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53. brianacadian1964
Remember, Bo passed over both Lauren and Dyson for Raner because he was her "destiny". As a succubus,...
Michelle Guthrie
6. Michelle99
I just spent my Saturday morning coffee daydreaming about various trope combinations - thanks for the...
1. Kareni
This sounds like a fun story. Thanks for the excerpt.
10. Jennifer_Estep
I *love* the first two Cap movies. I think they are some of the best movies in the MCU -- especially...
9. Fiona Marsden
Hi Amy Kat, Do you really believe that Bucky would live to go to trial with all the people gunning for...
37. Chva
Yeah Karen Chance is a brilliant writer. A series that also should be mentioned is Nalini Singh's Guild...
Saundra Peck
8. sk1336
Strong and loyal Team Iron Man... He may be a narcissist, but he also befriends kids and bows to Pepper....
7. Amy Kat
I would normally be inclined to be #TeamCap but I don't quite understand why Cap isn't willing to let...
Pen Singleton
6. PenSingleton
@TeddyP & @wsl0612, awww man, I couldn't sway you? *sadface*
@wsl0612 I love going to the movies multiple...
5. Fiona Marsden
I'm in the fortunate position of being in Australia where Captain America:Civil War was released two...
52. BrianAcadian1964
I just watched the series finale on Netflix and was a little disappointed. First, I never understood...
Manda Collins
1. mandacollins
This happens to me mostly with British characters, and it's happened in both contemporary and historical....
Laurie Gold
2. LaurieGold
I also had a brief worry that Mack would show up while they were going at each other. I'd have to watch...
2. wsl0612
@TeddyP and Sahara - Go TeamIronMan! :-)

@ Pen - I wish you lived near me (I'm assuming you're in...
6. J.Patrick
Thanks @Merlyssa Cormack. It seems the mass market paperback will be out on May 17th. We will move it
3. Scarlettleigh
@maggieboyd66 -- I'm sure you'll love Before We Visit the Goddess!

@LeeB. Billy and Sophie's story...
Marilyn Porter
2. Marilyn Porter
@wslo612 - I'm not so sorry to say that I totally agree. The show has always fumbled this character...
1. wsl0612
I'm sorry to say it, but I really think the show can become much better now.
Lee Brewer
2. LeeB.
Billy and Me was very cute. Eligible was quite the update on Pride and Prejudice.
Heather Waters
3. HeatherWaters
@Kareni -- I'm so glad, thanks for letting me know!

@brontegirl -- I was thinking Jane Eyre or Pride...
Maggie Boyd
1. maggieboyd66
Great list as always! I loved Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni's Mistress of Spices. I found it one of the...
2. brontëgirl
Accent wall with page from a book--difficult decision! :) . . . probably the page with the "fire and...
1. Kareni
I'd defintitely read on! Thanks for the excerpt.
1. Kareni
Thanks for mentioning the free Piper Huguley novella; I've yet to try any of her works. I also enjoyed...
2. PhoebeChase
@Anna Bowling -- I was gutted and stitched back up so many times with The Highwayman. Love, love, love...
5. Merlyssa Cormack
You're Still the One by Darcy Burke in Week of May 15-21 /Contemporary is already out. It released April...