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February 6, 2016
Love Has No Rules in Jill Sorenson's Against the Wall
Janet Webb
February 5, 2016
Friday Beefcake: Hot Dudes Coloring Book!
Team H & H
February 5, 2016
Ready to Play: Football Highlights
Lucy Dosch
February 5, 2016
Emma Chase’s Appealed
Tiffany Tyer
February 3, 2016
Jane Ashford's Heir to the Duke: No Longer Cinderella
Janet Webb
Feb 6 2016 4:00pm

Love Has No Rules in Jill Sorenson’s Against the Wall

Against The Wall by Jill Sorenson

The eternal allure of the bad boy, especially a bad boy trying his damnedest to make good, is a trope that never falls out of fashion. Eric Hernandez is coldly analytical about the restrictions imposed on his life after being released from prison. He’s not exactly “free” because of the rules and regulations that govern his choices every day. Where he lives, what he does, with whom he associates … it’s all codified. What isn’t controllable is the feeling he has for the one person that is imbedded in his heart, Meghan Young. When his sister April and her husband Noah throw a welcome-home party after his release, Meghan is on Eric’s mind.

Meghan won’t be happy to see me. The last time I saw her, when she’d visited the jail where I was processed, I said a lot of nasty things to her. I said she was an easy lay, that I’d had better, that I didn’t care for her.


Noah doesn’t seem mad at me for disrespecting his little sister, so I’m assuming she didn’t share the details of our breakup.

Life moved on during the three years Eric was in prison. Meghan has a new boyfriend, rich, handsome, athletic, but he’s also a guy who’s used to having his girlfriends “fall in line,” especially if they’re live-ins.

Our relationship hit the skids as soon as I moved in with him. Then he stopped pursuing me and started trying to control me. It’s almost as if he considers me his property now that I live in his apartment. He seems to want a maid, a cook, and blowjobs on demand. I wouldn’t mind taking care of his needs if he returned the favor.

[Love has no rules and sometimes you need a do-over ...]

Feb 6 2016 2:06pm

Man Seeking Better Half: Sleepy Hollow 3x09 Ichabbie Heart-to-Heart

Ichabod, Jenny, and Joe in Sleepy Hollow Season 3, episode 9Show/Episode: Sleepy Hollow Season 3, Episode 9, “One Life”
Ship(s): Ichabod/Abbie (Ichabbie), Joe/Jenny (Joenny)

Ichabod and Abbie aka Ichabbie relationship tracker graphic for Sleepy Hollow 3x09For a show as dependent on the chemistry of the leads as Sleepy Hollow, coming back from a mid-season break with an episode featuring only one half of the pair can be a gamble. It’s been a month since Abbie disappeared, and Crane is desperate enough to steal the jug Orpheus used to get back Eurydice from the underworld. Sure, the spell is best used immediately after the disappearance, but this is Crane we’re talking about. Think he's going to let a little thing like that stop him from going after his Lieutenant? Not a chance. Jenny insists she and Joe are in on this, too. If Crane burns out, he's no good to them, or to Abbie. Let them carry the ball for a while.

Once Joe and Jenny depart, Crane gives the jug spell a shot, and...nothing. His stifled sob of disappointment soon gives way to something else—he'd like to know why Sophie is following him. To her credit, she does have a good answer. Crane is a person of interest in Abbie's disappearance. Is he being charged? No? Then kindly leave him alone, thanks.

[Crane without Abbie makes no sense...]

Feb 6 2016 12:00pm

Out of Nowhere: Exclusive Excerpt

Roan Parrish

Out of Nowhere by Roan Parrish

The only thing in Colin Mulligan’s life that makes sense is taking cars apart and putting them back together. In the auto shop where he works with his father and brothers, he tries to get through the day without having a panic attack or flying into a rage. Drinking helps. So do running and lifting weights until he can hardly stand. But none of it can change the fact that he’s gay, a secret he has kept from everyone.

Rafael Guerrera has found ways to live with the past he’s ashamed of. He’s dedicated his life to social justice work and to helping youth who, like him, had very little growing up. He has no time for love. Hell, he barely has time for himself. Somehow, everything about miserable, self-destructive Colin cries out to him. But down that path lie the troubles Rafe has worked so hard to leave behind. And as their relationship intensifies, Rafe and Colin are forced to dredge up secrets that both men would prefer stay buried.

Get a sneak peek at Roan Parrish's Out of Nowhere (available February  29, 2016) with an exclusive excerpt of a selected scene.

I’ve been remembering things lately. There was this kid I knew in middle school. Charlie Lancaster. He was kind of strange, always talking about morbid stuff like death and skeletons and plagues. But after Mom died, all the things he was talking about kind of made sense to me.

His parents had been killed in a car crash when he was ten, and he managed to sit with me and talk and not spout a bunch of shit about how sorry he was for me. Useless comments that made me want to scream and punch people right in their weepy, sympathetic mouths. Instead, Charlie and I talked about what it meant for someone to suddenly cease to exist. About the space someone can leave behind.

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Feb 5 2016 5:30pm

Friday Beefcake: Hot Dudes Coloring Book!

Football Player from Hot Dudes Coloring Book

It's Friday and while adult coloring books are all the rage, we're happy to take a break today and share with you our own adventures with the Hot Dude Coloring Book. Like a proud parent, we're here to post our coloring exploits! We hope you like the pages, and have fun coloring in your own hot dudes! 

[Let the coloring begin...]

Feb 5 2016 4:33pm

Romance News: A Simply Sexual Deal and More

Welcome to H&H's daily news roundup! Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in the romance world right now.

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Deal Alerts

Simply Sexual by Kate PearceKate Pearce's first erotic House of Pleasure novel, Simply Sexual, is currently on sale for $.99 in e-book at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, iBookstore, etc.* If this book lights your fire, read JenniferPorter's 2015 piece “Hotter Than a Crowded Ballroom: Kate Pearce's Erotically Charged Writing” for more reading suggestions to suit your mood.

Carrie Ann Ryan's tattoo-artist-hero romance Delicate Ink, first in the Montgomery Ink series, is FREE in e-book for the moment at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBookstore, etc.* Donna Cummings wrote about the appeal of tattooed romance heroes in her 2011 article “Marked by Love,” if you're looking for more men with ink. 

Tasty Morsels

In more Fifty Shades Darker movie casting news, Bella Heathcote (Dark Shadows) will portray Leila Williams, one of Christian Grey's exes. Last week we learned that Kim Basinger joined the cast as Elena Lincoln.

*We don't know how long deals will last, so get 'em while you can!

Feb 5 2016 2:30pm

Cover Friday: Exclusive Reveals from Lora Leigh and Susan Donovan

Today we're thrilled to reveal covers from Lora Leigh and Susan Donovan. Leigh is giving us another hot novel from her Men of Summer series. Grace is Zack's wildest fantasy that has just become his reality, but the relationship may be a dangerous choice. Susan Donovan is ending her Bigler, North Carolina trilogy with Stealing Taffy. Tanyalee “Taffy” Newberry is out of rehab and before she knows it she's having a smoking night with Special Agent Dante. In honor of the ending triliogy I Want Candy and Cheri on Top are being reissued.

[Learn more about the books and check out the amazing covers ...]

Feb 5 2016 1:15pm

Ready to Play: Football Highlights from Burton, Callihan, Stacey, and More!

Unexpected Rush by Jaci Burton

Super bowl looms ever closer and it’s time to make a confession.  It’s time to confess that we love the game as much as our men.  We just love those players in their uniforms with their tight pants and their fanny pats.   Those hot men in uniforms catching the football with those big strong arms.  Admit it ladies, that’s why there are so many series featuring gorgeous football players that we want to huddle with ourselves.

Jaci Burton has given us plenty to hot hunks to play with in her Play by Play series.  This series features brothers from both the Riley family and the Cassidy family and their teammates.   While some of her heroes might have chosen to play those more girly games like professional hockey and major league baseball, Jaci Burton keeps bringing us back to those massive men of football.  In her upcoming release, Unexpected Rush, Barrett Cassidy plays for the NFL, unless his twin brother Tucker “Mr. Perfect Game” Cassidy.  Barrett knows that there is no better game than football and no more important Guy Code than don’t touch your buddy’s sister.  Barrett might a success in the game of football, but can he keep from breaking the Code when the temptation is too great.

[More Football romances for Superbowl 50 ...]

Feb 5 2016 12:01pm

“I Swear Fealty to You”: The 100 3x03 Bellarke & Clexa Heart-to-Heart

Lexa and Clarke face off in The 100 Season 3 episode 3, Ye Who Enter HereThe 100 Season 3: That's the dream. And now it's a reality, too. Welcome to H&H's weekly romance-focused episode reviews dedicated solely to tracking the Bellamy/Clarke and Clarke/Lexa relationships, with reactions from two very different perspectives: Camp Bellarke (Heather Waters & Jennifer Proffitt) and the Clexa Cabal (Phoebe Chase & Angela Craft). If this show has taught us anything, it's that this is going to be one wild ride, so buckle up!

Show/Episode: The 100 Season 3, Episode 3, “Ye Who Enter Here” (SPOILERS for this episode ahead, natch)
Ship(s): Bellamy/Clarke (Bellarke), Clarke/Lexa (Clexa)

Clarke/Lexa aka Clexa captain's log relationship tracker graphicClexa Cabal

Can you feel it, Clexa Cabal? Can you feel the DEFCON1 UST? (That's unresolved sexual tension for those not down with romancelandia acronyms.) As a grown woman of almost 50 years and a suburban mother of three, I was on the edge of my seat this entire episode. Right from the opening scene, Clarke and Lexa are throwing down and diving right into the Big Betrayal at Mt. Weather. You know who does that? People that have strong, intense feelings for each other, that's who. 

Lexa defends her decision and tells Clarke that she would have done the same to save her people. These two women have so much in common, are so similar at their core. Lexa sees it, but Clarke isn't ready to admit it. The many, many close-ups of both actresses during these scenes shows just how good they are. The emotions and things being left unsaid were so evident in their faces.

[More Clexa thoughts + Bellarke recap...]

Feb 5 2016 11:20am

Will Meemaw Approve?: The Big Bang Theory 9x14 Shamy Heart-to-Heart

Show/Episode: The Big Bang Theory Season 9, Episode 14, “The Meemaw Materialization”
Ship(s): Sheldon/Amy (Shamy), Raj/Emily

TV Recap The Big Bang Theory 9x14 Sheldon and Amy Captain's Log

February sweeps start off with the two remaining Big Bang bachelors caught between two women, in very different ways. While Raj’s chance encounter with a fellow Frozen fan in the comic book store leads to a moral dilemma, Sheldon is the one in most immediate danger, as he finds himself playing referee when Amy and his Meemaw meet. Oh, sparks are flying, for sure, but are they the kind anybody wants? Let’s take a look.

We’ll get Raj’s potential triangle out of the way first, because big things happen when Amy and Meemaw collide. One of the friendly arguments over geeky minutiae that Raj and Howard do so well gets an unexpected third opinion when Claire, a fellow patron, takes Raj’s side. We have introductions, we have a little banter. Claire is a bartender-slash-screenwriter whose attractive exterior covers a few quirks that aren’t that too far removed from Raj’s own. He follows up with a similar introduction, which delights Claire. She’d love to get together with him and pick his brain, because she’s writing a science fiction film for children. Raj would love to help, and takes her number...which is when Howard has his. Is Raj going to tell Emily about this? Emily, Raj’s girlfriend? Umm...good question.

[The Big Bang is about to turn into a Bang! ... ]

Feb 5 2016 9:30am

Habeas Corpus: Emma Chase’s Appealed

Appealed by Emma Chase

When it comes to Emma Chase’s Legal Briefs series, she saved the best for last. And with the friends-to-lovers turned enemies-to-lovers, ugly-duckling-turned-beauty, and reunited-love tropes all working together seamlessly, there’s a lot to love about Kennedy and Brent in Appealed. Everything, in fact.

This is all about history. And Kennedy and Brent’s is so rich it fuels the whole story and gives it weight. But there’s a lot of resolution due after a bad parting years ago, and the perfect backdrop is the courtroom where, poetically, Kennedy and Brent face off as prosecutor and defense attorney and it all becomes about so much more than just a case. Soon they’re sparring outside of work, and when they take it to the bedroom, it’s fiery. The banter is always there, always hilarious, every exchange on point, even as the dynamic shifts because Brent’s in it for good this time and he’s out to prove it.

“But—whether we want to talk or not, it looks like I need to lay some ground rules.” My gaze burns into hers and my voice is almost as hard as my dick. “Rule number one—you don’t set one pretty toe out of my bed without waking me up first. Ever.”

I lean in and skim my nose up the delicate line of her neck, then I drag my tongue down the same path to her pulse point—wrapping my lips around it and sucking—hard enough to leave one bitch of a mark.

But… that’s the price she pays.

“I jerked off twice in the shower,” I hiss against her skin. “And I was still hard as a goddamn rock watching you in court.”

[Whoa Sir! You really are feeling me ...]

Feb 5 2016 8:13am

Me Before You Support Group

Was anyone else totally gutted on the trailer of Me Before You? On Wednesday we were talking about the perfect casting of Emilia Clarke, but seeing these two in action brought out literally every feeling we have. It hurt SO GOOD. 

Now... discuss! Have you read the book? Will you be seeing the movie? Were you already sobbing over the trailer?

Let us know in the comments (and for those of you who haven't read the book, the comments may get spoiler-y)!

Feb 4 2016 4:30pm

The Love in Hamilton the Musical: Like You Needed Another Reason to See It

Hamilton the Musical Eliza and Alexander

(Authors note - This post contains spoilers of the Hamilton musical and Original Broadway Cast Recording.  You’re going to want to listen to the cast recording—trust me on this—so if the spoilers will bother you, listen to it first and then come back. Although, if you want to avoid being blindsided by some of the heart ripping moments and don’t want to end up in traffic or on an airplane ugly sobbing and hiccupping during Act 2, maybe you should go ahead and read this first for a heads up. I mean, it’s totally up to you buuuut, I’m just sayin. - P)

Have you heard of the Hamilton musical?  If you are someone that knows me outside of the internet, I have probably asked this of you, in wide-eyed, breathless wonder, in the last month or so.  And, even if you only know me via social media, chances are you’ve gotten a DM, IM, text or email from me, asking the same question, chock full of exclamation points and heart eye emoji’s.   In fact, there’s a few people out there that don’t know me at all who have been preached the gospel of Hamilton just because they were standing too closely and I started addressing them, too, just because. ( Ahem, sorry about that, stranger people; I’ve been overly excited. Apologies and whatnot.)  Well, the time has come for me to turn my mania on you, H&H fam! Buckle up!

[Going crazy over Hamilton the Musical ...]

Feb 4 2016 4:16pm

Romance News: Ilona Andrews’s Magic Binds Cover & More!

Welcome to H&H's daily news roundup! Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in the romance world right now.

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Deal Alerts

Across the Line by Kate WilloughbyKate Willoughby's winning hockey romance Across the Line, Book 2 of the In the Zone series, is currently marked down to $1.99 in e-book at Amazon.* Willoughby and five fellow authors compiled the 18 Reasons Why We Love Athletes in 2014 and it's still very relevant.

Kristan Higgins' charming contemporary The Best Man is discounted to $1.99 in e-book for the moment at Amazon.* In her First Look at The Best Man, Myretta Robens says she felt transported to upstate New York in this book. Armchair traveling ftw!

Tiffany Snow's sexy Risky Business contemporary Power Play is on sale for $1.99 in e-book at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, iBookstore, etc.* Love triangle alert! Reviewer TanyaLK says in her First Look at Power Play that she's not normally a fan of triangles, but Snow sucked her in and made her eager for more.

RaeAnne Thayne's cozy contemporary western Light the Stars, first in the Cowboys of Cold Creek series, is only $.99 right now at iBookstore, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.* Thayne dropped by H&H last year to share her insights on the appeal of small-town romance.

[+Ilona Andrews cover & a Sherrilyn Kenyon coloring book!]

Feb 4 2016 2:00pm

Cover Thursday: Exclusive Reveals from Melanie Scott and Jessica Lemmon

Today we're thrilled to reveal covers from Melanie Scott and Jessica Lemmon. In Scott's Playing Fast, hot baseball star Finn and Eva are trying to decide if they should strike out on their no strings attached relationship or make it a home run. Things are also getting steamy with Lemmon's The Billionaire Next Door. Rachael is losing hope with the various dead-end jobs she keeps landing when suddenly she lucks up on a Billionaire with a proposition he hopes will save his own investments. 

[Learn more about the books and check out the amazing covers ...]

Feb 4 2016 12:00pm

Follow Me Into Darkness: Excerpt

Santino Hassell, Roan Parrish, J.R. Gray, J.C. Lillis and Kris Ripper

Follow Me Into Darkness by Santino Hassell, J.C. Lillis, J.R. Gray, Kris Ripper, and Roan Parrish

Carnivale is a time for decadence, for revelry, and for mischief. A time when we shed the figurative masks we wear in everyday life in favor of new ones… ones that allow us to be a little bolder, a little more adventurous, and perhaps a little truer to ourselves. Follow Me Into Darkness is a compilation of original tales of queer romance by five of the premier authors of contemporary romance.

Hurricane by Santino Hassell

Interesting things never happened to Zay. He was the wallflower everyone forgot about as soon as the booze began to flow, and Mardi Gras had never been an exception. But after a chance encounter with a devil-may-care grifter, this year's celebration brings adventure and whirlwind romance.

If We Be Friends by J.C. Lillis

Seventeen-year-old Ven should be flying high—he's playing the title role in a new TV drama about Hamlet's teen years, and tonight they're having a Mardi Gras cast party in a possibly-haunted castle. But Ven's lost all his mirth since his boyfriend suggested they “take a break,” so he plans to skip the bash and brood in his trailer all night. Then the exasperating guy who plays Horatio challenges him to a Shakespearean soliloquy-off, and Ven knows his actorly honor is at stake. He says yes to the duel, trudges off to the the party to meet his fate—and finds that more awaits him onstage than a battle of wits and words.

Masked by J.R. Gray

Blistering heat and half-naked masked men as far as the eye can see, but Heath runs into the one face it’s taken him fifteen years to forget. Javier is plagued with a life of regret, but when a second chance confronts him, can he let go of his hang-ups and seize the moment?

The Queen’s Reflection by Kris Ripper

Isah plays the role everyone expects: malleable and cautious, a true queen. But what others see as a queen’s appropriate modesty is really just a disguise for what Isah has never told anyone, the thing no one can ever know.

This body, dressed in the queen’s gowns, is a lie.

Once a year, at carnival, Isah dons someone else’s clothes and becomes them for a night. A young cook in stained whites, or a stableboy in worn breeches. As long as no one gets too close the pretense holds.

Until two strangers look past all the characters and Isah finally exposes the person behind the mask.

Touched by Roan Parrish

Sometimes when he touches people Philippe Rondeau sees their future. It’s erratic and inconvenient, but mostly he’s learned to deal with it. Sure he hasn’t found true love yet, but he has friends and lovers, and is kept busy running his family’s jazz club in Prohibition-era New Orleans. But now it’s Mardi Gras and all bets are off. In the space of one night, Philippe falls under the spell of jazz musician Claude and learns a terrible secret about his powers. If Philippe is certain of anything it’s that the future can be tricky, but the chance at love makes it all seem worthwhile.

Get a sneak peek at Santino Hassell, J.R. Gray, J.C. Lillis, Roan Parrish, and Kris Ripper's Follow Me Into Darkness (available February 4, 2016) with an exclusive excerpt of a selected scene.

Hurricane by Santino Hassell

“C'mon. I haven't steered you wrong yet.”


“Just one wish, and then we go. What will it hurt?”

Nothing. Unless he robbed me. But his hands were gentle on my shoulders and his voice was a siren song in my ear, and at the moment I couldn't believe he would hurt me. He'd have done it already. That was what I told myself even as the other parts of my brain, the parts that often kept me isolated and withdrawn, screamed at me to stop trusting him and leave.

[Log in or register to read the full excerpt...]

Feb 4 2016 11:00am

Odds Are In Your Favor: Arrow 4x12 Olicity Heart-to-Heart

TV Recap: Arrow 4x12 Unchained Olicity

Show/Episode: Arrow Season 4, Episode 12  “Unchained”
Ship(s): Oliver/Felicity (Olicity)

TV Recap: Arrow 4x12 Olicity Captain's Log

Generally, the run of Arrow episodes after the midseason premiere tend to drag. Last year, it’s when the show decided to launch Laurel’s Black Canary evolution (and Oliver was MIA and presumed dead the majority of the time). The year before, there was the ramp up to the Slade threat where a few notable things happened but by and large, all the episodes were forgettable filler.

This episode was filler as well, but far from forgettable, in my opinion. We had the return of Roy, coerced by a techno baddie known as the Calculator. We had Thea’s deteriorating health, resulting in her laying in a hospital bed, comatose with a grim prognosis. We had Nyssa, offering to restore Thea to health if Oliver killed Malcolm for her. We had Felicity going toe to toe with the Calculator and not only holding her own but mopping the floor with him, despite being fairly evenly matched skill-wise. We also had Felicity presenting Curtis’ game changing tech to the board a few months early and wow-ing everyone in attendance. Including… the Calculator? We were left with a bit of a stunner when he approached her after the meeting and she recognized him as… her dad.

[We want more Olicity ...]

Feb 4 2016 9:30am

First Look: Helen Hardt’s Sophie’s Voice (February 9, 2016)

Sophie’s Voice by Helen Hardt

Helen Hardt 
Sophie’s Voice (Sex and the Season #4) 
Waterhouse Press / February 9, 2016 / $14.99 print, $6.99 digital

Lady Sophie MacIntyre has the voice of an angel, but due to her timid nature, no one ever hears it. After losing a bet to her conniving sister, Sophie auditions for the new musicale at the Regal Theatre run by handsome actor Zachary Newland. Though distracted by Zach’s elegant masculinity and her own nerves, she sings well and earns a role in the production.

Zach is a confirmed bachelor, and his taste in women leans toward the glamorous and uninhibited…until he meets the demure Sophie. Her delicate soprano and understated beauty captivate him. She responds to his inappropriate kiss, but quickly dismisses the heat between them. She’s a lady of the peerage, after all, and not one to associate with a rake like him. Zach, however, is not so easily dissuaded. He gets what he wants, and he intends to help Sophie find her true voice…in more ways than one.

What do you get when you combine historical romance, erotica, and kink? A fun romp through historical England with Sophie’s Voice. Let me tell you, I needed a fan for this one. Sophie’s Voice is the fourth book in the Sex and the Season series and focuses on self-proclaimed spinster, Lady Sophie MacIntyre and verified rake, actor, and musicale director, Zachary Newland.

[Not your traditional historical ...]

Feb 4 2016 8:18am

Favorite Actor Goes to Least Favorite Genre: What to Do?

It's great when an actor breaks out of the genre that you have come to know and love them in—actors like Ben Stiller, Robin Williams, Kristin Wiig,  Mo'nique, and Steve Carrell have all successfully taken on dramatic roles after being largely known for their comedies. Alternatively, we've seen dramatic actors take on lighter hearted (if not downright comedic) roles too—see Forest Whitaker, Channing Tatum, Lupita Nyong'o, Tilda Swinton and Patrick Stewart for further evidence. 

However, there's a difference between watching your favorite comedy actor go to a drama versus going into...horror. I don't know about all of you, but I have a low tolerance for gore and an overactive imagination, so I “just can't” with most horror movies. This year, however, I have found myself going to see Crimson Peak, and soon I'm sure you'll find me at Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

So, now my question to you: Do you forge ahead and go to the movie that you might otherwise have avoided, or do you skip it?

Let us know in the comments!



Feb 3 2016 5:30pm

Steve Trevor: The Many Lives of Wonder Woman’s First Love

Steve Trevor is the rarest superhero love interests. First, he’s a man. Second, he’s an ordinary man with no powers. Third, as the first man Diana ever meets, he’s integral to her origin.

But, last and most important, Steve sets the template for Wonder Woman’s view of the “man’s world” outside Paradise Island.

For those familiar with the story, young Princess Diana is raised by the Amazons of Paradise Island until the day when a World War II pilot crashlands during a secret mission. When Diana rescues him, he considers her his “angel” and thus a great romance is born. That was the basis of the Wonder Woman television show of the 1970s, though it’s Steve Trevor Jr. in the later episodes set in the present day.

[The ever changing Steve Trevor ...]