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Rakisha Kearns-White
12. BrooklynShoeBabe
So excited that my prompt was one to be chosen! Also, excited to read everything written. :-)
Molly Jameson
2. Molly Jameson
I must get this! I haven't read this one but I love Slammed (slightly less the sequels) and Hopeless...
Molly Jameson
42. nevadita
I was actually not aware that this book had a rape scene so when i actually reached the rape scene I...
7. Miss_D
@JenWattley: Totally rebounds, at least how I saw it.

Does it fit with current canon? Sure. I get...
Molly Jameson
3. Molly Jameson
I adore this trend! Thank you for the information about new releases in this subgenre. I loved the Princess...
Jen Wattley
6. JenWattley
@HeatherWaters-- this show MUST be consumed with wine. Seriously, that's how I made it through.
Jen Wattley
4. JenWattley
@Miss_D, hardly rebounds, but everything about both of these relationships makes sense in the current...
Heather Waters
3. HeatherWaters
EVERYTHING IS NOT FINE! Fanfic writers sure have their work cut out for them this hiatus.

I loved...
Molly Jameson
2. Cor
I am also not entertaining the idea of not getting a season 2! We need to know everything! Everyone...
1. Miss_D
This ep should have been titled "Rebounds" cause that's all I got watching Ginny/Noah and Mike/Rachel.
Jennifer Proffitt
1. JenniferProffitt
All. The. Time. Usually around "polite company" when I'm meeting friends of the familiy or the like,...
Molly Jameson
4. Kimberly Robinson
I can't wait to read this! Already on pre-order. Is this house inspired by the Winchester house? This...
Tiffany Tyer
2. TiffanyTyer
Thanks, Kareni. I definitely think these series will take you away! Enjoy. :)
8. Deannalynnrw
Yay! I loved this Quickie, Tessa! Thank you for choosing one of my prompts, and for writing such a fantastic...
Patricia Wilkerson
2. Proofreaderpat
Two great f/f Christmas romances are 'Snow Globe' by Georgia Beers and 'Season's Meetings' by Amy Dunne....
7. Kareni
What fun! Thanks for writing that scene, Ms. Bailey.
Molly Jameson
15. susan59srw
Mom read mysteries, dad westerns. I had the Golden books, was getting the Scholastic books ordered...
2. Kareni
And I finally was able to read the book. I was having to stifle my laughter in bed so that my husband...
1. Kareni
I'd like to read both of these series. Thanks for the post, Tiffany.
Molly Jameson
2. Nia2113
Thea just posted this!!!

"Guys, I marked Moonshadow down to $2.99 for two weeks only! Yes, this price...
Molly Jameson
5. Sara Rider
I'm a big fan of Cruisie and Fenske, too.
While not exactly romantic comedy, Jill Shalvis's humour...
Carmen Pinzon
1. bungluna
I'm so looking forward to this novel. Thanks for the review.