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July 8 2016

Mobsters in Love: Making An Offer They Can’t Refuse

Whenever I hear the word Mafia (referred to as the Costa Nostra in Sicilian) my thoughts automatically turn to Marlon Brando and his epic role as Don Vito Corleone in the cult classic—The...
February 19 2016

Romance News: Jump Into the Fire with an Anne Stuart Deal

Welcome to H&H's daily news roundup! Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in the romance world right now. {Did you know you can sign up to receive...
September 15 2015

It Was a Dark and Stormy...Romance: 5 Traits of the Gothic Romance Hero

My aunt was extremely fond of Gothic romances. I can remember whiling away many an hour in her apartment reading a book with a cover that had a large, sinister looking mansion in the background...
August 12 2015

Now Win This!: A Thrill for the Ears Sweepstakes

If you love to read romantic suspense that sends your heart pounding with plot twists and bursting with romantic interludes, then these four books are for you. The writers are serving up determined...
June 22 2015

Romance News Roundup: Georgette Heyer Plaque, Anne Stuart Deal, and More!

Welcome to H&H's daily news roundup! Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in the romance world right now. —Deal Alert #1: Anne Stuart's Never...
February 13 2015

The Swoonies 2015, Round 1: Romantic Suspense Couples

Welcome to H&H’s very first couples battle, The Swoonies, where romance’s most popular pairings go head-to-head for the title of H&H’s Swoonworthiest Couple of the Year!...
January 22 2015

Trope of the Month: Held Captive!

Academically put, tropes are “common or overused theme[s] or device[s],“ which makes them sound like cliches, which makes them seem like a bad thing. But they’re totally not! Romance...
October 31 2014

Trope of the Month: Villains to Heroes

Academically put, tropes are “common or overused theme[s] or device[s],“ which makes them sound like cliches, which makes them seem like a bad thing. But they’re totally not! Romance...
September 22 2014

First Look: Anne Stuart’s Never Marry a Viscount (September 23, 2014)

Anne Stuart Never Marry a Viscount Montlake / September 23, 2014 / $12.95 print, $4.99 digital She’s crept back into the home she lost. He’s crept into her heart. Sophie...
September 16 2014

5 Classic Secondary Couples from SEP, Kleypas, Brockmann, and More!

Secondary couples are often an opportunity for authors to take interesting risks; consequently, they're sometimes more memorable than the primary couple. Here are five secondary couples that have...
August 29 2014

Trope of the Month: Separated Spouses

Academically put, tropes are “common or overused theme[s] or device[s],“ which makes them sound like cliches, which makes them seem like a bad thing. But they’re totally not! Romance...
August 22 2014

H&H Debriefing: Gothic Heroes!

Another day, another way to follow H&H—we're now on YouTube! Subscribe to the HeroesnHearts channel to catch weekly Debriefings in which Team H&H's Heather, Megan,...
July 10 2014

Justify My Love: The 12 Best ’90s Romance Novels

The ten best romances of the 1990s...who can possibly say? Should I choose one book per year? How about titles with tons of buzz for what now seems just a moment in time (The Lover by Robin...
March 25 2014

Six Anti-Heroes That Would Make Anybody’s Daddy Cry

Today we're welcoming Robin Covington to H&H. Robin's Sex and the Single Vamp is out today, featuring a vampire heroine who runs a dating agency and the centuries-old vampire who broke her...
January 30 2014

Keeping You in...: Top 10 Romantic Suspense Novels You Should Read

Romantic Suspense is a tricky genre, requiring a perfect balance between its two main elements. If the plot is too heavy on the suspense, romance readers are bound to be disappointed because we love...
November 23 2013

First Look: Anne Stuart’s Never Trust a Pirate (December 3, 2013)

Anne Stuart Never Trust a Pirate Montlake / December 3, 2013 / $12.95 print, $3.99 digital A Victorian beauty finds passion…with the man who may have murdered her father. Madeleine...
October 30 2013

Anne Stuart’s Winning Recipe in Nightfall

Choosing an Anne Stuart book is like ordering pizza at a new restaurant: you know basically what you're going to get and that you're probably going to like it, but will it be your everyday tasty...
August 20 2013

First Look: Anne Stuart’s Never Kiss a Rake (August 20, 2013)

Anne Stuart Never Kiss a Rake Montlake / August 20, 2013 / $12.95 print, $3.99 digital Bryony Russell and her two sisters are left destitute by the disgrace and unexpected death of their...
July 11 2013

Villain to Hero: Kleypas, KCole, Singh, and More!

Converting a villain to a hero, can it really be done? My knee jerk answer is 'heck, no!' Why would we want to love the bad guy when there are so many good guys out there? Would you ever trust...
July 3 2013

The Ten Romance Novels You Should Read (An Opinionated Opinion)

Romance readers agree on only one thing: Each romance novel should have a Happily Ever After. For more of what is required, take a look at What Rules are in the Romance Novel Covenant? We've...
March 20 2013

Cold as Ice: The Americans’s Deliciously Twisted Romance

If you’ve not seen The Americans—currently showing on FX—here’s the premise: Philip and Elizabeth Jennings are two travel agents living in the suburbs surrounding Washington...
March 15 2013

Book Quests: Adding to Your Digital Shelves

My husband calls them quests. My quest to build a digital library as a replacement for my actual library started five years ago, when I received my first Kindle for Mother's Day. At the time we...
January 11 2013

That’s What SHE Said: The Unreliable Narrator in Romance Novels

An unreliable narrator is, as the phrase says, a narrator who can't be trusted. Unreliable narrators are a device in fiction usually to throw doubts on which events actually occurred. The narrators...
December 2 2012

Criminal Heroes from Cole, Kane, Stuart and More!

Everyone loves a good hero, but what about the bad hero? The anti-hero? The criminal hero? A hero who not only walks the dark side, but enjoys the journey. According to Wikipedia, an anti-hero is a...
May 13 2012

Epilogues: Yea or Nay?

Megan: Epilogues, authors tell us, are a way for us to glimpse what happens after the Happy Ever After. In the epilogue, all is right with the world, the hero and heroine have adorable children being...
February 3 2012

Dying to Love You: Bad Boys in Romantic Suspense

I like bad boys. I know lots of people say that, and it can mean many different things. The term “bad boy” is almost used so much as to make the boys in question more ordinary than bad. I’ve talked...
January 18 2012

Wickedly Funny: The Humor of Anne Stuart’s Heroes

I have a particular love for Anne Stuart’s brand of bad boy hero; he’s generally intelligent, sarcastic, witty, and not very moral, while being utterly gorgeous.  Her signature hero type is...
December 8 2011

Christmas in Category Romance: Sappy, Sweet, and Perfect

I’m no cynic during any season, but Christmas, a holiday that is steeped in faith, family, and tradition for me, brings out the sentimentalist that I work at keeping under control, with varying degrees...
August 7 2011

Anne Stuart and My Fair Lady

At the end of Lerner and Loewe’s My Fair Lady, Henry Higgins (Rex Harrison) is shocked that Eliza (Audrey Hepburn) is such an ungrateful guttersnipe as to leave him after all he’s done for her....
June 29 2011

Who Floats Your (Book) Boat?: The Book Character You’d Most Like to Sleep With

Recently, the Huffington Post asked its readers which book characters they’d most like to sleep with; answers ranged from the obvious (Pride and Prejudice’s Mr. Darcy, the Sookie Stackhouse...