Jun 25 2014 6:57pm

J.D. Robb’s In Death Series Optioned for Film!

Ready for some big news, In Death fans? Amber Entertainment announced on Monday that it has acquired the film rights to the series!

Here's their tweet, which links to an announcement on J.D. Robb's official Facebook fan page:

Naturally, the fandom exploded, so Robb herself (a.k.a. Nora Roberts) took to her blog to clarify several points, including the fact that while the rights have been sold, this does not guarantee a movie will be made. (The project is in the very early stages of development, and as film buffs know, many projects do not make it all the way into production, let alone theaters. In those situations, if/when the option runs out, the rights revert back to the author/publisher/rights holder.)

Here are a few more excerpts from Robb's post (or read the full blog entry here):

I’ve met face-to-face with the producer, twice. She has not only read the books, she gets them–and the characters. I’ve turned down option offers before, for this series and for my other work because I didn’t feel it was a good fit. This feels like one.

Will it be? No absolute guarantee, but I have to trust my instincts.


Will the movie be an exact reproduction of the book? Again, no. It can’t possibly be. It’s based on the novel, translated from the novel to the screen, interpreted by a director, a cinematographer, a screenwriter, and far from least of all, by actors. Both the producer and I agree the film must, absolutely must, remain true to the core of the book and the characters. But yes, some things will be left out, some things will change in order to make the shift from page to screen.


I’m not in charge of casting–I wouldn’t know where to begin. But again, I’ll have input. Actors act, and a really good actor becomes the role. Gregory Peck became Atticus Finch, Anthony Hopkins Hannibal Lector. For me Tom Cruise became Lestat, Michelle Williams Marilyn Monroe, Jennifer Lawrence became Katniss (and Mystique!) That’s what I’m looking for when the time comes–actors who can make me believe–as their creator–they’re the characters.

What are your thoughts on a possible Naked in Death movie? Who would you like to see cast as Lt. Eve Dallas and her billionaire hubby Roarke if the project gets to that stage?

Want more? Check out all of our J.D. Robb and In Death coverage here and stay tuned for more news as we get it!

h/t to Anne Marie Tallberg for the links!

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Lucy D
2. Lucy D
I'm not getting excited yet. This is not the first time they talked about putting Roarke and Eve on screen. I remember debating casting choices with Mom a few years ago since we are both big fans. I think the problem at that time was which story to use. Rumors at that time were that they were trying to merge book 1 and 2 and it all fell through. :(
Carmen Pinzon
3. bungluna
I don't know why I always pictured Eve as a younger Annette Bening. Roarke defies my imagination.

If it makes it all the way through production, and if the get to actually casting and filming it, my biggest fear is that some hot 20-somthing starlet will play Eve agains a 40-somthing actor.

Nothing to do but wait and see.
Lucy D
4. dbgVA
I've always thought of Roarke as a young Pierce Brosnon, obviously he is too old now. Roarke is in his early 30's as is Eve. Don't know who I'd pick to be Eve.
Lucy D
5. Marian Lanouette
I absolutely love this series and all the characters. I can't imagine who will play the parts of Eve and Roarke. I know I was disappointed with another series I love when they cast the wrong woman for the part.
I'll have to wait to see who is picked.
Lucy D
6. carlton mckenney
Stana Katic as Eve.
Maria Rivera
7. Maririve
I've always thought Matt Bomer would make a perfect Royce, and I agree that Stana Katic would be a perfect Eve. When I saw her in the first episodes of Castle she was so much like Eve that I thought they had copied the character.
Lucy D
8. knotanew.bookworm
I don't know yet about Eve, but what about the guy who plays Hook on Once Upon a Time add Roarke?
Lucy D
9. Flavia Davids
Oh my word, that would be awesome! I can't wait to see if that will happen!
Lucy D
10. Rah
Kllian Jones aka hook from Once Upon a Time! I can see him as Roarke
dee myles
11. dolo5125
I've read every book since day 1 when the books first came out in paperback. Here is my pick for the main characters. Angelina Jolie is Eve Dallas. She has the acting chops for the role. For Roarke, drum roll....... Colin Farrell. He's Irish, black hair, already a bad boy, acting credentials, only thing he is lacking is the intense blue eyes, and contacts can take care of that.
Lucy D
12. bearsmommy
I picture Kate Beckinsale on Eve & maybe Matt Bomer he has such beautiful eyes he is tall dark & handsome.
Lucy D
13. knotanew.bookworm
Idea #2: Eoin Macken
Lucy D
14. Donna Shea
I think that Sara Shahi would be awesome for Eve. I seen her in fairly legal. She could seriously have Eve's whole attitude down pat plus she is an exceptional actor who can be strong and valnerable at the same time.
As for Roarke would have to be strong & look dangerous plus look good in shoulder length hair like Roarke in the book.
My first choice would be Hugh Jackman who is an awesome actor & can be tough & gentle at the same time on camera.
My second choice would be Alex O Loughlin who is also dangerous looking and is another exceptional actor.
Then if these two couldn't do it maybe Jeffery Dean Morgan or Til Schweiger.
Lucy D
15. Barbarella
Possibly Colin Farrell for Roarke. Roguish, suave, romantic and oh boy - that accent!
Lucy D
16. Galahad
Not Colin Farrell, he has brown eyes for a start, which Roarke has not, and Colin is too heavy on facial hair, eyebrows and all, so I definitively go for Matt Bomer as Roarke. Alternative: Giulio Berruti.

Sara Shahi is some sort of "too young" a type to be my Eve, and we shouldn't cast any actress with too dark eyes and hair since Eve is the brown-golden honey-eye type. But with short hair, Sara would be my Peabody, no kidding. She has this puppy-like liveliness and the soft spots of Delia, but then again also the required seriousness when it comes to work. I'd also go with Stana Katic for Peabody rather than for Eve.

My Eve would be Poppy Montgomery. She has these beautiful lightbrown eyes and slender-yet-tough posture. I can imagine her swearing like a sailor (or like Debra Morgan haha) to any superior or scumbag villain, and then again sweating, weeping and curling up against Roarke at nights after a nightmare. Honestly, she would be my perfect match with Matt Bomer.

And for some of the other main characters?

Sumerset - someone like Terence Stamp or Malcom McDowell, but we
shouldnt cast Sumerset as a "granddad" to Roarke. His daughter Marlena was younger than Roarke so I'd say he cant be more than in his (late) fifties when Roarke is in his thirties. So choosing a 70+ actor wouldnt be ideal, really.

Just the opposite for Dr. Mira. When I search the internet for suggestions on an actress for playing her, I mostly find this role gets cast too young. She is a grandma after all. Dont give me anyone under 50 to play her role. No Sasha Alexander or the like. Awesome but too young.

My Feeney is Brendan Gleeson - or if you'd need a "shorter" guy: George William Bailey. My Whitney is Thom Barry.

My McNab would be some kind of skinny Gabriel Mann type of guy, maybe Matt Barr.
Mavis? Maybe someone like Rachelle Lefèvre.
I picture Leonardo as some kind of blend of Dwayne The Rock Johnson and LL Cool J.
Lucy D
17. micheligan1
So Excited!!! I can imagine Angie Harmon, from Rizzoli and Isles, as Eve... she even has the dent!!!!
Lucy D
18. April47
Ioan Gruffudd should Play Roarke And Stana Katic should play Eve Dallas Check them out and you will see why.
jennifer hoppe
19. jhoppe
it took me a while and I like Matt Bohmer but I think Adrian Paul would make the perfect Roark! i can se him with his long dark hair and Scottish accent taking on the role like it was written for him!
Lucy D
20. Nonsequitr
How about Alana de la Garza from Forever for Eve Dallas? She's tall and thin and can play a no-nonsense cop. Cut her hair and I think you've got Dallas.
Lucy D
21. aacker96
Colin O'Donoghue as Roarke! He's even Irish, meaning no fake accent:)
Lucy D
22. lisadhm
Definitely should be Jennifer Carpenter playing Eve... she played Dexter's sister in that TV series, first time I saw her I thought "Eve Dallas!"
Lucy D
23. Jennelise
I think Bridget Moynahan for Eve, and Zooey Deschanel for Peabody. The rest of them change around a little for me, the more actors I check against my mental images.
Lucy D
24. alexmom27
I see Charlize Theron as Eve. Long and lean.... and someone like Benedict Cumberpatch for Roarke. It's the eyes
Lucy D
25. cassie lechner
jonathan rhys meyers for roarke, and sara shahi for eve?
Lucy D
26. mbucher
Warren Christie is perfect for Roarke. He's Irish - mid 30'st - gorgeous blue eyes - chiseled cheekbones - black hair that looks great long or short.
Stana Katic is perfect for Eve. Check out her similar role on CASTLE.
27. Silvertabby
Aidan Turner - the new Ross Poldark - IS Rourke!

He's even Irish!
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