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161. kendrick
I think it's going to end up with Bo dying and all the bitterness and pettiness of the fandoms will...
Paula Millhouse
2. pmillhouse
Thank you for hosting my Dragonlet Magnus as he finds the confidence to learn how to land, and flies...
9. cris N
Have you checked out And Then There Were Three by Renee Lindemann? It has a great f/m/f story and features...
85. Thelwastofyourproblems
That's what i like about bo and dyson's relationship, There love is understood, not always prounouced...
160. ThelastGirlHere
SAD SAD this show is ending! even though i haven't watched in a couple of years, please do not put...
13. Sexytrinidarkie
I truly like a guy who has dance moves or at least has some co ordination .
not every one can master...
Terri Brisbin
11. terribrisbin
Lord of a Thousand Nights and Stealing Heaven are my two all-time favorite Madeline Hunter books.......
159. nypinta
Shhhhh! Hope springs eternal that the writers actually have something epic planned!

Actually I think...
158. J.Fall
Let's face it, LG is not consistent and rarely bothers about canon to establish anything. To some Lauren...
Mary Beth Bass
1. marybeth
Beautiful!!! Paula Millhouse makes me believe in dragons!
8. Tashady
My first 'official' romance was called 'Safari Heartbreak.' It was a Harlequin that my mom bought when...
Elizabeth Halliday
7. Ibbitts
Title: Jane Eyre
Author: Charlotte Brontë
Subgenre: Gothic
Heroine's Name: Jane Eyre
Jessica Moro
2. JessicaMoro
I loved, loved, loved Dark Wild Night! I was sooooo looking forward to it and I loved them so much....
10. Sonya Heaney
This is exactly why Hunter's Georgian and Regency romances are so good. She's one of the few historical...
157. nypinta
I did like that bit. And when she was facing off with him at the clinic. But I do wish their conflict...
5. Sue Urich
Amanda Righetti, you may know her as Grace on the Mentalist. Not too cutesy, plays strong women. Could...
6. TanyaLK
Gosh, When I really think about it, it was the Valley of Horses with Ayla and Jondalar. Does that count?...
1. Kareni
I also recently enjoyed Covert Evidence as well as other books by Rachel Grant. Thanks for sharing...
9. willaful
Stealing Heaven is actually the only book by Hunter I haven't read! But I'm planning on it for this...
5. lauralee1912
The first romance I remember reading was a novella published in Good Housekeeping. I was staying with...
8. lauralee1912
I read a lot of Medievals back in the day and miss them, too. Stealing Heaven was my favorite by Madeline...
Darlene Marshall
7. DarleneMarshall
Thanks for the reminder of how good these books were, and how much I enjoyed Medievals back in their...
1. Kelsey C.
All I can do is make grabby hand motions. Nasir along with Venom's story are the ones I've been wanting...
4. nikki p hilton
My first was The Flame and the Flower in 1972. I was last minute purchasing items at the drug store...
Kiersten Hallie Krum
156. Kiersten
@nypinta - also the fact the Isis etc had already killed scads of innocent humans at the club but suddenly...
3. Sophia Henry
My first was Duncan's Bride by Linda Howard. I remember amazing banter between the characters and how...
Maggie Boyd
2. maggieboyd66
Mine was Lord of La Pampa by Kay Thorpe. I read it many, many years ago but I can still remember quite...
Jennifer Proffitt
1. JenniferProffitt
My first romance novel is the above--Patti Berg's Stuck on You. I don't remember a lot, I realized as...