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May 22 2016 4:08pm

Losing Faith: Outlander 2x07 Jamie/Claire Heart-to-Heart

Claire and Jamie grieve in Outlander season 2, episode 7Show/Episode: Outlander Season 2, Episode 7, “Faith”
Ship: Jamie/Claire

We start this episode with an array of 1950s nature books, and a red-haired little girl calling over her mama to look at the pretty bird. Mama, of course, is Claire, and identifies the bird as a heron. Little girl wants to know if Claire has ever seen a heron in real life, and yes, she has, in Scotland, a long time ago...and we’re back in Scotland, Claire’s present giving way to her past.

Claire lies on Mother Hildegarde’s table, surrounded by concerned nuns, a physician attending her. She has a vision of a heron overhead, and the screen goes white. When she regains consciousness, she’s no longer on the table, but in a bed. She feels her midsection and asks for her baby. Mother Hildegarde has the sad task of informing Claire that her baby has joined the angels. Mother Hildegarde baptized the baby—though it is illegal to do so unless the child is alive—named her Faith, and had her buried in consecrated ground. She’s also brought a priest to give Claire an unction for the sick, as Claire’s fever is not abating, after several days.

[You can fight this, Claire...]

May 18 2016 1:30pm

Castle and Beckett’s Storybook Ending: Castle 8x22 Heart-to-Heart

Castle and Beckett HEA

Show/Episode: Castle Season 8, Episode 22, “Crossfire”
Ship: Castle/Beckett (Caskett)

Caskett 8x22 Captain's Log

After eight years of solving crimes, in both the real world, where Kate Beckett is sworn to protect and serve, and the fictional worlds of Richard Castle’s novels, where he aims to misbeh...ah, entertain, the story of the rogue mystery novelist and dedicated police officer comes to an end. They’ve never had an easy road; right from the start, creatively blocked mystery author, Castle, found his muse in dedicated police detective, Beckett, who did not need or want a consultant, thankyouverymuch. There was the small matter, though, of that string of murders ripped straight from Castle’s novels, and Beckett will do anything to crack the case, even if that means letting a writer with more imagination than common sense tag along.

On the job, they’ve put their powers of deduction to the test against serial killers, terrorists, perpetrators of international intrigue, cunning kidnappers, and the ongoing mystery of Beckett’s own mother’s murder. Off the job, they’ve dealt with other partners, the grit and glamour of Castle’s career, especially when Nikki Heat, the character Castle based on Beckett, makes some waves -and a feature film. Beckett has had other partners, and she’s not by any means the only woman in Castle’s life. He’s a true ladies’ man, those ladies including his actress mother, spirited teenage daughter and multiple ex-wives. 

[She's not the first wife, but she'll be the last...]

Apr 6 2016 9:30am

Howdy Neighbor: Charis Michaels’ The Earl Next Door

The Earl Next Door by Charis Michaels

Know that feeling when a moving van pulls into the neighborhood, the urge to peek from behind curtains at wha—and who—is coming out of the van and into the no-longer-vacant house? There’s an excitement that boils when the stuff coming out of that van is pretty darned cool, and hey, wait, what are the new neighbors wearing? They’re taking that in there? They have a what? No, seriously, a what? Time to brew some coffee, bake some cookies and get on over there to say hello, because this neighborhood just got a lot more interesting. The Earl Next Door, by debut author, Charis Michaels, is like that.

That’s also pretty much exactly the first scene, as American heiress, Piety Grey and her African servant, Tiny, descend upon Henrietta Place, in Mayfair, London, home to longtime resident, Lady Frinfrock, and her nurse, Jocelyn, Not only are there new arrivals, but their grand carriage careens into the perfectly proper street with unseemly speed, and they’re moving in next door to the newly-inherited, and impoverished Earl of Falcondale, who seems as eager to get out as the new neighbors are to get settled in place. Of course these two worlds must collide, and of course Lady Frinfrock sends her soon-to-be-erstwhile nurse over to investigate and report back.

[Hello, new hot neighbor ...]

Apr 3 2016 10:22pm

“Whatever You Do, I Do”: Sleepy Hollow 3x17 Ichabbie Heart-to-Heart

Ichabod and Abbie hold hands in Sleepy Hollow Season 3 episode 17Show/Episode: Sleepy Hollow Season 3, Episode 17, “Delaware”
Ship: Ichabod/Abbie (Ichabbie), Joe/Jenny (Joenny)

Ichabod and Abbie relationship tracker in Sleepy Hollow 3x17It all starts with the hand porn. Ichabod and Abbie feast before their trip to the catacombs.  He makes her cappuccino—with his face in the foam, ahem—and she brings him gourmet maple-bacon donuts. She wipes powdered sugar from his beard, twice; he drinks her coffee. There’s soft laughter, tender looks, casual touching—enough that this actually feels like a strange sort of love scene, and it is. Ichabod doesn’t even have to ask the question on his mind. Yes, Abbie is scared of going back to the catacombs, but what he does, she does, that’s the deal.

In the archives, Team Witness has some trouble accepting their two newest members. While Pandora tries to convince the rest of the team that she really does want to help bring down Hidden, Daniel strolls in, asking if this is a good time to join the team. He can’t pretend he hasn’t seen what he’s seen. Abbie isn’t so sure this is a good idea. If anything happened to Daniel, she would never forgive herself, but this is where he wants to be: here, for her. When this is all over, he promises, with a tender caress, they have to go back to the house at Virginia Beach and make up for lost time. Abbie plans to hold him to that, though this being the last episode before the season (and possibly series) finale, maybe she should just pencil him in. Okay, he can play, too.

[Damn, Daniel, back at it again...]

Apr 1 2016 11:00am

Sheldon’s Shame: Big Bang Theory 9x19 Shamy Heart-to-Heart

Sheldon and Amy in Big Bang Theory 9x19

Show/Episode: The Big Bang Theory Season 9, Episode 19, “The Solder Excursion Diversion”
Ship(s): Sheldon/Amy (Shamy), Penny/Leonard, Howard/Bernadette

Big Bang Theory 9x19

Sometimes, the big moments in a relationship are really the quiet ones, as both storylines in this episode prove. We’ll go with the B story first. Penny and Bernadette lend a hand -literally- to Leonard and Howard’s prototype of their new invention. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to wrap wire, so even Penny can make a contribution to science here, or she could, if they hadn’t run out of solder.

No big deal; the guys will go get more, and be right back. One little problem. They get a chance to participate in an advance viewing of the Suicide Squad movie. Standard method of operation here is to come up with a lie to tell their wives why they’re going to be gone hours instead of minutes, and that’s exactly what Leonard does. Howard, however, texts Raj with the truth, not knowing Raj has popped in to see how the women are doing, and Raj spills the beans. The trio plots to bust the guys, but plotting is all they can do, because Leonard and Howard decide to come clean and admit where they were. They even bring flowers. Raj leaps out of the closet to bust them anyway.

[Oh Raj...]

Mar 24 2016 4:40pm

Everything They Do Is Magic: Criminal Minds’ Morgan and Garcia Say Good-Bye

Goodbye Derek Morgan of Criminal Minds

Though Criminal Minds is a crime drama, the relationships among the team in the Behavioral Analysis Unit have always been the heart of the show. This is a family forged in fire, as they’ve stood together against terrorists, serial killers, sociopaths and stalkers, both in the course of the job and in their personal lives. They’ve been there for each other through weddings and babies, breakups and funerals, understanding, perhaps better than most, thanks to their intimate knowledge of both intellect and emotion, what’s really going on beneath the surface.

[Sniff, sniff, do we have to say the words? ...]

Mar 19 2016 5:58pm

Hug It Out: Sleepy Hollow 3x15 Ichabbie Heart-to-Heart

Ichabod and Abbie talk in Sleepy Hollow Season 3, episode 15Show/Episode: Sleepy Hollow Season 3, Episode 15, “Incommunicado”
Ship: Ichabod/Abbie (Ichabbie)

Three couples share special moments over the course of this episode, highlighting the unique bonds each shares, and how they all work together. It’s also worth a mention that the monster of the week, a banshee, is actually a red herring, which is a pretty clever development, and puts all three couples in places where we see what makes each one tick.

Though Ichabbie only have two scenes together, two is all they need. Their first scene is cute, light, and subtly flirty in that way that seems perfectly natural to the two of them. Abbie, bearing donuts, arrives in the archives to find Ichabod handling the symbol, while wearing a pair of tufted mittens, aka oven mitts. If he doesn’t have something between him and the symbol, his connection to Abbie is so strong that he was able to see exactly what donuts she got him before he looked in the bag. Are her donut choices the only thing he saw? He swears it’s so, but there’s still that undercurrent. If that’s not fanfic bait right there, I don’t know what is.

Sophie summons Abbie to work, and Hidden pays Ichabod a visit. Ichabod grabs his symbol, and Hidden lays down the law. Team Witness has messed with his woman. It's payback time. Ichabod refuses to give up Abbie's whereabouts, despite Hidden's threats. He’s died before, and isn’t afraid of doing it again, but there’s panic in his eyes when Hidden promises Abbie’s death will be slow and excruciating. Hidden hurls a ball of blue light, which Ichabod’s symbol deflects.

[Don't underestimate Team Ichabbie...]

Mar 6 2016 3:00pm

Put Some Rings on It: The Folley and Mallory Adventures by E. Catherine Tobler

Rings of Anubis (Folley and Mallory Adventures) by E. Catherine Tobler

Looking for a different sort of historical romance, where the history actually impacts the romance? Perhaps with a strong fantasy element that flavors both? Some nifty steampunk gadgets, the myth and legend of ancient Egypt contrasted against the wildly changing world of the late Victorian era? How about werewolves? Shifters? Time travel? Some mysteries for the ages? How about an Irish/Egyptian archeologist heroine with a personal stake in her work, and an opium-addicted French agent with demons of his own? All in the same place? Then the Folley and Mallory Adventures by E. Catherine Tobler is for you.

As the series title might convey, this love story plays out over more than one volume, the romance intrinsically interwoven with the adventure. Serial stories are a form of entertainment the Victorians knew and loved, a format that works beautifully for both the characters and the worlds they inhabit. Yep, worlds, plural.

Eleanor Folley is a woman with roots in two worlds. Though her ordinary (oh, but not for long) world is that of Victorian Europe, Eleanor has never forgotten the day that changed her life forever. Eleanor was a child when her mother disappeared, in the midst of a terrifying desert attack. All Eleanor has left is an ancient ring, and the knowledge that things are not what they seem. Eleanor takes no guff. Her passion for archeology is deeply personal, and she never forgets that what is left of the past is what remains of actual people, who had lives and minds, hopes, dreams (both literal and figurative) and hearts. Eleanor, while a product of her time, is also meeting that time on her own terms; she’s made some choices that set her apart from the ideals of Victorian womanhood, and she’s okay with that. She’s not a virgin. In fact, it’s her adventures with her former lover that bring one very special agent into her life.

[A historical you've been dreaming about ...]

Mar 5 2016 2:06pm

“I Need Your Help, Crane”: Sleepy Hollow 3x13 Ichabbie Heart-to-Heart

Abbie in Sleepy Hollow 3x14, Dark MirrorShow/Episode: Sleepy Hollow Season 3, Episode 13, “Dark Mirror”
Ship: Ichabod/Abbie (Ichabbie)

Ichabbie relationship tracker for Sleepy Hollow Season 3, episode 14Some episodes of Sleepy Hollow, the plot takes a back seat to the relationships, and this, dear Sleepyheads, appears to be one of them. There are some cute Joe and Jenny moments, and the Hidden One and Pandora backstory is revealed, but Ichabbie is the heart of the show, and the emotional intimacy Ichabod and Abbie share in this episode remind us why they are the beating heart of this show.

Abbie’s been on another one of her woodland runs, which may give some viewers a few concerns, considering that the last two characters we saw running got chomped by a mysterious monster (more on that later) but she’s safe...for now. Well, as safe as she can be when having flashbacks to her time in the catacombs, which lets us know that, despite her strong front, Abbie is not as okay as she’d like the others to believe. When she ducks into her shed and caresses the giant symbol painted on the wall, there is no doubt about that.

[Here comes trouble...]

Feb 22 2016 11:30am

Care for a Mint (And More)?: The Walking Dead 6x10 Richonne Heart-to-Heart

TV Recap: The Walking Dead 6x10 Rick/Michonne

Show/Episode: The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 10, “The Next World.”
Ship(s): Rick/Michonne (Richonne)

Here’s the funny thing about the zombie apocalypse, at least in the world of The Walking Dead; knocking civilization down to square one only serves to heighten the human connection. For Rick and Michonne, this is a connection both have been craving, but, since this is the zombie apocalypse, time to explore things like feelings and relationships often gets relegated to the back burner. Which is the perfect place for a slow burn, as this episode shows us.

Rick and Michonne have been living in a de facto family for quite some time now, along with Rick’s children, Carl and Judith, after the death of Rick’s wife, Lori. Michonne is no stranger to heartbreak, having lost both her boyfriend, Mike, and son, Andre, in the chaos that followed the change. Michonne and Carl filled a spot in each other’s lives, a mother without a son and a son without a mother, tying Michonne even closer to the Grimes clan, as well as her bond with baby Judith. Both Rick and Michonne are natural leaders, both know what it’s like to have to make hard decisions on the spur of the moment, both feel the weight of responsibility heavy on their shoulders, and both aren’t going to ask for someone to help carry that load, but if the right person is right there, well, these things happen.

[We're on board for Richonne ...]

Feb 20 2016 2:52pm

A Succulent Family: Sleepy Hollow 3x11 Ichabbie Heart-to-Heart

Show/Episode: Sleepy Hollow Season 3, Episode 11, “Kindred Spirits”
Ship: Ichabod/Abbie (Ichabbie)

Ichabod/Abbie relationship tracker in Sleepy Hollow Season 3, episode 11Urban legends come to life are par for the course in Sleepy Hollow, as is Ichabod and Abbie’s bond. While a parking couple’s makeout session escalates from consensual to assault to monster attack in the Crane/Mills residence, Ichabod can’t sleep because Abbie can’t sleep. He comes downstairs to find her pondering the chessboard. They haven’t had a chance to discuss her experiences since returning from the underworld, but not to work.

These quiet moments are some of the best for these two, as Ichabod’s concern leads into the deep tenderness of their bond. Abbie admits Ichabod is her Wilson, alluding to the volleyball in the movie Cast Away. Her chastisement of Ichabod’s massacre of her houseplants manages to combine the good-natured bickering of an old married couple with the earnest reserve of Ichabod’s old world sensibilities. With his single-minded devotion to bringing Abbie home, other responsibilities, including horticulture, fell by the wayside. Perhaps they should get some new plants?

[Domestic Ichabbie is the stuff of dreams...]

Feb 6 2016 3:06pm

Man Seeking Better Half: Sleepy Hollow 3x09 Ichabbie Heart-to-Heart

Ichabod, Jenny, and Joe in Sleepy Hollow Season 3, episode 9Show/Episode: Sleepy Hollow Season 3, Episode 9, “One Life”
Ship(s): Ichabod/Abbie (Ichabbie), Joe/Jenny (Joenny)

Ichabod and Abbie aka Ichabbie relationship tracker graphic for Sleepy Hollow 3x09For a show as dependent on the chemistry of the leads as Sleepy Hollow, coming back from a mid-season break with an episode featuring only one half of the pair can be a gamble. It’s been a month since Abbie disappeared, and Crane is desperate enough to steal the jug Orpheus used to get back Eurydice from the underworld. Sure, the spell is best used immediately after the disappearance, but this is Crane we’re talking about. Think he's going to let a little thing like that stop him from going after his Lieutenant? Not a chance. Jenny insists she and Joe are in on this, too. If Crane burns out, he's no good to them, or to Abbie. Let them carry the ball for a while.

Once Joe and Jenny depart, Crane gives the jug spell a shot, and...nothing. His stifled sob of disappointment soon gives way to something else—he'd like to know why Sophie is following him. To her credit, she does have a good answer. Crane is a person of interest in Abbie's disappearance. Is he being charged? No? Then kindly leave him alone, thanks.

[Crane without Abbie makes no sense...]

Feb 5 2016 12:20pm

Will Meemaw Approve?: The Big Bang Theory 9x14 Shamy Heart-to-Heart

Show/Episode: The Big Bang Theory Season 9, Episode 14, “The Meemaw Materialization”
Ship(s): Sheldon/Amy (Shamy), Raj/Emily

TV Recap The Big Bang Theory 9x14 Sheldon and Amy Captain's Log

February sweeps start off with the two remaining Big Bang bachelors caught between two women, in very different ways. While Raj’s chance encounter with a fellow Frozen fan in the comic book store leads to a moral dilemma, Sheldon is the one in most immediate danger, as he finds himself playing referee when Amy and his Meemaw meet. Oh, sparks are flying, for sure, but are they the kind anybody wants? Let’s take a look.

We’ll get Raj’s potential triangle out of the way first, because big things happen when Amy and Meemaw collide. One of the friendly arguments over geeky minutiae that Raj and Howard do so well gets an unexpected third opinion when Claire, a fellow patron, takes Raj’s side. We have introductions, we have a little banter. Claire is a bartender-slash-screenwriter whose attractive exterior covers a few quirks that aren’t that too far removed from Raj’s own. He follows up with a similar introduction, which delights Claire. She’d love to get together with him and pick his brain, because she’s writing a science fiction film for children. Raj would love to help, and takes her number...which is when Howard has his. Is Raj going to tell Emily about this? Emily, Raj’s girlfriend? Umm...good question.

[The Big Bang is about to turn into a Bang! ... ]

Dec 23 2015 3:00pm

H&H Bloggers Recommend: Best Reads of 2015, Part 3

The Highwayman by Kerrigan Byrne

Each month, we ask our bloggers to share the best thing they’ve read (or things, plural, if our bloggers declare a tie ’cause they just can’t choose). It doesn’t have to be a new book, as evidenced below; just something that made the month sparkle a bit more.

It's the end of the year now, and so we've asked them for their top three books that made the year in reading so memorable. Without further ado, here's Part 3 (of four parts) of our bloggers best reads of 2015—and don't forget to check out Part 1Part 2, and stay tuned for Part 4:

John Jacobson:

The Highwayman by Kerrigan Byrne - Byrne’s new historical is lush and provocative, with the deep language and drama of older historicals and the escapist spunk of newer historicals. Her characters are entrancing in their emotional depth. I was taken away by the narrative - there’s no other book like it out there today.

What a Devilish Duke Desires by Vicky Dreiling - Dreiling writes sweet historical romances with a sexy zing. This book hits all of the high notes with strong threads of dramatic action and romantic longing. The hero and the heroine are fundamentally good people caught up in bad circumstances, and the way Dreiling unveils their happily ever after is expert. Dreiling’s added homage to popular reality television in a Regency-garbed setting creates a humor that makes it the perfect sweet confection.

[What are your top 2015 recommendations? ...]

Dec 18 2015 12:15pm

The Big Bang Theory 9x11 Shamy Heart-to-Heart: Sheldon/Amy’s Big Bang

Sheldon and Amy finally have sex!

Show/Episode: The Big Bang Theory Season 9, Episode 11, “The Opening Night Excitation”
Ship(s): Sheldon/Amy (Shamy)

Shamy Captain's Log

Nothing can dampen Sheldon’s excitement about seeing the premiere of the new Star Wars movie. He’s bought his ticket in advance, and is taking the day before off, to watch the original trilogy and eat enough Star Wars cereal to choke a Wookie. Well, maybe one thing. As Penny reminds him, the premiere is the same night as Amy’s birthday. What’s Sheldon to do?

Since he bought his ticket while he and Amy were broken up, obviously, that should take precedence (according to Sheldon), so Star Wars it is. Penny counters that this is an important time in Shamy's relationship, and Leonard agrees. Sheldon can see the movie anytime. Sheldon argues that someone may spoil the movie for him, but nobody can spoil Amy's birthday - she's even older. He may think his mind is made up, but a late night visit from the voice of his concscience, Professor Proton, indicates otherwise. Even Professor Proton agrees Amy's birthday outranks the premiere. Amy knows how important Star Wars is to Sheldon, but she needs to know how important she is to him. Sheldon can see a movie any day, but he'll only have a limited amount of days with Amy. The professor has a point. Sheldon phones a sleepy Amy immediately to let her know they'll be spending her birthday together.  

[Happy Birthday, Amy...]

Dec 11 2015 11:45am

The Big Bang Theory 9x10 Shamy Heart-to-Heart: Sheldon/Amy Back Together!

Sheldon and Amy get back together

Show/Episode: The Big Bang Theory Season 9, Episode 10, “The Earworm Reverberation.”
Ship(s): Sheldon/Amy (Shamy)

Big Bang Theory 9x10 Captain's Log

Sheldon's descent into madness is not pretty. He's disrupted his sleep and bathroom schedules, constantly humming a song he can't get out of his head, and doesn't know what that song could be. Even a phone call to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame can't help him. What's next, testing the limits of public nudity?

Nope, it's Amy, phoning her Sheldon-obsessed British guy pal, Dave, to ask him out on another date. Dave is quick to say yes, and Amy is pleased. Can we talk about Dave for a minute? Dave is fun. He’s charming, open, has a great self-deprecating sense of humor, and an intriguing backstory. He’s cute, tall, works the glasses, has that accent, and he’s genuinely interested in Amy (okay, and Sheldon, but that could be a fun complication.) If it weren’t for Sheldon, Damy could be a thing.

Sheldon records messages to his future, crazy self, in case this earworm drives him mad beyond all redemption. (It’s already pushing that limit on Leonard and Penny, so this may be a wise move.)  Music is dangerous, and Penny is his friend. The thermostat should be seventy-two degrees, his spot is his. Leonard is his best friend, but sometimes gets cranky.

[Wouldn't we all...]

Nov 20 2015 2:00pm

The Big Bang Theory 9x09 Shamy Heart-to-Heart: Just Friends-giving

TV Recap: The Big Bang Theory 9x09 ShamyTV Recap: Captain's Log The Big Bang Theory 9x09 Shamy

Show/Episode: The Big Bang Theory Season 9, Episode 9, “The Platonic Permuation”
Ship(s): Sheldon/Amy (Shamy), Leonard/Penny

Thanksgiving time has come around again, but this year, the gang isn’t assembling en masse. Leonard and Penny will cook their first holiday meal as a married couple, while Bernadette, Howard, Raj and Emily plan to volunteer at a soup kitchen. Normally, Sheldon would do the traditional thing (well, for Sheldon) and hit the Thanksgiving buffet at the aquarium cafeteria, but that’s hard to do when his tickets are for two, and he’s only one. He offers the tickets to Amy, via video chat, so she can take whoever she wants.

Amy’s choice of date? Sheldon, but as a friend. Though Sheldon has concerns this might be awkward, due to their breakup, Amy allays his fears. It’s a Thanksgiving buffet at an aquarium cafeteria. Awkward is pretty much a given. They, however, will be fine.

[We haven't given up, we're rooting for you Shamy ...]

Nov 13 2015 12:00pm

Sleepy Hollow 3x07 Ichabbie Heart-to-Heart: Go Berserk

TV Recap: Sleepy Hollow 3x07 The Art of War

Show/Episode: Sleepy Hollow Season 3, Episode 7, “The Art of War”
Ship(s): Ichabod/Abbie (Ichabbie), Joe/Jenny (Joney)

TV Recap: Sleepy Hollow 3x07 Ichabbie and Joney Shipping

Monsters of the week come and go, but the Ichabbie bond remains the heart of Sleepy Hollow. We open with Crane thisclose to winning his chess match with Abbie, all intense and eloquent, while Abbie feels her way to a checkmate. Abbie knows Crane isn't only preoccupied with the game. Immigration, archives, Pandora, so of course, perfect time for Daniel to Crane-block. Crane excuses himself to make tea, but he's not missing a thing about Daniel’s conversation. Not the look of a platonic friend there, our Crane, not one bit. Daniel still doesn’t get Crane, but he does know how to entice Abbie - he’s putting her in charge while he checks in with his superiors in DC. Crane, meanwhile, is definitely watching Daniel.

Nevins summons ancient Norse berserkers, while Joe and Jenny go a few rounds in the boxing ring, providing eye candy for all. Hello, unexpected sexually charged embrace, but this is Sleepy Hollow, so Jenny’s glowing veins shift the attention to the supernatural portion of our plot, which shows us what a tight foursome our heroes make. The Mills sisters and their misters figure out that Jenny has absorbed the shard of Anubis, flooding her with supernatural energy that’s going to kill her if they don’t find a cure. But hey, no pressure.

[Now we have Joney to ship too ...]

Nov 6 2015 11:45am

Sleepy Hollow 3x06 Ichabbie Heart-to-Heart: Date Night

TV Recap: Sleepy Hollow 3x06 Ichabbie

Show/Episode: Sleepy Hollow Season 3, Episode 6, “This Red Lady From Caribee
Ship(s): Ichabod/Abbie (Ichabbie)

TV Recap: Sleepy Hollow 3x06 Captain's Log Ichabbie

What else could start with flashing blades, flickering flames, and an umbrella drink? Crane’s first date with Zoe, that’s what. While many Ichabbie shippers haven’t been the keenest on these peripheral love interests, this episode suggests that they may, actually, be a good thing. Crane has been out of the dating pool much longer than most, and watching his failed attempt at a first date builds in some comic relief and vulnerability. Zoe assures him, after they find they’re both working from the same Internet cheat sheet for first date small talk, that it’s okay; they’re both nervous. Crane is put more at ease, that he’s not alone in his unease, and on with the show.

Contrast Daniel and Abbie. It’s at work, after hours. He wants a quick word. She compliments his tie. He has a thing, but it’s a work night. He wants to discuss how much Abbie’s told Jenny about the Nebbins investigation, because work and family can be a tricky combination. Abbie will talk to Jenny and Joe, nothing to worry about. Bit of veiled flirting, he postures, she checks out the rear view, nothing big here, just a bit of...something.

[Who is this Zoe moving in on Crane? ...]

Oct 16 2015 11:10am

Sleepy Hollow 3x03 Ichabbie Heart-to-Heart: Together Again

TV Recap: Sleepy Hollow 3x03 Crane and Abbie Exchange Information

Show/Episode: Sleepy Hollow Season 3, Episode 3, “Blood and Fear” Ship(s): Crane/Abbie (Ichabbie)

TV Recap: Captain's Log Sleepy Hollow 3x03 Abbie and Crane

Pandora withdraws a wicked dagger from her box while we get flashes of a very young and terrified Crane. 

Adult Crane rails with characteristic indignance over the denial of his motion to preserve the archives. Only an American citizen can sign for this, and Crane isn't one. He bumps into Abbie, who drops her phone, an image of her dad on the screen. She still hasn't told Jenny. Maybe too much time has passed and she should move on. Crane gets her mind on other matters—he's going to pursue citizenship and consummate his allegiance to this nation. 

A young office worker, Nelson, gets shot down by his crush, Emily, but admires her from afar, later, at a club, under Pandora's watchful eye. Pandora entices him onto the dance floor, to show Emily what she's missing. Next thing Nelson knows, he's waking up next to Pandora's knife, and next thing after that, he’s giving Emily’s date the evil eye. This cannot end well.

[More Ichabbie crushing ...]