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Darlene Marshall
3. darlenemarshall
Does Mara, Daughter of the Nile count? I read it in the 6th grade. Otherwise, if we're going with modern...
Jennifer Proffitt
2. JenniferProffitt
Oh wow, this is going to be super crazy-cakes awesome! Lora Leigh is always so sexy and weaves a great...
Writer Margaret Moore
2. Writer Margaret Moore
THE WOLF AND THE DOVE by Kathleen Woodiwiss. It's one reason I write medieval romances.
Writer Margaret Moore
9. jarielynn
In books... BDB's Quinn and Blay. Loved the chemistry and unrequited love throughout the series. And...
12. allyson55
Heaven, Texas and Nobody's Baby But Mine were my first and I was hooked. I like her quirky sense of...
Writer Margaret Moore
1. Lucy D
I keep looking at the books in this series. They each sound great. I really need to pick up this one....
8. allyson55
I've just finished reading the 'All Souls trilogy' and most of the male characters, be they vampire,...
3. allyson55
I love Kate and Curran! They're a fabulous partnership and the books are wonderful. I can't wait to...
Writer Margaret Moore
7. Neecee
In books, my favorite brainy, logical heroes are Nalini Singh's Psy leading men (Judd, Walker, Kaleb,...
Writer Margaret Moore
9. spellsofdracula
Hi guys,
If you are interested about Dracula's story, we are inviting you to our website to know more...
Carla Patterson
8. sweetpea215_8
I thank you for not letting me be the only one. I was so excited for Lothaire's book...until...
Writer Margaret Moore
11. Rfrye322
Ain't She Sweet was my first and she has been my favorite ever since. :) I've read all her novels including...
Writer Margaret Moore
7. LenoreJ
MADDY & Dave from Moonlighting. I still don't get it. Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis had perfect chemistry...
Writer Margaret Moore
2. JessicaM
I highly recommend the series! The first book is free and so good too!
1. Kareni
This does sound good. I haven't read anything yet by this author, but I do see that her Reckless (Renegades,
Writer Margaret Moore
10. BMcClenathan
You go girl! Thank you for writing this rebuttal. Love it!
Writer Margaret Moore
8. clvseven
I honestly felt like this was the best episode yet this season...mostly because of the quiet, emotional...
Katherine Bloom
9. lsbloom
The idea that something is "massively popular but only by women so it is not valuable" has been around...
Writer Margaret Moore
6. angiew
Not sure anything can compete with the visuals in my head from reading these books, but um....that last...
Writer Margaret Moore
5. Nutmom3
I was dead set against a movie for these books because it's hard to get the details from book to movie....
Writer Margaret Moore
4. angiew
I've read, loved and obsessed over all of the BDB, even have the license plate on my car. I've read...
Writer Margaret Moore
7. Wendy W Durden
Ok, all of the above suggestions are great, and I have read and thoroughly enjoyed most of them... but...
Lynda Tatad
7. LyndaTatad
@MariaC - I remember Eric mentioning something to Pam (when she finally found him) about an avalanche...
Sandra Browne
1. Sandra--
The first book in this series was, I believe my first LL. It was so poorly edited I get anxious just...
Evangeline Holland
1. EvangelineHolland
The Valentine Legacy by Catherine Coulter. I still think it's funny.
Evangeline Holland
8. EvangelineHolland
I think it's premature for anyone to declare Outlander won't appeal to men. Particularly because I ask:...
Writer Margaret Moore
10. BethW
I have only seen bits and pieces and don't have cable at all due to expense - but I am quite pleased...
Heather Waters (redline_)
7. redline_
@LegeArtis -- Of course! Please always feel free to include links.
Laura Bracken
6. Night -owl
Rachel & Joey from friends, that coupling still baffles me.
Writer Margaret Moore
6. fangirl
I do not think Outlander will appeal to many men. Period setting and a heavy emphasis on romance will...