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October 3 2013

Murky and Glorious Pasts: Authors Who Switch Genres

Over the summer I wrote a blog entry at All About Romance listing my top ten romances. Among the responses was one from a reader unfamiliar with “historical Garwoods.” It reminded me of...
July 5 2012

August 2012 Upcoming Romance Novel Releases Shopping List!

Find your future faves with this delightfully convenient shopping list of romance novels coming out in August. We’ve divided them up by subgenre to make it easier for those who’ve got a...
July 28 2011

Angela Knight’s Mageverse Series: Masterful Men and the Women Who Bewitch Them

Earlier this month the writer Lev Grossman wrote a piece for Time entitled How Harry Potter Became the Boy Who Lived Forever. Grossman, who in addition to his duties writing about technology at...
July 22 2011

Bookstore Beat: August 2011

What can we say about August reads that we also hear on the weather every day? Hot, steamy and exciting. But at least when books make you sweat, it’s in a good way. Romantic Suspense veteran Stephanie...
April 13 2011

You Are What You Like to Read: A Book-Selling Savant’s Recs, Pt. 2

In the first section of this post, I discussed how I discovered my true calling—that of a book-selling savant—and offered recommendations for non-romance. Now I move to another section of...
March 1 2011

Sexy Beast: Werewolves FTW!

Oh, Cheryl. You, my friend whom I consider the Queen of Historical Romance, you are responsible for my glomming J.D. Robb's In Death series because you were willing to break out of your comfort...