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1. kelzang
almost ingited, but did not reach to climax point...need to continue writing.
5. CindyS
I have to say I'm confused about this bad guy - I'm guessing I missed something because he seemed to...
Kwana Minatee-Jackson
4. kwanawrites
Thanks Bells. It is aking one to belive a whole lot. One woman and a whole war. And I'm with you on...
3. Bells
So, I really enjoyed this ep. I did buy that Liv would try and rescue her cellmate but not trust him...
Susan White
11. whiskeywhite
Great recap again, @marilyn_porter. Succinct but covering the major developments. Being a big practioner...
106. J. Fall
nypinta ... just stand back from that keyboard.

Nothing is ever going to work out the way anyone...
18. LauraTrentham
If you want to go down a rabbit hole, google Cooper Heflet images! He is a total hotty-pants!!!
17. Travelover
(Drool) Cooper - I vote for Cooper! And I bet he really DOES have a "tight end". OMG
10. marilyn_porter
I don't buy making the relationship chaste. I hope not. That's not what I want for the future of this...
Lee Brewer
3. LeeB.
Well I have three of these on hold at the library and have read the Harmel book. Excellent! The Oakley...
15. Carr
Oh, Bellicheat's completely sneaky. That's why Sneaky Pete gets my support, by a (pinched) nose.
1. Danielle Romero
Great post and great hidden gems. Thanks so much for sharing!
Maggie Boyd
9. maggieboyd66
@ Phoebe Chase The premise does sound creepy but Finding Mr. Right actually was a cute, sweet book....
105. nypinta
Spoilers from Faebles but it seems that Aife will be back in the second half of the last season. And...
5. KathyMac
This is a pivotal book for the entire series. Establishing Roarke's past, Summerset's involvement in...
4. sandyv
I have LOVED this series from when I first started it! I re-read them all the time. I never get tired...
Carmen Pinzon
3. bungluna
I so agree that it's the whole cast that keeps me comming back for more. As for this particular book,...
2. Sandy46112
Love all of the In Death books. I fell in love with Roarke with the first book. This book lets us...
14. LauraTrentham
Glad everyone has enjoyed staring at hot men. I keep having to explain to my husband...this is part...
13. Vanessa Barneveld
Oh, my...! I love this post, Laura. I know very little about American football and I'm sitting here...
12. Asa Maria Bradley
I care not one wit for American Football, but because I live in WA State the craziness surrounding the...
6. Rachel @The Readers Den
@armywife I just now realized I read that name wrong *phew* and lol! Now that I read it correctly, I...
11. Sheri Humphreys
This is possibly the best blog post ever! Thanks so much for bringing it to us!
Kwana Minatee-Jackson
2. kwanawrites
@BoxyFrown thanks. I'm with you on the 2nd half. I wanted Liv to hush and channel some of that Mama...
104. nypinta
Am I crazy or are Dyson & Trick the only ones that seems drawn to look like KHR & RH while the...
4. Kareni
Some enticing choices here! I'm looking forward to that newest Courtney Milan book.