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LA maleescort
9. LA maleescort
Ladies group or ladies club who wanted and find a hot male escort service for fun at home or hotel...
Tiffany Tyer
5. TiffanyTyer
@AshleyA, YES. I remember the theory of turning the trilogy into one movie and that did seem like the...
Tiffany Tyer
4. TiffanyTyer
Bound to You and Captured by You. Definitely worth reading! Enjoy. :)
Laurie Gold
50. LaurieGold
There are so many new Kindles available. I recently got my third. Go to Amazon and look at the offerings....
3. Kareni
Tiffany, I hadn't known about the two novellas. I'm off to investigate!
Tiffany Tyer
2. TiffanyTyer
It's hot stuff, Karen. Have you read the two novellas in the series too? I really loved those!
1. Kareni
I enjoyed the first two books in this series; I'm definitely looking forward to reading this one, too.
Elizabeth Lo
20. Kwansum
I read a lot of books on my ereader which I bought from a local department store. Because Australia...
LA maleescort
27. Jenay
I don't think anyone missed Laurel at all I know I certainly didn't and how refreshing to watch the...
LA maleescort
5. Daybreak
Couldn't stand Pacey, but Cole breaks my heart. He really, really loves her. And his family. And that...
Susan White
8. whiskeywhite
Yes, @TheGardner, as in the past, I had the same thought. H&H friends, please say at least a discussion...
Susan White
210. whiskeywhite
@Kiersten, what are you going to do with the recaps for Season 5? Are you waiting for the episodes to...
LA maleescort
4. AshleyA
I think she is a pretty girl normally, but they've made her look haggard and too old for Ana.

Heather Waters (redline_)
26. redline_
@whiskeywhite--I've heard whispers of another Arrow/Flash spinoff. Do we know what that would be? Your...
Nicole Leapheart
2. BoxyFrown
Every time this trailer came on Hulu it was needling its way into my brain. I really want to see it!
LA maleescort
49. DawnS
I just stumbled upon the article recently and was wondering, which is the Kindle III? I have the Kindle...
Nicole Leapheart
2. BoxyFrown
I need to watch Constantine. I watched the first ep, but haven't tuned in since. I like it, it just...
Susan White
25. whiskeywhite
I'm coming a bit late to this excellent discussion (though, to be honest, I don't care in the least...
LA maleescort
1. CindyS
Just a question - is the Heigl one now cancelled also? I'm hanging in and hoping the nerves break off...
Kristen Oh
1. Kristen Oh
I loved What to Do with a Bad Boy! Such a good series overall, I loved all the brothers :) Great picks!
Anna Bowling
2. AnnaBowling
@BoxyFrown, Katless has serious potential here. Abraham is throwing out all sorts of broody bad boy...
Nicole Leapheart
1. BoxyFrown
Katless! Much better than Katrinaham which is what I have been shooting around in my head. I was seriously...
LA maleescort
49. Megs
I just want to know, does Eva actually cheat on Gideon with Brett??
LA maleescort
4. Croush12
I have read many erotic series...Fifty Shades, Start Trilogy, Driven Trilogy, Thoughtless, etc. Sylvia...
LA maleescort
3. Laura Kaye, Author
I always say that Tessa Bailey is the queen of dirty talk! LOL So I agree, Megan! And I love that list,...
Laura Lemmon
3. lauralee1912
I am grateful for a life that is going so much better than it was earlier this year. Over the year,...
Heather Waters (redline_)
1. redline_
Planning to finally see this during the long holiday weekend. Can't wait! Thanks for confirming it's...