Nov 14 2013 4:34pm

Exclusive Cover Reveal: Jackie Ashenden’s The Billionaire Club: New York Novellas!

The Billion Dollar Bachelor by Jackie AshendenToday we're thrilled to reveal all three covers for Jackie Ashenden's The Billionaire Club: New York e-novellas, featuring the three smolderingly sexy Morrow brothers—and the women who stoke their fires into blazing-hot passion.

Here are the official descriptions:

The Billion Dollar Bachelor (February 11, 2014)

Jax Morrow, sexy, confident, wealthy, has everything a man could want—everything except someone to share his nights with. Until he meets Pandora Garett, a thrilling and sexy woman he just knows he cannot let go. But Jax has worked too hard to distance himself from his great-grandfather’s shady business dealings, and Pandora’s father comes with a criminal past. If he wants to be with this woman, Jax has to go to a dark place to face his demons…and his fantasies…

Pandora has had enough. Kept under lock and key by her controlling father, Pandora is aching to explore the wilder side. When she briefly escapes and enjoys a passionate night with Jax, she knows she can never go back to living under one man’s domination. Determined to control her own life, she tries to resist Jax’s pull, but as the passion builds and the lust heats up, Pandora realizes maybe it’s not such a bad thing to be tied down after all…

The Billion Dollar Bad Boy by Jackie AshendenThe Billion Dollar Bad Boy (March 2014)

Donovan Morrow, the charming, loveable, sexy face of the Morrow company, can’t seem to get a break. Despite all the wining and dining he does for his partners—both in business and in bed—he feels underappreciated. Always coming in second to big brother Jax, he’s considered the playboy of the family, and not someone to be taken seriously. Even more frustrating is when Victoria de Winter, the sexy, sultry manager of the Morrow’s company biggest rival, won’t give him the time of day or night. If only Donovan could show her how his darkest desires revolve around her, she wouldn’t keep blowing him off…

Victoria has always been a good girl. Working hard for the family business and engaged to a respectable man her parents approve of, Victoria thought she had her whole life figured out. That is, until Donovan Morrow entered her life. Victoria knows she shouldn’t lust after him—a direct competitor of her family and a notorious playboy, Donovan is all wrong for the stable life she has carved out for herself. But if this hot billionaire keeps pursuing her, Victoria can only resist for so long before she has to explore his darker, wilder side…

The Billionaire Biker by Jackie AshendenThe Billionaire Biker (April 2014)

Sean has always been the black sheep of the Morrow family. Wild, reckless, and dangerous, he rides with a biker gang to escape a tortured past. For years, he’s longed for no one except Abigail Prescott, a girl from high school whose life he ruined when friendship turned into a night of red-hot passion long ago. Broken by his guilt and ashamed at how he left things between them, Sean hopes he never makes her suffer again. Of course, that would have been easier if his brother Jax hadn’t hired her to work for the Morrows. Sean wants to avoid a repeat of the past, but being this close to Abby is just too tempting, especially with the memories of that one erotic night haunting every moment…

Abby has not had an easy life since high school. Rejected by her family and isolated from those she loves, Abby longs for Sean to come home. A good friend at first, she has never been able to forget the heat that blazed between them that one night. She knows Sean, sexy and wild, will roam as long as he blames himself for what he did to her. If only she could convince him that she still wants him after all these years. She’s ready and willing, but to do so, she is going to have to truly embrace his dark, wild nature… 

The first novella, The Billion Dollar Bachelor, will be available in February 2014, with The Billion Dollar Bad Boy and The Billionaire Biker following in March and April, respectively.

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