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Supernatural’s Destiel: The Greatest Love Story (N)ever Told

Supernatural Season 9 official posterIt’s August now and another San Diego Comic Con has come and gone. All the beautiful people of The CW and MTV flocked to the San Diego Convention Center to ruminate on the inner lives of their characters, tease us with discussions of the Fall season (unless you watch Teen Wolf which is blessedly filling my need for hot shirtless boys in the summer), and create endless opportunities for Tumblr gifs.

Of all of the casts spotlighted, I must firmly declare my love for that of Supernatural, easily the TV show that has had the firmest grip on my heart for the past couple of years (and the greatest love story ever told).

The cast's hints about next season were tantalizing—morally ambiguous, fully human Sam, demon!Dean at his (self) destructive best, and Cas* searching for Dean at the expense of his fading borrowed grace. Added to all that, a meta-musical(ish) episode?!??! October can’t come soon enough.

But in reading that recap of what we’ve learned so far about Season 10, does any of it really sound that different from what we’ve seen before? No. Even the musical(ish) episode calls back to their other meta episodes like “The Real Ghostbusters” and “The French Mistake” (also, I very much hope, to the classic end credits scene in “Yellow Fever”). So what keeps us coming back to this show that was supposed to end after Season 5 but has amazingly gone on five more seasons (at least)?

Dean Winchester in Supernatural Season 9 posterI’ll tell you what it is for me—the rich, epic untold love story of Dean and Cas. A love story that will never be explicitly told, but is simply there for us to see and interpret and ship with all the romantic fervor in our hearts. Sure, the brother bond between Sam and Dean has always been the central relationship in Supernatural but they can only save and betray and save and betray each other so many times before the audience (or, you know, me) grows weary of their codependency. Whereas Dean and Cas have that “will they, won’t they” excitement found in The X Files, Friends, The Office, and every other show with an iconic couple. And while we know their relationship will never happen on the air, the way the writers have showcased their “profound bond” in such a way that it feeds so much off-air creation in fan art and fan fiction, and gives so much fodder to my romantically-inclined imagination.

Castiel in Supernatural Season 9 posterJust take a trip to Tumblr and search the tag “Destiel,” and you’ll see all the moments across the six seasons Cas has been on the show that make up this tension. I’m dying with excitement for the potential moments between these two crazy kids next season.

5 Destiel Scenes I Hope We See in Season 10

1. Dean breaking…even for a few seconds…out of his demon-mode to protect Cas. We’ve seen so many instances of Dean’s family breaking possession or brain-washing because of how much they loved Dean (John Winchester, Bobby, Sam, and (debatably) Cas have all done so). It would be great to see the tables flipped and for Dean to transcend his altered state for Cas.

2. Dean seeking, and Cas granting, absolution for Dean’s action while he is a demon. I’m assuming that at some point during the season Dean is going to become undemonized and will be wracked with unending guilt about his actions. Cas knows a little something about needing forgiveness for devastating actions (all of season 7, the end of season 8), and would be able to alleviate some of that guilt for his friend.

Sam, Dean, and Castiel in a bar in Supernatural3. Cas and Dean being buddies. These boys are put through the wringer time and time again. I would love to see some fun, light moments between the two of them to break up all that angst. Maybe they can finally eat that pie together?

4. Dean choosing Cas over Sam. If this is the final season of Supernatural, and all signs point to that probably being true, Dean and Sam are going to need to resolve some of their codependent issues. That means Dean is going to need to have someone besides Sam he can trust and rely on (and maybe spend the rest of his life with!!) so that we can be assured they’ll have healthy lives after the last episode airs.

Dean and Castiel in Supernatural5. Honestly, just Cas and Dean being on screen together. When all is said is done, I don’t need moments that could be interpreted as Destiel-ish. I would like their friendship, even if I didn’t want them to be romantically involved, and the writers have kept them apart through so much of the past few seasons. And it sounds like that won’t be much different at the beginning of season 10. So let’s stop that insanity and put them in the same room together for more than an episode here and there.

So with the Destiel battle cries of “I need you” and “profound bond” on my lips, I wait impatiently for more canon wind to buoy my wayward ship.

*We have now seen that, canonically, Castiel’s name is shortened to “Cass” by the writers. But fanonically, it is and will always be “Cas,” and thus has been written so in this fan’s love letter to Destiel.

**This is not to say I don’t think the show writers should make their relationship canon. I definitely do and feel that they are denying what they themselves have written implicitly into the show and are missing an opportunity to showcase sexual diversity. But that is another post for another time.


Jessie Edwards, Destiel Shipper for Life

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1. MNBonnie
Love this post and feel the same! Destiel forever! :)
Keely Larke
2. Keely
Wow! I have never picked up on a romantic vibe between Dean and Cas. LOL! I want to go back now and watch every episode since Cas came on the scene to determine if I'm really dense or if it's all in the eyes of the beholder. LOL! I do so love the bond between them, though! Their friendship has become one of my favorite things about this series, but I can't see them as lovers. My imagination just refuses to make the leap to a romantically involved Dean and Cas.
3. carmenlire
Love this article! I was just thinking a few days ago that I wish H&H would do more supernatural pieces!
Clare 2e
4. clare2e
Love this post!

Not sure precisely what I hope to see onscreen at the sunset, but love some of the possiblities you raise!
Rakisha Kearns-White
5. BrooklynShoeBabe
**This is not to say I don’t think the show writers should make their relationship canon. I definitely do and feel that they are denying what they themselves have written implicitly into the show and are missing an opportunity to showcase sexual diversity. But that is another post for another time.
I am not a hardcore shipper when it comes to Supernatural because I like to think there are so many OTP on the show--Dean and the Impala, Dean & Sam (non romantically), and Dean and Cas. Over the past few years, the chemistry and loyalty between Cas and Dean have plain as the nose on my face. It has all the romantic longings I find in some of my favorite romance novels. If they don't share some kind of romantic entanglement--kiss, flirting, hand holding--I might explode. Maybe Demon!Dean will be more free about his hidden lusts for the fallen angel.
6. Nae
Destiel! Yes! :D
I cannot wait for season 10! I just hope that it is aired in Australia at the same time as everyone else. Otherwise the spoilers will kill me!
7. porcupine
It's pretty sad that, reading this halfway throigh the season, #5 made me LITERALLY laugh out loud because it's the exact opposite of what we've gotten. The show couldn't be working harder to keep them apart - but at least the very few scenes we have gotten have been highly emotionally charged (curing Dean, Dean asking Cas to kill him, handing Cas the blade).

But then, if there wasn't something undeniably there, they wouldn't be so determined to give them no scenes together... I mean, even the phone calls during episodes Misha wasn't in, it was always Sam talking to him. *sigh*
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