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17. Kells
Sansa has been through what I assume is months of torture and daily rape. Let's hurry up and "ship"...
Mary Lynne Nielsen
7. emmel
Cara Bristol has a series of books with cyborg heroes as well!
13. Karen H near Tampa
To lizzie18: Sandra Hill did apologize to her readers after that gaffe and promised never to do it again....
Heather Massey
6. HeatherMassey
@Gillette & Dana Sherwood I briefly considered SML, but ultimately left it out because of its bittersweet...
4. pepsibaby91
Someone once gave me a copy of J.D. Robb's Survivor in death. I had never heard of her before and had...
5. DanaSherwood
@Gillette: That's the first book that came to my mind, too! It's romantic, absolutely. I'm not sure...
Felicia Fallon
12. Uber Romance Reader
Yes, I would absolutely enjoy the first generation story. It would give me a glimpse of how the second...
8. laurasf
Jennifer Ashley wrote about the father in "The Many Sins of Lord Cameron" and the son in "The Wicked...
2. Gillette
There's also Silver metal lover by Tabitha Lee
Jennifer Proffitt
3. JenniferProffitt
Even if things get weird... and possibly homicidal. (Henry and Abby from Harper's Island, I'm looking
2. heynowkc
I mean... it depends. I'm not calling myself a fair-weather fan, but sometimes a show takes a couple...
Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
Ha ha, I know my comment the other day inspired this post. No, I don't stop shipping a couple when I...
Heather Massey
1. HeatherMassey
After I submitted this post, I discovered that Fresh Romance #8 includes a story called "Love and Sprockets"...
16. wandering-scavenger
@miss_d Marrying would be beneficial because in the end Jon isn't Ned Stark's son, which was the whole...
Heather Waters
15. HeatherWaters
Fantastic, thought-provoking discussion. While I loved Jon and Sansa's reunion early in the season,...
Heather Waters
4. HeatherWaters
@Jennifer Flexer -- Ooooh, I like it!

Had to go with Jamie/Claire, but this is a win/win poll to...
14. Miss_D

I don't think it would make a good alliance. They're already bonded and allies....
13. wandering-scavenger
@marilyn porter always glad to help!
8. allyson55
I can't agree that 'The Lord of the Rings' movies were better than the books, different certainly,...
2. allyson55
Oh yes, Elena looks beautiful and ready to take down all comers. No wonder Raphael's so in love with...
Marilyn Porter
12. Marilyn Porter
@wandering-scavenger THANK YOU for this, this was sort of my point with this whole post. Even putting...
11. wandering-scavenger
@miss_d yes familial love can exist without it being wished as romantic love.

Sansa and Jon may never...
5. ChelseaMueller
@Darlyka - I actually really enjoyed the Clexa journey (not happy about the ending at all), I'm just...
2. ChelseaMueller
This is a cruel, cruel poll.

...but I voted for Jamie/Claire.
10. Miss_D
Can familial love be allowed to exist without it being wished a romantic love?

You never know what...
9. Vickie Lovett
Jon and Sansa, ick, no. Even if they are cousins they grew up as brother and sister so it would be...
11. dragonlover44
I honestly love Lynn Kurland for how she handled multiple generations in her di Piaget and MacLeod series....