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Mar 25 2015 3:00pm

The Mindy Project 3x21 Dandy Heart-to-Heart: The Gesture

The group is back together in The Mindy Project 3x21

Show/Episode: The Mindy Project Season 3, Episode 21, “Best Man” (Spoilers, naturally)
Ships: Mindy/Danny (Dandy)

The Mindy Project 3x21 Captain's Log

Peter crashes a staff meeting his wedding, and is met with nothing but love...until Danny assumes the wedding is off. It's not, so Morgan's first concern is bachelor party, until he learns Peter is in the market for a new best man. Can Morgan fill the bill? Nope, that honor goes to Mindy.

Mindy invites Danny to her parents' going away party before they move to India. Danny might want to bring gifts, but not talk baseball. She's digging Danny's new scruff, but her parents will hate it, so it's got to go before the party.

Jeremy tries to beg off Peter's wedding, despite Peter's pleas. Sure, Jeremy, it's all dedication to work, not that you still have a thing for the bride.

In Boston, Mindy, looking gorgeous in in a stunning sari, gets a phone call from a scruffy, scrubs-clad Danny, fresh from the operating room, who regrets there's no way he can make it to dinner in time. Mindy says she understands, but we're suspecting otherwise.

[Okay, but not okay...]

Mar 17 2015 9:30am

First Look: Sandra Lake’s The Warlord’s Wife (March 17, 2015)

The Warlord's Wife by Sandra LakeSandra Lake
The Warlord’s Wife (Sons of the North #1)
Intermix / March 17, 2015 / $4.99 digital

A stunning historical romance from debut author Sandra Lake transports readers to 12th century Sweden, where a powerful Viking lord will discover a fierce heart cannot be taken by mere force.

Lida was married to the love of her life for just two months when she became a widow. Pregnant and disowned by her late husband’s family for suspected infidelity, she was forced to return to her family in shame. Eight years later, uninterested in the prospect of finding another husband, she finds herself the unwilling object of a marriage contract with a powerful warlord. In a day, she is wed, bed, and put on a ship headed for Tronscar; an unknown icy stone and steel fortress.

Jarl Magnus is pleased to have taken a strong wife who, however stubborn she may be, will surely produce sons. However, he is less pleased with his wife’s additional baggage—a young daughter. But despite himself, Magnus falls for the daughter just as hard as the mother, and Lida’s heart is warmed to see the cold, serious Jarl move surprisingly fast into the role of stepfather.
When enemies attack Tronscar, Jarl Magnus’s nerves of steel waver, as the warrior fears his love for Lida will weaken him. But when his family is threatened, he’ll go to war to protect them, discovering along the way that they have the strength to protect themselves.

Viking tales have long been a natural backdrop for timeless tales of romance, from the maidensongs told around hearth fires to TV shows like Vikings. Sandra Lake's The Warlord’s Wife is a worthy addition to that tradition, rich in historical detail and filled with compelling characters that will keep readers turning pages late into the night.

[Page turner alert...]

Mar 6 2015 3:30pm

Ode to Bertrice Small

Skye O'Malley by Bertrice SmallThe relationship between a reader and a favorite writer cannot be terminated even by death, but the loss of Bertrice Small, one of the founding mothers of the historical romance genre as we know it, still hurts. Between the publication of her first historical romance novel, The Kadin, and her passing on February twenty-fourth of this year, Lady Small, as her devoted fans called her, gifted readers with a total of sixty-one titles. Not bad for a writer who was once told by a potential publisher that she should give up writing and concentrate on being a good mommy to her newborn. Her famous answer to that bit of advice is worthy of any romance heroine. Not only would she succeed as a writer, but she would be in the business long after that short-sighted gentleman was gone. She was.

One of the original Avon Ladies, back when Avon was not yet the romance publishing powerhouse we know now, Small made historical romance history, in more ways than one. How so? Glad you asked. This may take a while, so get comfy.

Small often described herself as a historian first and novelist second, which shows in the richly textured historicals with which she first made her mark. Some of those early historicals, such as The Kadin, Adora, and Beloved, not to mention the legendary Skye O’Malley, were based on actual historical figures. That would be Cyra Hafise, Theodora Cantecuzene and Zenobia of Palmyra, respectively. The legendary pirate queen, Grace O’Malley found herself re-imagined as Small’s iconic heroine, Skye, who snagged herself not only one happily-ever-after, but two, and spawned two successful series about generations of her descendants. Readers who have a yen for smart, powerful women who can rule their worlds and get the guy could count on finding exactly that in each new Small release, no matter the genre.

[If you haven't read her books yet, what are you waiting for?...]

Feb 24 2015 11:59am

Sleepy Hollow 2x18 Ichabbie Heart-to-Heart: A Whole New World

Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie as Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills in Sleepy Hollow Season 2 finaleShow/Episode: Sleepy Hollow Season 2, Episode 18, “Tempus Fugit”
Ship(s): Ichabod Crane/Abbie Mills (Ichabbie)

**Reader Beware: This post contains spoilers of all aired episodes of Sleepy Hollow, including last night's season finale, 2x18, “Tempus Fugit.”

The whole world's turned upside-down at the start of the Season 2 finale. Abbie's behind bars in the 18th century, and Crane the man in charge. She knows him, but he doesn’t know her, and that sets everything off balance.

Abbie knows all about the Hessian horseman, even knows the wording on the disptach that summons Crane back to the battlefield, and what's this about the horseman having a female accomplice? Crane is intrigued.

Speaking of that accomplice, Katrina rushes about the field hospital in search of her wounded hubby so she can make sure he dies this time, only he's not there. Crane was called from the field of battle, never met the Horseman, and was not cut down. Well, this complicates things. Who called him away? Mysterious slave woman named Abigail Mills? Got it in one, Katrina.

[Ichabbie shippers, hold on to your hats...]

Feb 11 2015 11:45am

The Mindy Project 3x15 Dandy Heart-to-Heart: Guess Who ELSE is Coming to Dinner?

Mindy and Danny in The Mindy Project 3x15 Show/Episode: The Mindy Project Season 3, Episode 15, “Dinner at the Castellanos”
Ships: Mindy/Danny (Dandy)

Mindy and Danny in The Mindy Project 3x15**Reader Beware: This post contains spoilers of all aired episodes of The Mindy Project, including (especially) last night's Season 3, Episode 15, “Dinner at the Castellano.”**

After thirty positive pregnancy tests, and one negative (but then again, that was a popsicle stick and Mindy herself drew the negative reading on it,) Mindy still isn’t sure she’s ready to tell Danny about the baby, but she’s going to do the right thing. Too bad there’s no such thing as a good time to tell him over the phone. A crying baby makes it hard for Danny to hear her first attempt, and he asks Mindy to remind him not to have kids until he’s old and deaf.

Her second attempt catches him in church, immediately before the priest plans to talk about shame. Is there anything Mindy wants him to confess for her? Nope, not a thing. Have fun in church. This phone thing is not going to work. She’ll come visit him in New York, plan a romantic getaway and break the news in person.

[That's a good plan...let's see how it goes wrong!]

Feb 10 2015 11:30am

Sleepy Hollow Ichabbie 2x16 Heart-to-Heart: Going Underground

Show/Episode: Sleepy Hollow Season 2, Episode 16, “What Lies Beneath”
Ships: Crane/Abbie (Ichabbie)

**Reader Beware: This post contains spoilers of all aired episodes of Sleepy Hollow, including last night's 2x16, “What Lies Beneath.”**

Touring a historic battleship with Abbie, Crane wonders if he has become completely acclimated to his new time, completely at ease in his new surroundings. There's some of that friendly banter these two do so well, before we get to the underlying issue. Fighting the good fight was a lot easier when they knew who the enemy was. Crane urges Abbie to have faith, in time for a text to arrive from Reyes. They're being called in on the case of the missing surveyors.

Abbie tries to bounce a journalist who's stepped over the line, literally, only to find that Calvin, the man in question, is a Sleepy Hollow native who knows all too well that some funky stuff goes on in this burg. He's not so sure this is all in the natural realm. Oh, and his brother is one of the missing. Personal stake there, hm?

In the tunnel, Crane notes that there is no sign of a struggle, until he and Abbie happen upon that hatch, adorned with witchy symbols and claw marks. Crane spots this immediately as the work of Thomas Jefferson.


Feb 4 2015 12:35pm

The Mindy Project 3x14 Dandy Heart-to-Heart: Stick Shift

Mindy and Danny have a lot to discuss in The Mindy Project 3x14Show/Episode: The Mindy Project 3x14, “No More Mr. Noishe Guy”
Ships: Mindy/Danny (Dandy)

The Mindy Project 3x14 Captain's Log**Reader Beware: This post contains spoilers (WE'RE TALKING MAJOR SPOILERS) of all aired episodes of The Mindy Project, including (especially) last night's Season 3, Episode 14, “No More Mr. Noishe Guy.”**

Three months after Mindy left for her fellowship at Stanford. Life is great, but Danny hates CA. He even brought NY groceries with him to visit her. Now that's dedication. Mindy wants to give Danny a weekend he won't forget. Redwoods, cable cars, wine by the bay...Mindy is starting to feel at home here, but Danny's not adapting well and can’t get home soon enough.

Mindy's colleague, Rob, gives her the opportunity to start a fertility practice, and Danny can come, too. Who knows, maybe Danny will be chill about a huge life change. She has seventy-two whole hours before she has to give her answer. That's plenty of time, right?


Jan 27 2015 11:50am

Sleepy Hollow 2x14 Heart-to-Heart: Proud Ichabbie Keep On Turnin’

Ichabod and Abbie in Sleepy Hollow 2x14Show/Episode: Sleepy Hollow Season 2, Episode 14, “Kali Yuga”
Ships: Crane/Abbie (Ichabbie), Jenny/Hawley, Irving/Cynthia

Sleepy Hollow 2x14 Captain's Log**Reader Beware: This post contains spoilers of all aired episodes of Sleepy Hollow, including last night's 2x14,“Kali Yuga.”**

Abbie sings Karaoke at a local bar, while Crane finds her performance surprising. Jenny mentions that Abbie has the voice of an angel...whoops, is that a sore spot? Crane says no, Orion was dealt with and he and Abbie have made their peace. Uh huh. Jenny notes that Crane and Abbie have been spending less time together. Did Abbie say something? No, Jenny just noticed.

Hawley leaves to meet a fence and runs into some shady characters, including Carmilla, the woman who raised him. She needs Hawley to help her rob the Knox estate, as in Fort Knox, because Hawley owes her.

[That's a pretty big IOU...]

Jan 6 2015 11:28am

Sleepy Hollow 2x12 Ichabbie Heart-to-Heart: Reconsidering Relationships

Show/Episode: Sleepy Hollow Season 2, Episode 12, “Paradise Lost”
Ships: Crane/Abbie (Ichabbie), Katrina/Crane (Ichatrina) and Katrina/Abraham (Katless)

**Reader Beware: This post contains spoilers of all aired episodes of Sleepy Hollow, including last night's 2x12, “Paradise Lost.”**

In the wake of Moloch’s death, Crane calls out to both the women in his life, Katrina and Abbie. It’s Abbie he finds first, and the two reach for each other. The forest is just a forest, no signs of Purgatory. The pair separate as she spies Jenny, and he, Katrina, but Henry is nowhere to be found.

Six weeks later, Crane and Abbie visit a farmer’s market, which kicks off the episode’s theme of  reinvention. Isn’t all produce organic, Crane wonders? Sure, Abbie answers, when it’s not genetically modified, our first signal that things are not all hunky dory now that the apocalypse has been pushed back.  Crane smells brimstone from a supposedly fresh fruit, and sure enough, it’s full of worms.  The farmer apologizes. She’s lost some trees to blight, and thought she pulled all the bad fruit, which is, of course, Crane’s cue to quiz her about hearing unholy voices and any animal carcasses she might have discovered. Abbie steers him away and points out they haven’t seen any signs of evil since that night.

[Relax, take deep breaths. It's okay...for now!]

Dec 12 2014 11:45am

Bones 10x10 Heart-to-Heart: Vintage Love

Booth and Bones in Bones 10x10Show/Episode: Bones 10x10, “The 200th in the 10th—Feels like the First Time”
Ship: Booth and Bones

**Note: This post contains spoilers of all aired episodes of Bones, including last night's 200th Episode.**

Right off the bat, we're not in Kansas anymore, as a 1950s' style newsreel presents us with vintage versions of Emily Deschanel and David Boreanz celebrating their tenth movie together. What strange new world have we fallen into?

It's the 200th episode of Bones, a Hitchcockian minimovie with a midcentury flavor. Just go with it. We're talking total alternate universe here and the attention to detail is gorgeous. Booth is a jewel thief and Bones the cop hot on his tail, in more ways than one. Bones follows Booth to a posh mansion, where a dead body turns everything upside down. Bones gets called on the carpet by her boss, police chief and dad, Max. He wants her gun and badge, but she's adamant to prove herself as a good detective anyway. Her first stop? Waiting for oh so suave Booth in his bachelor abode. Oh the classy chemistry, so smooth, so restrained, but still smoldering. Bones knows of the perfect way to save her career and Booth's life; they can work together to find the real killer. The unlikely allies toast to their new partnership.

[We like partnerships...they lead to partnerships of a different variety...]

Nov 25 2014 6:30pm

Sleepy Hollow 2x10 Ichabbie Heart-to-Heart: Knowledge Is Power

Ichabod Crane and Abbie Miss in Sleepy Hollow Season 2 episode 10Show/Episode: Sleepy Hollow Season 2, Episode 10, “Magnum Opus”
Ships: Ichabod/Abbie (Ichabbie), Crane/Katrina/Abraham, Katrina/Abraham (Katless)

**Reader Beware: This post contains spoilers of all aired episodes of Sleepy Hollow, including last night's 2x10, “Magnum Opus.”**

Ichabbie Captain's Log for Sleepy Hollow 2x10We start off with some good old Ichabbie banter as a game of liar’s poker played on their phones should jumpstart Abbie and Crane’s problem solving abilities, but then (of course) Katrina summons Crane via magic mirror. If their demon spawn, Henry, finds out mommy is talking to daddy, there will be hell to pay, but Katrina had to take the chance. In two days, Moloch could take over the world. She’s a powerful witch again, how, exactly? Eh, no matter. Crane knows of a weapon that could solve everything, the sword of Methuselah, but he’ll need Katrina’s insights…except that she has to go. Big help there, Katrina. Never fear, Abbie will help Crane crack the code in Grace’s journal, and witty banter ensues. These true partners smolder in wordplay and work together like a well oiled machine.

[We ship it like FedEx...]

Nov 20 2014 10:30am

First Look: Eileen Dreyer’s Twice Tempted (November 25, 2014)

Twice Tempted by Eileen DreyerEileen Dreyer
Twice Tempted (Drake's Rakes)
Forever / November 25, 2014 / $8.00 print, $7.99 digital

It feels like a lifetime ago that Alex Knight saved Fiona from certain doom . . . and stole a soul-shattering kiss for good measure. Wanting nothing more than to keep her safe, he left her in the care of her grandfather, the Marquess of Dourne.

But Fiona was hardly safe. As soon as he could, the marquess cast her and her sister out on the streets with only her wits to keep them alive.

Alex has never forgotten that long-ago kiss. Now the dashing spy is desperate to make up for failing his duty once before. This time he will protect Fiona once and for all, from a deadly foe bent on taking revenge on the Ferguson line-and anyone who stands in the way . . .

One of the keys to a successful historical romance series is the sense of family, be that family formed by blood or by choice. Eileen Dreyer's Twice Tempted, the latest installment in the Drake’s Rakes series, brings the love on multiple levels, surrounding Alex and Fiona’s love story with friends, family and a cunning mystery that will keep readers captivated.

[Tempt me once twice!]

Nov 17 2014 5:30pm

The Walking Dead 5x06 Carol/Daryl (Caryl) Heart-to-Heart: Consumed by Chemistry

Carol and Daryl in The Walking Dead Season 7x06Show/Episode: The Walking Dead, Season 5, Episode 6, “Consumed.”
Ships: Carol/Daryl (Caryl)

**Note: This post contains spoilers on all aired episodes of The Walking Dead. Read on only if you're caught up!**

Okay, Walking Dead, how do you do it? This episode has no kissing, no romantic or sexual touching, and yet…and yet… this ship is in full sail. I know, I know,  no kissy stuff, but the thing is, it didn’t need it. The sheer chemistry we saw in “Consumed” says it all without showing it all, and that, my friends, is the sign of a ship that is unstoppable. Well, okay, nothing is ever guaranteed in the world of The Walking Dead, but let’s take a look at what went down.

When we last saw Carol, she was being wheeled through the halls of Beth’s creeptastic hospital on a stretcher, and this episode tells us how she got there.  Hang on, because it’s a bumpy ride.  We see Carol’s journey in bits and pieces, both solo and with Daryl, and that’s where the chemistry leaps off the screen, into our living rooms and sticks us right in the heart like a crossbow in a walker’s skull.

[Ah, l'amore!...]

Nov 7 2014 1:15pm

The Big Bang Theory 8x08 Heart-to-Heart: Sheldon Loves Amy

Show/Episode: The Big Bang Theory Season 8, Episode 8, “The Prom Equivalency”
Ship(s): Sheldon/Amy

When Penny’s closet cleanout unearths her prom dress, Bernadette and Amy are keen to have a prom do-over so that they can share a magical night with their own true loves. Penny’s not so sure, but Leonard’s on board, so she can’t back out. While it’s a safe bet that the betrothed Leonard and Penny will have a magical evening—and indeed they do—and married Howard and Bernadette know who they’re going home with at prom’s end, the real stars of the night are Sheldon and Amy.

It’s an evening to remember for sure, though not how they expect at first. Sheldon balks at the sight of Amy in her prom finery and can’t go through with the date. Cue Amy’s disappointment, but our gal will rally, never fear. Sheldon runs to his room and seeks solace on the internet, learning he’s having a panic attack. Classic Sheldon, though savvy viewers will suspect there’s more to this story, and there is. Ever the caring girlfriend, Amy checks up on him, which is when things really get interesting.

[They certainly do!]

Oct 10 2014 12:15pm

The Walking Dead Season 5 Shipping Appreciation

Glenn and Maggie in The Walking DeadIn trailers for The Walking Dead’s fifth season, Rick urges his group to never let their guard down, but whose guarded heart is, or could be, ripe for the taking? Let’s take a look at the likely suspects and do some speculating.

Maggie and Glenn: These twentysomethings may be young to be the established couple of the group, but age is nothing but a number when the dead walk the earth. Maggie and Glenn’s devotion to one another has only grown from their first emotionally charged meeting, the intimacy of Maggie’s presence when Glenn prayed for the very first time, and the sweet heat of their first encounter in an empty drugstore. They’ve weathered the loss of Maggie’s dad, Herschel, survived the Governor’s interrogation, and fought their way through a tunnel full of walkers to find each other again, so what challenges await the newlyweds now that they’re together in Terminus? Fans of the graphic novel know that prospective parenthood, both adoptive and biological, becomes a hot topic for these two, and that could be interesting to see carry over onto the screen.

[We'd like to see that play out...]

Sep 29 2014 10:20am

Outlander Season 1, Episode 8 Recap: Is it Always Like This?

Claire hugs Jamie in Outlander 1x08Claire Randall's adventure continues in the first season of what is sure to be a long-running series on Starz based on the beloved historical fiction/fantasy/romance series by Diana Gabaldon, and we are so ready to recap and then discuss every single moment of it.

This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of Outlander, including Saturday night's Season 1, Episode 8, “Both Sides Now.” Enjoy!

Six weeks after Claire’s disappearance, Frank finds that disappointment is not the word for his feelings about the efforts of the local constabulary.

With no body and no sign of a struggle, Claire probably wasn’t taken against her will. Since Frank himself caught a man staring up at Claire’s window, the prevailing theory is that Claire has run off with her lover. Frank insists Claire would never leave him for another man.

[Well...she didn't mean to. If she just hadn't fallen through time...]

Sep 22 2014 11:35am

Outlander Season 1, Episode 7 Recap: Was it Good for You?

Claire Randall's adventure continues in the first season of what is sure to be a long-running series on Starz based on the beloved historical fiction/fantasy/romance series by Diana Gabaldon, and we are so ready to recap and then discuss every single moment of it.

This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of Outlander, including Saturday night's Season 1, Episode 7, “The Wedding.” Enjoy!

Claire’s second marriage begins with memories of her first. A younger Claire, hand in hand with Frank, stops outside a registry office, where Frank surprises Claire with a proposal. Claire answers with a kiss, which fades into her kissing Jamie at their wedding.

Soon enough, it’s the wedding night, and the newlyweds are charmingly awkward. A few drinks calm bridal nerves for both, and Jamie assures Claire he’s not going to force himself on her. Claire never thought he would, but she does have some questions, which strikes Jamie as fair. Why did Jamie agree to marry her?

Jamie allows that he married Claire to keep her safe. To protect Claire, the letter of the law must be fulfilled. The marriage would need to be consummated right away, with witnesses swearing they were in the building, if not the room. Jamie gives Claire his name, his clan and his family. If necessary, the protection of his body as well. Pause now for the entire female viewership to swoon, but Jamie is only getting started.

Claire joins him on the bed, hands entwinde, there’s leaning in for a kiss. Claire stalls. She wants to know about Jamie’s family. Jamie asks Claire how many generations back she wants him to go, and, well, ask a Scotsman a story, and the answer will not be brief. Hours pass as the newlyweds swap family stories, until would-be witnesses burst in to see how things are going. Jamie ushers their guests out, and Claire suggests she and Jamie go to bed. 

[Can we join, too?]

Sep 19 2014 3:15pm

Ahoy, Maties: Top 10 Pirate Romances from Hoyt, Lindsey, London and More!

Pirate in Her Arms by Danelle HarmonTalk Like A Pirate Day is today, and what better way to observe the holiday than talking pirate romance? From Cape Cod to the Barbary Coast, Elizabethan times to Victorian era Brazil, these seafaring romances are ready to board your keeper shelves.

Pirate in my Arms by Danelle Harmon

Let’s start out this list with a story based on the real deal. Danelle Harmon spent three years working with the crew that recovered the sunken ship, Whydah, belonging to actual pirate Black Sam Bellamy, and it shows in her attention to detail. Prepare to be swept back in time with this unforgettable tale of an adventurous English rogue who finds his greatest treasure in gentle Maria Hallet of Cape Cod, and a love that will not be denied.

by Marsha Canham

Marsha Canham could probably fill this list all by herself, but if pressed to pick only one of her nearly flawless pirate romances, the first in the Elizabethan-set Pirate Wolf series would have to be the one. Isabeau (Beau) Spence, herself the daughter of a notorious sea dog, is definitely daddy’s girl. A skilled navigator who demands respect, she rescues Simon Dante from a doomed ship, and the battle of wits between them begins. Rapier-sharp wits, passionate hearts and thrilling adventure make their happily-ever after one for the history books.

[And our TBR piles...]

Sep 15 2014 11:04am

Outlander Season 1, Episode 6: Black Jack’s Black Soul

Claire and Jamie in OutlanderClaire Randall's adventure continues in the first season of what is sure to be a long-running series on Starz based on the beloved historical fiction/fantasy/romance series by Diana Gabaldon, and we are so ready to recap and then discuss every single moment of it.

This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of Outlander, including Saturday night's Season 1, Episode 6, “The Garrison Commander.” Enjoy!

When last we left Claire, she had a big question to answer; was she with the MacKenzies of her own free will? This week, she tells Lieutenant Foster she is a guest of the Clan MacKenzie. All well and good, but Brigadier General Lord Thomas wants to speak with her anyway. If Claire goes, Dougal goes, so it’s off to see the wizard…er, general.

Even though the Redcoats are the enemies of the Highlanders, they’re still the British army Claire served with, and it’s good to be looked on with sympathy rather than suspicion. For Dougal, it’s the other way around. They may still be on MacKenzie land, but with the occupying Redcoats, he’s in enemy territory, and he is the outlander here.

[Uh oh...]

Sep 8 2014 10:30am

Outlander Season 1, Episode 5: You MUST Pay the Rent!

Dougal and Claire in Outlander 1x05Claire Randall's adventure continues in the first season of what is sure to be a long-running series on Starz based on the beloved historical fiction/fantasy/romance series by Diana Gabaldon, and we are so ready to recap and then discuss every single moment of it.

This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of Outlander, including Saturday night's Season 1, Episode 5, “Rent.” Enjoy!

Claire looks out across the wide water and quotes from John Donne’s “Present in Absence.” Surprise, surprise, Ned Gowan, the lawyer who’ll be helping them collect the rents, knows it, too.

Ned details what exactly counts as rent; livestock of various sorts, even a handkerchief last year, but no more live pigs. Ned’s cough troubles Claire, who suspects asthma and stuffs his pipe with thorn apple.

Dougal hurries them on their way.

[On your way...]