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1. Kareni
This does sound good! Thanks for the excerpt.
5. Kareni
I've never been one for annotating books though I have no issue with those who do so. And, in fact,...
Heather Waters
2. HeatherWaters
Oooh, lots of Devil in Spring love! I haven't read it yet but can't wait to jump in.
Heather Waters
4. HeatherWaters
@MelM -- "...if I'm angry I can't imagine my rant would fit in a margin."

Ha ha, YES.
Heather Waters
3. HeatherWaters
I'm a bundle of contradictions. Like @keen23, I like to keep my first-edition books in as perfect a...
1. wsl0612
@Sahara Hoshi - what did you think of the Hooker & the Hermit? I ask because I really didn't like...
14. Kai
For historical romance, I would recommend The Brothers Sinister series by Courtney Milan. She is good...
2. MelM
I don't have any strong feelings one way or another about people writing in books, but in a novel I...
1. Hart
I'm happy to see JR Ward on this list, but I think the most romantic scene of hers is when Bella reunites...
1. keen23
NO! I don't write notes in the margins of books. This is anathema to me. I won't even buy a secondhand...
79. C Mac
It's Joe Morelli - he is a family man, driven, protective, hotter than hot. There's no doubt Ranger...
6. SpiritedMuse
I would like to read more on my days off. But I always have too much stuff to catch up on or see. So...
Heather Waters
19. HeatherWaters
@SpiritedMuse -- Oooh, good answer! Now I'm dying to read about a hero doing karaoke. Bonus points if...
18. SpiritedMuse
I don't mind men and babies or dogs. But I just love heroes with hidden talents. There are some seriously...
7. SpiritedMuse
I don't mind if a romance novel doesn't look that way. It's just when they get too far left of center...
10. SpiritedMuse
I used to didn't think so. But given some of these prices these days for books is a trip. So they are...
Lynne Connolly
9. Lynne Connolly
I love all these too! Maybe we should expand the list!
I had to decide about musicals, so I went with...
3. Ellen M. Collier
Thanks for including FLAPPERS and my Jazz Age mystery series~so flattered! Can't wait to see more of...
11. Boogie_gurl
With Cletus and Jen you get romance but you also get a sense of home and possibility. Even though he's...
1. Hollishter
There have been so many good NA books released this month! I just finished Nova by Rebecca Yarros and...
3. MelM
Only books with lots of pictures; big coffee table books or how-to books. Everything else is far better...
2. Reader Deb
I travel a lot for business and read e-books almost exclusively. If a book I want is only out in hardcover,...
1. Squiggles
In general, I have been going towards the physical books lately. Read a TON on my ereader a few years...
6. lauralee1912
Punny book titles usually make me groan. However, a play on one of my favorite crooner song titles helped...
Wendy the Super Librarian
5. SuperWendy
Hate them. With the heat of a thousand blazing suns. Hate. They scream, "Oh look at this fluffy nonesense...
12. Rolanda Pharr
You know you are a Romance reader when you tell your bf not to night Im
in middel of a book pleasure...
1. Kareni
This looks promising! Thanks for the excerpt.