H&H Quickie #18: Tessa Bailey’s “Penalty Kiss” H&H Quickie #18: Tessa Bailey’s “Penalty Kiss” Tessa Bailey “This box is taken,” Jessie called, waving him off. “Come back another time.” <i>Three Sweet Nothings</i>: Exclusive Excerpt Three Sweet Nothings: Exclusive Excerpt Nikki Sloane "I traced the tip of my tongue over her neck and up..." <i>The Edge of the Blade</i>: Exclusive Excerpt The Edge of the Blade: Exclusive Excerpt Jeffe Kennedy "When he opened his mouth, a hard look in his eye..." <i>Can't Stop Loving You</i>: Exclusive Excerpt Can't Stop Loving You: Exclusive Excerpt Miranda Liasson "All Bella’s critical body parts were humming..."
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Team H & H
December 8, 2016
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December 7, 2016
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December 7, 2016
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Dec 9 2016 3:00pm

Spots and All: Comments that Made Our Week

We at Heroes and Heartbreakers are so proud of and thankful for this wonderful community. Thank you for always adding a little extra sparkle to our week. In honor of Fan Friday, we want to give a special shoutout to a few of our favorite comments, and the readers behind them. We love your work!

Renee1 has had it with Ross Poldark

Renee1 in How Flawed it Too Flawed

Poldark has been KILLING me with this lately. It edged a bit into the too flawed zone for me. I really hope Season 3 gives us more redemption!

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Dec 9 2016 2:00pm

Friday Beefcake: A Love Letter to the Men of Timeless

Source: Joe Lederer/NBC

Dear Men of Timeless,

We never miss a shipping opportunity here at H&H, and we're sorry it took us this long to realize how intriguing all of you are.

Between Rufus, Wyatt, and the enigmatic Garcia Flynn, you've made our fall TV viewing that much beefier and a whole lot of fun.

And it looks like the Lucy/Wyatt (Lyatt?) ship is getting ready to set sail, especially after this past week's Bonnie & Clyde episode, so yeah, we're really on board.

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Dec 7 2016 1:17pm

“Take ’Em Off”: Christian and Ana Get Hotter in the New Fifty Shades Darker Trailer

An extended trailer for Fifty Shades Darker is here and it's hotter than the first! In an attempt to win Anastasia back, Christian is pulling out all the stops, and we get more of  a glimpse of all the drama that's to come. 

Former paramours, a visit from Christian's mother, and Ana's boss all culminate in a heart-racing, nail-biting ride. Can't wait to see what's in store of these two.

[See the trailer now!]

Dec 6 2016 2:00pm

Cover Tuesday: Exclusive Reveals from Calista Fox, Aidan Wayne, Jamie Howard, Victoria De La O, and Nicole McLaughlin!

This Cover Tuesday, Team H&H brings you five great covers from authors Calista Fox, Aidan Wayne, Jamie Howard, Victoria De La O, and Nicole McLaughlin! First up, Calista Fox's Confession promises steamy, seductive Bayfront Billionaires and a love triangle that could turn into much more. Aidan Wayne's Making Love features a faulty cupid attempting to find true love for a succubus while trying to better understand the chemistry of love. In Jamie Howard's The Feeling of Forever, Juliet and Felix have secrets and pasts that may keep them from finding their happily ever after. In Victoria De La O's Tell Me Not to Go, Jeff meets his sister's best friend Samantha, and even though neither of them are in the market for romance, they can't deny the attraction between them. And in Nicole McLaughlin's All I Ask, a man who's always down for a good time meets a woman who's tried of always playing it safe. 

Confession by Calista Fox

Confession by Calista Fox

100 Shades of Sin…

Delicious and hot, the seductive Bayfront Billionaires need one thing, and one thing only: the woman made for them, the one woman on earth who can complete their trio of passion and desire.

Billionaire business partners Devon McMillan and Morgan Presley have spent the past two years on opposite coasts after nearly crossing a forbidden line during one of their steamier ménages. But when a tempting business offer brings them back to their hometown, something even more tempting will distract them both—their childhood best friend, Fallon Carteris. The years apart have done nothing to temper their scorching desire for her, and these billionaires will do whatever they can to bring her to their bed.

Fallon has never been able to decide which man she desires more, nor could she ever choose between them—and quickly learns she doesn’t have to. When Fallon confesses she’s always wanted the two men, they both pursue her. As the love triangle heats up, their emotions become as entangled as their bodies. But is their love strong enough to keep their threesome together?

Learn more about or pre-order a copy of Confession by Calista Fox, available February 7, 2017:

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Dec 5 2016 5:20pm

Breaking News: Nalini Singh Shares Silver Silence Cover!

Earlier this year, with the release of Allegiance of Honor, we saw the end of the first arc of Nalini Singh's Psy-Changeling series with the hope that phase two would begin soon with Psy-Changeling Trinity series. Now, just moments ago, Nalini Singh revealed the cover for the much anticipated book, Silver Silence, on her Facebook page.

We've been looking forward to this release for a while now and we have a lot of questions before the June 13, 2017 release of Silver Silence: Will we see much loved characters again? Where are the bears? What are you most looking forward to?

Learn more about Silver Silence here:

New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh returns to her extraordinary Psy-Changeling world with a story of wild passion and darkest betrayal...

Control. Precision. Family. These are the principles that drive Silver Mercant. At a time when the fledgling Trinity Accord seeks to unite a divided world, with Silver playing a crucial role as director of a worldwide emergency response network, wildness and chaos are the last things she needs in her life. But that’s exactly what Valentin Nikolaev, alpha of the StoneWater Bears, brings with him.

Valentin has never met a more fascinating woman. Though Silver is ruled by Silence—her mind clear of all emotion—Valentin senses a whisper of fire around her. That’s what keeps him climbing apartment buildings to be near her. But when a shadow assassin almost succeeds in poisoning Silver, the stakes become deadly serious…and Silver finds herself in the heart of a powerful bear clan.

Her would-be assassin has no idea what their poison has unleashed...

Learn more about or pre-order a copy of Silver Silence by Nalini Singh, available June 13, 2017:

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Dec 2 2016 12:20pm

So Conflicted: Comments That Made Our Week

We at Heroes and Heartbreakers are so proud of and thankful for this wonderful community. Thank you for always adding a little extra sparkle to our week. In honor of Fan Friday, we want to give a special shoutout to a few of our favorite comments, and the readers behind them. We love your work!

rae70 is all of us on the controversial topic of book spines 

rae70 in In Defense of Breaking Spines

I'm so conflicted now......

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Dec 2 2016 10:00am

Karen Marie Moning Shares Feversong Dani Excerpt!

Feversong by Karen Marie MoningLooking for a Friday Read, then Karen Marie Moning has you covered. This morning she treated readers to another sneak peek at January's Feversong. Moning gave us a Chapter 1 excerpt Moning last month, and this excerpt gives us a taste of Dani's life before we knew her in a scene that KMM said, left her in tears. 

Here's a taste:

One night my mother gave me a bath, dried and brushed my hair, and we played games on the rickety kitchen table until I nearly fell asleep on my stool. Then she carried me to her bed where I lay my head on her pillowcase—the one with the little ducks—and I put my hands on her face and stared at her with sleepy eyes because I loved watching her while I fell asleep, and she held me so close and so tight, snuggled up in her good mom-smell that I knew I was the most important thing to her in the whole world, and I slipped off to happy dreams.

The next morning I woke up with a collar around my neck, chained on a small mattress inside the dog’s cage.   

Read the full excerpt, plus a note from KMM herself, on Facebook. 

Learn more about or pre-order a copy of Feversong by Karen Marie Moning, available January 17, 2017:

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H&H Editor Picks:

Karen Marie Moning Dishes on Mac, Barrons, and More!

Feverborn Spoiler Thread + Best Twitter Reaction

10 Urban Fantasy Series You Should Read

Dec 1 2016 2:00pm

Megan Crane’s Edge of Power Sneak Peek!

Toda we're thrilled to offer up double the reveals with the exclusive cover reveal for Megan Crane's Edge of Power, the fourth book in The Edge series. What could make a dystopic erotic romance better? Add Vikings! Now we know you'll want to take the time to oggle this cover, but after you're done, meet the Viking of your dreams with a sneak peek from a scene in Edge of Power!

Edge of Power by Megan Crane

Edge of Power by Megan Crane (The Edge #4)

It's the End of the World and We Feel Fine Because
Hot Sex + Hard Vikings = Mind. Blown.

Book 4 in the Edge series! 

This brotherhood of raider warriors is alpha, dominant, unforgiving...and they keep what they take.

No man embodies being a Raider better than Wulf. King of his clan and the ruthless head of the raider brotherhood, every foe in his path surrenders to his rage. But when his mortal enemy’s beguiling daughter gets under his skin the way no one else ever has, a whole new intensity from the Raider King in unleashed…the fiery strength of dark passion and hard-hitting lust.

Kathlyn is no fan of the life she’s been forced to live under her savage father’s unforgiving rule. But the bold and powerful barbarian who steals her innocence—and her heart—is a dangerous bet. There’s nothing safe about a man who wants to destroy everything she knows and burn it to the ground. Kathlyn is all too aware that the deadly, brutally compelling raider who sets her afire with every scorching touch can only be using heras one more daring attempt to usurp her father’s power. But can the overwhelming heat of her warrior-King lead to something even stronger than lust?

[+Read a scene from the book!]

Nov 30 2016 9:45am

H&H Bloggers Recommend: Best Reads of November 2016

A Study in Scarlet Women by Sherry Thomas

What are the best romance of November 2016?

Each month, we ask our bloggers to share the best thing they’ve read (or things, plural, if our bloggers declare a tie ’cause they just can’t choose). It doesn’t have to be a new book, as evidenced below; just something that made the month sparkle a bit more.

Darlene Marshall:

My best of November is A Study in Scarlet Women (Lady Sherlock, #1) by Sherry Thomas, an entertaining twist on the Sherlock Holmes legend. What if Holmes wasn't who we thought he is, but instead was a woman, constrained by Victorian society and mores, but possessing the same keen mind and abilities?

Thomas presents us with a tantalizing new series, where Holmes is teamed with Mrs. John Watson and together they work to unravel a series of mysterious deaths.

We're introduced to a number of characters in this first novel, some familiar, some new, and I found the entire experience quite satisfying. There's a hint of a romance, and I wondered if there would be a Mr. Adler in Miss Holmes' future adventures to keep things interesting.


The Virgin and the Viscount by Charis Michaels is the first book I've read by this fairly new author and make no mistake, it won't be the last. It's heavy material, touching on themes of the sex trade a la 1800s England. But this story is also about redemption and second chances. With scenes that had me squeeing and crying, I vacillated between reading slow in order to savor the moments and plowing through to find out what happens next. Historical romance fans, rejoice! This one's a winner winner chicken dinner...or perhaps more fitting, turkey dinner?

[We have a winner!]

Nov 28 2016 9:30am

December 2016 Romance Novel New Releases Shopping List

Find your future faves with this delightfully convenient shopping list of romance novels coming out in December.

We’ve divided them up by week to make it easier for you to find the newest releases. For those who’ve got a very specific obsession, we also divided the list up by subgenre and there are some great books to look forward to, and you can can find them in our printable version. Our shopping list is the biggest yet, so don’t forget to take this printable version with you when it’s time to shop!

Jump to New Releases for the Week of:

December 1-6 December 7-13 December 14-20 |   December 21-31

Week of December 1 through December 6

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Nov 25 2016 3:00pm

Friday Beefcake: A Look Back at the Men We’re Grateful For

SourceHelga Esteb/Shutterstock.com

There have been a number of truly beefy Beefcakes that we've been grateful for this year, and in true Thanksgiving fashion, we're giving you a sampling of some of Team H&H 's favorite Beefcakes of the year. 

So grab a cup of tea, or a glass of wine if that's more your speed, and journey with us as we give thanks for some of this year's beefcakes.

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Nov 24 2016 2:00pm

Trivia: Can You Remember These Romance Novelists’ First Novel?

It's H&H Trivia Night, and what could make trivia more fun!?—make it about romance novels! Flex your brain muscles and see if you can recall your favorite romance author's very first novel! There are some tricky ones on the list, can you guess them all correctly? 

Special Note: Each other is under their first full book under this exact pen name, not necessarily the first one they ever published under any pen name. It adds some extra spice, don't you think?

[Can you guess them all?]

Nov 22 2016 1:00pm

2016 Holiday Romance Shopping List

It's hard to get in the holiday spirit in September! Now that the air is getting a little crisper and the twinkle lights are ready to be strung up, it's time to break out the wintery reads. 

We’ve collected all the holiday romances to hit shelves over the past few months and present them to you here! For those who’ve got a very specific obsession, we divided the list up by subgenre and there are some great books to look forward to. Don’t forget to take this printable version with you when it’s time to shop!

Jump to Your Preferred Subgenre
Paranormal| Historical | Contemporary | Romantic Suspense | 
Erotica/Erotic RomanceWomen's Fiction | 
Notable Holiday Reprints

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Nov 21 2016 2:30pm

Tamara Morgan’s Stealing Mr. Right Chapter 1 Excerpt + Cover Reveal!

Stealing Mr. Right by Tamara Morgan

Today we're thrilled to reveal to you the cover for Tamara Morgan's Stealing Mr. Right. Finding Mr. Right is hard enough... but it gets a heck of a lot harder to keep him when you're a jewel thief and your husband is an FBI agent. Nothing a little bit of therapy won't cure, right? Get a taste of how the story begins (once you stop staring at the striking cover) with an excerpt of Chapter 1!

I'm a wanted jewel thief.

He's FBI.

What's that saying? Keep your friends close...and your husband closer.

Being married to a federal agent certainly has its perks.

  1.  I just love the way that man looks in a suit.
  2. This way I always know what the enemy is up to.

Spending my days lifting jewels and my nights tracking the Bureau should have been a genius plan. But the closer I get to Grant Emerson, the more dangerous this feels. With two million dollars' worth of diamonds on the line, I can't afford to fall for my own husband.

It turns out that the only thing worse than having a mortal enemy is being married to one. Because in our game of theft and seduction, only one of us will come out on top.

Good thing a cat burglar always lands on her feet.

Now that you've had the chance to ogle the cover, get a sneak peek at Tamara Morgan's Stealing Mr. Right (March 7, 2017) with an exclusive excerpt of Chapter 1!

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Nov 19 2016 11:00am

Author Spotlight: Remember the First Romance Novel You Read?

Source: Shutterstock

Everyone remembers their first! Their first romance novel, that is. Over the past two years, we've had the honor of hearing from some of the genre's most beloved writers in a special Author Spotlight exclusively in our Heroes and Heartbreakers weekly newsletter. One question we've put to authors regularly is what they remember about the first romance novel they ever read. Now, we hope you enjoy reading all their delightful answers in one place!

Want to be the first to get updates on your favorite authors? Sign up to receive the Heroes and Heartbreakers newsletter.

What book introduced you to romance, and what do you remember about it?

Lauren Billings (a.k.a. one-half of Christina Lauren)

I grew up in the Bay Area, but nearly every weekend, my parents would take us north to a damp, drafty cabin on the Russian River. We’d build a fire and, away from social stress, homework, and sports routines, my sister and I would read for hours on end.

She would read John Steinbeck. I would read Danielle Steel.

I tore through them all. The first I read—Palomino—was a well-loved mass market paperback from a used book store. I bought it because I’d been away to summer camp, and had fallen in love with horses; I had no idea that it was a romance novel. But I was instantly smitten.

The family drama was All Kinds of Amazing, but let’s be real: I lived for the kissing parts. I liked Steinbeck all right, but from the moment I read Palomino, I knew that romance was my jam.

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Nov 18 2016 3:00pm

We Regret Nothing: Comments That Made Our Week

We at Heroes and Heartbreakers are so proud of and thankful for this wonderful community. Thank you for always adding a little extra sparkle to our week. In honor of Fan Friday, we want to give a special shoutout to a few of our favorite comments, and the readers behind them. We love your work!

It’s about the story for bungluna

bungluna in Sex Doesn’t Sell? Wait...What Now?

It is all about the story for me. If the explicit content flows with the story, I read it. If it's jarring to my reader's sensitivity, I skim it. I feel like some authors insert sex scenes willy nilly at certain intervals, while others can hold off half a book and then wham! hit you with a great sensual love scene.

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Nov 18 2016 2:00pm

Friday Beefcake: A Love Letter to Men in Bed

Source: Shutterstock

Dear Men in Bed,

You're an absolute delight to see. Honestly, besides the suggestive ideas you give us when we pick up a new romance novel, you're always so present, so willing to cuddle and lend an ear.

Er, that's what everyone thinks, right? 

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Nov 18 2016 1:00pm

Sneak Peek at Grace Burrowes’ Too Scot to Handle + Cover!

Team H&H has a sneak peek for you from author Grace Burrowes, and the next installment of her Windham Brides series, Too Scot to Handle. Colin MacHugh comes into an inheritance he dreads, but uses his new position to keep him in close company with the alluring Anwen.

Too Scot to Handle by Grace Burrowes

Too Scot to Handle by Grace Burrowes

Colin MacHugh, a former officer in Wellington's army, is thrust into polite society when his brother inherits a Scottish dukedom, though Colin dreads mingling in candlelit ballrooms while matchmakers take aim at his fortune and his freedom. He's also not very fond of the drink-gamble-swive-repeat lifestyle of his new gentlemen friends. So when offered the opportunity to join the board of directors at the local orphanage, he jumps at the chance to put his business acumen to use. And to spend more time with the alluring Anwen Windham…

Anwen is devoted to helping the orphanage regain its financial footing. And she's amazed at the ease in which Colin gains the respect of the former pickpockets and thieves at the House of Urchins. But when a noble gentleman who wants Anwen for himself accuses Colin of embezzling funds, everything is on the line—the safety of the young boys in their charge, their love for each other...and even Colin's very life.

[+ A Sneak Peek!]