Original Stories

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October 28, 2015

H&H Quickie #13: Delilah S. Dawson Presents “What Fools These Mortals Be”

"The pirate captain wasn't accustomed to dancing at a lady's fancy, especially not a human's..."
July 22, 2015

H&H Quickie #10: Kerrigan Byrne Presents “Chasing the Storm”

Kerrigan Byrne
"He might be an honest man now, but he still kissed like a villain..."
March 25, 2015

H&H Quickies #8: Lavinia Kent Presents “The Angel Discovers a Rake”

Lavinia Kent
"And then the woman was naked, the robe falling in a puddle of silk behind her..."
February 11, 2015

H&H Quickie #7: Charlotte Stein Presents “Elevator to Hell”

Charlotte Stein
“Hope you enjoyed the smut, Ms. Anderson.”
December 8, 2014

H&H Quickies #6: Alexandra Ivy Presents “A Tease of Dragons”

Alexandra Ivy
Read an original Quickie scene from Alexandra Ivy!
December 4, 2014

“The Gentleman and the Lamplighter”: A Short Story, Part 2

Summer Devon
“In what world are you living?” “The one you’re in, of course.”
December 3, 2014

“The Gentleman and the Lamplighter”: A Short Story, Part 1

Summer Devon
"No more pretending. No accidental touches..."
October 1, 2014

H&H Quickies #5: Desiree Holt Presents a Special Scene for Finding Julia

Desiree Holt
Read an original Quickie scene from Desiree Holt!
June 25, 2014

H&H Quickies #2, Part 2: Lora Leigh Presents a Hometown Festival Scene

Read an original Quickie scene from Lora Leigh that uses YOUR prompt!
June 18, 2014

H&H Quickies #2, Part 1: Lora Leigh Presents an Elite Ops Scene!

Read an original Quickie scene from Lora Leigh set in the Elite Ops universe!
February 14, 2014

H&H Quickies #1: Manda Collins Presents “Miss Easterling’s Highland Fling”!

Manda Collins
"Mr. Alisdair Burns, the man whom she'd despaired of ever calling her own, kissed her."
January 8, 2014

Seduction on the Sand: Exclusive Outtake!

Roxanne St. Claire
"Charcoal black eyes raked her from face to body and back up again..."
November 21, 2013

Wild Child: Exclusive Outtake!

Molly OKeefe
"Not bad, she thought, but not nearly enough to force her to put on pants and have dinner with him."