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Aug 31 2014 5:00pm

Outlander Season 1, Episode 4 Recap: Party Like It’s 1743

Jamie and Claire in Outlander Season 1 episode 4Claire Randall's adventure continues in the first season of what is sure to be a long-running series on Starz based on the beloved historical fiction/fantasy/romance series by Diana Gabaldon, and we are so ready to recap and then discuss every single moment of it.

This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of Outlander, including Saturday night's Season 1, episode 4, “The Gathering.” Enjoy!

Claire races through the forest on a misty morning. Sharpshooters on lookout towers take aim. Nope, no escape this time. Claire is running from a fierce horde of children. She takes a tumble and looks up into a kilt, worn the traditional way. Not Jamie, though. Boo. Her guards don’t want to miss the festivities of the gathering, so Claire and the kids will have to explore some other time. The hunting game was more than a pleasant diversion. It let Claire scope out two possible escape routes. Clever girl.

[Can you really escape destiny?...]

Aug 25 2014 11:46am

Outlander Season 1, Episode 3 Recap: Years Apart and Minutes Away

Jamie and Claire in Outlander Season 1 episode 3Claire Randall's adventure continues in the first season of what is sure to be a long-running series on Starz based on the beloved historical fiction/fantasy/romance series by Diana Gabaldon, and we are so ready to recap and then discuss every single moment of it.

This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of Outlander, including Saturday night's Season 1, episode 3, “The Way Out.” Enjoy!

Claire and Frank traverse a crowded train station, both in uniform. Frank insists what they’re doing is backwards, and it should be her seeing him off to the front lines. “Welcome to the twentieth century,” she answers without missing a beat. Frank elicits Claire’s promise to return to him, and next thing Claire knows, she’s dashed over the head with a bucket of cold water, as Mrs. Fitz helps her bathe.

[Even Claire's doing the #ALSIceBucketChallenge!...]

Aug 18 2014 10:30am

Outlander Season 1, Episode 2 Recap: Detained!

Is this real life?! More than two years after it was announced that Outlander just might be headed for the small screen, the day we've been waiting no-so-patiently for is finally (finally!) here. Though Starz has hosted screenings and even released the pilot episode on demand last week, tonight is the officially official series premiere of Outlander, and to celebrate, we present Anna Bowling's recap in the hopes that this week—and every week the show airs—you will read and enjoy and join us to discuss every tiny delicious detail of Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser's epic journey (and, okay, yes, we'll especially be obsessing over every single scene featuring her beloved Scot, one James “Jamie” Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser). And now, let's get this show on the road...

This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of Outlander, including last night's Season 1, episode 2, “Castle Leoch.” Enjoy!

Now that Claire knows she’s not in the twentieth century anymore, what is she going to do about that? The journey she, Jamie and the others have taken ends at Castle Leoch, familiar to them, and to Claire, but for different reasons. Claire is a stranger to all that’s familiar to her companions, and of course she sticks out like the proverbial sore thumb. She’s with Jamie, though, so it can’t be all bad, can it?

[Not even a little bad...]

Aug 9 2014 11:00am

Outlander Season 1, Episode 1 Recap: Back to the Future

Outlander Season 1 official posterIs this real life?! More than two years after it was announced that Outlander just might be headed for the small screen, the day we've been waiting no-so-patiently for is finally (finally!) here. Though Starz has hosted screenings and even released the pilot episode on demand last week, tonight is the officially official series premiere of Outlander, and to celebrate, we present Anna Bowling's recap in the hopes that this week—and every week the show airs—you will read and enjoy and join us to discuss every tiny delicious detail of Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser's epic journey (and, okay, yes, we'll especially be obsessing over every single scene featuring her beloved Scot, one James “Jamie” Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser). And now, let's get this show on the road...

This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of Outlander, including the series premiere, “Sassenach.” Enjoy!

There’s a certain risk in bringing a beloved book to new life on the small screen, and in the case of Diana Gabaldon’s iconic Outlander, the risk in the romance community is astronomically high. How can any mere mortal actors and production team come close to what’s already come to vivid life in readers’ heads? If we’re talking the new series from Starz, pretty darned close. 

Right from the start, we get breathtaking scenery, bagpipes, Claire’s voiceover, and this viewer is quite happily lost. The same attention to detail as in the books is here, as we learn how important it is that Claire Randall never owned a vase, but can’t stop staring at one in a shop window, the image giving way to that of an earlier Claire assisting in surgery during wartime. Her job completed, she walks out of surgery in an apron stained with arterial spray, and into a jubilant celebration of V-E Day. Claire swigs from a bottle of wine, but merely watches the festivities rather than taking part. She’s a rare one, our Claire, and that’s going to be something to remember.

[And so begins one wild tale...]

Jul 21 2014 3:14pm

She’s So Unusual: Sandra Schwab’s Historical Romances

Castle of the Wolf by Sandra SchwabWhat comes to mind at the phrase, “Black Forest?” A dessert rich with dark chocolate, cherries and cream? Old World forests where maidens and orphans might as easily find danger as well as an unlikely love? Ornate castles filled with antique treasures? If you’ve read the novels of German romance author Sandra Schwab, you’re not far off.

Schwab combines her love of romance with a scholar’s attention to historical detail, and with good reason. Besides writing unforgettable historical romance novels, she also teaches English literature at the college level and studies folk and popular literature, the Victorian novel and British society and culture in her academic life. If you’re looking for historical romance rich in heart and smarts, look no further. You’ve found it.

“Nobody ever counts the gargoyles” may not be what springs to mind when thinking of a perfect first (or last) line of a historical romance novel, but in Schwab’s classic Castle of the Wolf, this chilling phrase leads the reader deep into Germany’s Black Forest and a story as rich and delicious as the cake that shares its name.

[Go on, take a big bite...]

Jul 9 2014 9:30am

Top 10 Scottish Historicals: A Verra Opinionated Opinion

Outlander by Diana GabaldonIs it really true that if you’ve read one Scottish romance, you’ve read them all? Not even close. Within this hugely popular subgenre, there is an amazing amount of variety. History can be a major player in the romance itself, or a backdrop to it, and time periods are wide open. What’s your pleasure, Highlanders, lowlanders, border lords (or ladies?) Medieval, Victorian, or somewhere in between? Soldiers, rebels, courtiers, highwaymen? All of the above and then some? Why not? When it comes to Scottish romance, there can’t be only one.

Try a few of these on for size:

1) Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
Step into the standing stones along with Claire Randall and let this classic tale whisk you back through time from the twentieth century to the eighteenth, into the arms of Jamie Fraser, brawny Scotsman, ginger, virgin alpha male, and many readers’ choice for favorite romance hero of all time. There’s also the wee matter of the TV adaptation that’s only a month away, so why wait?

2&3)  The Pride of Lions and Blood of Roses by Marsha Canham
Set against the tumultuous Jacobite Rebellion, English Catherine finds herself married by haste to a man who is not what he seems. Though she’s determined at first to end their marriage and return to her comfortable life in England, Catherine, through her love of Alexander, his home and his people, chooses to stand by his side and fight for her adopted homeland. Readers will be eager to see Alexander and Catherine as supporting characters in the third book in the trilogy, Midnight Honor, featuring Colonel Anne Moy. Yes, you read it right. Colonel Anne.

[Well, hello Colonel Anne...]

Jun 5 2014 3:15pm

Brothers (and Sister) in Love: Courtney Milan’s Brothers Sinister Series

The Governess Affair by Courtney MilanShe’s a crafty one, that Courtney Milan, with her Brothers Sinister series. Gives readers a dose of history along with the tried and true format of a romance series centering around a group of siblings. Makes them think, she does, about facets other authors might not weight so heavily. Makes them care, too, slipping the parents of future heroes in under the guise of a prequel, The Governess Affair. Oh yes, she’ll give us a fine romance, and we’ll love her for it, but best be warned, she’ll pull back a veil or two, and certain aspects of the nineteenth century may never look the same.

In The Governess Affair, Milan begins as she means to go on, introducing us to Serena Barton, recently unemployed and unwilling to take that lying down. Which, as we soon learn, is part of why she is currently unemployed. Unemployment is never easy, but in an age where women’s rights were still in question, and sexual harassment was meant to be borne rather than fought, Serena’s insistence on reparations makes her a force to be reckoned with, and not by the man who did her wrong. That task falls instead to Hugo Marshall, who knows all too well the struggle to make a place for oneself in a world where privilege holds sway. Hugo may have a job to do, but he has a conscience as well, and it goes against his duty. Together, Hugo and Serena learn that true nobility comes from spirit rather than blood, and that love, as well as blood, can make a family strong.

[Blood is thicker than water, but it's not everything...]

May 19 2014 11:09am

Is She Flying Away?: Thoughts on Jane/Lisbon in The Mentalist 6x22

Simon Baker and Robin Tunney as Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon in The Mentalist Season 6, episode 22This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of The Mentalist, including last night’s Season 6 finale, 6x22, “Blue Bird.” Enjoy!

Despite all signs, the brilliant Patrick Jane doesn’t believe Agent Lisbon will actually transfer to the DC office. Cho has bad news for Jane; Lisbon has already put in her paperwork, and will be leaving in ten days. Even though Cho breaks this news at a crime scene, Jane’s questions are all about Lisbon, and he insists it’s not a done deal.

Two days before Lisbon’s departure, she confronts Jane about his distant behavior. Is he angry at her? Jane responds that he feels slighted because he was the last to know Lisbon is leaving. Lisbon asserts he knows why she couldn't tell him. It's hard. They've worked together a long time. Jane asks her to stay, and not break up the team, but before she can respond, adds that he's kidding. She deserves this. She deserves Pike, who is a good man.

[Is that really why you want her to stay, Jane?...]

May 9 2014 12:00pm

The Big Bang Theory 7x23: Will You _____ _____ ?

The movies mean romantic complications for Raj, Leonard and Penny, in two very different ways. Raj faces a bout of uncertainty when he spies Emily, his current crush, at the movies with another man, while Penny’s career takes yet another downward turn on the set of her killer gorilla movie.

Penny and co-star Wil Wheaton are giving this low-budget film their all as they enact a scene where Penny’s character, a bisexual go-go dancer, is turning into a gorilla. Wil Wheaton plays the scientist who loves her. An enraptured Leonard watches from the sidelines, but the director isn’t watching at all. He’s playing on his phone. The movie is garbage, he tells Penny when she wants to reshoot the scene, and nobody cares.

Leonard sticks up for Penny, Penny sticks up for Leonard, Wil Wheaton insists that if Penny goes, he goes, and the camera cuts to a shot of all three of them nursing beers in a dimly lit bar.

[It starts out on unsteady ground, but will it end with a bang?...]

May 7 2014 11:19am

“I Wanna Go All In”: Thoughts on The Mindy Project Season 2 Finale, “Danny and Mindy”

Mindy/Danny magic hour pic by Michael Spiller via Mindy Kaling's InstagramThis post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of The Mindy Project, including last night’s Season 2 finale (2x22), “Danny and Mindy.” Enjoy!


That feeling of supreme satisfaction you get when you turn the last page of an epic romance novel? That smug smile that you just can't wipe away once the hero and heroine finally declare their love? That urge to tell the world to dive into this story now now now? The Mindy Project came through on all counts last night, wrapping up a two-season will-they-or-won't-they romance arc with multiple grand gestures inspired by beloved rom-coms and a happily-for-now so delightful and well-earned that fans can hardly even begrudge the summer hiatus ahead.

[Okay, that's a lie, we'll begrudge it a lot...]

May 1 2014 11:00am

Yesterday, Today, and Forever: Appreciating Lynn Kurland

Stardust of Yesterday by Lynn KurlandImagine a bookshelf stocked with historical romances, both paranormal and not, time travels, a family saga or two, full length novels, novellas, ghost stories, fantasies, and a dash of straight contemporary romance. That’s a lovely smorgasbord of romance right there, pleasing most every palate. One might reasonably suspect that such a shelf would also hold works by a variety of authors, but not in this case. This time, the entire shelf would be comprised of the works of only one multitalented author, the fabulous Lynn Kurland.

Her first published novel, Stardust of Yesterday, came out as part of Jove’s sadly defunct Haunting Hearts imprint of ghostly romance, and introduced readers to modern day heroine Genevieve Buchanan, who inherits not only a crumbling thirteenth century castle, but its original owner, ghostly knight Kendrick de Piaget, who can never rest until the castle is once again rightly his. Genevieve and Kendrick have a rocky road to happily ever after, complicated by the little matter of her being a flesh and blood female with some reservations about physical intimacy, while Kendrick, though in spirit form for most of the book, has the usual manly urges. Even when physical touch is possible for both Genevieve and Kendrick, it’s the emotions where the heart of the romance lie, and Kurland is a mistress of her craft.

[The heart of the romance is where we live...]

Apr 26 2014 10:00am

Great Kate: Kate Rothwell’s Historical Romances

Somebody Wonderful by Kate RothwellWhat do a Victorian peer with a passion for journalism, a madman locked in a tower, an Irish cop in gaslight era New York and a not-entirely-reformed adventuress have in common? They all live in Kate Rothwell novels. Readers longing for smart, adventurous historical romance that doesn’t pull any punches with the realities of life in the nineteenth century need look no further than Kate Rothwell. Prolific, unusual and with a keen eye for historical detail, this is one and one half of an author to watch. But more on that half later.

Let’s start with prolific. With eight Rothwell titles to date, in addition to the plethora of titles in various genres under her other name, Summer Devon, both on her own and in collaboration with Bonnie Dee (there’s the half) new Rothwell readers are in no danger of running out of something to read. Though in her Summer Devon guise, Rothwell has tackled such diverse genres as contemporary and paranormal romance, including her male/male romances with Bonnie Dee, readers hungry for Victorian romance with a difference can focus on the Rothwell books.

Somebody Wonderful, Rothwell’s debut historical, first published in 2004, takes readers to late Victorian era New York, a setting where Rothwell creates a fully realized historical world. Gruff Irish police officer, Michael McCann, a.k.a Mick, takes the vow to protect and serve to a whole other level, especially when he encounters Timona Calverson, an heiress he first takes for a runaway from a house of ill repute. Mick’s sense of honor as well as his street smarts makes him a hero who truly earns this book’s title. Rothwell’s deft hand with language will leave the lilt of Mick’s melodious brogue ringing in readers’ ears long after the last page is turned, and not a speck of dialect to be found.

[Oh, to hear that voice...]

Apr 11 2014 1:30pm

Two Weddings, Sexual Tension, and a Blood Eagle in Vikings 2x07

Floki and Helga in Vikings 2.07This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of Vikings, including last night’s Season 2, episode 7, “Blood Eagle." Enjoy!

Helga has wonderful news for her lover, Floki, everyody’s favorite crazy boat builder. She’s carrying Floki’s child. Both wonderstruck and woeful, Floki pities the poor child for having such a father, but Helga will have none of that moaning. Buoyed by her faith in him, Floki asks Helga to marry him, dropping to his knees to greet the child inside her. They have been such good friends to the gods that surely the gods will bless them. Helga wants Ragnar’s blessing, too, but Floki refuses. Ragnar has everything already, but he can’t have Floki and Helga.

Floki and Helga aren’t the only soon-to-be newlyweds here, as King Ecbert arranges a hasty royal wedding between his son, Aethelwulf, and Judith, the daughter of the newly arrived King of Northumberland. He loses no time in seeing the ceremony carried out with proper gravity and formality, Aethelwulf and Judith kneeling before a Christian altar.

[Not exactly your dream wedding, eh?...]

Apr 1 2014 12:15pm

Good-Bye, How I Met Your Mother: The HIMYM Series Finale Recap

The cast of How I Met Your MotherThis post contains MAJOR SPOILERS for all aired episodes of How I Met Your Mother, including last night’s SERIES FINALE, “Last Forever,” Parts 1 and 2. Enjoy!

All good things come to an end, and so, after nine years, does How I Met Your Mother. Love or hate the ending, this is a finale fans are going to be talking about for quite some time.

Our final episode opens in the past, with our gang of five in their booth at MacLaren’s, only a few months after Robin moved from Canada to New York, where she doesn’t even have any friends. Yes she does have friends, Lily insists. She has them. When Robin goes to the bar to get the next round, Lily warns Barney and Ted that Robin is her new best friend, and the only way either of them are ever going to bang her is if they marry her.

We already know one of them did, and the scene flashes forward to Barney and Robin’s wedding reception. Ted locks eyes across the crowded dance floor with the band’s bass player, the eventually-to-be Mrs. Mosby. Barney calls out to her, asking if she remembers the pep talk she gave him to go get the woman he loves. He did, he declares, and Ted decides he has to leave for Chicago right away.

[Life marches on...]

Mar 25 2014 10:45am

How I Met Your Mother: Wedding Bells!

Barney and Robin finally tie the knot!There are moments that shippers live for with a favorite couple. That initial spark. The first touch, first kiss. First intimate encounter. The proposal, and most of all, the wedding. For Barney/Robin shippers, this moment has been nine years in the making, with a buildup that has included false starts, messy breakups, grand gestures, anxious doubts, other partners, cunning schemes, and Ted’s stubborn belief that Robin is the one for him. When those wedding bells finally ring, is this special day all that fans have hoped for all this time?

As the episode opens, double best man Ted comes to bride Robin’s rescue when she fears she can’t go through with the wedding because she doesn’t have the locket she’d buried as a heartsick teen. She’d hoped Barney would somehow find it and bring it to her, but he hasn’t. Maybe that’s a sign. Ted, of course, has gone through ridiculous cross country and international lengths to retrieve the locket as a wedding present for Robin. With the locket Robin longs for burning a hole in his pocket, what’s a best man to do? In Ted’s case, the right thing. He gives the locket to Barney, because Robin needs the locket to come from Barney.

[So you've got a tough decision ahead, Ted...]

Feb 28 2014 3:05pm

First Look: Jeannie Lin’s The Jade Temptress (Lotus Palace) (March 3, 2014)

Jeannie Lin
Jade Temptress
Harlequin / March 3, 2014 / $4.99 digital

Charming and seductive, Mingyu is the most sought-after hostess in the pleasure quarter. She has all men wrapped around her finger—except Constable Wu Kaifeng, the one man she can't resist, the only man to have placed her in chains.

Wu Kaifeng's outwardly intimidating demeanor hides a reluctant, fierce attraction to beautiful Mingyu. But the passionate temptation she presents threatens to destroy them both when a powerful official is murdered and they find themselves on a deadly trail. Amid the chaos, a forbidden affair could change Mingyu's fate forever, for following her heart is bound to have consequences...

In The Jade Temptress, the second book in the Lotus Palace series, Jeannie Lin takes readers back to the mysterious and absorbing world of The Pingkang Li, where decadent pleasures and decorous etiquette mask the best and worst life has to offer.

Sought-after courtesan Mingyu, whose name means “precious jade,” a pivotal supporting character in the previous novel, The Lotus Palace, gets her turn in the spotlight in The Jade Temptress, meeting her match in Wu Kaifeng, a wise and formiddable constable. Both Mingyu and Kaifeng have their reasons to discover the truth behind the death of Mingyu’s protector, General Deng. For Kaifeng, this is his job, and for Mingyu, it is her very life.

[Difficult to balance...]

Feb 26 2014 6:15pm

Bromance and Romance in About a Boy

The cast of About a BoyThis post contains spoilers for last night’s series premiere of About a Boy.

For fans of the Nick Hornby novel or the Hugh Grant/Nicholas Hoult movie who always wanted man-child Will to find romance with Fiona, mother of child-man Marcus, the sitcom adaptation may be paving the way to make that happen in the new series About a Boy.

We first meet Will Freeman, who considers himself a free man indeed, riding a San Francisco cable car, in stark contrast to his harried-father friend who’s juggling a baby and two children. Will makes a hasty exit when he spies a beautiful woman unloading a cello from her car and greets her with a jaunty “Cello!” The woman, Dakota, doubts Will’s claim to appreciation of the cello until he rattles off a long list of his favorite cello pieces. She’d love to chat, but she’s late for a meeting.

[When Will Met Fiona?...]

Feb 20 2014 10:30am

First Look: Isabella Bradford’s A Wicked Pursuit (February 25, 2014)

A Wicked Pursuit by Isabella BradfordIsabella Bradford
A Wicked Pursuit (Breconridge Brothers)
Ballantine / February 25, 2014 / $7.99 print, $5.99 digital

As the eldest son of the Duke of Breconridge, Harry Fitzroy is duty-bound to marry—and marry well. Giving up his rakish ways for the pleasures of a bride’s bed becomes a delightful prospect when Harry chooses beautiful Lady Julia Barclay, the catch of the season. But a fall from his horse puts a serious crimp in his plans. Abandoned by Julia before he can propose, the unlucky bachelor finds himself trapped in the country in the care of Julia’s younger sister.

Harry has never met a woman like Lady Augusta. Utterly without artifice, Gus is clever and capable, and seems to care not a fig for society. After a taboo kiss awakens passion that takes them both by surprise, Harry realizes he’d almost given his heart to the wrong sister. While London tongues wag, he’ll use his most seductive powers of persuasion to convince the reluctant Gus that she belongs with him—as his equal, his love, his wife.

Harry Fitzroy, eldest son of the Duke of Breconridge, spends most of Isabella Bradford's A Wicked Pursuit in bed, in the company of an unexpectedly enticing young woman, but not in the way one might originally suspect. Though he originally intends to eschew his rakish ways in favor of marriage to the beautiful and sought-after Julia Barclay, he’s thrown for a loop—and from his horse—before he gets a chance to propose. Though Julia makes a quick exit upon Harry’s injury, it’s her sister, Lady Augusta, more familiarly known as Gus, who takes Harry in hand, and to heart.

[Can't miss a good hurt/comfort read!...]

Feb 7 2014 11:34am

Isn’t it Romantic?: Big Bang Theory 7x15

Sheldon and Amy in The Big Bang Theory 7x15This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of The Big Bang Theory, including last night’s 7x15, “The Locomotion Manipulation.” Enjoy!

It’s February, and that can only mean one thing for Sheldon and Amy: the annual state of the relationship summit. Sheldon has yet to find an acceptable nickname for Amy, and there’s still the matter of Valentine’s Day. Amy plans for them to spend the big day at a bed and breakfast in Napa Valley, but Sheldon hates every word of that sentence, including “in, at, we and a.” Point Sheldon? Nope, Amy’s already got this covered.

Howard and Bernadette will be going with them, so they won’t have to eat with strangers. Sheldon can have his own room so people won’t talk about him sharing with Amy, and one without a claw footed tub, so he won’t feel like he’s bathing in a monster. Even so, how will that be fun? It’s a point for Amy here, because she has an ace in the hole. They’ll be dining en route on an authentic vintage train.

[Step one: Make him think it's his idea...]

Jan 28 2014 12:48pm

How I Met Your Mother 9x16: The Mother of All Payoffs

The Mother in How I Met Your Mother Season 9, episode 16, How Your Mother Met MeThis post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of How I Met Your Mother, including last night’s 9x16, “How Your Mother Met Me.” Enjoy!

We still don’t know the name of the future Mrs. Ted Mosby, but we do learn a lot more about her in How I Met Your Mother’s two hundredth episode, “How Your Mother Met Me.” While it may not be possible to cover nine years of story in thirty minutes, this episode hits some important turning points from Mrs. Mosby’s point of view, adding depth to moments we’ve already experienced and setting the stage for what is still to come. With loads of callbacks, close calls and counterpoints, there’s a lot of ground to cover, and it starts with the other MacLaren’s…

[So many almost meet-cutes!...]