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And Then I Threw It Against The Wall
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March 14 2013

Men are from Mars: The Art of Writing Misogynists

Back in the 1980s, novels like Judith McNaught’s historicals ranked at the top of the charts. They had intrigue, they had excitement, they had heroines in gorgeous (albeit historically-suspect)...
March 14 2012

Over It: Annoying Characters Who Should Leave the Book, Already!

As most, if not all, romance readers know, it isn’t the grand adventure that makes the story, it’s the interesting and well-written characters who make you feel and who earn your affections. But...
February 15 2012

The Books That Broke the Camel’s Back: Hamilton, Neill, Harris, et al.

We’ve talked before about stopping reading a particular series because one of the series’ books has ruined the whole experience for you (for example, Robin Bradford dumped Laurell K. Hamilton),...
November 4 2011

Romance and Rape Culture: A Modern Reader Reads Whitney, My Love

My encounter with Judith McNaught’s polarizing classic Whitney, My Love began in a way quite familiar with many plucky Regency heroines: one of my blogger friends told me never to read it, as...
May 15 2011

Too Stupid To Live: The TSTL Heroine

Do you know the term for somebody doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results? No. It’s not an insane person, though that’s a good guess. Albert Einstein was...
May 6 2011

Where’s the Beef?: Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris Makes Me Ranty

I managed to get my hands on an advance copy of Charlaine Harris's Dead Reckoning and after finishing it all I could say was “WTF?” I can’t say I’m surprised; the...
April 10 2011

Breaking D’Oh!: Why I Hate Twilight

I was first talked into buying Twilight by my local bookstore’s friendly clerk. She assured me lots of adults were reading Twilight, and in fact, the bookstore’s whole staff had read it....
March 6 2011

Eve and Roarke Are DOA and So Not a Supercouple

Great crime fighting duos are timeless. Batman & Robin, Starsky & Hutch, Holmes & Watson, and the list goes on. But they’re not very romantic. Not to me anyway. So, who are the couples...
February 13 2011

Splain It To Me, Lucy. How Is Gone With The Wind Romantic?

Last February, I went to hear a panel of romance writers discuss their work.  Since the event was being held in a bookstore and it was close to Valentine's Day, the moderator—a bookseller—asked...