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Sep 16 2014 8:37am

Quick-to-Calm Wives = Happier Marriages?

Angela Bassett in Waiting to Exhale

Confirming a wife's role as caretaker in a marriage, a study discussed in HealthDay says that a marriage's success depends on the wife's ability to calm down after an argument—whereas it doesn't seem to matter at if the husband is able to calm down (how unfair is that?)

“Emotions such as anger and contempt can seem very threatening for couples,[one of the study's authors says]...But our study suggests that if spouses — especially wives — are able to calm themselves, their marriages can continue to thrive.”

The study spoke to approximately eighty heterosexual couples recovering from recent conflict. 

Are you the calmer one in your marriage? 

Sep 15 2014 8:28am

Does Everyone Always ’Ship?

The Heroes and Heartbreakers staff had an interesting conversation pertaining to the return of Shipping Sunday. One of us said that most people don't 'ship relationships, that they accept what the scriptwriters write for the characters, and that we, as romance fans, are unusual in wanting this or that couple to get together.

That astonished others among us. Surely, everyone 'ships, whether or not they are a romance fan. 

So what do you think—do all people 'ship characters (whether they acknowledge it as 'shipping or not), or are we unusual for wanting characters in books, movies, and television series to get together?

Gif from SmartLadiesLoveStuff

survey tool
Sep 12 2014 8:04am

What’s the Longest You’ve Gone Without Reading a Book?

Viggo Mortensen in Lord of the Rings

Home, work, relationships, family, school, a favorite television series or a big movie (or series of movies*); sometimes you get derailed from constantly reading (that's okay!)

Worse is when you just can't get into anything, so you decide to take a break from reading for a bit to get your excitement back.

No matter what the distraction, we're wondering—what's the longest time you've gone without reading a book? 

*We don't blame you; Aragorn is easy on the eyes.

Sep 11 2014 8:19am

Throwback Thursday: Do You Recall Your First TSTL Heroine?

“How could she DO that?” Maybe you've asked that of a heroine from one (or more) of the romance novels you've read. She's put herself deliberately in danger, she hasn't spoken up when she should have, she's misunderstood something that was obvious to everyone else; if you've ever encountered one of these heroines, you have met a heroine who's Too Stupid to Live (TSTL, in shorthand romance terms).

Today for Throwback Thursday we'll ask—when's the first time you encountered a TSTL Heroine? 

Sep 10 2014 8:20am

When Good Guys Go Bad

We've covered many instances of when bad guys turn good (the villain in one story who becomes the hero of the next), but what about the other way around?

Jax Teller of Sons of Anarchy started out his journey wanting to do the right thing, but events conspired against him, and now he's not. Charlie Hunnam, who plays Jax says in an interview with TV Guide, “Jax was always so tortured by the pull of who he thought he should be. There's something really liberating about being rid of the sense of having to be a good guy. This season is about Jax deciding... if he's got no reason to leave [the outlaw world], he may as well be what this world demands you be.”

Are there examples in romance where the good guy goes bad? 

Sep 9 2014 8:03am

Who’s the Most Important Baby in Romance?

News of the royal pregnancy broke yesterday, and naturally we thought about babies in romance novels. Often they are mentioned as part of the Happily Ever After epilogue, and sometimes they are a more crucial part of the plot, whether they are the Secret Baby or the hero or heroine has to suddenly take care of a baby, requiring assistance that leads to romance.



So we want to ask you—who's the most important baby in romance? 

Sep 8 2014 8:16am

Have You Ever Talked to a Stranger About a Book?

Smooth Talking Stranger by Lisa KleypasReaders know there's nothing like talking about a book you love with someone who loves it as well. And perhaps you've seen someone reading a book you loved yourself, but you didn't know the person (even though you knew the book!)

Have you ever gone up and talked to someone about a book they were reading? More than once? What books?

Sep 5 2014 8:26am

What Was the Best Final Book in a Series?

Yesterday, we posted a First Look of the final book in Kim Harrison's Hollows series, The Witch with No Name. Next month, J.R. Ward concludes her Fallen Angels series with Immortal. We've asked about disappointing ends to series, but what about the great ones?

What was the best final book of a series? 

Sep 4 2014 8:11am

Throwback Thursday: Your First Same Sex Romance?

Author Mary Renault (neé Eileen Mary Challans) was born on this day back in 1905. Renault penned one lesbian romance (The Friendly Young Ladies, 1943), but achieved literary acclaim with her male/male historical fiction, set in Ancient Greece, beginning with The Last of the Wine, published in 1956. Apparently she was so good at writing these relationships that rumors sprung up that she was really a gay male writing under a pseudonym.

Renault and her partner, Julie Mullard, emigrated to South Africa where they were able to be open about their relationship. They also were active in the movement against apartheid.

Remembering Renault and her historical fiction from close to fifty years ago makes us wonder—what was the first same sex romance book you read? 

Sep 3 2014 8:20am

What’s the Best Book You Read This Summer?

Chris HemsworthIt's not officially fall yet (that'd be September 22nd, pedants!), but September's arrival always makes it feel as though summer is over. 

But not forgotten! So tell us—what was the best book you read during Summer 2014? 

Sep 2 2014 8:15am

What Book Lives Up To the Hype?

The Rook by Daniel O'MalleyAs an avid book reader, chances are you're always on the hunt for something new and amazing to read. And since many of us get our recommendations from word-of-mouth (not to mention Heroes and Heartbreakers!), some of us have read something, only to find it was a disappointment that didn't live up to its advance praise.

But there are those books that do—that are as good as people have said, that you then go on and rave about to all your fellow book readers.

What book lives up to the hype? 

Aug 29 2014 8:29am

What Are You Planning to Read on Your Long Weekend?

Joe ManganielloIt's the unofficial end of summer in the United States with Labor Day coming on Monday, giving Americans a day off.

An extra day to do whatever you want—sounds amazing, right? So make sure you take some time for yourself and do what you like doing best—reading, naturally! (What did you think we meant?)

So what are you planning to read on your long weekend? 

Aug 28 2014 8:16am

Throwback Thursday: Old School Romance Book Club

Author Sarah MacLean has started a Facebook group titled Old School Romance Book Club for readers interested in reading some old school romance. Each month, the club will read a book published before 2000 and the club will discuss it for the whole month.

The first book for the club is Jude Deveraux's A Knight in Shining Armor:

Abandoned by her lover, thoroughly modern Dougless Montgomery finds herself alone and brokenhearted in an old English church. She never dreamed that a love more powerful than time awaited her there...until Nicholas Stafford, Earl of Thornwyck, a sixteenth-century knight, appeared. Drawn to him by a bond so sudden and compelling that it defied reason, Dougless knew that Nicholas was nothing less than a miracle: a man who would not seek to change her, who found her perfect just as she was. But she could not know how strong were the chains that tied them to the past — or the grand adventure that lay before them.

Have you read A Knight in Shining Armor? Do you want to go back and meet (or revisit) the classics? 

Aug 27 2014 8:21am

Time Traveling, Your Way: Would You Rather Be Claire or Jamie?

Hugh Jackman in Kate & Leopold Outlander, as we know, has a heroine who falls back through time. In other scenarios, a person from the past comes to the present (Kate and Leopold, Sleepy Hollow).If you had to choose, which would you prefer?

a. Being a present-day person falling back through time (like Claire)

b. Being the person who encounters the time traveler (like Jamie)
c. Being a past person who travels to the present (like Leopold or Ichabod)
d. Being the person who encounters the time traveler (like Kate or Abbie)

And why?

Aug 26 2014 8:15am

What Book Are You Reading First?

Irresistible Force by D.D. AyresToday is a HUGE book release day, and as an avid reader (like we all are), chances are good you've been eagerly anticipating at least one of the books being released today, if not more.

So what book are you reading first? How do you decide what book to choose, if you've got more than one new release calling your name?

Aug 25 2014 8:38am

What Genre Do You Wish You Had More Of?

Wishful Thinking by Gabi StevensA week ago, we asked you What's Your Favorite Genre Right Now? Some of the commenters said they wished they could find more of “____ genre.”

So today we'd like you to share what genre you wish you could find more books in, and what elements you really like in the books you've found in that genre already.

What genre do you want to be reading more of?

Aug 22 2014 8:15am

What is Your #FridayReads?

Fiance by Friday by Catherine Bybee

Each week on our Facebook page, we ask the H&H community what they're reading. Today we'd like to extend the conversation over here, and ask you guys what you're reading.

So what book is making your Friday even better? 

Aug 21 2014 8:03am

Throwback Thursday: Who Was Your First Book Boyfriend?

Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy

We've asked who your most recent book boyfriend was, and now we want to know who was your first—you know, the first hero you read about who made you wish he were real and could come find you and sweep you off your feet.

Who was your first book boyfriend?

Aug 20 2014 8:12am

Who’s Your Favorite Bad Girl?

Sometimes some characters are so dastardly, and yet so charismatic that even when they're doing terrible things, you still kind of like them.

Often those characters, at least in romance novels, go through some transformation and end up as the hero or heroine in a future book. Sometimes they're just too bad to be redeemed.

Ava, the character played by Eva Green in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (opening Friday) seems to be the latter type. She joins the company of Cruella DeVil, Lady MacBeth, and the Marquise de Merteuil (Les Liaisons Dangereuses), among others.

Who's your favorite bad girl? 

Aug 19 2014 8:07am

Do You Recognize This Book? Reader Searching for Africa-set Romance

Marilyn MonroeWe're back with another missing book wanted by a member of the H&H community:

The book is set in Africa. The heroine is working for a relief organization, I think, and is famous and/or rich and/or ran away from home. The hero is hiding in the bushes waiting to snatch her when he discovers someone is trying to kill her. He manages to get her and they both run away being pursued by the bad guys. They travel across Africa, buy an old car/jeep from a local tribe who know the hero by his bush reputation as a good person. Eventually they escape from or overcome the bad guys. The hero and heroine have fallen in love and make a life together in which the heroine continues to do charity/relief/? work.

The story was a well written romantic adventure with a good, believable plot. I cannot remember who the author is or what the title is. I would like to read more books by the author. It may be a Harlequin publication.

Do you recognize this book?