<i>Eleventh Grave in Moonlight</i>: Exclusive Excerpt Eleventh Grave in Moonlight: Exclusive Excerpt Darynda Jones "I wanted to study her reaction since I couldn’t feel her emotions." <i>The Turn</i>: Exclusive Excerpt The Turn: Exclusive Excerpt Kim Harrison "Love can hold the world together as a new balance is found." <i>The Room Mate</i>: Exclusive Excerpt The Room Mate: Exclusive Excerpt Kendall Ryan "My fingertips tingled with the desire to reach out and touch him." <i>The List</i>: Exclusive Excerpt The List: Exclusive Excerpt Tawna Fenske "Will Simon’s big secret make that the one fantasy that can never come true?"
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Jan 23 2017 8:07am

Who Is Your Favorite Heroine?

Woman reading in libraryThere are a lot of strong, interesting, unforgettable female characters to enjoy in romance. Who are some of your favorites? Why do you love them? Do you love their heroes equally as much? 

Tell us about it in the comments!

Image source: Shutterstock

Jan 20 2017 8:05am

Comfort Food and Comfort Reads—What Are Yours?

Now is a good time to turn to some comfort—like comfort foods and comfort reads! If you could only pick one of each, what would yours be? 

Chime in down in the comments!


Image source: Shutterstock

Jan 19 2017 8:05am

Are There Certain Books You Wouldn’t Read as a Modern Reader?

It's important to acknowledge where romance started in order to make for a better environment in the future. A lot of times that's going back and reading the books of years gone by. Some you may enjoy, otherwise may be hard for a modern reader. 

Are there certain books you can't read now? Have you tried? On the flip side, are there books that you have re-read and found that they've held up?

Let us know in the comments!

Jan 18 2017 8:04am

Men with Dogs or Men with Babies?

Animals and babies: two of the internet's greatest Achilles heels. They're also two things often leveraged for romance readers to enjoy on their covers along with the hunky men cuddling them. 


However, for some people, men and dogs fall short of the sweet men with babies, or on the opposite side, men with babies have readers clicking away to something else. 

So, what side are you on? 


Jan 17 2017 6:15pm

The Future of Karen Marie Moning’s Fever Series: Totally Baseless and Unsubstantiated Speculation

Note: This post contains spoilers for all Fever books by Karen Marie Moning, except for Feversong, which came out TODAY and which we are still in the process of reading. This is baseless speculation that is meant to be a fun exchange for readers. None of this has been confirmed by Karen Marie Moning or any of her camp. Have fun speculating with us, but also be warned that spoilers for Feversong may come up in the comments!

Fans of long-running series often feel like detectives when trying to figure out where the story will go. We have to read between the lines to find out what couple may get the next book and dig through author blog posts for any mention of upcoming projects. The job is never done—but we're all in this together!

Here's what we know about the future of the Fever series: 

[So let the speculation begin...]

Jan 17 2017 8:07am

What’s a Favorite Piece of Slang or Catchphrase You’ve Learned from Romance?

Sweet Disorder by Rose Lerner

This weekend on Twitter, Rose Lerner was sharing some of her favorite Regency era slang—from blanket hornpipe to to blow the grounsils. Outside of historical romance, authors like Darynda Jones and J.R. Ward, among many others, use fun slang and catch phrases in their writing. 

What are some of your favorite slang words or phrases that you've learned in romance? Do certain authors make great use of catchphrases?

Tell me about it in the comments!


Jan 13 2017 8:21am

What Authors Would You Want to Co-Write Together?

We all have our favorite authors, and it can be a unique thrill when we see them pair up together to write something—in fact, the combo can be pretty epic. 

What authors would you like to see paired together to write? What do you think it is about their writing style/worlds, etc. that would work well together? Has this already happened for you?

Let us know in the comments!

Jan 12 2017 8:05am

What Is Your Most Anticipated Book of 2017?

Wicked Abyss by Kresley Cole2017 is set up to be a pretty big year in the romance genre. Many series are finishing, many more are just starting up. 

What books are you looking forward to this year? Why are you excited? Give us your elevator pitch as to why everyone should be excited about it too!

Let us know down in the comments!

Jan 11 2017 4:53pm

Hook Up with a Scarlett Cole E-Deal & Fifty Shades Darker Soundtrack News!

Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in romance.

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Top Off Your TBR Pile

The Purest Hook by Scarlett ColeDeal Alert: Scarlett Cole's third Second Circles Tattoos novel, Purest Hook, is on sale for $.99 in e-book at Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iBooks | etc.* Already read all of Cole's books and looking for more about her next release? You're in luck—today we all get to set our sights on her romantic suspense Love Over Duty series, which will kick off with Under Fire in August.

Deal Alert: Deeanne Gist's historical Maid to Match is $.99 at Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iBooks | Amazon | etc.* If you, like H&H contributer Wendy the Super Librarian, are sure you cannot live on Dukes alone, you'll be happy to learn that Maid to Match is “the romance of a lady's maid and a wannabe footman” working for the Vanderbilt family.

Deal Alert: Skye Jordan's first Renegades new adult romance, Reckless, is FREE in e-book at Amazon | etc.* A scene from Jordan's novel Ricochet earned a “Delicious Despair” post from Jessica Moro—see the moment that made her tear up on an airplane surrounded by strangers.

Deal Alert: Mercedes Lackey's YA fantasy novel Hunter is $1.99 at Kobo | Amazon |  Barnes & Noble | Kobo | etc.* Lackey's sci-fi/fantasy books are considered a gateway drug to romance novels.

Jan 11 2017 8:10am

PSA: The Hot Turkish Butcher

Nusret Gökçe: He's hot. He knows how to handle his meat. He has major salt swag. 

He's the hot Turkish butcher who's been sweeping the internet by storm, and James Corden rounds up some of his favorite clips of Nusret. The clip above also comes with some romance-worthy puns. Either way, Nusret can tenderize our meat any day!

Jan 10 2017 8:13am

What Is the Last Thing from a Romance Novel That You Would Want to Have Happen to You?

Smut by Karina HalleLast week I shared with you how romantic comedy needs flawed characters to both be effective and enjoyable. In one of the books I shared (Smut by Karina Halle), the heroine has an unfortunate habit of nervous vomiting—and in the book, happens to do it all over her would-be fiancé. Since then, I've had many people say that is the last thing they'd ever want to have happen to them. 

If there's one event that you wouldn't want to happen to you (outside of murder, etc, and the other fatal/illegal things that can happen in romance), what would it be? Is the scene embarrassing? Gross? 

Tell me about it in the comments!

Jan 9 2017 8:05am

Do You Think of Books as Luxury Products?

While listening to an XOXO After Dark Cast the other day, one of the editors on the podcast mentioned that books are considered a luxury good. What do you think of this idea? Do you agree? Do you consider books to be a luxury good?

Tell me about it in the comments!

Image via Shutterstock

Jan 7 2017 1:00pm

The World Will Remember Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia, But She’ll Always Be Marie to Me

Carrie Fisher in When Harry Met Sally

Why I'll Always Remember Carrie Fisher as Marie in When Harry Met Sally

It's an innocuous role on the surface: quirky heroine's best friend. Upon a deeper look, Carrie Fisher's Marie is so much more. Over the past week, since Carrie Fisher's unexpected death, many people have remembered her for her work in Star Wars and for her personal life: She was a rebel leader. A intergalactic legend. A mental health advocate and kickass feminist. It's in her role as Marie in 1989's When Harry Met Sally much of this comes together. 

When I was younger—probably not yet in my teens—I watched When Harry Met Sally for the first time. I had watched City Slickers with my dad not long before, and my mom wanted to show me a different side of Billy Crystal so one day we popped popcorn and rented When Harry Met Sally on VHS (you know, those bricks movies that used to come out roughly a year after it was in theaters). I was hooked. I loved Meg Ryan's high strung Sally Albright and Billy Crystal's neurotic Harry Burns. It wasn't until years later that I fell for the true star, Carrie Fisher's Marie. 

[Read more...]

Jan 6 2017 9:30am

Romantic Comedy Needs Flawed Characters…

Source: Shutterstock

Imperfect. Damaged. Messed Up. These are all words I associated with characters in the early days of New Adult. It wasn’t until a recent conversation that I realized these characteristics are also inherent in the heroes and heroines of romantic comedy. 

Perfect, idealized characters that saves the day, are great in small doses, but have no place in romantic comedy. What makes for compelling stories is a character that's flawed. That's the case for all fiction. Full stop. What makes romance particularly fulfilling is when you are following the journey of a imperfect character (much like us) that triumphs over circumstance and finds love. When a perfect character triumphs over circumstance... it's far less engaging. 

So What Does a Comedic Flawed Character Look Like?

[Read more...]

Jan 6 2017 8:23am

What Show Would You Want Revisited?

Gilmore Girls. Harry Potter. Now Charmed? Yesterday we heard the news that a Charmed prequel (taking place in the '70s) was in the works at The CW. It seems a lot of shows and movies are being revisited as of late, and we're wondering... is there one you're waiting for? What one have you been most excited about? 

Tell me about it in the comments!

Jan 5 2017 8:08am

Does It Matter If a Book “Looks” Like a Romance?

A lot of time and effort goes into making a book cover. For each genre, there's a certain “look” within it. And for each decade within that genre, there's a “look” within that. What a book presents to the world matter in the sense that what it “says” it is to consumers should be what it actually delivers. However, there is wiggle room within that—a book that doesn't “look” like a romance, but its back cover copy says it is, is certainly preferred to a book that does “look” like a romance but isn't. 

So, where do you stand? Does it matter if a romance cover makes it “look” like a romance? How much does the cover factor in? Which is more important to you, that book is a romance but doesn't look like one, or isn't a romance but does look like one? What does a romance cover look like to you?

Tell me about it in the comments!

Jan 4 2017 8:01am

What Has Been the Most Accurate Description of Love?

Source: sensualquotes.tumblr.com

 In romance, we're surrounded by proclamations of love and we slowly see our favorite characters fall in love and lust. For those of you who read it, this quote from The Fault in Our Stars quickly became iconic. It was beautiful and it was real, and it was beautiful in its realness. Have you ever read a book and thought “yes, this is what love feels like” or what love should feel like? Have you found a quote that perfectly sums it up? 

Tell me about it in the comments! 

Jan 3 2017 11:15am

Every Fairy Tale Has a Dark Side in Fifty Shades Darker Extended Trailer

We've seen the sexy side and we've seen the suspenseful side, but in the new extended trailer for Fifty Shades Darker, we get a dose of both. The trailer opens with a groveling Christian coming to win back Anastasia—too bad she's more confident this time around and not willing to put up with his shenanigans. Grey is going to have to work for it! 

Unfortunately, the second half of the Darker equation enters: Christian's past lovers resurface and one of them has a deadly agenda. The trailer ends with a gunshot as the screen goes dark. Those who have read the books know the fate of Christian... but everyone else will have to wait until February 10, when the movie premieres.

What are your thoughts on this extended trailer? It certainly gave us more to sink our teeth into! 

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Christian Wants to Protect Ana in Latest Fifty Shades Darker Teaser

Do We Need More Fifty Shades? An H&H Blogger Roundtable on E.L. James' Grey


Jan 3 2017 8:06am

How Many Books Do You Want to Read in 2017?

Half a million people have already made the pledge on GoodReads for how many books they want to read in 2017. Have you? If not, how many books do you think you'll read in 2017? Do you tend to estimate low or high? How do you come up with guess?

Let us know in the comments! 

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Jan 2 2017 8:07am

What Do You Think Your Own Personal Reading Trend of 2017 Will Be?

Last year (weird to say, I know), I made my prediction of what the industry's trends would be for the coming year. However, we all know that what we personally like, and what is offered up by the genre, can be two very different things. For me, 2016 was, unexpectedly, filled with the trope “fake relationship” and I loved it. I hope I'll be able to find more and more of it for my TBR pile in 2017 too. 

What reading trends do you foresee for yourself in 2017? Do you have any goals or challenges you are setting for yourself? 

Tell me about it in the comments!