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Mar 23 2017 8:03am

Study Shows It’s Hard to Be Pretty

Pretty girl from Shutterstock

As Queen Beyoncé says, “Pretty Hurts” and two recent studies, that very concept might have been confirmed. In a world of romance, stories are filled with pretty people falling in love—though we sometimes prefer the ones with average, plain, and some would even call “ugly” characters. However, these studies, one, which analyzed 130 high profile celebrities, and, in another, looked at 238 individuals, showed that while attractive people found love, it often did not last long

After all, looks fade, but falling for the person underneath is the more important thing, and if romance novels have taught us anything, it's that without a foundation beyond the physical attraction, an HEA is bound to fail!

So what do you think of these studies? 

Image via Shutterstock

Mar 22 2017 8:07am

When Do You Need Romance Most?

This delightful video from Harlequin is about a year old now but the message still applies! Romance is there when you need it. No matter what! 

What romance was there for you when you needed it most? Do you need romance on the daily? Is it a special treat when you're feeling down? When do you most need romance?

Tell us about it in the comments!


Mar 21 2017 8:05am

Man Proposes for 3 Years Through Love Letters—Cue Sigh!

Man on one knee proposing

By now the story has made the news and been thorougly circulated, but if you need a Tuesday morning pick-me-up, then look no further than this sigh-enducing story. 

The couple, who had been letter-exchanging friends for years, finally got together in 2013, and their letter writing continued—but so did a new plan! Timothy, the new groom, came up with an idea for a proposal that continued the letter-writing that had gotten them together. Three years later he pulled together all the letters and asked Candice, his soon-to-be bride, to read them in order, paying particular attention to the first letter of every note. You can probably guess what they spelled out! 

Isn't this cute? Read the full story at ABC News!

Mar 20 2017 8:07am

What Benign Fantasies Do You Have?

Recently, Chris Evans posed for Esquireand it made our whole week. In the shoot for the magazine, Evans looked like your cozy college professor boyfriend, who was all prepared to rub your back and ask you how your day was. For Team H&H staffer, Jen Wattley, it elicited quite a benign fantasy: he makes you a cup of tea because he thought you had a rough day, or gives you his sweatshirt because you look cold. We then spent a lovely afternoon comparing benign fantasies, that really show that that sweatshirt that Chris is offering you? Yeah, it's made out of boyfriend material. 

What benign fantasies do you have? With which celebrity? We'll tell you ours, if you tell us yours!

Share down in the comments! 


Mar 17 2017 8:02am

Join Our St. Patrick’s Day “Parade” of Covers!

Today is St. Patrick's Day and for many that means drinking, eating corned beef and cabbage, drinking, wearing green, and now... reading romance! 

However, another common St. Patrick's Day festivity is a St. Patrick's Day parade. So today we'd thought we'd start a parade of covers. Down in the comments share your favorite romance novel that meets the following guidelines: 

  • Features the word luck or lucky in the title
  • Is set in Ireland 
  • Has Irish characters or characters of Irish descent

Let the festivities begin. Simply share either an image of a cover or the romance novel title down in the comments to participate!

We'll kick off the fun with A Stroke of Luck by Audra North!

Mar 16 2017 8:09am

Reader Seeks Historical Vampire...

Earlier this week we were contacted by a reader named Roxane looking for a book recommendation! We love giving them but instead of giving Roxane one or two titles to choose from, we wanted to kick it out to the community and see what they came up with!

Roxane is looking for historical romances featuring... vampires! She says she has read and loved books from Colleen Gleason and Brooklyn Ann but is looking for more. 

What books do you have to recommend to her? 

Share your suggestions down in the comments!

Mar 15 2017 8:03am

Do You Like “Unlikable” Characters?

In Katee Robert's Fool Me Once, the author prefaces the story by saying the heroine was unlikable. She said she hoped that once we got to know her, however, that we would enjoy her just as much as she did. When I was introduced to this heroine, I thought, “she's not so bad, just prickly.” While the term “unlikable” is not one I gravitate towards in a character—especially in heroines, as I've been trained to enjoy the reformed rake, which by their very nature can be pretty unlikable. However, with this character, I felt myself drawn to her. I saw her prickliness as signs of her social anxiety and her snark I associated with fighting against the strictures of her small town, not of just being a nasty person. Then it dawned on me.... I might just like unlikable characters!

What about you? Do you like the unlikable? Tell us about it in the comments!

Mar 14 2017 8:03am

How Does Reading Improve Your Health?

Sick bear...Over the years many of us have found reading as a good escape for the woes of life. But could it could be good for your health too? In a recent article on Bustle, the 5 proven ways reading can improve your health were compiled—and we gotta say, we can verify all of them! 

What ways do you think reading has improved your health? Do any of these 5 ways ring true for you?

Tell us about it in the comments!

Hat tip: our blogger Janet Webb, who reminded us that reading is good for our health... and pointed us in the direction of this Bustle article!


Mar 13 2017 8:02am

What’s the Weirdest Place You’ve Ever Finished a Book?

Woman reading on a swing

Last week you had us rolling on the floor with your stories of inappropriate places you've read a romance or sex scene. Today, we're furthering our ask. Sometimes when you get to the end of a book, you have to finish it—even if that means leaving you in an awkward place reading. Dentist office? Wakes? Tell us your stories down in the comments!

Mar 9 2017 9:07am

What Book Do You Compare All Other Books To?

“I'm looking for a book as good as...”

“Nothing compares to...”

“Something like _______, but even better...”

The search for a book that is even better than one you love is hard! What is the book that you compare all others to? What did you love about it?

Tell us about it in the comments!


Mar 8 2017 9:03am

What Are Your Thoughts on Kids in Romance?

Secret babies. Single dads. Kids-as-matchmakers. Children, for many, are part of beloved tropes. Once upon a time, an integral part of many a happily-ever-after involved children—or the prospect of impending weddings and babies. 

However, we know that's not everyone's cup of tea? For you, do you like kids in romance or are they an automatic “no thank you”? 

Tell us about it in the comments!

Mar 7 2017 9:05am

If You Could Have Any Paranormal Power for 24 Hours, What Would It Be?

We've all sat there wanting a magical ability at some point or another—maybe more often than the average Joe if you read paranormal romance! If you could have a power from any book for 24 hours, what would it be?

Tell us about it in the comments!

Mar 6 2017 9:27am

What Alpha Has the Gooey-est Center?

Recently on Twitter, there was a conversation going on requesting recommendations of alphas who have a gooey center. We've talked in the past about this type of hero, but today, we want to hear what YOU have to recommend! In the real world, lots of men are more nuanced than some of our beloved heroes—it's can be hard to find an alpha who will both kill in your name and cry when he says he loves you. However, just like in the real worl, we know they're out there!

Who are are some of the alphas with gooey centers that you love?

Tell us about it in the comments!

Mar 3 2017 9:08am

What’s the Most Inappropriate Place You’ve Read a Sex Scene?

Shocked reading

Sometimes it's hard to stop reading a book, even when it's not the most appropriate place to be reading...especially those sex scenes! 

What the most inappropriate place you've read a sexy scene? Or a romance novel, in general? 

Tell us about it in the comments!


Mar 2 2017 9:08am

How Do You Think You’d React If You Found Yourself in a Magical World?

Many times the first book in a paranormal romance series involves a new person being introduced to the world—in many cases it's the heroine who finds herself to be the fated mate of an alpha male in this world. 

Usually the character freaks out, but sometimes they're cool as a cucumber. How do you think you'd react if you were thrust into a paranormal world? 

Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

Mar 1 2017 9:01am

Where Would You Most Like to See a Book Set?

Mountain image

Romance novels are, for many, read for escapist reasons, especially if we can escape to a place that we've never been before! With so many small towns and big cities as the setting of a romance, it can feel like readers can go anywhere! However, is there a place where you haven't seen a whole lot of romances set and would like to? Where would you like to see a romance set? 

Tell us about it in the comments!

Editorial credit: Dmitry Kolchinski / Shutterstock.com

Feb 28 2017 9:09am

What Did the “Scorched Corset” Get Right and Wrong About Romance?

Back in December, SNL recorded a skit in which customers and employees of a bookstore interacted. The one thing that made it unique is that it was a romance bookstore, “The Scorched Corset”—for those of you scratching your heads, yes, it definitely was a nod to the real romance bookstore, The Ripped Bodice. 

However, this skit has been incredibly polarizing in the romance community. Some really loved it and saw it as a parody, poking fun at the stereotypes of the genre, but largely letting the romance community be in on the joke, too—especially given that it ends with everyone wanting to be making up fun, romantic stories of their own with Carol and Jean George. Others found it offensive. It once again made fun of a genre—largely created for and by women—that, in the eye of the media, is only available as the butt of a joke or female spank bank material. 

The video resurfaced recently when SNL posted it on their YouTube channel, and it has us wanting to hear what you think. What do you think the “Scorched Corset” skit get right about romance? What did it get wrong? Were there any parts that were funny or was it all irredeemable?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

Feb 27 2017 9:05am

How Do You Feel About Annotating in a Book—Especially Romances?

It's a practice that became handy with textbooks. As you're reading the chapter for your next clas, you jot down notes in the margins. With ebooks, taking notes in books has changed a little bit, but in many ways is even easier! However, we know some people have definite feelings when it comes to annotating books they read for pleasure. For some, it's hard to turn off the analytical part of the brain, and so notes are bound to happen. For others, it's as simple as highlighting a favorite quote. 

How do you feel about annotating books... especially romance? Do you find yourself reaching for a pencil when reading to leave a note in the margin?

Tell us about it in the comments!



Feb 24 2017 9:15am

Do Certain Genres Demand a Physical Book?

I've recently been going through a genre-slump. I have found plenty of books that I love, but realized that my first romance love—historical—had been severely lacking recently. I realized part of that reason might be because I was reading more and more digital books. Which led me to wonder: are certain genres better in phsyical books? 

Do you find this to be the case for you? Do you find that you gravitate towards the physical book format when it comes to certain genres? Or do you find the opposite to be true—that you only read certain genres in digital format? 

Tell me about it in the comments!

Feb 23 2017 9:03am

Do You like Punny Romance Book Titles?

I have yet to meet a romance novel reader who doesn't love the occasional pun. In Romancelandia, it's quite easy for even the most benign word to take on a dirty meaning. Do you like punny romance novel titles? What are some of your favorites?

Unleash the puns down in the comments!