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Nov 16 2015 11:00am

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Karolsen: What to Expect from Supergirl’s Kara/James

Note: This post contains spoilers...if you haven't watched the extended trailer for Supergirl. This post will contain heavy amounts of speculation, fangirl squeeing, and shipping. So. Much. Shipping. You've been warned!

Hello, fellow fangirls and lovers of romance and swooning. I have two questions before we get started today.  First, have you been watching Supergirl?  I’d like your answer to be “yes” here, but no matter if you haven’t.  It’s actually question two that’s the important one.  Have you seen the extended trailer for this season of Supergirl?  No?  Ok, tell you what, I’m going to give it to you here and then give you a couple of moments to go take a look. It’ll only take a couple of minutes.  Go…watch...I promise, it will make the rest of this post so much more fun for you.  ……………………….(←patiently waiting dots→)……………..  Ok, I’m going to assume we are all caught up so let the fangirling begin! Did you see those swoonworthy moments?  Squeeeeee!

[She's supergirl ...]

Oct 27 2015 2:00pm

Supergirl 1x01 James/Kara Heart-to-Heart: Ka-Pow

Note: This post may contain spoilers of the Season 1, Episode 1 pilot episode of Supergirl

James and Kara Captain's Log

Show/Episode: Supergirl, Season 1, Episode 1, “Pilot”
Ship(s): James/Kara, Winn/Kara (who knows which way it'll go)

It’s no secret that I’m a hardcore Marvel Comics fangirl.  That said, I’ve been a fan of all superheroes for as long as I can remember.  I have much love for DC Comics, as well and generally watch all things DC.  I currently watch Gotham, The Flash and Arrow and I was ecstatic when I heard that Supergirl was heading to TV.  But then I heard it was coming to CBS and I was apprehensive. CBS does not come to mind, these days, as the place for comic book tv. I was only nervous until I saw the extended trailer a couple of months ago. The trailer looked great and I couldn’t wait for the premiere.  It was a long wait for the premiere but it was so worth it!  It. Was. Awesome!  It was fun, exciting, surprising, twisty, empowering and uplifting.  And, there was eye candy so, you know, WINNER.

[Winner winner, chicken dinner...]

Jun 3 2015 3:30pm

Bigtime Fangirl: Jennifer Estep’s Superfan Heroine is Super-Awesome in Fandemic

Fandemic by Jennifer Estep I’ve seen “fangirl” defined as “a woman who is an extremely or overly enthusiastic fan of someone or something.” Well, I am an unabashed fangirl. I fangirl over a lot of different things; athletes, movies, cartoons, authors, actors, book series, etc. But, my obsession with all things superhero, specifically Marvel  superheroes, have overtaken most other things over the past few years. I read the synopsis to Fandemic and knew that this was the book for me! A fangirl in love with a superhero and trying to save him and win his heart at the same time? Swoon and SQUEE! How awesome is that? 

Bigtime, NY is the setting of Jennifer Estep’s Fandemic. It’s a town fairly littered with superheroes and supervillains and adoring fans. Piper, doesn’t have any super powers but does love the superhero culture. She cosplays as her fave superheroes. She belongs to a  “Slaves for Superhero Sex” club, that’s not quite as salacious as it sounds. She not only loves the superheroes, but she has also discovered the secret identities of most of them, though she does her best not to reveal any of them. She’s even had a relationship with one of the town’s heroes, Swifte, though they aren’t together anymore, partially due to Piper’s obsession with superheroes.

[We can relate to that!]

Sep 4 2014 8:30am

First Look: Kim Harrison’s The Witch With No Name (September 9, 2014)

The Witch with No Name by Kim HarrisonKim Harrison
The Witch with No Name (Hollows series)
Harper Voyager / September 9, 2014 / $26.99 print, $16.99 digital

Rachel Morgan’s come a long way from the clutzy runner of Dead Witch Walking. She’s faced vampires and werewolves, banshees, witchs, and soul–eating demons. She’s crossed worlds, channeled gods, and accepted her place as a day–walking demon. She’s lost friends and lovers and family, and an old enemy has become something much more.

But power demands responsibility, and world–changers must always pay a price. That time is now.

To save Ivy’s soul and the rest of the living vampires, to keep the demonic ever after and our own world from destruction, Rachel Morgan will risk everything.

It’s the end of an era, so to speak. After twelve full-length novels, several novellas, and an Insider’s Guide to the series, the Kim Harrison-penned Hollows series about Rachel Morgan and her vampire, pixie, elven, gargoyle, and demon companions is coming to an end with the 13th book, The Witch With No Name.

“It has been 10 years and many chapters, but the saga of the Hollows is coming to the end where everyone gets their happy everafter, well for those who survive anyway.” – Kim Harrison in an email to subscribers (08/11/14)

[Thirteen is a lucky number, right?...]

Apr 17 2014 1:00pm

10 Things I’ve Learned from J.D. Robb’s In Death Series

Concealed in Death by J.D. RobbWhen I first started reading J.D. Robb's In Death series, there were maybe just six books written in the series, and I had happened to pick up the second book. I loved it and went back the following week and bought all of the books available at that time. And have bought every one in the series since then. I love the world Robb has created, but what keeps me coming back is the characters. I adore the main and recurring characters in that series. I think of them as old friends. I actually miss them between books! The series does more than entertain; it can teach you, if you let it. Below are the top ten life lessons I’ve gleaned from the In Death series.

*Note: Beware of mild SPOILERS if you have not read the majority of the series*

1. Compromise really is the key to a successful relationship

At the beginning of the series, Eve is a no-nonsense cop with no tolerance for criminals. Roarke is a wealthy businessman with a dubious past and a healthy disdain for rules and authority, including the police. Over the series, Eve has strayed slightly from the straight and narrow and Roarke has become less shady. The compromise from them both has helped to strengthen their bond.

[Take a page out of Eve's book(s)...]

Apr 4 2014 2:00pm

Amaztasticful!: An Obviously Super Impartial Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review

Captain America: The Winter Soldier*Disclaimer* I am an unabashed Marvel fangirl. I love the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I've seen Marvel's The Avengers in the theater nineteen times, thus far, and, more recently, I saw Thor: The Dark World in the theater five times before a back injury seriously curtailed my ability to binge on movies. I have already seen Captain America: The Winter Soldier two times, though today is the official opening date and I also managed to sneak in a re-viewing of the first Captain America movie, as well. What can I say; I'm an overachiever. I say all of this to let you know that I am supremely qualified to offer a review of this movie, but I also may be the slightest bit biased. Just a smidge. You've been warned. Since most have not yet seen the movie (seriously, what are you waiting for?), I'll keep this spoiler-free.

Because I love and crave all things Marvel Cinematic Universe, I have been anticipating Captain America: The Winter Soldier for months. I've watched all the sneak peeks, I've read all the theories, I've watched the interviews with the cast, I read all of the early reviews, etc. I participated in anything that was intended to ratchet up interest in the movie and the mission was accomplished; if I could have, I would have somersaulted everywhere all day long on Tuesday, so giddy was I that I was going to see the Advance Screening of the movie that night. One of the things I knew going in was that this movie is part traditional superhero movie but also part spy thriller. In honor of that duality, I will present this review in two parts. The first part will be a traditional, spoiler-free review and the second part will be a full-on fangirlgasm wherein I will abuse exclamation marks and make up brand new words. Because I must.

[Two parts, all awesome? You tell us!...]

Nov 19 2013 3:40pm

Nothing Artificial in Almost Human’s John and Dorian Bromance

Almost Human banner


Starring Karl Urban and Michael Ealy, [Almost Human] is an action-packed police procedural set 35 years in the future, when police officers are partnered with highly evolved human-like androids.

The year is 2048. Meet Detective John Kennex (Urban), a cop who survived one of the most catastrophic attacks ever made against the police department. After waking up from a 17-month coma, he can't remember much—except that his partner was killed, he lost one of his legs and he is now outfitted with a highly sophisticated synthetic appendage.

Suffering from depression, mental atrophy, trauma-onset OCD, PTSD and the “psychological rejection of his synthetic body part,” John returns to work at the behest of longtime ally Captain Sandra Maldonado (Lili Taylor). By mandate, every cop must partner with a robot. And despite his passionate aversion to androids, John is paired up with a battle-ready MX-43. But he abruptly terminates his partnership after the robot discovers incriminating information about him. So technician Rudy Lom (Mackenzie Crook), introduces John to Dorian (Ealy), a discontinued android with unexpected emotional responses. Although such responses were deemed flaws, it is in these “flaws” that John relates to Dorian most. After all, John is part-machine now, and Dorian is part-human. John and Dorian's understanding of each other not only complements them, it connects them.

Let’s be honest right off the bat: When I initially heard about this series, all I needed to hear was Abrams, Urban and Ealy…and I was IN. With Abrams involved, you’re pretty much guaranteed a complex, layered show with lots of action and snarky humor. Karl Urban and Michael Ealy can both run the gamut from dark and intense to light and silly and who wouldn’t want to see them onscreen together? I mean, So. Much. PRETTY. So, going in, I was pre-disposed to like the show. That said, after the two night, two episode premiere, I already LOVE the show. And if you like sci-fi, action, humor, conspiracies, snarkiness and/or heart in your television shows, you probably will, too.

[Let's get to the heart of it...]

Nov 7 2013 1:00pm

Thor and Loki, Styxx and Acheron, the Lannisters: Sibling Rivalries

Thor and Loki in ThorMarvel’s Thor: The Dark World will be in theaters on November 8th in the United States, although it's been premiering all over the world outside the U.S. for the past month. In red carpet interviews, it stars, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston, seem to have an easy friendship, which is in direct contrast to the troubled relationship their characters Thor and Loki share onscreen. Their contentious sibling rivalry has been the root of the drama that fueled both 2011’s Thor movie and Marvel’s The Avengers movie, as well. The trailers for Thor: The Dark World seem to indicate that Thor and Loki will spend at least a bit of time working side by side in this movie, even though their relationship looks to remain thorny.

Loki is my favorite character in the Marvel Universe right now, which is totally due to the fact that Tom Hiddleston plays him ( I went to see The Avengers eighteen times in the movie theater). I’m going to see it a nineteenth time on November 7th, as part of the special Thor Marathon that will include Thor, The Avengers, and the premiere of Thor: The Dark World. I am most looking forward to Thor and Loki’s scenes together partly because Hemsworth and Hiddles are just so much pretty in one frame, but mainly because my reading and viewing history has taught me that familial strife can lead to some of the best stories. There’s just so much angst, misery, snark and even begrudging loyalty that comes with warring family members. And if the stories include sorcery, royalty and/or Gods, similar to Loki and Thor, they seem to be all the better! They can be found in different mediums, across various genres and can run the gamut from comedy to tragedy.

[I'm just his brother, not his keeper...]

Nov 1 2013 12:30pm

My Boo is a Beast: Loving the Black Dagger Brotherhood’s Rhage

Lover Eternal by J.R. WardI need to offer some full disclosure before I begin to extol the virtues of my book boyfriend. I have a healthy, fictional fantasy life. I mean, healthy. In my fantasies, I have a whole assortment of book husbands, boyfriends, boo thangs, consorts and friends with benefits. And everyone involved is just fine with my polyamorous lifestyle. So, if you know me, it’s possible you’ve heard me refer to more than one man as my book boyfriend. You might even see it happen on this site. No worries; I got this. *wink*

I started reading the first book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series in 2008. I vividly remember reading the first fifty or so pages, calmly putting down the book, hustling to my computer and promptly ordering the rest of the series right then. I was enamored with the world, the writing style and the Brothers almost immediately. The series now has eleven books published, with a twelfth on the way next year, but I picked my book boyfriend in his first appearance in that first book and none of the other books have shaken my faith. My boyfriend is the more-than-meets-the-eye, lollipop-sucking, wisecracking, mindbendingly beautiful, blonde behemoth Rhage.

[He's all the Rhage...]

Sep 20 2013 8:30am

What More Could You Want? The Hollow Crown Has Shakespeare, Hiddleston, and History

Ben Whishaw, Jeremy Irons, and Tom Hiddleston in The Hollow CrownThis week, PBS will begin showing The Hollow Crown miniseries as part of their Great Performances series. The Hollow Crown premiered on the BBC in Britain last summer but this will be the first television airing in the United States. Per the PBS press release:

GREAT PERFORMANCES “The Hollow Crown: Shakespeare’s History Plays”

This ambitious four-part miniseries assembles four of Shakespeare’s history plays — Richard II, Henry IV Parts I & II, and Henry V — into a single chronological narrative. The original “Game of Thrones” has inspired bold film adaptations with a cast of leading British and Hollywood talent including Jeremy Irons, Tom Hiddleston, Ben Whishaw, Rory Kinnear, Patrick Stewart, John Hurt, Julie Walters, David Suchet, Michelle Dockery and David Morrissey.

[The cast alone makes this must-see, y/y?...]

Sep 12 2013 3:00pm

Hello, Christian Grey: Charlie Hunnam’s Impressive Body (of Work)

Charlie Hunnam in Pacific RimCharlie Hunnam is having a spectacular month. His big-budget monsters vs. robots movie Pacific Rim is still in theaters worldwide, he returns to TV as Jax Teller on FX’s motorcycle drama Sons of Anarchy and he has won the role of Christian Grey in the highly anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey movie.

Some people who are not unabashed Charlie Hunnam fangirls (like I am) are questioning why he was cast as Christian Grey—there’s even a petition to take the role away from him. If you aren't familiar with him, or only know him as Jax Teller on Sons of Anarchy, here are five reasons why you should love Charlie Hunnam and trust that he will be able to rock this new role.

1) He’s a chameleon. Charlie can play anything from bright eyed innocence to world weary and jaded, vulnerable to intimidating. Don’t believe me? Here are just a few of Charlie’s many varied roles:


Sep 4 2013 1:30pm

Why You Should Become a Reacher Creature: Loving Lee Child’s Jack Reacher

Killing Floor by Lee ChildHave you met Jack Reacher? Not the Jack Reacher that was in the Jack Reacher movie; no…not THAT guy. Because….sigh….No. He’s not Jack Reacher. I mean the Jack Reacher in the novels by Lee Child. He is the ultimate hero and heartbreaker and the next in his series of books is out this week. And if you haven’t met Jack Reacher yet, you need to.

Jack Reacher is the alpha male badass. Not A badass but THE badass. He’s a military brat who grew up all over the world in a Marine Corps family and became a Major in the Army Military Police Corps. His upbringing and career gave him a thirst for travel, an ability to fight, and a strong sense of justice. He left the military, but stayed on the road, a drifter who has a knack for finding himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or, depending on your perspective in the story, in the wrong place at the right time. Reacher seems incapable of walking way from a situation that doesn’t quite seem right, especially if there’s a woman at the center of it. He is a sucker for damsels in distress but, make no mistake; he comes through for the ladies who can take care of themselves, as well, and actually prefers them. Regardless of the woman, though, Reacher always finds a way to leave them satisfied. Yes, I do mean what you think; Jack Reacher swings a mighty big stick. And well.

Jack Reacher is a wanderer. He doesn’t have a fixed address. He travels lightly, usually only taking his toothbrush with him when he hits the road. He buys his clothes in surplus stores and stays in a lot of cheap motels. He doesn’t carry much money with him, doesn’t have a cell phone and couldn’t care less about putting down roots. He is upfront about who and how he is and doesn’t lead anyone on. And he still manages to charm nearly every woman in his path.

[Are you swooning yet?...]

Aug 14 2013 3:45pm

King Jax Returns in Sons of Anarchy Season 6: What Might Happen?

Sons of Anarchy Season 6 posterSeason 6 of Sons of Anarchy starts in a few short weeks after a seemingly interminable wait. (Seriously, FX gives us 13 episodes, then makes us wait NINE MONTHS for the show to return. I could gestate a human in that time; literally!)

Are you a watcher of the show? If you are not, I have a suggestion—well, more of a command for you: Go. NOW. Watch. Catch up. Then come back and read this afterwards because this post will be spoiler-filled. Seriously, though, why aren’t you already watching? The show has it all; Shakespearean-level drama, badass bikers, flawed alpha male heroes, strong women, cute kids, plot twists you don’t see coming, moments of pure hilarity and gut-wrenching sadness. It’s all there and waiting for you to sample it. Then get addicted. Then be strung out and jonesing for a hit when it’s gone. You know; kind of like crack. (Or so I’ve heard. Ahem.) Don’t let the drug reference keep you away, though. You’ll love it; trust me! Go start watching so you can join the rest of us when the show returns on September 10th on FX. For real; shoo! Go!

Now, for those of us in the know who have been anxiously waiting for the return, let’s catch up, shall we? When we left the gang, things were a little dicey:

[Refresh your memory and prepare for Season 6!...]