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3. Kareni
How funny, copper5penny -- When I was about twelve, my mother told me that I could not read the Angelique...
Ela Raymundo
5. ERromance
I feel as if I'm going to like the interactions between Jo and Cadegan. I really, really feel it.
Elizabeth Ellen Carter
5. Elizabeth Ellen Carter
What a wonderful post! Thank you!
Jennifer Proffitt
2. JenniferProffitt
I love this excerpt but haven't read the other books--I'll be catching up though!
Elizabeth Ellen Carter
5. Theresa Dixon
Does anyone know if Starz will be releasing the series on blue ray or DVD?
Donna McManus
20. dsmac085
I reread Karen Marie Monings Fae series over a weekend so I could finally start the last book Shadowfever....
Elizabeth Ellen Carter
2. copper5penny
Outlander always reminds me of the first bodice-ripper I ever read, which was Angelique, by Sergeanne...
Donna McManus
4. dsmac085
Books have always been my drug of choice. Since my first Little Golden book. My mom was a reader also...
Elizabeth Ellen Carter
4. pat E
Yes, there are some in the South and other areas that do say, "anyways". Yes, really.
Megan Lettington
2. The Pumpkin Queen
Very excited about this book. Been reading this series since I was 16 and mom thought i was oldenough...
Liz Semkiu
19. Liz Semkiu
I will reread the entire In Death series and Anita Blake series once a year.
Susan Scherzlein
3. Susan Scherzlein
I've always been a reader, and I am a compulsive reader. Don't put me near a book if you want anything...
Elizabeth Ellen Carter
1. Scarlettleigh
Thanks for the great First Look, Maggie. This does sound very good!
Elizabeth Ellen Carter
9. DianeN
I'm totally addicted to men in uniform, mostly thanks to Suzanne Brockmann's memorably hot SEALs. I'll...
Ruth Goldstein
11. ruthgold18
The recap was good, except that it was Colum asking Claire all those questions, not Dougal. And, yes,...
Elizabeth Ellen Carter
2. Becca DuB
I've been a voracious reader since elementary school, but it was usually science fiction, mainstream...
Elizabeth Ellen Carter
18. Carol B
Kirsten Ashley's books, I read one and then spend the next two weeks reading every one I could download...
Elizabeth Ellen Carter
3. Humma
Zenyatta//!! Are U nuts??? That is "talk"! Ms. SherriK has just let slip a PULL into HER story!!!!!...
Elizabeth Ellen Carter
6. autonomous
Speaking of Lewis, Jadis (the White Witch) from the Narnia Chronicles is a great one. As the professor...
rachel sternberg
1. rae70
The only thing I would say is that in most bodice rippers that I have read, had graphic love scenes......
rachel sternberg
10. rae70
You got it Boxy.... one of the side effects of his condition is Colum can't produce an heir.. so its...
kathlyn smith
17. castiel
I *might* have sat down and caught up the first 9 BDB books in 2 weeks last summer....but you can't...
Elizabeth Ellen Carter
1. Zenyatta
Did she seriously use the word anyways? That's not a word any professional author should ever use....
Adria Reyes
9. adria03
I'm stupid, I watched the first episode, loved it and then realized... I don't have Starz. So I'm going...
Kristi Rose
8. KristiRose
Jess ;-)
I agree- 100%. If they cooked dinner while in their uniform- that would be an additional check...