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All short stories and book excerpts published on Heroes and Heartbreakers, including original and reprinted material.

September 17, 2014

Sweeter Than Sin: Exclusive Excerpt

Shiloh Walker
She can’t ignore the urgent heat between them
September 16, 2014

Ruptured: Exclusive Excerpt

Maggie Mae Gallagher
"He said my name like a benediction..."
September 14, 2014

Misbehavior: Exclusive Excerpt

Kathryn Kelly
She's about to have the ride of her life...
September 12, 2014

Firebug: Exclusive Excerpt

Lish McBride
"I tried my best not to admire my friend as he stripped..."
September 10, 2014

Love on the Boardwalk: Exclusive Excerpt

Christi Barth
"Then she moaned as his tongue tangled with hers..."
September 9, 2014

Hope Burns: Exclusive Excerpt

Jaci Burton
"Now that she was back in his life, he wanted her to stay there..."
September 7, 2014

Rock Addiction: Exclusive Excerpt

Nalini Singh
"Damn right he’d touched Molly. And he planned to do it again..."
September 6, 2014

Vault of Dreamers: Exclusive Excerpt

"His lips moved against my ear and his voice came as the softest whisper..."
September 5, 2014

Starling: Exclusive Excerpt

Racheline Maltese and Erin McRae
"He groans into it and grabs Alex's hips to hold him there."
September 4, 2014

Burning Desire: Exclusive Excerpt

"Or maybe it was because he wanted to toss her atop the table to have his way with her."
September 3, 2014

The Affair, Week 1: Exclusive Excerpt

Beth Kery
"He might as well have been inside her head, she was so aware of him..."
September 1, 2014

One Night More: Exclusive Excerpt

Mandy Baxter
"She realized her lips had parted as though in anticipation of a kiss..."
August 30, 2014

Take Down: Exclusive Excerpt

Mallery Malone
"Little does Karina Armistead know, but Gabriel has decided that she will be his."
August 27, 2014

Lord Savage: Exclusive Excerpt

Mia Gabriel
"I instantly forgot everything except how he’d kissed me last night..."
August 26, 2014

Dark Blood: Exclusive Excerpt

Christine Feehan
"You can’t go around saying things like that to me when we have company."
August 25, 2014

Irresistible Force: Exclusive Excerpt

D.D. Ayres
"Even his scowl was, well, damn sexy..."
August 22, 2014

Not Quite a Wife: Exclusive Excerpt

"Seeing her brought back a shocking array of sensual memories..."
August 21, 2014

A Scandal to Remember: Exclusive Excerpt

Elizabeth Essex
"Stranded on a remote island, passion blazes between them as hot as the sun..."
August 19, 2014

Son of No One: Exclusive Excerpt

"He dipped his lips down to hers and kissed her deep..."
August 18, 2014

Heroes Are My Weakness: Exclusive Excerpt

Susan Elizabeth Phillips
“Okay, this is what I want. Sex and lots of it.”
August 16, 2014

Ever After: Exclusive Excerpt

Kate SeRine
"This time the kiss lingered, drawing out this precious moment..."
August 15, 2014

A Promise by Daylight: Exclusive Excerpt

Alison DeLaine
"He said it even as his fingers began a slow caress between her thighs..."
August 14, 2014

Stone Cold Lover: Exclusive Excerpt

"I was just distracted by finding out that the statue...turned out not to be a statue at all."
August 11, 2014

Devil in Denim: Exclusive Excerpt

Melanie Scott
"He laughed. Which was unfair. His laugh was sexy."