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Bea Clematis
5. Bea Clematis
Love her books- Doubt that I picked up one of Lisa's books I didn't like & this one look super...
1. Kareni
I'm definitely looking forward to reading this. Thanks for the review!
Bea Clematis
5. minime2
The Breeder series by Cara Bristol is amazing! I didn't expect to like this type of trope but the book...
1. Kareni
Very nice! And, good news, my library already has pre-ordered it.
Wendy the Super Librarian
15. SuperWendy
HWW: By the time I discovered the romance genre Potter was mostly working in Scottish historicals and...
Bea Clematis
1. Lady A.
Well, I just know I'll love it ;)
Only three days left!
Janie McGaugh
102. jmcgaugh
Great excerpt. I can't wait to read more of Charley, Reyes, and all the gang.
Bea Clematis
11. KC Fan
Thank you! Thank you! Love all the info!
I would've been shaking too if I got to meet KC!
And I'll...
Bea Clematis
4. Cathryn Cade

Really interesting post!

I began reading romance in the 70's when big romances often...
Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
Now I want to go find some of the MacGregor books I have on my Keeper Shelves somewhere... Great post,...
Bea Clematis
3. kelz
Great post, and lots to chew on. I am not a long-time reader of breeder style SFR, but I did grow up...
Anna Bowling
7. AnnaBowling
@icecharm, I know! Knowing what comes next, I was cringeing the whole time. A sure sign of excellent...
Jennifer Proffitt
2. JenniferProffitt
@PhoebeChase, yeah, I can see wanting to smell like a book. Even as I tossed out "Flowers from the Storm"...
Jennifer Proffitt
10. JenniferProffitt
@KC Fan, Happy to answer! I love to talk KC! And when I met her I was shaking...I totally didn't expect...
Bea Clematis
10. Jim in Montana
I like Joeline Stonehouse in the upcoming AVANTI thriller series by Adam James.
1. PhoebeChase
I would wear a frangrance based on a book, but I don't want to smell like books. :)
Maggie Boyd
2. maggieboyd66
I've always thought of stories like this as a tribute to the resilience of women. We are strong - we...
Bea Clematis
9. djoelb
Elizabeth Thornton had lots of to be loved Regency bluestocking heroine books =)
Bea Clematis
3. Tyraa
I am so in love with this series!!
The Faradays are all so badass. Is it October yet?
Bea Clematis
1. RK@mrsbookmark
This is a tough one for me, because I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, I value the space...
Bea Clematis
9. Winter_Austin
Thanks for the cool suggestions. Sadly, I only included those fictional characters I've read about or...
Bea Clematis
9. KC Fan
Meeting KC must've been awesome! I LOVE her writing.

If expanding the universe involves more Thad...
Bea Clematis
8. Andre Jimmo
Vanessa Michael Munroe should be higher on this list.
Bea Clematis
7. Robert Honeyman
You missed Thomas Perry's Jane Whitefield. If you haven't come across her, she is an absolute star amongst...
Mary Lynne Nielsen
3. emmel
For its amazing portrayal of a very twisted family dynamic, The Temporary Wife is my favorite Balogh....