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Jun 3 2015 9:30am

Second Chance Romance: Why The Mulligan Is So Magnificently Romantic

Today we're thrilled to have Jessica Peterson on Hereos and Heartbreakers. Jessica's last book in her Hope Diamond trilogy, The Undercover Scoundrel, was published yesterday, and sees two lovers reunited. Jessica is here today to talk about second chances at love and how truly romantic they can be. Thanks, Jessica!

Life rarely conspires to give us second chances.  Whether it be in our careers, our love lives, with our families or our friends and even our health, we often don’t get mulligans—essentially a “do over”.  This can be a good thing—hello, loser high school crush!—or a bit of a devastating one, as is the case with opportunities we let slip through our fingers, or friends we lost touch with over the years. I know I wish I could go back and do things differently; for one thing, I’d tell my college self that there is nothing sexy about wearing clothes two sizes too small. The pictures I have from those days still haunt me. Really, what was I thinking? (Boys. I was obviously thinking about boys.)

 The chance to go back and rectify our regrets, to right our painful wrongs, is something I’m sure all of us have fantasized about. Especially when it comes to romance. How many of us wish we talked to the cute girl at that bar, or gave the dorky yet charming guy in history class a second look? What about getting your first love back, or enjoying that first love’s company without worrying what your peers or your parents might think?

[That'd be nice, yes?]

Jan 5 2015 12:00pm

Let’s Talk About (Oral) Sex, Baby, in Historical Romance!

The Millionaire Rogue by Jessica PetersonToday we're delighted to be joined by author Jessica Peterson, whose book The Millionaire Rogue, the second book in her Hope Diamond trilogy, is released tomorrow. The titular Rogue in Jessica's book takes the heroine on a scandalous adventure—and of course engages the heroine in some mutal passion and exploration. Jessica is here to talk about oral sex in historical novels. Thanks, Jessica!

I like my romance novels hot.

There, I said it.

I like a sweeping love story, of course, and an emotionally intense, often overwhelming connection between the hero and heroine, too. Even if the sex is great, it falls flat if these things aren’t occurring in tandem with the—ahem—more physical manifestations of love.

But combine that emotionally intense connection with mind blowing sex—that, my friends, is the sweet spot. (Sorry for the terrible pun…I had to.)

I’ve been reading romance for almost fifteen years. I started in my teens, as soon as my mom let me read my first paperback. I think it was Catherine Coulter’s Devil’s Embrace; I must’ve read that one five times, at least. Christina Dodd’s The Runaway Princess was another early favorite. I remember one of the sex scenes being particularly long—like, twenty glorious pages!—and super steamy.

I was hooked. I decided that if I ever wanted to write romance, I wanted to write it like that: a really great love story with some really great smooching scenes to go with it.

[Works for us!...]