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3. lauralee1912
Marge Simpson. When I started watching The Simpsons, I really identified with Lisa. At times I also...
Maggie Boyd
3. maggieboyd66
Posted too soon: Fun list! I've read two of these books and those MIL's were - well, I can't think of...
Saundra Peck
2. sk1336
From my youth (and still performing) would have to be Peter Frampton....great voice and awesome guitar...
1. Kareni
I don't watch this show, but now I have the All for One song from Spamalot stuck in my head!
Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
Some aspects of Olive's mom in Easy A remind me of my mom, like the way she discusses things so frankly...
Heather Rizzuti
13. heatherbartley
A really good recent book with this trope is "Seducing Summer" by Serenity Woods. In this one, the...
3. englerp
The consencus on the net seems to be that Mack isn't so much "loading the Quinjet" as leaving them alone...
35. M W
Ok, I expect a bit of hate for this comment but please bear with me. I am definitely in support of the...
5. Fiona Marsden
I love reading these speculative pieces having already seen the movie. So I will just say. Right, wrong,...
Ruth Goldstein
6. ruthgold18
Having written my post, and THEN read the others, I realize that someone already explained about that...
11. lizzie18
Now that I'm retired, I average about 7 books a week. This includes books from my keeper shelves that...
1. Kareni
There was an enjoyable interview with Mary Balogh yesterday on the Smart Bitches site. You can read...
2. Kareni
I've read and enjoyed many books by M. L. Buchman, so it was fun to see the books that made an impact...
4. lauralee1912
Not a big fan of second person. Like HeatherWaters said, it can be claustrophobic. Jay McInerney's Bright...
Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
I love to travel, so thanks for these recs! Looking forward to checking them out.
Jerrie Adkins
3. filkferengi
We go by contraries in our family; *I*'m the one that turned my grandmother on to Grace Livingston Hill...
Heather Waters
3. HeatherWaters
When done well, 2nd person is powerful and deeply personal. But it's delicate work. Can also feel claustrophobic...
2. Aislinn
I have no interest in 2nd person. 3rd person is by far my favourite, but I will occasionally tolerate...
1. Kareni
This sounds intriguing! Thanks for the excerpt.
Teddy Pierson
1. TeddyP
I have always tried to view everything from a 3rd person view. Though that gets me in trouble fairly...
13. Vickie Russell
#teamcap all the way - I saw the movie last weekend, and it's fabulous. The Captain America movies...
Susan White
5. whiskeywhite
Speaking of sexy pregnancy sex -- I often think about what it's like for Sam and Caitriona to shoot...
2. lauralee1912
I am looking forward to reading Yardley's story this weekend. Thanks for the preview!