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1. Scarlettleigh
I hope to be reading. I made the mistake of starting to paint my ceiling after some water damage repair....
1. Scarlettleigh
If I had to pick one trope that I love the most, this would be it-- even more than friends to lover....
31. Missriss
Just finished The King!! Did a lot of late night reading so I'm wondering if I missed something or is...
8. jdknight
After waiting months for the show to start again in September, we are told that only 8 episodes will...
Mary Lynne Nielsen
93. emmel
Amazing to see this series still going strong!
2. Dyenight
Love love this book. Still very much a reread in my book world. Love Nick sight I need to find my book...
Ashley Ferrara
92. ash1823
Can't wait for this book! Christine Feehan writes amazing novels and I have enjoyed each and every one.
5. carmenlire
Lisa Kleypas's Dream Lake has a hero, Alex, who quits cold turkey. I love that book because we get to...
4. Ru
Um, you missed the police chief in "The Leftovers."


That is all.
4. liltxqt
I would add to the list......Having the playlist for each single book downloaded and on repeat while...
Dyphana Neblett
91. Dyphana
I love all books, but there is something special about the paranormal that catches my attention and...
4. Scarlettleigh
@bic -- Yes I read it. He is battling coming to terms with it, not falling off the wagon. He has always...
Debra Stocking
23. stocking
I'm with you folks; her alter-ego wrote them so they are still Nora Roberts characters - we have to...
Laura Lemmon
3. lauralee1912
I realized I have a few of these books on my TBR list, so this made for an interesting post, Willaful....
Laura Lemmon
2. lauralee1912
I also pre-ordered The Laird. I am about half way through The Traitor and it certainly is full of surprises....
2. bic
Scarlettleigh, I thought of Gibson's new book as well. I haven't yet read it, just the preview available...
1. Scarlettleigh
In Rachel Gibson's new book, What I Love About You, the hero Blake Junger is several months -out of...
1. Kahintenn
I preordered this when the series was announced, and have greatly enjoyed The Captive and The Traitor,...
Dawn Roberto
22. dawn_roberto
Eve and roark though I think this is a JD Robb couple :-)

I love Carter and Mac as well as Parker...
Susan Wilkinson
89. becca
I am a little behind in the series, not caught up with the lycan angle yet. I have enjoyed the Carpathians...
Suzanne Rothchild
88. srothchild
Can't wait. Have been anxiously counting off till it's here. I want to see the resolution of the conflict...
rachel sternberg
1. rae70
OMG!!) This was one of the first and one of my fav books to reread!) I gotta find my copy!
26. veta viezure
I just finished reading 22 anita blake books in one month and and a fog has settled arround my head....
rachel sternberg
87. rae70
Can't wait! and it would be fun to win a copy!
21. Amanda K Byrne
This makes me want to go back and re-read some of my favorites! My absolute favorite couple is Reece...
20. Annie Riley
Luke and Roxie , Honest Illusions
Pamela Webb-Elliott
7. Spaz
Sign me up to go go back in time! And have a medical background. So I know what to do with all those...