Dangerous Books for Girls: The Bad Reputation of Romance Novels, Explained, came...
May 7 2015

His Bark is Worse Than His Bite: Much-Loved Beauty and the Beast Retellings

Today we're thrilled to welcome Sarah J. Maas to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Sarah's latest book, A Court of Thorns and Roses, came out on Tuesday and features a young huntress offered up to...
May 5 2015

Will You Fake Marry Me?: 3 Ways You Might Find Yourself in a Fake Engagement

Today we're thrilled to have Jade Lee on the site. Jade's latest book, 50 Ways to Ruin a Rake starts with a fake engagement—but might end with a real one! Jade is here today to talk about...
April 29 2015

Small Towns and Romance Novels: The Perfect Fit!

Today we're thrilled to have Emma Cane on the site. Emma's latest book, Ever After at Sweetheart Ranch came out yesterday. Emma's books take place in small towns and her newest heroine...
April 27 2015

They Laughed, They Cried: Standout Moments in Romance Novels

Heroes and Heartbreakers is pleased to welcome author Sara Jane Stone, whose fourth Independence Falls novel, Wild With You, hit shelves on April 14. Shere's here today to discuss what qualities...
April 14 2015

Spooked: Ghosts, Poltergeists, and the Afterlife from Movies, TV...and Real Life?

Today we're thrilled to welcome Maggie Mae Gallagher to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Maggie Mae's Remember Me, book 1 in her Mystic Series, just came out on April 7, and features a psychic who...
April 10 2015

Friday Beefcake: Men in Kilts with Mamoa, Heughan, and More!

Today we're excited to have Victoria Roberts on Heroes and Heartbreakers. Victoria's latest release, Kilts and Daggers, comes out May 5, and in the process of writing her book, stumbled upon...
April 6 2015

A Couple of (Steam)punks: Top 5 Steampunk Couples from Books, Screen, and Comics!

Today we're thrilled to host Pip Ballantine at Heroes and Heartbreakers. Pip writes steampunk romance along with her husband and writing partner, Tee Morris. Their latest book in the Ministry of...
April 3 2015

Friday Beefcake: Marry, Kiss, Kill!

Today we're thrilled to have Sarah Castille at Heroes and Heartbreakers. Sarah's latest release, Full Contact, which comes out Tuesday, continues her fighter-centric Redemption series. Sarah...
April 2 2015

Time Love Heals All Wounds: Why We Love Wounded Heroes Like Dean Winchester and Roarke

Today we're thrilled to host Rebecca Zanetti, whose latest release, Total Surrender, just published on Tuesday on Heroes and Heartbreakers. The hero of Total Surrender has decided to set aside...