Sep 13 2012 9:07am

Males Get “Performance Boost” from Gender Stereotypes

You know how the males in your life believe they are better at navigating?

Science finds that if you tell them that—even if it's not true—it'll give them a performance boost.

According to the study, “while men are better than women, on average, at using geometric cues to navigate, the genders are equally good wayfinders when using landmarks. The 'men are better navigators' stereotype made men better at both.” 

Wonder what else we could tell them that they're better at?

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1. HJ
Cleaning? That's what you had in mind, wasn't it?!
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
@HJ: Cleaning! Of course!
"Oh, honey, you unload the dishwasher so much better and faster and harder than I do!
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