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Linda Losik
88. LindaL
@SuzyM: I quite concur, this is the only website where we can freely discuss how we feel about the characters...
Julia Broadbooks
11. juliabroadbooks
@Shark with Lasers There is no one else like her. I've picked up some of the authors who are mentioned...
Shark with Lasers
10. Shark with Lasers
@bugluna: ITA! But I keep trying because I'd miss out on some good contemps if I gave up. There's a...
Shark with Lasers
9. Shark with Lasers
The Dane technique is a fairly common technique in fanfic. It lets the author and the reader have their...
I would love to see Black Widow get her own movie. They always treat women so wrong in these superhero...
Suzanne Metaxas
87. SuzyM
I wasn't talking about just one contest in particular and I don't keep a record of past contests ;)...
Jennifer Porter
2. JenniferPorter
I had never read KJ Charles before. I was intrigued by the different setting. It is a powerful story.
Megan Frampton
1. MFrampton
This looks fantastic. I can't wait to read it, I have only read (and loved) her Magpie Lord series.
Shark with Lasers
14. Loki
I was kind of hoping for a Widow/Soldier to be a couple. Im okay with with Clintasha!
Shark with Lasers
31. Watson
I may be dating myself here but Edgar Rice Burroughs was a great story teller and I'm amazed that I've...
Shark with Lasers
86. Bonobo
What voting contests are you talking about? Bo, Lauren and Kenzi have been in polls, and either...
Julia Broadbooks
9. juliabroadbooks
@Helena J I bet her class is great. I remember when she and Bob Mayer did their writing blog. It was...
Shark with Lasers
8. Helena J
Jennifer Crusie's books work particularly well in audiobook; I love listening to Welcome to Temptation...
Julia Broadbooks
7. juliabroadbooks
@Erica P Love Bet Me. I think everyone needs a group of friends like that.

@bungluna Her books are...
Carmen Pinzon
6. bungluna
I have all her books and re-read her every year. Some of her titles are comfort reads for when I come...
Shark with Lasers
8. Admindiva
Angela cameron blood and sex book 4 destroy the series for me. In the first 3 books the hero of book...
Shark with Lasers
5. Erica P
I love Jennifer Crusie her Bet Me novel is one of my favourites that I re-read at leat once a year
Shark with Lasers
9. lonewolf
After watching the diner scene again I saw Sarah pick up the tea pot. That's what the fed guy put in...
Shark with Lasers
4. Twinner67
I've read many series, but hands down Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter Series has the most complex story...
Shark with Lasers
12. MsTree
I have all the books in the series (except the latest one) in hard copy and I am now purchasing them...
Shark with Lasers
26. Michielle
For Cassie's mate. I have changed my opinion from Dog to Rhyzan Brannigan from Rule Breaker.
Jennifer Proffitt
1. JenniferProffitt
I'm going to throw in another vote for Hard Time, in case that wasn't obvious! And I just started Joey...
Julia Broadbooks
4. juliabroadbooks
@redline_, Oh, I envy you having all of her backlist still waiting for you to discover them! Like Megan...
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
I bought one of her older titles that came highly recommended, and I haven't read it yet--but I hope...
Heather Waters (redline_)
3. redline_
@MFrampton -- I knoooow, I'm terrible. I tried her when I was probably too young and a lot of the humor...
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
@redline_, I can't believe you haven't read her! She is TOTALLY up your alley, and her writing is so...
Heather Waters (redline_)
1. redline_
I really need to get into gear and read Jennifer Crusie, because I know I'll find her books delightful....
Jennifer Proffitt
7. JenniferProffitt
@Tori, oh okay. I can deal with that I think. Might igve it a try...still don't know how I feel though!...