Feb 27 2013 2:00pm

Post-Twilight Speculation: Will Stephenie Meyer’s Vampire Saga Be Continued?

Doesn't anyone miss me? Months have passed since Bella and Edward sparkled forth into the sunset (with their precious half-immortal daughter, Renesemee, cradled beside them, of course). But despite the Cullens' happily ever after ending, whispers that Stephenie Meyer's popular franchise is far from over have begun circulating throughout the Twilight community.

So are the rumors true? Will there another book or, at least, a follow-up to 2012's Breaking Dawn Part 2?

We're coming...back?Well, judging by the final movie's immense box office success, it makes monetary sense for Summit Entertainment to move forward with new material. Back in November 2012, Entertainment Weekly reported that the supernatural blockbuster's worldwide gross stood at over $700 million, and that it had monopolized the foreign theatrical circuit for consecutive weekends. Those astronomical figures have only increased since then to a whopping $827,961,000. (Not too shabby for a couple of small-town bloodsuckers, eh?) There's money to be made and lots of it and, in Hollywood, more green is impetus enough. 

Moreover, the last installment, which introduced new characters with exciting individual powers and an adrenaline-filled Volturi battle scene, indicated just how steeped in history Twilight actually is, and that its mythology is rich and teeming. There are so many stories—from the perspectives of other vampires, werewolves, and even humans—begging to be explored further. (Think along the lines of the Twilight spin-off novella, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner and Midnight Sun, the online release told from Edward's point-of-view.) Add in legions of Twihards who'd love to see Edward and Bella settle into family life at their woodland nook (a cottage straight out of a Thomas Kinkade painting), Renesmee blossom into a poised young woman, Jacob Black bare his sexy wolf teeth (and abs) once again, and what the other gorgeous Cullen pairs are up to now that they no longer have to tend to a lovestruck teenage girl—it seems as though the odds are ever in favor of a series continuation. 

Our Turn Maybe?Nevertheless, don't allow me to fill your hearts with hope only to stake it right out of you later on. My speculations are just that: mere fangirl theories. On the other hand, when the creator of the Twilight world makes a sanguine remark about the series not ending, that carries way more clout. Here's what Stephenie Meyer revealed to Crave Online during an interview at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival: 

Crave Online: They call me Franchise Fred because I love my franchises. I never want them to end, even when there’s a final chapter. I want them to always go on and I trust the authors to create more good stories. Why wouldn’t you want to continue them?

Stephenie Meyer: I mean, obviously there are more stories there. When I first wrote the end of Breaking Dawn, I was planning on going on for quite a while further and so I didn’t wrap it up. I didn’t kill everybody. I could have. [Laughs] Thought about it later. So there are other stories there, but like I said I am vampired out. So maybe in a couple years, spend some time with some aliens, maybe do my mermaid book finally, and then maybe I’ll be able to get back to it but right now I’m just sick of them.

(Check out the full Crave Online Q&A here.)

Honestly, it doesn't sound like Stephenie Meyer is in any hurry to add to her best-selling series. She has a lot on her plate as it is with producing and developing other properties such as Austenland. Still, she did not dismiss the idea of continuing the saga, and seemed rather open to revisiting it. So that's a promising sign, right? 'For sure!' eager Twihards everywhere scream in unison.

That being said, what's your stance on the future of the Twilight franchise: Are you ready to sink your teeth into fresh content or was Breaking Dawn Part 2 the perfect conclusion? Drop us a comment below!


Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars pundit by profession, Theo enjoys freshly brewed iced tea, Greek poetry, and Whedonverse. A conspiracy theorist at heart, she’s constantly on the look-out for horcruxes and is still trying to make sense of Lost Season 6. Follow her musings on entertainment at @theodorag13.

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1. pellington
I'm all about Lee Pace having his own spin off!
2. Theo
@pellington That is a brillaint idea! He was so charming and effortless in the role -- also, VERY easy on the eyes. :)
3. Deborah Cling
I love the twilight series. I watch them over and over!! Please don't stop!!
4. joanne tyler
please continue. im in love with edward!
5. Jocelyn Rogers
I thought the twilight series was awesome. The volturi should do something dramatic in the next movie. Like steal the daughter or something and they develop her powers to something awesome make it where it's an all out war. It's gotta be more. Don't let the cast get too old! Lol
6. Jennifer25
Please don't stop...I have my husband and teenager son loving this. We bought the set and have twighlight marathons on occasion. Best books and movies ever!!! Please do us the honors of another twilight;)
7. Linsey Gouda
I agree don't let the cast get too old there should be another book written this is the only book saga I went out and bought and read day and night. Please write more!!! And soon lol I love twilight :)
8. Makinsey
More! We all know that the volturi wont leave them alone forever! They have a mind reader, an empath, a sheild, and a future seeer! And with the wolves on their side, theyre much too powerful! i think it should go along the lines of the volturi capturing someone the cullens care for, or one of the cullens. Or maybe one of the volturi guard will leave the volturi, and join tge cullens. JUST SOMETHING!
9. mzloka
i think its would be great to see another twlight its a good storie and a love storie has well do more heheh
10. TheUnpredictableOne
I am so totally in love with Jaccob, he's my hubby ! Please don't stop ! Twilight is one of the best movie and book series i have ever watched and im reading the books now ! I just pray that Stephanie you continue to make these awesome books and movies ! I also hope in the next one Jaccob and Renesemee get together orsomething !!! #1 TWIHARD FAN !!!!!!!!!!
11. Hollywood
I, personally, would love to see Lee Pace and Casey LeBow's story more. That romance that sparked was quite a strong one. Also It was obvios in the movie that Aro wanted Bella and Alice to come to the Volturi's and that alone would incite a new fued. Then the Jake/Renesme story should blossom. It would be nice to see Leah find a mate. I always felt sorry for her. Any Twilight movie would be awesome. I am reading Midnight Sun, it's fanastic to read from that perspective. I am writing a short, and I wish I was as creative and SM. Thanks you for your gift Stephanie.
12. Vtoria
I really want to see a part 3 where Jacob and renesmee are all grown up and have a baby I love the twilight movies so much I watch them over and over but really want to see a new one Edward is soooo awesome Robert pattinson is awesome plays the part very well my son likes him because they share a last name lol but plz plz Stephanie make a new one
13. Diana Ortega Terrana
Please, don't leave us hanging !! Please Confirm That You Will And Are Going To Continue The Twilight Saga !! PLEASE !!
14. Deepa
Please keep the Twilight books and movies on Edward, Bella, Jacob and Renesmee coming. I have finished all books and watched the movies over and over again. Maybe a remake of the movies no editing as there was so much missed in the movies that were s detailed in the books.
15. Jen Hill
Please make more twlight books plz or movies becuse they ar epic an will never be forgotten. These movies are and will forever be number 1 to me.
16. Louis Palimo'o
I think that if there were to be a continuation of the motion picture version that it should follow the Volturi and how they became such a powerful and feared coven. We are all familiar with movies/books suspected to be the final one only to find out that they're taking the story back into time for an additional film/book (X-Men Origins, Rise of the lycans, The Hobbit ect... ) I'm guessing they would title it "The Rise of the Volturi" or simply just "The Volturi".
17. Smhedrick
I'm dying for another book and movie
18. angie diane jones
Hay me myself im a stright up edward lover i realy injoy your books and movies i want to know if jacob and renesimay get life together cuse he imprnted on her soo now what happens??????????
19. Roderick Sapiano
Please make another movie of twilight. I am a big fan of Cullen family
There is more story about Edward & bella and Jacob& rennesme. Don't let them grow up more . Now we need to see them not 4/5 years more.
Thanks from MALTA (small island).
20. LauraSwanny
I AM IN LOVE WITH EDWARDS so yes would give anything to be able to read the rest of midnight sun.
21. Luvubabyts
I was so sad at the end of the last movie. I dont want it to end=(
22. Luvubabyts
I was so sad at the end of the last movie. I dont want it to end=(
23. Valerie Avalos
24. Valerie Avalos
25. keeley boissinot
not being funny but im a HUGE fan i can say the words that the characters say before they say it! this is on all Twilight series!, you need to do a series about renesmee and jacob and carry on with bella and edward (p.s I LOVE ROBERT PATTINSON!!!!) Sorry huge fan!! Carry on twilight series pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaassssseee Steph!
26. C. Foster
I would love to see how things advance for Renessme and Jacob!
27. Madilene
I just want to say, My entire family are twilighters. To be honest. If you did a new book, you could use the diaries as the story line. Jacob and Renessme getting married. Charlie turning into a vampire. Defeating the Volturi. This could be the biggest and best movie ever! Not to mention a crossbread child. That would be cool. I say DO IT! Use the diaries online as a story line.
28. Joshua Grundy
(I think the Volturi have more to give) The illusive, old-ish member of the Volturi named Marcus didn't really have much to do with the films. He was always there when the Volturi appeared but didn't have a huge role in the films. It would be good to see him be more involved with the next film. (and god I am hoping there is another film or book being thought about being made) I also agree with "Jocelyn Rogers" and "Makinsey". The volturi didn't look like they had finished with Renesmee and they wouldn't be able to resist trying to collect Renesmee and try to convince her to join the Volturi. And in "Breaking Dawn Part 2" the Volturi seemed really agrivated at the fact they couldn't have a war with the Cullens and the Warewolfs. So they won't leave it there, they will want some kind of revenge. I personal, thought "Breaking Dawn Part 2" was a extrodinary film. It was excellent at the end. When Alice came back with Jasper and she allowed Aro to read her visions and then there was that huge battle where Carlisle gets decapitated by Aro and then the warewolfs get involved, Bella puts her sheild to use and finally Jane gets chewed up by a wolf. (which was very nice to watch, Jane thought she was so clever but now she's dog food, and literally too, he he he) but then when the fight was over it retured to Alice and the fight hadn't really happened and that was just what could have happend. I thought this was amazing because I actually thought the fight was real but it was just her vision. It was great because the film gave you everything a twilight fan wants, It gave you a huge fight at the end and the awwwwww no, Carlisle's head just got decapitated, but then when you realised it was just a vision and it was just what could have happened you got the amazing feeling of releif because all your favourite characters were still alive and well. But most of all the releif was because you knew all the Cullens and the Warewolfs were okay so therefore there is the hope that their will be a new film....and the two men from Romania who despise the Volturi should come back one is called novel vladimir. and the women from the Amazon were really cool too, the ones who can make you see what they want.
29. Carl Davies
I think it woul be rude not to continue with these fantastic stories, at the end ov the fight with the volturie aro looks at alice who he originally wanted fromthe cullans but then switched to bella who is a shield and then say 'such a prize' so I think there will be another one where the volturie goback for the cullans but this time for bella
30. Samuel54
I personally would love to see this series continue. There is so much more potential!
31. Lyric Brown
I Love Stephanie Myers she's the best thank you for your great work I will love you forever if there was another twilight movie I cry every time I see them all especially the last one at the end when they play the little theme song that's in all the twilight movies I even learned how to play it on the piano best movie ever and best book best author.
32. Rtrrrs
Nooooo more please ... Cause more will mean killing off the cullans one by on end I just couldn't bare the sight of that!!! I cried crocodile tears when I seen aro holding the dad head ( don't know the correct spelling) !!!! If there's more please leave the cullans and jake alive!!! Lol
33. Christy Rose
OMG I NEED MORE.....please please give us another Twilight. I wanna see what the future holds for Renesme and Jake and does Charlie ever find out the truth? PLEASE I NEED more
34. Jennifer Ann Mendoza
Loved all the twilight movies. Especially Breaking Dawn 2. Would absolutely love it if there was one more. BUT PLEASE DONT CHANGE THE ACTORS. IT would Definitely mess up the whole entire movie. If you have different actors I'm pretty sure lots of people would be disappointed.
35. carrie and raven
Me and my daughter are in love with the twilight saga. We will have days where we watch all the movies and be lazy. We love getting lost in the wonderful story. It'd be heartbreaking to think there will be no more. We are eagerly awaiting when she decides to continue the story!!
36. jahdore
I need more please Stephanie its medication for e i dont. Get
37. Clary F.
Plz make a new book and movie I have to find out more about renesama and jacob
38. Samantha Laurie
Please don't stop twilight i won't really be interested in other movies and even though i'm a twelve year old from trinidad and i love this move i wanna grow up to be like the writer of thismovie/book please don't get my hopes up and don't stop twilight an it means alot that you are a mormon too cuz i'm 1 too.
39. To Stephenie Meyer
I never read a series so remarkable and so astonishing when I recieved the series for Christmas I read the series every night and didn't leave my room even to eat. I feel so attached to this series this series has truly changed my view point on life and now my life revolves around the book. I lost the first book which I was going to reread until the day I died so I'm going to buy a new one. Any way Stephenie Meyer if you are reading this which I'm hoping I can't believe you got tired of vampires I want to become an author now just to read more about vampire romance so please please add another series because i don't care a bit about this project about austenland okay. So do something you secretly love and everyone is obsessed with. VAMPIRES! There is a plethora you can write about for example Sue Clearwater and Charlie getting married Renesmee growing up and the Volturi trying to recruit memebers. Charlie finding out about Bella being a vampire and or that Renesmee really is Bella's daughter about one of Jacobs friends who finally imprints on someone. Common your working with liquid gold it's not hard and if you don't write a book I'm going to grow up become an author and finish the series for you.
40. sotonbabe133
Please make more of them ! I always told my friends I didnt want to watch them as I hated vampire films as they were always so tacky and just plain dreadful! But now I am a twilighter and love love love Edward hes just so mysterious even tho his story is out in the open but I am so so so so so glad I finally watched them all even made me cry :'( sniff sniff excellent movies and would love more spin offs to do with jacob bella edward and renesme x true fan for life
41. jmacvic14
Look I think the story should continue. In my opinion Charlie should be come a vampire or jacob and rennessmae should have a mixed kid or a hybrid like in the underworld series but in this one it can go out in the sun light change in to a wolf at any time and be a vampire while it is walking around in its human form. And on doing so it brings the ware wolf's and the vampires together forever getting rid of the treaty that was made and also the vaultory should be more in it and more action with them and so on. Another 2 movies can be easily made the only thing that sucks is vampires dont get older or age but ware wolfs do. So you would have to do something where the human actors are older and jake is older but bella and the rest of the collins are still preserved in their youth or age they turned. This could be difficult and raise and isssue but I dont think it is anything that cant be over comed.
42. Lisa Siegel
I Think Stephanie Should Continue With The Twilight Series. I Watched The Fan Made Clip Of Jacob And Renesme (crossbreed) And Thought It Was Awesome :)
43. Dominique Kelly
It will be so wonderful if you made another twilight (: . Just don't kill the cullens !
Jessica olson
44. Brooky86
Yess please do not stop writing these awesome books!How can it be over?There are so many things that you could start a new book with.The fact that Aro wants Bella, more then he wants Alice and maybe kidnaps Renesmee to get bella to join them.Or Maybe that the Vather of Belly somehow does find out about them being vampires..Well and of course Jacob and Renesmee´s story.I dont think it would be good if Stephanie Meyer waited to long to continue.Nobody wants to see a 35 year old Bella lol.
45. Clairol
I personally would love to see what continues from the point of after the last movie Breaking Dawn part 2, with Arrow wanting the ones with powers and what happens from then on with Jacob and Reneseme, I love all the Cullens and the wolves, as well as Bella's family... please keep it going....
46. Karen71
I would love to see more of Twilight.I believe Breaking Dawn 2 was the best of the series. But if more are to be made it needs to be soon. As we all know...vamps don't age and if you wait to long the actors will be to old to reprise their roles. And it wouldn't be the same. If there will be no more at least it ended well. Perfect ending to a wonderful series!
47. loveitme
I am beggin you dont stop these are the best books and movies I have ever seen you cant stop its all I think about. How could you stop? It makes us feel like were in the movies and books.Ilove you and your books so much, PLEASE DONT STOP KEEP GOING!!!!!
48. twilightlover
49. allia
i hope theres a third breaking dawn i really want there to be more please please finish the series soon i want more twighlight please let me no if she is gonna continue please it would be so awesome to see more even my fionce wants to no what happens with them allso that is a sign. dont leave all ur fans hanging we want more
50. Lynn Surette
Please make another movie loved them and want to see what would happen next I enjoyed reading them and watching them ......need more
51. Sheila Cruz
I think we should more twilight and other series maybe human and fairy. Morevieriety
52. Jalliyah
Obviously everybody loved the twilight serious so I am completely beging you not to give up on the twilight serious it was so good just to drop you know.I understand you need a break I mean come on who wouldn't after writing all the number one selling book.The point is all your friend (including myself lol) would not no what to do if you quit the twilight serious.So what I'm asking is that maybe in 2015,2016 or sooner whatever works for you that maybe you can pick back up where you left off.If you Take that onto consideration and actually decide just know were your back fall 100% ;-)
53. Jalliyah
I've Been doing some research and I had read that u said you're torn between the two.Please Stephanie please don't give up on twilight I don't know what I would do without this tragic crazy love story every book and movie has been interesting to me all I ask is you keep writing them please I'm begging you don't leave all you fans Behond. When I found out that the twilight serious might be endind be honest I cried like a baby:'( I just couldn't believe that after all these years and time it took to write these stories that you might be leavcong us behind when there's yet to be told stories, So Stephanie please please please don't let us fade away into history please keep your history and ledgend forever going!!!!!!!!Please Please haha I'll do the roles myself haha the point is are that we love you and your books so please please keep the ball rolling!!!!
54. kourtney adams
Please make part 3 I love all the twilights I got my kids an mother watching them.I don't read books but I did read all the twilight books I fell in love wit them an the movies so please do us the honor of making a part 3
55. Astrid
I would like to see a new continued series with some of the old characters and some new blood of characters, but most of all Reneseme's character and talents excell. I would like to see Reneseme and Jacob's relationship develop.
57. omemory--
I think thats the perfect conclusion because if itis a new episode somebody is going to end up dead and leave us really sad and depressed.
58. cory4evans
They need to make another one because it sounds like the voultori still wants to fight!! "We will not fight TODAY"..
59. Sandy Truitt
Stephanie make more twilight books so we can see more movies of Twilight again ! I love them all ! I even bought the Twilight forever blu ray set which has all the twilight movies plus I also bought twilight calendars!
I watch the twiligh sega over and over I even got my husband like in Twilight Saga please Stephanie we want more !!! I am a great fan of The Twilight Saga !!!!!!
60. Suzy Ortiz
Stephanie Myer, please please please make another twilight movie!!! I've read all of the books years ago in high school and I've watched yeah movies numerous times. Although, it's been awhile since I've seen the movies, I just recently watched them all. After watching them again after so long, it clicked. Alice has a vision at the end, where it shows Renesmee and Jacob living happily, and along with Edward and Bella. There's just got to be another movie that takes place after. Maybe one that is mainly about Renesmee and Jacob. Allowing them to be the main characters, yet still keeping the original cast in as well. In part 2 it was also brought to my attention that the Volturi has not quite accepted Renesmees existence. Maybe that could be added? I am definitely no author or producer, but I've got quite the imagination. I have strong hope for another movie to be released soon. I could be completely wrong about what I think it'll be about, but.... It would make perfect sense; for us, the fans to see the half mortal half immortal living her life with her mate. It's been two years, I'm more than certain it could be pulled off. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!
61. Octavia Carpenter
Please make more I will wait ten years lol to see another one best movies iam ,30.with three kids 9,5,3 I ell be telling my grandkids bout ur movies no joke great movie I fell with them in the actors in actress
62. madeline gauvin
i love the twilight saga vampire are in. why stop and wait when you have fan wanting more now by the time you get a movie started it wil be to late for fan and the actor because i would think it best to keep it the same. there are movie out here that waited to long and had to change actor and then the movie suck. this is my piont of view i watch the movies all the timen and pull all nighters to watch them all in one night. i hope you do make a new book and a movie on the twilight saga it would be great
63. taeserae
Please, continue the saga
These books and movies are soooo good! And the ending of breaking dawn 2 left it wide open. Aro is not done with the cullens, and jake deserves a perfect ending as do the rest of them. I would like to see bella's powers grow and renesmay grow and her powers and life with jake. Charlie what happens with him? Will the cullens finaly defeat the vultori? It cant end this way
64. Karen DuBose
Would love to see what the future holds in store for everyone. What other would do to try to bring down the love and strong hold of the family.
65. farrah
I would love to see another twilight movie. Im sorry but aliens and mermaids just suck. Not enough action in those kind of movies for me and im sure a lot would agree.
66. Makayla Maytubby
I hope they do make another twilight movie but this time they should put a vampire-wolf or a volf in it.
67. cats
I want more twilight.I want to see more of vampire Bella and her daughter.more more more.I love twilight.IM watching breaking dawn part 1 now
68. Corrina Shediac
I want more, I need more!
69. Ray K
Me and my wife and daughter loved your movies.... Love to watch some new twilight stories... No brainer !!!!
70. Stephanie Mistich
Please More Twilight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kat Martin
73. forevermad
I know it can't be easy to write books, and we must just sound like greedy people who have no idea of the hard work you have to put in, but it really would be amazing if you could continue the stories. I'm particularly curious about where Alice came from - although seeing as she doesn't know herself, I don't know if there's anyway she could find out...? Also Jac0b and Renesme, it would be so cool to have them growing up, dating, getting married, having issues and kids. It would be totally awesome!! Leah needs to meet someone and what happens to Renée? Does she ever find out? Does she think Bella is dead? The story never makes that quite clear..?? I do hope you can write a couple more, even if they don't get made into movies because the actors are too old by that point. I will wait quite happily because I've always preferred books over movies, there is always so much more detail and you always end up being disappointed in a movie because there is something left out that you really wanted to see. One request! If you write more books, do not kill any of the Cullens or wolves! I totally cried when Carlisle and Seth died in that vision fight, I would never be able to read/watch the twilight series again if anything like that were to actually happen. Thanks
74. Cassie Mcfarland
Hello,my name is cassie and I have read and saw every twilight saga. I strongly believe that at the end of breaking dawn part 2 there was alice's vision of Jacob and Renesmee together. So if there is not going to be another movie to continue the saga then why put that in there? I believe that there should be another book and movie to flow it up. I would love if u answered my question. Thank you very much.
75. Leesha E
I would love for the story to keep going. For instance, Jacob and Renesme end up with a child & start their own family. There are too many possibilities for the saga to end.
76. kimberly smith1964
Twilight help me through a rough patch in my life. I still to turn to it on tough days. More even if novella's would be wonderful. Lots of characters to use. thanks!
77. madison burke
honestly i would love if they made another twilight movie about how renessme grows up and what will happen in her future with jacob. I would love to see jacob and renessme have kids together and get married. i hope they make another movie. i love twilight!
78. Alyse_Nichelle_M
OMG! please please write more books about the Cullen's and Jacob! I love the books and movies SOOOooo much! They are amazing! Eventhough it's been years I still read nad watch them over and over! I wish I had as much talent as Stephanie does with writing! PLEASE DONT STOP THEIR STORY!
79. merlibat
vampire... or do you just want a taste? Whatever your desire, we can fulfill it! Contact our Mystical Vampire Home at Be sure you want it, because there's no turning back... Our highly skilled vampires can alter your very essence, turning you into a real vampire.
80. sohail
please continue Twilight saga breaking dawn after make new part i am huge friend Twilight all parts so please continue
81. Ablessing Mitchell
Please make another twilight. All the series was awesome and talented. I know you are tired of making twilight but your fans including myself abouslty never grow tired of it. I want to know how Jacob and Nesse life story goes. You dont have to have the same people playing the charcters but, have the Kristen Steward and all of the others main charcters come back. I want to also know want to know what the volture wanted with "THE CULLENS".
82. Samantha26
Even though I own all the movies when one comes on tv it's a must watch in my house!! The love, story line, and mystery is to die for! I love it and would truly be heartbroken if we couldn't see what happened's love that would never end! Please another PLEASE! thanks so much for your time!??
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