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1. Kareni
Angel of the Somme by Terri Meeker sounds seriously intriguing. I wish it were available in paper.
55. Marizera
Hi, I use the Kindle app on my iPhone. Trying to organize my books on my iPhone screen is insane. Calibre...
4. PersJewel
I want to read this too. I checked it here in our nearby bookstores but haven't found one. Arrrgggghhh!
5. lauralee1912
Just finished reading His Wicked Reputation this evening. Loved the chemistry between Gareth and Eva...
2. Kareni
This keeps sounding better and better. I'm very much looking forward to reading this.
2. Kag
Love Rebecca Zanetti. That being said, the story about Jory is the 4th not the 3rd book in the Sin Brother...
1. Kareni
The cipher aspect of this sounds intriguing! Thanks for the review.
27. broughps
So have you seen the show and do you approve of the casting of Jamie and Claire if you have?
Heather Waters
35. HeatherWaters
@Keith -- Yesssss. That's one of many beautiful moments between them in the cancer arc.

@Tony Forrest...
16. MFOB
Lovely review, Janet. Although I tried to review the book objectively when I read it several years ago,...
Mala Bhattacharjee
4. Mala Bhattacharjee
@maggieboyd66 and @Kareni, I'm so glad you like Radiance, too!
Dawn Roberto
99. dawn_roberto
wowzers he is so hot. *swoons* Thanks for the chance to win a great prize pack
Lime Cello
2. Limecello
@bungluna - Yes definitely! Tell everyone that depends on you that they'll have to fend for themselves...
1. Michael Temple
Hello good people, i want to use this opportunity to introduce myself i'm a spell caster, have helped...
Carmen Pinzon
1. bungluna
I've been waiting so long for this one. I'll have to plan carefully before I buy it or else I foresee...
7. marilyn_porter
Aww... that makes sense. Sad, but it makes sense. I'll miss Deadshot and the Suicide Squad....
5. WolfeTales
What I find 'swoon-worthiest' - they aren't perfect. They muck up and do things that hurt each other,...
4. Sherbear
You have to read the books and watch the series to understand the special relationship that Jamie and...
3. Clarehoo
Outlander's Jamie & Clare and Diana Gabaldon of course. SQUEEEEEEE! Awesome battles along the way....
6. Amy693
I think there was a reason Lawton was "killed" (I really hope they bring him back at some point) and...
12. SS Ho
However, I totally ship Sousa and Carter!!
11. SS Ho
When you said, "Peggy does one day marry and that her future husband fought as an Allied soldier in...
1. AndreaCAyres
I love Shelly Laurenston (or G. A. Aiken)! Her books are sexy, funny and sweet while still being empowering...
97. Brenda C
Awesome giveaway love it looks like a super one!!