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Jen Wattley
1. JenWattley
I truly love the way way Brenda writes her heroes. Can't wait to read this one!
1. Kareni
I've enjoyed this series and am looking forward to reading The Goal. Thanks for the First Look.
Rachel Hyland
2. RachelHyland
@ HeatherWaters

I agree! Definitely my fave premiere of the new season so far--but there are so many...
4. JTK
It appears that each sign listed belongs to the hero and that they match up as noted to their heroines....
5. ScifiGirl1986
I can read holiday romances at pretty much any time of the year, although I am less likely to read a...
3. Andrea2
Oh no, I fell for it and forgot the first rule about the internet: do not believe everything you read....
Pamela Veenstra
12. pampurr
I read The Highlander and was hooked. What a wonderful writer. Literature is not dead. Historical Romance...
1. Andrea2
NASA just recalculated the zodiac signs, and claims that there are actually 13 constellations, not 12,...
Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
Really liked the format of this recap, Rachel! Fun.

Pitch is easily my favorite new show of the season...
Nicole Leapheart
2. BoxyFrown
@P J Dean
Empire is so delicious it has to be fattening. I keep hearing so much about POWER but I haven't...
1. Kareni
Okay, I'm ready! Thanks for a fun post, and congratulations on the release of Roman Crazy.
4. keen23
I love a good Christmas book at any time of the year.
3. lauralee1912
I am holding off reading a Halloween anthology, The Cottage on Pumpkin and Vine, until next month, because...
2. Scarlettleigh
No --holiday books are for HOLIDAYS. It irritates me so much that Christmas/Holiday type books are being...
1. Kareni
I'm not picky; I can read a Christmas story in April or December. It can be more fun though to read...
1. P J Dean
"EMPIRE' along with Showtime's "POWER" are my guilty pleasures. The show didn't disapoint last night....
Janet Webb
5. JanetW
Have you finished it yet Jenn? I was struck by that too--and I loved how Cyn didn't let anyone, even...
113. JLiz
Who are a few of your favorite authors? Tessa Dare, Julia Quinn, Sarah MacLean
What do you wish to...
10. lizzie18
I like a powerful man in my books, authoritative, self-confident, used to being in charge. Now I don't...
16. vlind
Ah I love me some firefighters. This sounds great! Thanks for the chance! :)
1. lizzie18
Oh yes, the book is on my list for this month.
I already have Runaway Vampire about his twin but resisted...
Madame Thumbelina Bronte Radcliffe
112. MadameTBR
@Elouise Montgomery, My crystal ball tells me you may find satisfaction with Jeffe Kennedy's Twelve...
Madame Thumbelina Bronte Radcliffe
111. MadameTBR
@Shamrock, If you love sports heroes in need of a little bit of polishing, you'll love the heroes of...
3. Scarlettleigh
Sounds like a cop out -- but honestly it's a combination of both. My favorite authors at best write...
Jen Wattley
2. JenWattley
I like to give new authors a try. Like Kareni, I go back to old authors for re-reads, but there's SO...
1. Kareni
I definitely read a mix of both. Often the familiar authors I read are because I'm re-reading old favorites.
Anita H.
15. Anita H.
I love books about firefighters so I'm super happy to read this excerpt. Thanks for the giveaway and...
Lolane, I've worked with too many academic men and can't stand them! But maybe that's an Aussie thing....