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Feb 5 2016 8:13am

Me Before You Support Group

Was anyone else totally gutted on the trailer of Me Before You? On Wednesday we were talking about the perfect casting of Emilia Clarke, but seeing these two in action brought out literally every feeling we have. It hurt SO GOOD. 

Now... discuss! Have you read the book? Will you be seeing the movie? Were you already sobbing over the trailer?

Let us know in the comments (and for those of you who haven't read the book, the comments may get spoiler-y)!

Feb 4 2016 8:18am

Favorite Actor Goes to Least Favorite Genre: What to Do?

It's great when an actor breaks out of the genre that you have come to know and love them in—actors like Ben Stiller, Robin Williams, Kristin Wiig,  Mo'nique, and Steve Carrell have all successfully taken on dramatic roles after being largely known for their comedies. Alternatively, we've seen dramatic actors take on lighter hearted (if not downright comedic) roles too—see Forest Whitaker, Channing Tatum, Lupita Nyong'o, Tilda Swinton and Patrick Stewart for further evidence. 

However, there's a difference between watching your favorite comedy actor go to a drama versus going into...horror. I don't know about all of you, but I have a low tolerance for gore and an overactive imagination, so I “just can't” with most horror movies. This year, however, I have found myself going to see Crimson Peak, and soon I'm sure you'll find me at Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

So, now my question to you: Do you forge ahead and go to the movie that you might otherwise have avoided, or do you skip it?

Let us know in the comments!



Feb 3 2016 4:20pm

Romance News: Me Before You Trailer + Chris Hemsworth, Secretary

Welcome to H&H's daily news roundup! Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in the romance world right now.

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Deal Alerts

The Bollywood Bride by Sonali Dev

Sonali Dev's The Bollywood Bride is on sale for $2.99 in ebook format at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iBookstore.* Get the scoop on this Bollywood Ice Princess meets childhood love in Scarlettleigh's First Look review of The Bollywood Bride. 

Amanda Quick's second Ladies of Lantern Street, The Mystery Woman, is on sale for $1.99 at e-tailers like iBookstore, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.* Looking for the latest? Scarlettleigh reviewed Otherwise Engaged back in 2014.  

Carly Phillips' Dare to Surrender is a free ebook at booksellers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iBookstore.

[Read on for Chris Hemsworth as Ghostbusters' assistant + more...]

Feb 3 2016 8:07am

When Casting Is Perfect...?

It seems like that would never happen... A perfect casting?

However, whilst eavesdropping on Twitter, I saw a few people chime in that, after seeing the shots of Emilia Clarke for the adaptation of Jojo Moyes' Me Before You, the casting was pretty perfect. 

Have you ever run across a casting that was perfect? 

Feb 2 2016 8:11am

What Book Would You Want to Be “Stuck” In?

Today is Groundhog Day and while, at the time of this posting, we don't yet know if Punxsutawney Phil will give us six more weeks of winter, or not, we know of one way to heat up the cold months ahead of us—romance!

However, in the great tradition of the Bill Murray classic, what if you were stuck in one of your favorite romances, to experience it over and over again every day. 

What romance would you want that to be? Why? Let us know in the comments!

Feb 1 2016 8:22am

What Is Your Most Anticipated Read This Month?

Rarely do we get to start off a new week and a new month on the same day, it seems, so in honor of such serendipity, let's get the week started off right! 

February is jam-packed with new releases, on both the indie and traditionally published side. What is your most antipated book of this month? Will you get to pick it up tomorrow, or have to wait until later in the month?

Let us know in the comments!

Jan 29 2016 4:37pm

Romance News: Lori Foster MMA Romance Deal and More

Welcome to H&H's daily news roundup! Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in the romance world right now.

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Deal Alert

Tough Love by Lori FosterLori Foster's MMA romance Tough Love, Book 3 in the Ultimate series, is currently on sale for $1.99 in e-book at AmazoniBookstore, etc.* For more on the series, Tori Benson offers her thoughts on Book 1, No Limits.

Tasty Morsels

It's raining covers!

Want to see the cover for Roan Parrish's Out of Nowhere, the follow-up to her GoodReads Choice Awards finalist In the Middle of Somewhere? Of course you do! Head over to Binge on Books to view the cover. (Bonus: H&H will have an excerpt from Out of Nowhere, as well as from Parrish's upcoming anthology—with other great talents—Follow Me Into Darkness.)

[+Laurelin Paige cover & Hot Dudes Reading book...]

Jan 29 2016 8:07am

What Covers Do You Covet?

We've all been there. We're scrolling through Amazon and we see a cover that totally catches our eye and makes us want it so. Bad. 

Sometimes that cover is for a book we wouldn't even normally want to read, but we're just totally taken in by the cover. 

What cover have you coveted? What did you like about them? Share the images down in the comments!

P.S. for more, see Teddy P's take on his favorite covers of 2015. 

Hat tip to Sahara Hoshi for the idea. 

Jan 28 2016 8:07am

Throwback Thursday: “Total Eclipse of the Heart” Is a Romance Novel on Acid?

TeddyP, the resident boy on the Heroes and Heartbreakers editorial staff, recently shared Bonnie Tyler's “Total Eclipse of the Heart” with us and simply said: “It is basically many genres of romance covers on acid.”

“Once upon a time I was falling in love...
Now I'm only falling apart”

He's not wrong. 

Jan 27 2016 8:07am

What Was the Last Crack-tastic Book You Read?

Source: www.crushable.com

H&H's Heather Waters and I have a fundamental difference when it comes to our reading choices. Heather will always say “but the writing is so good,” while I can be found saying “but it totally hooks you.” It's a fundament concept vs. writing debate. 

Not to say that Heather won't one-click on something because it rings all her trope-y bells, or that I won't pick up something because the concept maybe doesn't work for me, but the writing is just too good to ignore. However, generally, we just have different approaches to praising a read. 

It begged the question at H&H HQ recently of what was the last book you picked up that was pure crack—a total popcorn read that had you eating it up. 

Today, we query you all. What was the last cracky book you read and why did you love it?

Jan 26 2016 8:05am

Too Soon?

With the snow literally still on the ground and some people not even fully dug out, it seems a little soon to be writing a romance based around Winter Storm Jonas.

However, as one fellow reader pointed out “romance writers move quick!” Have you seen blizzard related books already? Do you like reading about current events in your romances? Have you read anything about Storm Jonas already? What about other “current event romances”? 

Let me know in the comments!

Jan 25 2016 8:13am

What Real Celebrity Would Make a Great Romance Character?

Tom Hiddleston in Corialanus

It is no secret on the Twitterverse that I love Tom Hiddleston, and I think he'd make a great romance hero. There are a ton celebrities—David Gandy, Blake Lively, Chris Evans to name a few—who have served as inspiration for a romance character, appearance wise. But what real celebrities, based on their personality (and sure, appearance) would make great romance characters? 

Let us know in the comments!

Jan 22 2016 4:11pm

Romance News: Snap Up Kit Rocha & Lexi Blake Deals

Welcome to H&H's daily news roundup! Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in the romance world right now.

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Deal Alerts

Beyond Happily Ever After: "Blank Canvas" by Kit Rocha

Kit Rocha's Blank Canvas, one story in a series of vignettes and outtakes from the O'Kanes/Beyond series—and featuring Rocha's famous trio, Ace, Cruz, and Rachel—is being offered as a free download on the authors' site. You can also purchase it for $.99 at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBookstore, etc.* Since Ace is the resident tattooist of District Four, take a look at tattoos in romance and their symbolism. 

Lexi Blake's suspenseful and erotic Masters and Mercenaries bundle of the first three books in the series is free (marked down from $5.99)! Snap it up from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or iBookstore.* See why Paranormallibrarian says this series is the Bond franchise—if James Bond owned a BDSM club on the side. 

[+celebrating David Bowie with Labyrinth's grown-up Toby...]

Jan 22 2016 8:36am

Favorite Feminist Romance Writers?

Taken by Charlotte SteinThis week, Rhyll Biest called out some of the amazing feminist characters, authors, and books we have seen in the genre, after asking “Is 'Feminist Romance' an Oxymoron?” 

The answer is a resounding, no! So today, I'd like to celebrate those authors out there who remind us that there is power in pleasure, and just because romance is about finding a happily ever after with a man (usually), doesn't mean it takes away any feminine agency. 

So, give your favorite feminist romance authors a shoutout in the comments and spread the good vibes!


Jan 21 2016 8:15am

Throwback Thursday: Do You Remember Alan Rickman in Sense & Sensibility?

Had we asked this question a week and a half ago, the answer might have been a little different. But in the wake of Alan Rickman's recent death, the answer is a probably a resounding “yes, you fool, we didn't forget before and now you've just made us sad,” because you took a day off work and watched all of his movies. 

Sorry, folks, not trying to make you sad! But let's just take a moment to remember when. Remember this happy moment between Colonel Brandon and Marianne? Remember when he rescued her and carried her across the field in the rain? Remember... okay we need to take a break to get some tissues!

Jan 20 2016 3:59pm

Romance News: Delish Deals from Jenny Colgan, Nicole Jordan, and More

Welcome to H&H's daily news roundup! Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in the romance world right now.

{Did you know you can sign up to receive Afternoon Tea as an e-mail? Sign up have your daily cuppa delivered straight to your inbox.}

Deal Alerts

Little Beach Street Bakery by Jenny ColganJenny Colgan's comfort-food read Little Beach Street Bakery e-book is currently discounted to $1.99 (usually $7.99) at Barnes & Noble, iBookstore, Amazon, etc.* Scarlettleigh has written about how well food and magic can combine, citing Colgan's work and more.

Nicole Jordan's Regency romance Lover Be Mine is on sale in e-book right now for $1.99 (down from $7.99) at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBookstore, etc.* Speaking of Regency romance, how many of Myretta Robens' “10 Regency romances you should read” selections have you read?

Cassie Hayes' tropey The Drifter's Mail-Order Bride is free (usually $2.99) in e-book for the moment at Amazon.* This book had me at the title; if you're another sucker for mail-order bride stories, our excerpt from Carolyn Brown's 2014 book The Cowboy's Mail Order Bride may also be relevant to your interests.

[Harley Quinn's romance read & Wonder Woman footage...]

Jan 20 2016 8:31am

Would You Use the Shelfie App?


Recently we researched the Shelfie app. If you haven't heard of it, it seems pretty perfect for the 21st Century reader who finds themselves loving their e-readers but not being able to let go of their paperbacks. Enter Shelfie! It allows you to take a picture of your shelf (a shelfie) and will tell you which books are available to be “digitized” and therefore available to your e-reader at all times!

Have you, or would you, use Shelfie? What are your thoughts? The Huffington Post article stated that e-book sales are on the decline, and while we can see that being the case in other genres, we think their still ticking by pretty steadily in Romancelandia, so with that in mind, would you want to digitize your library? Would you get rid of your paperback books, or does Shelfie have the appeal by being able to have all of your books at your fingertips? 

Jan 19 2016 8:20am

Do You Wait to Read Reviews Until After You’ve Read the Book?

Source: imgur.com

In movies and TV, we do this quite often. You've seen a trailer for a television show and you're excited for it. Then the reviews start coming in, but because you want to go in with an open mind to make you're own decisions, you decide not to read any of them. 

Recently, someone commented that they didn't want to read about a book because they didn't want any pre-conceived notions to enter into the book with them. While on H&H, we often ask how are reviews helpful, or if you even read them, before purchasing a book, we never realized that you may choose to read a review afterwards. 

How do reviews influence your buying? What authors will you not read reviews for, in order not to taint your own opinion? 

Let us know in the comments!

Jan 15 2016 6:00pm

Arrow Season 4 Midseason Trailer—Oliver Seeks Revenge For Felicity?

The Arrow midseason trailer just dropped, and if you were already concerned for Felicity's fate after the midseason finale last month... you may want to look away!

We see Felicity being rushed into a hospital and Thea leaves us with this ominous quote: “Felicity is out of surgery, they didn't say what was wrong, but I don't think it's good.”

And cut to a gravesite!

Olicity shippers, are you worried? Do you think everything will be alright? 

We may need to start a support group...

Jan 15 2016 5:45pm

When You Give a Romance Reader a Cover Shoot...

The Protector Photo Shoot: On Set with Jodi Ellen Malpas

Next month, Heroes and Heartbreakers will turn five years old (!!!). While we've seen and done much, we did still have some firsts to get under our belt—like going to a cover shoot!

That's right: We at H&H were cover shoot virgins.

Then, last week, I got a very exciting email from Forever Romance, inviting me to the cover shoot for Jodi Ellen Malpas's The Protector, her first standalone novel and the first to feature a couple on the cover! Obviously, I said yes.

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon over at George Kerrigan's studio with Jodi, Forever's assistant art director Elizabeth Turner, Jodi's editor Leah Hultenschmidt, and Jodi's agent, Andrea Barzi—and, of course, models Sotiris “Soto” Palladas and Casie Chegwidden (Google them, they're the most beautiful people I've ever seen up close).

First off, let me get my excitement out of the way before I get into the meat of things:

[Let the fangirl flailing commence in 3... 2... 1...]