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Aug 24 2012 2:07pm

Trope of the Month: May-December Romance

Beast by Judith IvoryAcademically put, tropes are “common or overused theme[s] or device[s]," which makes them sound like cliches, which makes them seem like a bad thing.

But they’re totally not! Romance novel fans all have their favorite—not to mention least favorite—tropes, from friends to lovers, chick in pants, secret baby, marriage of convenience, opposites attract, May-December, boss-assistant...the list goes on.

Each month, we’ll be picking a romance novel trope and ask you to offer recommendations falling under the trope rubric (again with the academic talk!). This month, we want your recommendations for May-December romances, or novels in which there’s a big age difference between the hero and heroine (or hero and hero, or heroine and heroine). We asked our Twitter followers to help us out, and here are the books they mentioned:

  • Anne Calhoun’s Liberating Lacey
  • Georgette Heyer’s  These Old Shades
  • Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander
  • Judith Ivory’s Beast

What books would you add?

Mar 9 2012 5:24pm

Mary/Marshall Endgame In Plain Sight? (Spoiler Discussion!)

In Plain Sight’s Mary and MarshallThe fifth and final season of USA’s In Plain Sight—starring Mary McCormack and Frederick Weller as deputy U.S. marshals Mary Shannon and Marshall Mann, who work out of the Federal Witness Protection Program office in Albuquerque, N.M.—will premiere on Friday, March 16.

Many fans (myself included) have long hoped to see Mary Marshall, who already have fantastic chemistry as friends (they have said they are each other’s best and only friend) and partners (what haven’t they been through together?), explore any romantic feelings they might have for each other. With the announcement that there will only be eight more episodes of the show comes concern about whether or not the two will ever go there, but a recent comment from executive producer Ed Decter seems very promising indeed. By the conclusion of the series, he told TV Guide magazine, [highlight for spoilers] “the audience will get to see Mary and Marshall resolve their relationship in a way that should delight them.” Intriguing, right? Can’t wait to see how it all plays out!

How ’bout you? Are you a Mary/Marshall ’shipper, or would you rather see these guys remain just friends in the end?

*****Beware of SPOILERS in the comments!*****

[+ bonus videos!]

Feb 6 2012 1:48pm

This Means Hotness: Watch 9 Minutes of This Means War!

20th Century Fox has released an extended preview of its Valentine’s Day release, the romantic comedy This Means War, starring Chris Pine, Tom Hardy, and Reese Witherspoon. Check out 9 minutes from the movie below:

As I mentioned in a previous post, this movie had me at the casting (that’s right, I’ll see it for the hotness alone), but the Gustav Klimt and paintball scenes did make me laugh. Maybe it’ll be some good fluffy fun?

(Thanks to Indiewire for the heads-up!)

Jan 13 2012 4:42pm

Lauren Dane Teases Her Upcoming Release Beneath the Skin

Trinity by Lauren DaneErotic and paranormal romance author Lauren Dane posted a couple teasers of her upcoming paranormal release Beneath the Skin on her blog today, giving readers a sneak peek at the sexiness to come, including this line:

Her arm throbbed, her leg throbbed and she really should sit down and rest, but she was rooted to the spot as one of his hands slid up the back of her thigh and came to rest, cupping her ass. where THAT’s going, how about you? Read more at Lauren Dane’s website.

There’s no cover image available yet, but we know that Beneath the Skin, Book 3 in the De La Vega Cats series (following Trinity and Revelation), is Gibson de La Vega’s story and will be in stores in April 2012.

Jan 6 2012 5:28pm

Downton Abbey Behind the Scenes in EW—and a Quiz!

Mary and Matthew of Downton Abbey in Entertainment WeeklyDownton Abbey fans, if you haven’t already picked up a copy (or three) of the January 6 issue of Entertainment Weekly (featuring Rooney Mara as The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’s Lisbeth Salander on the cover, which is another reason I was excited about this one), I think you’ll want to correct that ASAP: there’s a gorgeous six-page piece on the show dedicated to a behind-the-scenes tour of the set during the filming of Season 2. There are several really neat pictures (some of which can be seen in EW’s online photo gallery), including the one here of Mary and Matthew (*squee*). You definitely don’t want to miss it.

And because everybody loves a quiz (Megan told me so), you may also be interested to know that WETA Television has a Downton Abbey personality quiz up. Personally, I couldn’t resist seeking out my DA brain!twin (which, if you must know, turned out to be Robert, Lord G, who is absolutely not a stick in the mud, okay?!). Who’s yours?

Dec 8 2011 4:03pm

Kristin Hannah Previews Her New Novel, Home Front

Author Kristin Hannah describes her new book, Home Front (out January 31, 2012), as a “timely and intimate look at the price of [military] deployment on a single American family.” In the newly released video below, Hannah introduces the story and characters of Home Front, and talks about why she feels it’s the “best, most emotional book [she’s] ever written.” Check it out!

(And be sure to enter for a chance to win an ARC of the book!)

Oct 11 2011 11:31am

Good-bye, Sookie: Charlaine Harris Announces Her Next Project

True Blood: Volume 1 by Alan Ball et. al.USA Today reported recently that Charlaine Harris, best-selling author of the Sookie Stackhouse series (on which HBO’s True Blood is based), has her next project lined up: a graphic novel trilogy called Cemetery Girl that will “combine fantasy and paranormal mystery to tell the story of a teenaged girl with amnesia who has grown up living alone in amid the gravestones.” Author Christopher Golden and illustrator Don Kramer will be collaborating on the series.

The premise sounds interesting enough, and YA is pretty hot right now, but will Sookie Stackhouse fans follow where Charlaine Harris leads?