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Homecoming: New Excerpt

An exclusive excerpt from Chapters 1-2 of Lacey Baker's Homecoming is available on Heroes and Heartbreakers to members. Please log in or register at right to read the full excerpt.

Homecoming by Lacey BakerDr. Quinn Cantrell made a life for himself in Seattle when he left behind his picturesque hometown—and the unhappy memories of a relationship that ended tragically. His grandmother’s death is an unexpected blow, but there are even more surprises waiting—including a mischievous puppy, a reunion with his far-flung siblings, and an old acquaintance who’s grown into a gorgeous and capable woman.

Nikki Brockington was proud of the work she’d done at The Silver Spoon, and when the Cantrells leave its management in her care, she’s happy to take on the responsibility. But keeping the inn and its restaurant profitable isn’t her only challenge—not when she can’t stop thinking about Quinn, who reminds her that home is more than a place. It’s who you love...

Get a sneak peek of Lacey Baker's Homecoming (available April 30, 2013) with an excerpt from Chapters 1 & 2.


Chapter 1

There wasn’t a damned thing funny, at least Nikki didn’t think so. Hoover King and his band of jolly old men thought it was absolutely hilarious, despite the fact that this was the repast for one of the town’s finest citizens. She had some choice words for them in that regard, too, but held her tongue. Don’t be rude to the guests. That was one of the first rules to be learned in the hospitality business.

How about when said guest grabs your butt? Is it okay to be rude then?

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