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Christina T
19. Christina T
I know I am super late but I am just getting in on this conversation. I am obsessed with the whole Cesare/Lucrezia...
12. willaful
I haven't watched this show, but I think they're adorable in the pictures.
4. Lucy_Hargrave
I only found out about this series a few months ago and have been rushing through the books like a crazy...
Christina T
28. Aia
Cassie = Dog
Ely = Jackal

well for Dane, i hope whoever she is, she'll give him lots of hell or...
Nadine Robb
3. cmm
This episode was evil... I can't believe no new episode until Febuary
Christina T
10. Cristiane Karamanolis
Night Owl by Author ost influential book in my life. The writing is so superb and profound that I feel...
Christina T
9. Cristiane Karamanolis
Night Owl by ??Author M. Pierce was the most influential book in my life. The writing is so superb and...
Heather Waters
6. HeatherWaters
@EmmyBee13 -- Ah, our apologies! We'll get a printable list up by early next week.

Heather Waters
2. HeatherWaters
@MelK -- Our pleasure! Not sure about whether it'll be in print, but I'll see what I can find out. :)
Melissa Keith
8. MelK
There are several ....all of Linda Broday's, all of Shirley Rosseau Murphy's, LES FLEUR DU MAL by Baudelaire,...
Melissa Keith
1. MelK
I met Edith Layton and adored her. Thanks for the info about PEACHES. Will it ever be released in print?...
Christina T
11. luke
I don't give a shit about these UGLY two IDIOT.
Michelle Hebert
5. Beautiful
Mary Balogh novellas on sale at Amazon for $1.99 each (reg $3.99)
each book contains 3 stories

S Tieh
5. infinitieh
I'm all for the stepback, as long as it has the couple on it and not just reviews and such.

My favorites...
Christina T
7. EBiggy
After Dark, by M. Pierce was a great read to end the series that brought me into contact with so many...
Christina T
2. Lizzie18
Looking forward to reading it.
Have been a faithful fan since Ms. Kurland's first two books, and I...
Laura Bracken
3. Night -owl
@PhoebeChase Can me and my motley crew go to your Orphan Thanksgiving?! Your gang is so cool :-).
2. PhoebeChase
The entire cast of Sherlock, Cat & Bones, a handful of Dark-Hunters (Vane, Urian, Acheron), every...
9. wsl0612
And what about Malcolm? I luurrrrve him and I'm so happy he continues on Jessica's team, she really...
Laura Bracken
1. Night -owl
Aww, Orphan Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving!
From books I'd invite Jane Eyre, & Smike from Nicholas Nickleby....
Carmen Pinzon
4. bungluna
Hear, hear! (I miss Jennifer Crusie's older books so much.)
Christina T
4. Antoinettemm
I too have more romance novels than I can count but I have to admit aside from being turned off by an...
Lesley White
4. Lesley54
I quite like politician heroes in romantic suspense -the power; the responsibiliy;the leadership qualities....
Lee Brewer
2. LeeB.
Thanks for the recommedations Leigh. I did enjoy Put a Ring on It.
1. Sashari29
I'm so excited! I screamed a bit when I got an email alert saying my pre-order had shipped (and maybe...
3. ntaskimmie2
I just read Lorraine Heath's new book and it has a beautiful stepback!
Christina T
4. EmmyBee13
No printable list format so i can check off the ones I have and circle the ones I need???? Pretty please!!!