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2. Nia2113
Thea just posted this!!!

"Guys, I marked Moonshadow down to $2.99 for two weeks only! Yes, this price...
5. Sara Rider
I'm a big fan of Cruisie and Fenske, too.
While not exactly romantic comedy, Jill Shalvis's humour...
Carmen Pinzon
1. bungluna
I'm so looking forward to this novel. Thanks for the review.
5. Janga
Red's Hot Honky-Tonk Bar by Pamela Morsi features a forty-something grandmother as heroine and a younger...
5. Sandra Daniels
THIS! I love Tessa's quickies. Needless to say, now she'll have to keep writing about these two--and...
1. lauralee1912
My holiday romance catnip is a historical that takes place at a holiday house party, especially if there...
4. lauralee1912
Jamie Farrell's Merried. It's a holiday story with a lot of laughs and heart. I am hoping Jamie's Misfit...
3. Ginny Rose
Holy kindle kisses that was sexy. Kindles everywhere are praising you for this short. Love it!!
Megan Burton
2. Megan1520
Love this! Such a fun beginning. Wish there was more!
1. Lisa S.
This was such a great set up! Tessa has a way of getting more feels and character into a few pgs than...
14. thetinlady
I had a complete book of the Grimm Fairytales (Still have it... slightly battered) and various encyclopedias...
4. Kareni
rae70, if it were an Anita Blake story there would likely be tentacles as well as an abundance of hands!
3. Kareni
Ah, I recently read the previous book, and I'm looking forward to Jepp's story. Thanks for the excerpt.
3. Kareni
I'm in the middle of Tawna Fenske's Now That It's You, and boy have I been laughing. It has some very
4. Kareni
Laura Florand's Sun-Kissed features main characters who are in their fifties. A number of Kristen
6. Kareni
I read her historical romances in the seventies and early eighties. I haven't read any of her more...
Wendy the Super Librarian
8. SuperWendy
The problem when any one sub genre hits it big is that the market is then flooded making it harder for...
Rowena Roberts
2. roroyrboat27
I am so excited about this new chapter of Singh's Psy-Changeling series. It was bittersweet to say good-bye...
Trish Copley
13. Vol Fan
Lizzie, you made me remember more. As a young child, I remember reading the fairy tales, the Three...
6. Lolane
I still want to feel sympathy for the character, at least when I'm reading or watching romance. I can...
2. Pamela Cayne
I was thinking of Crusie, too, but I can't mention any rececnt (new) reads--I've been comfort-reading...
12. lizzie18
I was the only reader in my family, so don't know where I got it from.
My parents did not read, apart...
Jennifer Proffitt
1. JenniferProffitt
I feel like Jennifer Crusie needs to be mentioned in any conversation about romantic-comedy, and I've...
Trish Copley
5. Vol Fan
Elaine, I was obsessed with SSL! I already loved the western setting & then came SSL. Holy cow,...
3. Cyranetta
Anne McCaffrey wrote a lovely non-SF one with an older heroine - Stitch in Snow
4. Elaine in Texas
SSL by RR was my first and at that time it was SUPER SEXY! I read quite a few of hers then and occasionally...
Jerrie Adkins
11. filkferengi
My whole family were big readers. My uncle read science fiction, my mom read gothics & mysteries,...