<i>Born of Betrayal</i>: Excerpt Born of Betrayal: Excerpt Sherrilyn Kenyon "Fain closed his eyes as he savored the feel and taste of his precious Galene." <i>Some Like It Scot</i>: Exclusive Excerpt Some Like It Scot: Exclusive Excerpt Suzanne Enoch "If I want a wife, I’ll find one fer myself." Now Win <i>This!</i>: Jill Shalvis' <i>All I Want</i> Sweepstakes Now Win This!: Jill Shalvis' All I Want Sweepstakes Team H & H Enter for a chance to win Jill Shalvis' All I Want. <i>A Cowboy Firefighter for Christmas</i>: Excerpt A Cowboy Firefighter for Christmas: Excerpt Kim Redford "She leaned in close to him and quickly licked the corner of his mouth."
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Oct 6 2015 9:30am

First Look: Elle Kennedy’s Claimed (October 6, 2015)

Claimed by Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy
Claimed (Outlaws #1)
Signet / October 6, 2015 / $7.99 print & digital

The bestselling author of the Killer Instincts novels “knows how to write scorching sexual tension”*. Now she really sets it on fire in a new series about men and women living on the edge of violence, sex, and life and death.

After a devastating war decimated most of the world, Hudson Lane has only known the oppressive life under her own father’s tyranny. She finally escapes, branding herself an outlaw and hunted by the Enforcers. Her best chance at survival is Connor Mackenzie, an aggressively sensual fugitive who opens her eyes to the wicked possibilities of a world without rules.

As the leader of a band of outlaw fighters, Connor can’t resist the beautiful stranger who asks for his protection. Despite his reservations, he agrees to introduce her to a whole new way of life. But when Connor discovers Hudson’s connection to the enemies of liberty, he wonders how far he can trust the woman who has abandoned all inhibitions to challenge every forbidden desire.

*USA Today

One of the best parts of reading romance is the escape of fantasy. We get to sneak off to a world where happily ever afters are a requirement. While the journey getting to that bit of “everything will be wonderful” usually has some rough emotional moments, we get that glorious escape every time.

[Connor is like Rick in The Walking Dead ...]

Oct 6 2015 8:25am

Do You Have a Minimum Length Requirement?

As readers, we typically don't have a maximum length requirement (although the double entendre of that just popped into my head). However, since we're, many of us, book buyers too, we may have a length requirement at the other end. Even timewise, length might be a factor—even if a book is free, do we want to “waste” a purchase on 35 pages?

What's worth it to you? Does it depend on authors? Especially with the season of the holiday novella fully in swing, shorter lengths are more of what's out there.

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

Oct 5 2015 5:30pm

First Look: Jasinda Wilder’s Madame X (October 6, 2015)

Madame X by Jasinda Wilder

Jasinda Wilder 
Madame X
Penguin / October 6, 2015 / $15.00 print, $7.99 digital

Madame X invites you to test the limits of desire in this provocative new novel from New York Times bestselling author Jasinda Wilder.
My name is Madame X.
I’m the best at what I do...
Hired to transform the uncultured, inept sons of the wealthy and powerful into decisive, confident men, Madame X wields culture and wit like a knife. But behind her sophisticated facade X is a woman adrift, trapped between a dangerous past she can’t remember and the protection of a seductive man who claims her body—and her soul.
Undone time and again by his exquisite dominance, X craves and fears his desire in equal measure. And while she longs for the safety of her tower penthouse, she also yearns to escape. But X has never known anything or anyone else—until he came along…

There is nothing typical about Madame X by Jasinda Wilder. The story itself is certainly different than what “old” Jasinda Wilder fans like myself have read in the fun and bubbly Big Girls Do It series, but reflects the direction her most recent offerings like her Alpha series have been heading. I find this hugely exciting as a fan of dark erotica and gritty storytelling. It could be a challenge to be unique in the dark erotica landscape, but Jasinda Wilder has done it, and done it well, in Madame X.

[A dark erotic for your pleasure ...]

Oct 5 2015 4:30pm

First Look: Lauren Layne’s Irresistibly Yours (October 6, 2015)

Irresistibly Yours by Lauren Layne

Lauren Layne
Irresistibly Yours (Oxford #1) 
Loveswept / October 6, 2015 / $2.99 digital

Meet the men of Oxford magazine! In the first captivating spin-off of Lauren Layne’s Sex, Love & Stiletto series, a not-so-friendly battle of the sexes turns into a scorching office romance.
Hotshot sports editor Cole Sharpe has been freelancing for Oxford for years, so when he hears about a staff position opening up, he figures he’s got the inside track. Then his boss drops a bombshell: Cole has competition. Female competition, in the form of a fresh-faced tomboy who can hang with the dudes—and write circles around them, too. Cole usually likes his women flirty and curvy, but he takes a special interest in his skinny, sassy rival, if only to keep an eye on her. And soon, he can’t take his eyes off her.
Penelope Pope knows all too well that she comes off as just one of the guys. Since she’s learned that wanting more usually leads to disappointment, Penelope’s resigned to sitting on the sidelines when it comes to love. So why does Cole make her want to get back in the game? The man is as arrogant as he is handsome. He probably sees her as nothing more than a barrier to his dream job. But when an unexpected kiss turns into a night of irresistible passion, Penelope has to figure out whether they’re just fooling around—or starting something real.

Ok, all you ladies who have perpetually been just “one of the guys” both emotionally and physically. You know who you are and this is the HEA for you. This angle also happens to be what I love most about Irresistibly Yours. Amidst all of the New Adult and post-50 Shades stories, it’s rare to find a book that showcases a female who is really short and without curves. I’m talking 5 ft. 1, 32A. And what’s even more fabulous? It’s that a woman who is vertically challenged and flat chested doesn’t necessarily have to be forever pigeon-holed as the “cute” one. Not to say that cute is bad. It’s not. But can we get an amen for small, flat chested women rocking the sex-appeal and winning the hot guy just as much as the 5’9 voluptuous woman with never-ending legs?  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Ms. Lauren Layne!

[Get ready to be hypnotized by Cole Sharpe ...]

Oct 5 2015 4:10pm

Romance News Roundup: Kristen Ashley & Skye Warren Deal, Gilmore Girls Anniversary, and More!

Welcome to H&H's daily news roundup! Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in the romance world right now.

—Deal Alert #1: We can very much thank Kristen Ashley for Motorcycle Club Romances as we see them today. Get into the Chaos series with Fire Inside (be warned: not book 1 in the series, but a good starting point, in my opinion, even if we have met the hero in a previous book), while it's marked down to just $0.99 at Amazon.* Before you buy, see what our blogger had to say about it in Janet Webb's First Look of Fire Inside!

—Fifteen years ago today, The Gilmore Girls premiered...and the world was changed forever. Okay, that's a bit of an exxagerations, however, I fell in love with the Gilmores—Emily and Richard, and, of course, Lorelai and Rory. However, were you ever aware of the great guest stars on that show? Not only was it the show that launched Melissa McCarthy's career, but it also gave us guest spots from Jon Hamm, Nick Offerman, and more stars...before they were famous! Check out this great list from Entertainment Weekly. If you're looking for more Gilmore Girls content to get all nostalgic over, see A.J. Pine's guest post on The Top 10 Reasons Gilmore Girls Will Always Be Fabulous, and then come discuss the beauty that was Luke and Lorelai with me!

[Plus, accessories for book lovers and more deals!]

Oct 5 2015 2:00pm

Now Win This!: Jill Shalvis’ All I Want Sweepstakes

*Click here to enter for a chance to win All I Want by Jill Shalvis. 

We love Jill Shalvis! If you're a lover of small towns and animals, then Jill's delightful Animal Magnetism series is a must-read! Get to know the residents in Sunshine, Idaho before diving into her latest release, All I Want, which comes out tomorrow!

Learn about the book: 

All I Want by Jill Shalvis 

From the “awesomely, incredibly talented”* New York Times bestselling author of Still the One, comes a sexy new Animal Magnetism novel set in Sunshine, Idaho, where the sky is the limit when it comes to love.

Pilot-for-hire Zoe Stone is happy to call Sunshine, Idaho, her home base. But her quiet life is thrown for a loop when her brother’s friend Parker comes to stay with her for a week. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife special agent is a handsome flirt with a gift for getting under her skin. And the situation only escalates when Parker hires her to fly him around the area while he collects evidence on a suspected smuggler.

Now she has to live and work with the guy. But when they’re in the air, she sees another side of him. He’s driven, focused, and sharp. And while he enjoys giving commentary on her blind dates, she quickly realizes with a shock that it’s Parker who gets her engines going…

*New York Times bestselling author, Jaci Burton

*Click here to enter for a chance to win All I Want by Jill Shalvis. 




*NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning.  Sweepstakes open to legal residents of 50 United States, D.C., and Canada (excluding Quebec), who are 18 as of the date of entry. To enter, complete entry at www.heroesandheartbreakers.com/alliwantsweeps beginning at 2:00 pm Eastern Time (ET) on October 05, 2015. Sweepstakes ends at 01:59 pm ET on October 12, 2015. Void outside the United States and Canada and where prohibited by law. Please see full details and official rules here. Sponsor: Heroes and Heartbreakers, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10010.



Oct 5 2015 1:00pm

First Look: HelenKay Dimon’s Mine (October 6, 2015)

Mine by HelenKay Dimon

HelenKay Dimon
Mine (Holton Woods #3)
Berkley / October 6, 2015 / $16.00 print, $9.99 digital

She doesn’t depend on anyone for anything. He intends to make her his completely.

Natalie Udall thought her position at the CIA was secure—until protecting her team earned her an armed escort into certain danger. Natalie can’t stand the idea of being secreted away in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, especially since it means sharing close quarters with the controlling bodyguard enlisted to keep her alive.

Gabe MacIntosh joined the military to support his son, trained as a sniper and dealt with death on a regular basis. Now retired and operating a security firm, his first assignment is to protect a CIA agent on the run. She’s strong willed and difficult—and all Gabe can think about is exerting his domination and stripping her of every expectation she has.

Natalie has no intention of giving in to Gabe’s straightforward demands of dominant sex with no attachments—even though the very idea of giving up control thrills her like nothing ever has…

I loved this book. Loved. It. I was in New York over the summer, and everyone asked me what the best book I'd read lately was. Had I read Mine before my trip, I would have told them this. This bookJust thinking about it makes me smile. Mine is one of the best books I've read this year, and honestly might be the best book. 

[Everyone must read this ...]

Oct 5 2015 12:00pm

A Cowboy Firefighter for Christmas: Exclusive Excerpt

Kim Redford

A Cowboy Firefighter for Christmas by Kim Redford

He's hotter than a wildfire

Trey Duval is a rancher, proud as can be of his Wildcat Ranch. He's also the top volunteer firefighter of Wildcat Bluff, Texas, the town that pulls out all the stops for its Christmas festivities.

City girl Misty Reynolds comes to Wildcat Bluff just in time to help Trey put out a suspicious fire, leading him to dub her his “Christmas angel.” Unfortunately, Misty's past has left her with terrible memories of fire, and of Christmastime.

As the two are thrown together again and again, Trey finds himself wanting Misty more and more, and Misty feels stronger and braver when Trey is around. Though their trust grows slowly, their passion for each other is burning hot...

Get a sneak peek at Kim Redford's A Cowboy Firefighter for Christmas (available October 6, 2015) with an exclusive excerpt of a selected scene.

Trey stepped out of the pool, his jeans dripping, and held out his hand. Misty hesitated before clasp­ing his fingers and allowing him to help her out of the warm water. Her slight hesitation alerted him that she didn’t quite trust him. Not too surprising since she hadn’t known him long, but he wanted to change that fact. He wanted her to completely trust him.

She tried to shake out her capris, but they clung to her like a second skin. She glanced up at him. “Now that you’ve landed me, you aren’t going to toss me back as too scrawny, are you?”

[Log in or register to read the full excerpt...]

Oct 5 2015 11:00am

Downton Abbey 6x03 Recap: Wedding Bells at the Abbey (or Not)

Downton Abbey 6x03 Carson/Hughes Wedding Bells

Welcome back to Downton Abbey and what's sure to be another (final, sob!) year of delicious upstairs/downstairs drama. Come, let's see what Series 6 has in store for our beloved Crawley family, shall we?

Note for U.S. Viewers: Downton Abbey returns to PBS for Season 6 on January 3, 2016. We'll be repromoting Naz's recaps then, so feel free to wait to read them until that time to remain unspoiled.

Note: This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of Downton Abbey, including last night's Series 6, Episode 3. Enjoy!

This was a fantastic episode! I mean, really, truly fantastic. It’s been quite a while since I’ve had a smile on my face the entire length of the episode. We finally got to see the Carson/Hughes wedding, and I have to tell you, both the lead-up and actual ceremony were well worth the wait. Plus, there was a really great surprise at the end, which I’ll get to. Okay, so in order to do this properly, I’m going to change things up a bit again. I’m going to give you the minor plots & storylines first and then get to the good stuff.

[Is the bride coming or not? ...]

Oct 5 2015 10:00am

H&H Quickie #13: Delilah S. Dawson — Prompt Me!

Wicked Ever After by Delilah S. Dawson

If you can never get enough of your favorite authors (and who can?!?), you are going to love H&H's author writing challenge, H&H Quickies. Not only will you get to read fun, original scenes by awesome romance authors, but said awesome romance authors will be writing those scenes based on YOUR prompts!

Following up on wonderful Quickie scenes by Susan AndersenRebecca ZanettiKerrigan ByrneLora LeighValerie Bowman, and more (see all the Quickies, here), we are pleased to announce today that Delilah S. Dawson will be the Thirteenth author to participate in the H&H Quickies challenge! Here are the details:

The idea

For the next week, H&H readers are invited to leave comments on this post with writing prompts/ideas for Delilah S. Dawson with a paranormal romance angle. Once the prompting period is over next week, Delilah will read over all of the prompts and pick at least two that she finds inspiring, and use them to write a short original scene. H&H will then post the scene for everyone to read and enjoy (yay!), as well as reveal which prompts Delilah used for the scene (woo-hoo!) for bragging rights.

[Join the spooky paranormal fun ...]

Oct 5 2015 8:07am

“Mother’s Vagina? Deal Breaker!” What Are Your Deal Breakers?

Jealanor in The Royals Season 2This Season 2 trailer of The Royals is a pretty good summary of both what happened in Season 1 and what's to come in Season 2. It also lists one of the biggest deal breakers in romance—infidelity...with the mother! If this were a romance, we'd be banging this book against the wall so fast we'd break the spine! However, this isn't the end for Jeleanor... OK, maybe it is, but we still have hope! 

But I digress. Jasper totally messed up...but on television and in movies, we're much more willing to forgive some things where, in romance novels, we are totally not willing to forgive those same sins.

What are your deal breakers and how do they change in television/movies vs books?

Let me know in the comments!

Oct 4 2015 2:00pm

First Look: Katy Evans’s Ms. Manwhore (October 5, 2015)

Katy Evans
Ms. Manwhore (Manwhore #3)
Gallery / October 5, 2015 / $2.99 digital

Katy Evans returns with a sexy novella, the final installment of the unforgettable love story that began in Manwhore.

What lies ahead for Chicago’s most envied couple, Malcolm Saint and Rachel Livingston?

Sparks flew between them in Manwhore. Separated by deception, they felt the intensity and heat of their attraction turn up in Manwhore +1.

Will Chicago’s wealthiest and most notorious player finally settle down, or will one woman never be enough? Find out in Ms. Manwhore, the ultimate conclusion to their electric, breathtaking story.

This has been the year of Malcolm Saint. He burst on the scene as anything but just another billionaire playboy hero and made us sit up and take notice. Boldly confident, quietly mysterious, potently seductive, he was a god in Manwhore who proved himself human in Manwhore +1, and in the conclusion, Ms. Manwhore, Saint’s not only going monogamous, he’s making it permanent.

[Malcolm is buidling with his lover ...]

Oct 4 2015 12:00pm

Burned Deep: Exclusive Excerpt

Calista Fox

Burned Deep by Calista Fox

Dane captivated Ari from the first moment their eyes locked. Every second thereafter proved they were either fated for love...or devastation.

It was a little scary how my body trembled and my breathing wouldn't return to normal. But I couldn't escape the intensity of our desire for each other—and how vibrant and alive he made me feel. Like I'd merely existed before. Gotten by. Now I was acutely aware of my surroundings. Of myself. Of him. Of every sensation blazing inside me...

Ari DeMille has spent her life focusing on the details and planning down to the minute. Haunted by her parents' ugly divorce, Ari believes the only way to prevent emotional scars is to always maintain control. But when the devastatingly handsome-and powerfully dominant-Dane Bax, her new boss, pushes Ari's boundaries, she must learn to shatter the ties that bind her if she is to sate her newfound desires... But giving into insatiable lust comes with a price. Dane's luxury hotel business is threatened by a consortium of dangerous men who threaten everything Ari holds close. And as the stakes are raised, Ari is treacherously close to losing all control of her life...and her heart.

Get a sneak peek at Calista Fox's Burned Deep (available October 6, 2015) with an exclusive excerpt of a selected scene.

chapter 1

“Where’s my groom?” I muttered under my breath.

Tamera Fenmore tore her gaze from the dark clouds rolling in—the same ones I kept my eye on. “Just saw him a few minutes ago.” The tension in her voice mirrored mine.

She was the officiant I’d subcontracted for this extravagant creekside wedding at a renowned resort in the intimate upscale community of Sedona, Arizona. Unfortunately, our unpredictable monsoons made late summer a sketchy time of year for outdoor events. A torrential downpour could obliterate this ceremony with very little warning.

[Log in or register to read the full excerpt...]

Oct 3 2015 2:00pm

First Look: Madeline Hunter’s Tall, Dark, and Wicked (October 6, 2015)

Tall, Dark, and Wicked by Madeline Hunter

Madeline Hunter
Tall, Dark, and Wicked (Wicked #2)
Jove / October 6, 2015 / $7.99 print & digital

A wickedly wonderful new romance from the New York Times bestselling author of His Wicked Reputation  

Most women will give him anything he wants. She is not most women… 

As a well-known barrister and the son of a duke, Ives confines his passionate impulses to discreet affairs with worldly mistresses. A twist of fate, however, has him looking for a new lover right when a fascinating woman shows up in his chambers, asking him to help save her father from the gallows. Unfortunately, he has already been asked to serve as the prosecutor in the case, but that only ensures close encounters with the rarity named Padua Belvoir. And every encounter increases his desire to tutor her in pleasure’s wicked ways...

Having always been too tall, too willful, and too smart to appeal to men, Padua Belvoir is shocked when Ives shows interest in her. Knowing his penchant for helping the wrongly accused, she had initially thought he might be her father’s best hope for salvation. Instead, he is her worst adversary—not least because every time he looks at her, she is tempted to give him anything he wants…

This is the second of the Wicked Trilogy, the first being His Wicked Reputation. As a long-time fan of Madeline Hunter, it was easy to get into Uwain (Nobody knows how to pronounce it anyway, so just call him Ives.) and Padua’s story. Having read like a zillion historical romances in my life, this one starts the way many of them do. A prim, unwittingly hot single woman shows up at a *gasp* bachelor’s home at a most improper time.  In this case, he’s even half undressed and doesn’t have the decency to put his coat back on!  He greets her in a robe for crying out loud!  He should know better, as a lawyer….well a barrister but same difference. 

[Ives to the rescue ...]

Oct 2 2015 4:30pm

Friday Beefcake: Men Whose Names Start With J (Jason Momoa, Jake Gyllenhaal, and More)

BC Top Image Jeffrey Dean Morgan 470

Hurricane Joaquain has the east coat of the United States a little worried as it continues to gain power in the Atlantic Ocean. While googling the characteristics of a hurricane, I found out from ask.com that hurricanes are: 

  • extremely powerful
  • form above ocean water
  • cause devastating damage to coastal areas
  • and the result is high waves, heavy rains, and powerful winds. 

With a little tweaking, don't these characteristics sound like they could apply to a round of good love making? Only if Hurricane Joaquain could leave the Atlantic and enter the bedroom of a good romance novel. Well it's not that simple, but Jon Hall and Jeffrey Dean Morgan may fit the bill.

Some men just look like they'll be good in bed and I'm sure this week's beefcake won't disappoint. So in honor of Joaquain let's recognize men who names start with the letter J. 

[Hello John, Jake, Jason, or whatever your name is ...]

Oct 2 2015 3:21pm

Romance News Roundup: Swooniest Pride & Prejudice Moments, Penny Reid Deal, and More!

Welcome to H&H's daily news roundup! Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in the romance world right now.

Neanderthal Seeks Human by Penny Reid

—Deal Alert #1: Penny Reid writes great “smart romance,” and she hits all the marks with Neanderthal Seeks Human, the first book in her Knitting in the City series. Bonus: it's free right now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iBookstore.* For more on Penny Reid, see what our bloggers had to say about her. 

—If you agree with me that Matthew MacFadyen is the sexiest of Darcys, then you'll enjoy Buzzfeed's article about the 24 moments in Pride and Prejudice that will make your heart go pitter-patter—sorry Firth fans, it's only the 2005 adaptation! 

Strike Back fans, get excited! There's talk of a Strike Back movie in the works, according to Entertainment Weekly! The show finished its final season back in July, but just because it's done, doesn't mean it's over—not in the entertainment world! Are you not familiar with it? Check out what Miss_D had to say about the Cinemax show's Michael and Kim (one of the many reasons to watch)!

[Plus, Julianna Marguelis on her dirty pommade, Jake Gyllenhaal's height, and more deals!]

Oct 2 2015 2:00pm

First Look: Manda Collins’s Good Earl Gone Bad (October 6, 2015)

Good Earl Gone Bad by Manda Collins

Manda Collins
Good Earl Gone Bad (Lords of Anarchy #2) 
St. Martin's Press / October 6, 2015 / $7.99 print & digital


Marriage? To a gambler? You must be joking! Yet Lady Hermione Upperton has never backed down from a challenge. When her spendthrift father offers her at the gaming tables, she is given a difficult choice-wed the Earl of Mainwaring, an infamous gamester with no respect for her skills with the reins, or face charges for the murder of a member of the infamous Lords of Anarchy. Either way she'll have to clear her name. Can she count on her husband's help the way she has begun to count on his kisses?


All Jasper Fawley, the Earl of Mainwaring, wanted was a night of cards. But by the end of the evening he's walked away with a fortune-and a bride who's suspected of murder. Jasper knows Hermione is passionate about her unorthodox membership in the Lords of Anarchy, but he's certain she would never kill to keep it. Can he protect his headstrong wife from prosecution and a ruthless killer without endangering both their hearts in the process?

Good Earl Gone Bad by Manda Collins is a fun historical romp featuring gambling, a forced marriage amongst friends, and a woman born way before her time.

[Spend your time with uncoventional Hermione ...]

Oct 2 2015 1:00pm

You Clever Girl: Wickedly Witty Women Writers in Romance from Dahl, Rodale, and Quinn!

Forever Your Earl by Eva Leigh

Today we're thrilled to welcome Eva Leigh to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Eva's latest release, Forever Your Earl, came out on September 29, and is the first book in her Wicked Quills of London series, which—you guessed it—features writer-heroines! Eva is here today to talk about other lady writers in romance. Thanks, Eva!

Editor's Warning: This post may contain spoilers for anyone who hasn't read some of the series mentioned below. If you like writer heroines, you'll love this post...but you may also get spoiled. Read with caution!

Women who write are definitely bad girls. People think we’re probably shy wallflowers who quietly pen stories to take the place of the adventures we never have—but the truth is, writing is daring. It’s even wicked.

For one thing, society often tells women to keep quiet, not to rock the boat, keep our opinions to ourselves, and be seen but not heard. What a bold thing, then, to actually step forward and demand that we deserve to be listened to? To insist that we have something to say? How subversive!

There’s a popular story about Jane Austen: her nephew alleged that she would write in secret, and then, when someone would come into the room, she’d cover her work with other papers, as if to disavow or hide what she was doing. But it’s more likely that Austen was proud of her writing, and pursued her work with ambition and self-respect. But the myth of shy, unassuming Aunt Jane has been part of popular culture for a long time. Think about what it means: that one of the most respected female authors was just a dabbler, quiet and humble—rather than owning her work, and being determined to make her mark in the world of literature. That’s what society at large wants us to take away from the awe-inspiring work of Jane Austen. But to that I say phooey.

[Witty writer heriones who stole the story ...]

Oct 2 2015 12:00pm

Dead Ringer: Exclusive Excerpt

Heidi Belleau and Sam Schooler

Dead Ringer by Heidi Belleau, Sam Schooler

Brandon Ringer has a dead man's face. His grandfather, silver-screen heartthrob James Ringer, died tragically at twenty-one, and Brandon looks exactly like him. But that's where the resemblance ends. Brandon is unknown, unemployed, and up to his ears in back taxes after inheriting his grandparents' Hollywood mansion. He refuses to sell it-it's his last connection to his grandmother-so to raise the cash he needs, he joins a celebrity look-alike escort agency.

Percy Charles is chronically ill, isolated, and lonely. His only company is his meddlesome caregiver and his collection of James Ringer memorabilia. When he finds “Jim Ringer” on Hollywood Doubles' website, he books an appointment, hoping to meet someone who shares his passion for his idol.

Brandon? Not that person.

But despite their differences, they connect, and Percy's fanboy love for James shows Brandon a side of his grandfather he never knew. Soon they want time together off the clock, but Percy is losing his battle for independence, and Brandon feels trapped in James's long shadow. Their struggle to love each other is the stuff of classic Hollywood. Too bad Brandon knows how those stories end.

Get a sneak peek at Heidi Belleau & Sam Schooler's Dead Ringer (available October 26, 2015) with an exclusive excerpt of a selected scene.

Cyrus didn’t answer, so he yanked his sunglasses down over his nose, really, really missing his coffee now, and shoved his door open. It was embarrassing how intimidating just the stupid house was. Brandon knew for sure the john wasn’t the one keeping the yard looking so nice. Did he call everything else in half an hour ahead too? Just call and expect his yard to be trimmed, his cars—Brandon was sure he had a bunch—to be washed, his groceries to be bought and stocked automatically, his newspaper not only brought to his door but delivered each morning on a silver platter next to his daily, overcomplicated breakfast order? Instant service.

[Log in or register to read the full excerpt...]