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Vanessa O
9. Vanessa O
Thanks for the sneak peek! Absolutely love the Winston Brothers series.
Vanessa O
8. Trisha Lindsay
Love the Winston Brothers!!!
Vanessa O
7. Brooke N.
So excited for more Winston Brothers! Great excerpt! Love Penny Reid!
Vanessa O
6. Amy O
I love this series, and can't wait to visit with the Winston brothers. Thanks for the excerpt!
Vanessa O
5. Anne Wright
Love the sneak peek and your review. I am looking forward to Grin and Beard It!
Vanessa O
3. Julie Blackstock
This makes me even MORE excited. Thanks for the scene!
Vanessa O
2. Katy Roxburgh
Awesome excerpt! Penny is such a great writer, looking forward to this one!
1. Kareni
This looks like fun. Thanks for sharing the excerpt.
10. abigailcole
Barrons for sure. The man is a walking, talking, breathing closed book.
6. Scarlettleigh
@AnnaBowling -- I haven't listened to any of the books you mentioned. Thanks for the recommendations....
Anna Bowling
5. AnnaBowling
For non-romance reads, Juliet, Naked, by Nick Hornby and Looking For Alaska by John Green are wonderful....
Vanessa O
29. Sherily
Pretty much on point. Cool!!!! :)

You belong in a FantasyYou’re a glorious dreamer. You read...
Vanessa O
14. Eleanor Grossman
My dog Maggie loves to tear off book covers &title pages. I think she has a blog where she gives book...
Manda Collins
7. mandacollins
That should be STANFORTH Secrets. Freaking auto-correct!
Mary Lynne Nielsen
6. emmel
Started reading her back in the Zebra regencies days of yore. I love Emily and the Dark Angel and My...
Vanessa O
38. Chva
The Bite Back series by Mark Henwick completely blew my mind. So good! If you stopped by to get a recommendation,...
Susan White
6. whiskeywhite
I agree, @BoxyFrown -- a fellow fan and I were just discussing that Cyrus better look out for Tom. Way...
5. jlea
A Most Unsuitable Man. It is such an awesome story.
Tiffany Tyer
3. TiffanyTyer
Really hope y'all love it. Kleypas' research and incorporation of these little nuggets of historic details...
Jennifer Proffitt
195. JenniferProffitt
Ok, now that I'm over my excitement:

I think after Sweet Ruin its a lot less weird and
Vanessa O
193. Rocky_Gal
Dude, that's embarrassing. Not Murdoch (he's already with Dani). Monroe. Geez Louise, get it together...
Vanessa O
192. Rocky_Gal
So I'm cruising through blogs looking for more IAD news and come upon my comment from 3 years ago. ...
Manda Collins
4. mandacollins
I've been reading her since THE STANFORD SECRETS, her second Regency trad. Some of my favorites are...