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Feb 7 2014 10:30am

Waxing the Undercarriages: Manscaping on Romance Novel Covers

What a Rancher Wants by Sarah M. AndersonToday we're delighted to welcome author Sarah M. Anderson back to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Sarah's latest release, What a Rancher Wants, has one of our favorite tropes, where the hero falls for the best friend's little sister (plus there's scandal, and betrayal, and sheltered upbringings). Sarah is here to talk about men and their manscaping. Thanks, Sarah!

A few months ago, I wrote about my personal bias toward/against women waxing their pubic areas and asked readers what they thought about heroines in romance novels who do/do not shave, wax, laser, or otherwise tame their “ladygardens,” as one commenter so delicately put it.

I was in the ‘can’t be bothered/too cheap/don’t like pain or regrowth (itchy!)’ camp. But there were a surprising number of people, both readers and authors, who are all for paying gardeners to manicure the greenery, so to speak.

Pros for trimming the hedge included how it felt for the heroine during sex, how the heroine felt during sex and, let me see, how the heroine felt during sex. And, frankly, that’s a pretty darn good list of reasons. If it works for you, go for it!

This leads us to the inevitable question (you saw this coming, right?): How do you feel about heroes who wax?

[Go below the belt...]

Oct 24 2013 9:30am

Waxing Pathetic—Should Heroines Dare to be Bare?

Expecting a Bolton Baby by Sarah M. AndersonToday we welcome back Sarah M. Anderson, whose Expecting a Bolton Baby comes out in just a few weeks. Sarah is no stranger to getting in-depth and personal at H&H; her past posts have including the topics of alternate names for the male appendage, the female's soft petals, and slut-shaming. This post talks about waxing—and how authors walk the razor's edge when they start discussing how bare the heroine is daring to be. Thanks, Sarah!

The other day, I was reading a book that shall remain nameless when I reached a sex scene. YEAH! Excited, I began to read faster. Until I hit the part where the heroine—who had been in a semi-abusive relationship at the age of 14 with a much older man and hadn’t had another relationship with a man for the next decade—stripped for our hero. This was supposed to be a big moment—not just because Yeah! Sex!—but because she was taking a risk on our hero by really exposing herself. The sex was spontaneous, not the planned-weeks-in-advance kind.

Except that, when she literally exposed herself, our hero noted how pleased he was that she was waxed bare.

And boy, all the fun feelings I was having up to that point came to a screeching halt. Really? I thought. She’s been living a celibate life for a decade and is waxed bare? Who the hell does that? That’s ten years of upkeep, cost, regrowth—and for what?

[Let's talk about lady grooming...]

Feb 7 2013 2:00pm

Author Sarah M. Anderson on Slut Shaming and Happily Ever Afters

A Real Cowboy by Sarah M. AndersonToday, we're pleased to welcome Sarah Anderson back to H&H. Sarah is an old-timer by now, having written A Penis by Any Other Name and Names for the Vagina and today's post was inspired by some lively Twitter conversation about romance novels and current popular events. The heroine of Sarah's brand-new book, A Real Cowboy, also suffers through slut-shaming, but ends up, thankfully, with her own happy ending. Thanks, Sarah!

By this point, the names alone should be all you need to hear. Janet Jackson. Kristen Stewart. Kate Middleton. Anne Hathaway.

Not that these women have been alone in experiencing the horrors of being publicly slut-shamed. They’re just the most recent in a long line of women who have been put in their “place” by means of manipulating sex and perception. We’ve been told over and over that their sexuality—the fact that they either had sex or even just had body parts involved in sex—was dangerous, dirty, wrong.

Who could forget Janet Jackson? Remember what she did during that Super Bowl Halftime routine? She stood by while Justin Timberlake ripped part of her costume off, thereby giving birth to the phrase “wardrobe malfunction.” Justin issued a statement apologizing, yet the world went on as if Janet had personally corrupted an entire generation of youths on purpose.

[What's up with THAT?...]

Dec 5 2012 11:32am

Mystic Cowboy: New Excerpt

Sarah Anderson

Mystic Cowboy by Sarah M. AndersonJust who does Rebel Runs Fast think he is? Dr. Madeline Mitchell, the new doctor on the White Sandy Lakota Indian Reservation, knows there’s a good answer to that question. Somewhere.

Sure, the Lakota medicine man is every cowboy-and-Indian fantasy she ever had, but he sends patients to sweat lodges instead of clinical trials, talks them out of flu vaccines. Even more irritating, he makes her heart race.

Rebel swore off the white man’s world—and its women—years ago. Madeline doesn’t speak the language, understand the customs, or believe he’s anything more than a charlatan. Yet she stays, determined to help his people. And he keeps finding excuses to spend more time at the clinic.

When he discovers her in the throes of dangerous heat stroke, Rebel’s efforts to cool her down set fire to a passion neither thought they wanted. But when the people start falling violently ill, the cultural gap stretches the connection between their hearts to the breaking point…

Get a sneak peek at Sarah M. Anderson's Mystic Cowboy (available January 1, 2013) with an exclusive excerpt of Chapter 6.

Chapter 6

If possible, her cheeks shot even redder than a summer tomato as everything soft about her in his arms turned to steel. “Excuse me? Your ex-wife?”

[Continue on to read the full excerpt of Mystic Cowboy...]

Aug 29 2012 3:00pm

Author Sarah Anderson on Names for the Vagina

A Man of Distinction by Sarah M. AndersonWe're thrilled to welcome author Sarah Anderson back to Heroes and Heartbreakers! Sarah had a memorable post on the variety of terms authors use for the penis, but we knew she was only telling half the story, so we've asked her back, just in time for A Man of Distinction to be released. Thanks for joining us, Sarah!

(Plus, read to the end for a comment sweepstakes!)

So, About that Vagina…

So glad to be back at Heroes and Heartbreakers! As you may (or may not) recall, I stopped by the blog a few months ago to start a Very Important Dialog about Our Friend The Penis, the many wonderful, varied nicknames The Penis goes by, and which of those nicknames one could safely use in a category romance.

We covered all the highlights: cock, dick, erection, turgid velvet-covered shaft of love . . . boy, those were good times. But I couldn’t help but notice that Something Else was happening in the comments section. Namely this: readers came for The Penis, but they stayed to talk about The Vagina and all of its little buddies, The Clitoris, The Labia, and The Vulva.

I don’t know about you, but I feel this is a conversation that is more than worthy of its own blog post.

[And so it is...]

Jul 17 2012 2:30pm

Author Sarah Anderson on a Penis by Any Other Name...

A Man of Privilege by Sarah M. AndersonSo many men, so little time: Today we welcome author Sarah Anderson to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Sarah’s A Man of Privilege was released just a few weeks ago, and then in September, she’ll release A Man of Distinction (A Man of His Word came out in late 2011). Sarah is talking about the penis today, and the many words there are for it, and we are glad to have her here. Welcome, Sarah!

(See the end of the post for a comment contest!)

Let’s just get this out there in the open: To quote Kindergarten Cop, “boys have a penis and girls have a vagina.” These are scientific, official names, used in medical establishments just as commonly as “mandible” and “cranium” are.

Show of hands: how many people giggled anyway?

There’s the problem for romance writers. No matter how legitimate “penis” is, that word will almost always throw a reader out of the story and into a junior-high mindset.

[Now that you mention it...]