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August 31 2015

Analyze This: Character Therapy and Development in Romances from Cole, Pace, and More!

Today we're thrilled to welcome Kelly Moran to Heroes and Heartbreakers! Kelly's latest release, All of Me, comes out tomorrow and features a character who is very good at reading people—author...
August 24 2015

Why The Wrong Guy Just Might Be Mr. Right

Today we're thrilled to welcome Lia Riley to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Lia's second book in her Brightwater series, Right Wrong Guy, came out on August 4 and features a small-town...
August 19 2015

You Know You Belong in A Highland Romance When…

Today we're thrilled to welcome Sabrina York to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Sabrina has a thing for the Highlands—or least that's the assumption we make with two series based in the...
August 17 2015

Girl Power: Authentic Female Friendships in Romance Novels

Today we're thrilled to welcome Chloe T. Barlow to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Chloe's latest release in her Gateway to Love series, Shanghai Wind, came out earlier this summer. Romances...
Grace Burrowes
August 11 2015

Store Your Rakes for the Season: The Art of Being a True Gentleman in Romance

Today we're thrilled to welcome Grace Burrowes to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Grace's new series, True Gentlemen, kicked off with Tremaine's True Love on August 4. Grace is here today...
August 10 2015

Wrestling and Romance Novels: Black Moments, Hope Spots, and Heels (Both Kinds)

Today we're thrilled to have Mary Beth Bass on Heroes and Heartbreakers. Mary Beth writes Young Adult fantasy romance and her latest release All That We See, came out at the beginning of July....
August 7 2015

3 Tips from Romance for Surviving in a Male Dominated Field

Today we're thrilled to have Paige Tyler on Heroes and Heartbreakers. Paige's latest release in her SWAT series, Wolf Trouble, features a female werewolf who's the very first female...
Scarlett Cole
August 4 2015

Gooey Center: The Sweet, but Tough Side of the Alpha Hero!

Today we're thrilled to welcome authors Scarlett Cole and Sidney Halston to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Scarlett and Sidney are not co-authors, but write similar kick-ass alpha heroes in their...
July 31 2015

Slash Through the Heart: Popular LGBTQ Ships in Pop Culture

Today we're thrilled to welcome author Megan Erickson to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Megan's latest release, Focus on Me, came out on July 21 and is a male/male romance. Male/male romance...
July 30 2015

10 Ways to Ruin a Rogue

Today we're thrilled to welcome Sophie Jordan to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Sophie's latest release in her Debutante Files series, All the Ways to Ruin a Rogue, came out July 28. Sophie...
July 29 2015

Wait...Where’s the Rest?!: The 12 Feels You Feel Reading Serialized Fiction

Today we're thrilled to welcome Kate J. Squires to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Kate became a master of serialized fiction when she journeyed into the world of Wattpad. Kate's latest release,...
July 28 2015

Danger, Curves Ahead: Positive Body Image and Romance Novels

Today we're thrilled to welcome author Lauren Smith to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Lauren's latest release in her Surrender series, The Gilded Cage, came out last month, and the first book...
July 27 2015

You Know You’re a Party Girl in 1920s London When….

Today we're thrilled to welcome Lauren Willig to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Lauren's latest release, The Other Daughter, came out on July 21 and features a young woman whose future has been...
July 22 2015

Suits and Swagger: Favorite Legal-Themed Romances from Ally McBeal, James, Long, and More!

Today we're thrilled to have Chanel Cleeton on Heroes and Heartbreakers. Chanel's most recent release, Playing with Trouble, is the second book in her legal and political-themed series...
July 20 2015

Hack Our Hearts: Falling for a Hacker in Romance, TV, and More!

Today Heroes and Heartbreakers is thrilled to welcome author Cristin Harber to the site. Cristin's latest release, Black Dawn, came out on July 14 and is the 8th book in her romantic suspense...
July 17 2015

Friday Beefcake: Start Your Engines with NASCAR Hotties

Source: Nascarzone Today we're thrilled to welcome H&H blogger, and romance author, Audra North to Heroes and Heartbreakers, wearing her author hat today. Audra's latest release,...
July 16 2015

Royal Rebels and Why We Still Have a Chance

Today we're thrilled to welcome Robin Covington to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Robin's latest release, The Prince’s Runaway Lover, came out on July 14 and features a rebel prince, complete...
July 14 2015

Don’t Judge Them By Their Covers: Who Says Romance Novels Aren’t Deep?

Today we're thrilled to welcome Rebecca Grace Allen to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Rebecca's latest book in her Portland Rebels series, The Hierarchy of Needs, came out on July 7. Back in...
July 13 2015

Bring Back the Glamour: Nostalgia for the ’80s Romance

Today we're thrilled to have Monica Murphy on Heroes and Heartbreakers. Monica's latest release, Taming Lily, came out on July 7 and is the last book in her Fowler Sisters saga. Family...
July 9 2015

Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful: Heroines and Their Beauty in Romance Novels from Chase, Hoyt, and More!

Today we're thrilled to have Megan Frampton (back) on Heroes and Heartbreakers. Megan is our former community manager, but also a talented historical romance author. Her latest release in her...
July 8 2015

Fire on Ice: The Enduring Romantic Appeal of The Cutting Edge

Today we're thrilled to have Katie Kenyhercz on Heroes and Heartbreakers. Katie just released a hockey-ice skater romance, Home Ice, on June 29, which features an ice skating Olympic hopeful...
July 6 2015

Community as Family, and the Appeal of the Small Town Romance

Today we're thrilled to have RaeAnne Thayne at Heroes and Heartbreakers. RaeAnne excels at many things, and creating small towns that we all want to live in is one of them, like the town of...
July 2 2015

The Regency…Oh, the Scandal of It!: 5 Heroines Who Don’t Care About Scandal!

Today we're thrilled to have Julie LeMense at Heroes and Heartbreakers. Julie's latest book, Once Upon a Scandal, came out on June 22, and deals with a heroine who wanted to avoid scandal...
July 1 2015

Family Matters: The Role of Family in Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy

Today we're thrilled to welcome Sharon Ashwood to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Sharon's latest release, Possessed by the Fallen, came out today! Sharon writes about wolf shifters, and as we...
June 30 2015

Talk Nerdy to Me: Top 5 Nerds in Romance (and Why We Love Them)

Today we're thrilled to welcome Jennifer Probst to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Jennifer's latest book, Searching for Always is the fourth book in her matchmaking Searching For series that...
June 26 2015

Friday Beefcake: The Boys of Summer with Baseball Hotties from Rios, Kemp, and More!

Today we're thrilled to welcome Aubrey Gross to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Aubrey usually blogs for us, but today she's here with our writer hat on! Aubrey loves baseball, and writes about...
June 26 2015

Bi, Bi, Baby!: Bisexual Characters in Romance from McKenna, Witt, and More!

Today we're thrilled to welcome author Amy Jo Cousins to Heroes and Heartbreakers! Amy Jo's latest book, The Girl Next Door, came out on June 16, and features a bisexual heroine. Bisexual...
June 24 2015

Leave Your Labels at Home: Sexually Liberated Heroines Who Defy All the Standards

Today we're thrilled to welcome Regina Cole to Heroes and Heartbreakers. On June 30, Regina's new book, Sex Becomes Her, will hit shelves. The heroine of Sex Becomes Her doesn't have...
June 22 2015

Why Do Opposites Attract? It’s More Than Biology in Romances from Knox, McCarthy, and More!

Today we're thrilled to welcome author Regina Kyle to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Regina's latest release, Triple Time, came out in May and is the second book in her Art of Seduction series....
June 18 2015

The 200th Anniversary of Waterloo: The Battle that Changed the World (and Influenced Romance Forever)

Today we're thrilled to welcome author Elizabeth Boyle onto Heroes and Heartbreakers. Elizabeth's latest release, Mad About the Major, features a battle-weary soldier fresh from the battle...