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February 17 2017

Friday Beefcake: 5 Drummers That Won’t Skip a Beat!

Today we're thrilled to welcome Jamie Shaw (Havoc) to Heroes and Heartbreakers. The final book in Jamie's Mayhem series features drummer of The Last Ones to Know, Mike. Jamie is here today to...
February 14 2017

Remember First Love on Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! We're thrilled to welcome Lori Foster (Under Pressure) to Heroes and Heartbreakers. For many, Lori Foster is among their first romance novels, but today Lori is here...
February 13 2017

3 Things Every Romantic Suspense Must Have!

Today we're thrilled to be joined with Manda Collins (Ready, Set, Rogue) who always infuses an element of mystery into her novels. She's here today to break down all the elements that make...
February 9 2017

Survival Skills Are Sexy

We're thrilled to welcome Sandy Vaile (Combatting Fear) to Heroes and Heartbreakers. The heroine of Combatting Fear is ready for any circumstances after her father trained her to survive even...
February 4 2017

Romance Passes the Bechdel Test—The Stories Are About Love, But Not Always About Men

Romances are largely written by women, for women, about women. Many people think that because of the romance of romance novels, the books become inherently unfeminist. Elizabeth Davis (Conjuring...
January 31 2017

The Rocky Road to Redemption

Flawed characters can be very compelling for readers, but sometimes flawed becomes too flawed, and the road to redemption can be tricky. Cherrie Lynn (Raw Deal) is here today to talk about that...
January 26 2017

The 10 Best Romantic Comedies of All Time!

What are the top 10 romantic comedies of all time? Find out! We love hosting authors on Heroes and Heartbreakers, especially when they are also our bloggers—so with that in mind, we're...
January 24 2017

What to Pack for a Romantic Suspense Road Trip

We all like to think that at a moment's notice we'd be ready to go off on a romantic suspense adventure, and Nico Rosso (Seconds to Sunrise) is here to help you be prepared for anything....
January 23 2017

Do You Love Scruffy Men? Then You May be a Beardosexual

The time of the clean shaven hero is gone, for now. Today we're thrilled to welcome Olivia Dade (Driven to Distraction), who loves a good scruff! She's here to break down the different...
January 13 2017

Fictional Spy Gadgets I’d Love to Beg, Borrow or Buy

Today we're thrilled to welcome author PM Kavanaugh (Ready or Dead) to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Who doesn't love a good spy gadget? We've all found ourselves coveting a thing or two....
January 12 2017

Lonely Hearts: Past and Present

We're thrilled to welcome KJ Charles (Wanted, A Gentleman) who knows a thing our two about love advertisements, especially after doing some research. But can you guess when the first “Lonely...
December 22 2016

A Romance Novel for Every Woman in Your Squad

Today we're thrilled to host Jill Shalvis (author of The Trouble with Mistletoe) on Heroes and Heartbreakers. Jill is here today to help you with any last minute shopping you may need—with...
December 13 2016

Love at the Water Cooler: Adorkable Office Romance

Today we're thrilled to welcome Tamsen Parker (author of Due South) to Heroes and Heartbreakers. The couple of Due South is wonderfully awkward and wonderfully entangled at the office. The...
December 7 2016

40 is the New 30: 10 “Seasoned” Romances Featuring Characters Who Are 35+

Today we're thrilled to have authors from the Facebook group, Seasoned Romance on Heroes and Heartbreakers! These 10 authors and bloggers of Seasoned Romance* pick their favorite “season romance”...
December 6 2016

9 Signs Your Romance Is About to Become a Horror Story

You might be writing a horror romance if... Today we're thrilled to welcome the authors of the All in Fear anthology to Heroes and Heartbreakers: Steve Berman, KJ Charles, Avon Gale, Roan...
December 5 2016

Reading the Rainbow at the Holidays: LGBTQ Holiday Romance Recommendations

Today we're thrilled to welcome Amy Jo Cousins (author of Glass Tidings) to Heroes and Heartbreakers. The end of the year brings lots of seasonal festivities, and that's the case more than...
November 29 2016

Love Libs #2: Fill in the Blank...

Today we're thrilled to host Sienna Snow (author of Rule Breaker) on Heroes and Heartbreakers. Sienna writes hot, and we mean HOT, romance, so to spice things up, she's written a Mad Libs-inspired...
November 28 2016

Quiz: Could You Handle a Pretend Boyfriend?

Today we're thrilled to welcome Karina Bliss (Fall) to Heroes and Heartbreakers. The hero and heroine of Fall embark on a fake relationship, so they know a thing or two about surviving that,...
November 23 2016

4 Bizarre Regency Facts: Rakes and Their Peccadilloes

Today we're thrilled to welcome historical romance author Sabrina Jeffries (The Danger of Desire) to Heroes and Heartbreakers. When you're an author, you can find many of history's...
November 21 2016

Realism in Romance—Do We Need It?

Today Heroes and Heartbreakers is thrilled to welcome Jamie Beck (Worth the Risk). Many people read to escape life, but there's something to be said for injecting a bit of realism into fiction....
November 14 2016

What Christmas Stories Should You Read?

5 Christmas Stories You Need to Read! Today we're thrilled to welcome Emily March (Christmas in Eternity Springs) who is offering up her top 5 Christmas stories! The holiday season is kicking...
November 3 2016

5 of History’s Most Kickass Women Warriors

Who needs fiction when history offers such incredible women! Okay, that's a lie, we'll always still need fiction, but Asa Maria Bradley (Viking Warrior Rebel) is here today to talk about...
October 31 2016

In Defense of the Love Triangle

What's to love (and hate) about love triangles? Love triangles are a staple in Romancelandia... but they're not always everyone's cup of tea. Especially when they're not done...
October 28 2016

Romeo and Juliet Romances... with 100% More Paranormal Activity!

Today we're thrilled to welcome A.E. Jones (From This Fae Forward)! A.E. is no stranger to the Romeo and Juliet plot since her latest book features two fae clans that are mortal enemies! We...
October 25 2016

Books and Movies That Feature Breakups—and Makeups!

In romance, it's all about the journey, not the destination. However, Satino Hassell (Interborough) makes the argument that, even after the “I love yous”are said, the journey still...
October 17 2016

What is Your Small Town Romance?

Today we're thrilled to welcome to Laura Trentham (Candy Cane Christmas) to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Laura writes some of our favorite small town romances—whether we're spending...
Nichole Severn
October 12 2016

Three Favorite Romance Tropes—It’s Tropalicious!

Today we're thrilled to welcome Nichole Severn (His Seductive Target) to Heroes and Heartbreakers in her capacity as an author—Nichole is also one of our bloggers! Romance readers love...
October 11 2016

What Does Your Favorite YA Romance Say About You?

Today we're thrilled to host author Kami Garcia (The Lovely Reckless) on Heroes and Heartbreakers. You could say she knows how to tell a great love story, so it's no surprise her newest...
October 10 2016

Top 10 Hottest Scientists Ranked in Descending Order of Scientific Accuracy

... Because It’s Been Scientifically Proven That Accuracy Makes Hotties Even Hotter Today we welcome Roan Parrish (Where We Left Off) to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Leo Ware is a physics...
October 4 2016

Why the World Needs Dark Romance

Today we're happy to welcome Abbie Roads (Race the Darkness) to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Abbie isn't afraid to embrace the dark in her books—and has some real-life experience that...