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Now Win This!: Red Garnier’s Obsessed by Him (Plus Excerpt!)

An excerpt of Red Garnier's "Claimed by Him" from Obsessed by Him (December 31, 2013) is available on Heroes and Heartbreakers to member. Please log in or register to read the full excerpt and then leave a comment to be entered for a chance to win one of 10 Advanced Reader Copies of Obsessed by Him.

Obsessed by Him by Red Garnier

Five billionairs. Five friends. Five stories about five men who are driven by dark desires and powerful love. They know what they want, including the incredible women who surrender to a passion so consuming they will never be the same.

Claimed by Him
Graves has always been secretly obsessed with his best friend's innocent sister, Chloe. What he doesn't knwo is that for her twenty-fifth brithday, all she wants is him...

Taken by Him
After an assassination attempt on his life, playboy Luke thinks a trip to Cancun will get him out of harm's way. But when he meets the beautiful Peyton, he is in real danger of letting passion consume the both of them...

Bound by Him
Andrew has loved Whitney his whole life, but after tragedy strikes, Whitney vows never to give him her heart again. But never is not a word in Andrew's vocabulary. And he will fight for her with all his heart—at all costs...

Kept by Him
Daniel has kept his dark fantasies tightly under wraps, including those he has about Monica, one of his only true friends. But when Monica makes the ultimate erotic suggestion, Daniel can't resist—even if it means his own complete surrender...

Bared by Him
Cade hasn't lusted for a woman this badly since his wife died. Ivy knows a man this tortured should send her running, but when all that stands between them is an illicit game of strip poker, there's no turning back for either of them...

“Claimed by Him” by Red Garnier

Chapter One

Graves Buchanan’s balls were up on the poker table, and if he lost this hand, it was going to hurt like hell. He was already a million dollars under, and up on that table, his second million sat nice and tight in a blue-chip stack, right atop the green felt center.

One could argue that two million didn’t even put a dent in his bankroll. For every second that Graves sat on his butt in his friend’s state-of-the-art study, his businesses were racking up a couple of millions more. So no, it sure didn’t put a dent in his bankroll. But it sure as hell hurt his pride.

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