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December 2, 2016
Friday Beefcake: A Love Letter to Sweater Weather
Jennifer Proffitt
December 2, 2016
Karen Marie Moning Shares Feversong Dani Excerpt!
Team H & H
December 1, 2016
Love and Trust Go Hand-in-Hand in Poison Evidence
Dolly Sickles
November 30, 2016
The Best Reads of November 2016
Team H & H
November 29, 2016
Love Libs #2: Fill in the Blank...
Sienna Snow
Nov 30 2016 8:08am

How Many Books of the Same Trope Have You Read in a Row?

Act Like It by Lucy Parker

I have a confession to make. I realized this week that I've read 5 “fake relationship” books in a row over the last few weeks. This may be a new record and I think I may have a problem. 

Okay, just kidding, if I have a “problem,” it's not one I'm willing to address when it comes to finding books featuring my favorite tropes. However, even I was shocked with how many I'd been able to score in a row!

So what about you? How many books featuring the same trope have you been able to read in a row?

Tell me about it in the comments!

Nov 29 2016 5:30pm

Delicious Encounters: November 2016 New Adult Romance Best Bets

November is here (and gone)! It’s almost the end of the year and as we start winding down, these reads become more personal and more seductive. The holiday season is upon us and that means lots of new books to read and hopefully, time! This month features hilarious heroines with unlikely heroes that are no match for their wit and have unique encounters. From paranormal to rock stars, to Scotland and Hawaii, this month will leave you wanting more!

Hell and Back by Natasha Madison is an emotional roller coaster. Bella is running from her personal hell and lands back at the house where she last knew safety. This time she’s not alone. Lilah is all Bella has left and she’ll stop at nothing to protect her, even if it means distancing herself from the handsome neighbor next door. Bella’s not ready to trust again however, Jackson slowly chips away at her resolve. She’s stared into the eyes of a monster, will she be able to let the past go and live free? Jackson will protect Lilah and Bella with everything he has, then he realizes what they’ve brought to his door. Gut-wrenching and suspenseful, this story will keep you in its clutches from beginning to end.  

[Our adrenaline is pumping already...]

Nov 29 2016 4:37pm

Bad-Boy Dukes Desired: Romance News & Deals

Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in romance.

{Did you know you can sign up to receive Afternoon Tea as an e-mail? Sign up to have your daily cuppa delivered straight to your inbox.}

Top Off Your TBR Pile

A Duke But No Gentleman by Alexandra HawkinsDeal Alert: Alexandra Hawkins' historical A Duke But No Gentleman is discounted to $2.99 in e-book at Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | etc.* “I am always on the lookout for a new series to latch on to! And with A Duke but no Gentleman, I believe I found one,” writes BizJaust in her First Look review.

Deal Alert: Jay Crownover's second Saints of Denver contemporary romance, Charged, is on sale for $1.99 in e-book at iBooks | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | etc.* “While the Marked Men series dealt with redefining family—and coming to terms with the one you have—the theme of the Saints of Denver seems to be one of redemption,” writes H&H community manager Jennifer Proffitt in her First Look at the book.

Deal Alert: Grace Burrowes' historical Lady Sophie's Christmas Wish is $1.99 in e-book at Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Amazon | etc.* Looking for more winter romances? Scroll through all your newest options with our 2016 holiday romance shopping list.

Fresh Outta the Oven

Lisa Kleypas' historical Christmas novella “I Will,” first published as part of the Wish List anthology, will be reissued as a standalone e-book on December 13. RT Book Reviews has the scoop. Love all things Lisa Kleypas? We have a collection for that...

[+Today on H&H...]

Nov 29 2016 3:15pm

First Look: Sandra Hill’s Good Vampires Go to Heaven (November 29, 2016)

Sandra Hill
Good Vampires Go to Heaven (Deadly Angels #8)
Avon Books / November 29, 2016 / $7.99 print, $5.99 digital

In the Deadly Angels series, vangels (Viking vampire angels) attempt to prevent Lucipires (demon vampires) from turning sinning humans into demons before they have a chance at redemption. 

Zebulon (Zeb), a Lucipire caught spying against his own for the vangels in the hopes of joining the ranks of the good guys, has spent a year imprisoned by Jasper, the Lucipire leader, enduring endless physical torture. A visit from Satan results in mental torment being added to the repertoire.   

Regina, a vangel witch, tired of playing second fiddle to all of the male vangels, decides rescuing Zeb may be her ticket out of the lower ranks, despite vangel leader Vikar’s admonition not to do so. Infiltrating Jasper’s castle, Horror, Regina finds not only Zeb, but also three Lucipire witches, who tell her they will help her free Zeb if she agrees to take them with her. Believing she will figure out a way to leave the trio behind when the time comes, Regina reluctantly agrees to the deal.

[But it'll be worth it in the end...]

Nov 29 2016 1:30pm

Love Libs #2: Fill in the Blank...

Rule Breaker by Sienna Snow

Today we're thrilled to host Sienna Snow (author of Rule Breaker) on Heroes and Heartbreakers. Sienna writes hot, and we mean HOT, romance, so to spice things up, she's written a Mad Libs-inspired word game we've dubbed Love Libs (You may remember our first game of Love Libs from last summer). So, get your dirty minds ready and have some fun! Thanks for creating this fun game for us, Sienna!

Now, onto the Love Lib!


[Let the shenanigans begin...]

Nov 29 2016 12:15pm

Sidney Bristol Excerpt: Chase

Sidney Bristol

Chase by Sidney Bristol

For Gabriel, the FBI is just a painful memory. His new team of motorheads may work for the Feds undercover, but they’re nothing like the backstabbers and bureaucrats he left behind. Hunting drug dealers and smugglers in Miami gets him the adrenaline rush he wants and the justice he needs. All that’s missing is the seal on the badge—and Nikki, his sexy ex-partner.

Until she shows up at his garage, wearing short shorts and a look that spells trouble. Nikki has never forgotten the heartbreak Gabriel left her with last time. Even if she can’t have him, she still has to work with him. There’s a homegrown terrorist recruiting military vets to a cult of fear and deception, and they all have roots in Miami.

It will take Gabriel and all the Classic Rides crew to stop a catastrophe. But in close quarters with sparks flying, it’s only a matter of time before the old flame ignites...

Get a sneak peek at Sidney Bristol's Chase (available November 29, 2016) with an exclusive excerpt of a selected scene.

“Any word yet on Isabella or Hillary?”

“Not yet, but I had another thought there. Not a good one, but . . .” Nikki bit her lip.


“Use me as bait.”

Gabriel stared at her. His lips thinned and his gaze had a hard quality that would have intimidated her if she wasn’t positive of her actions.

[Read the full Chase excerpt...]

Nov 29 2016 11:30am

Life Is Too Short: Supergirl 2x08 Heart-to-Heart

Show/Episode: Supergirl Season 2, Episode 8, “Medusa”
Ship(s): Alex x Maggie (Maglex), Mon El x Kara


Supergirl 2x08 Captain's Log

Ready to shake off the after effects of being kidnapped by CADMUS, Kara and friends come together to celebrate a Thanksgiving feast for Supergirl’s Winter Finale. While Winn and James argue about whether or not to reveal their affiliation with the Guardian, Alex is loading up on liquid courage in preparation for a confession of her own. However, a mysterious portal opens above Kara’s dining table and puts all attempts to “come clean” on hold.

Top Headlines:


Kara suspects that Mon El is acting a little too friendly with her mother, Eliza Danvers (Helen Slater). She finds herself a somewhat freaked out by the fact that he appears to be flirting with her Earth mom. However, Eliza claims that her mother’s intuition suggests Mon El really has feelings for Kara.

[Mother knows best...]

Nov 29 2016 9:30am

First Look: Sarah Morgan’s Miracle on 5th Avenue (November 29, 2016)

Miracle on 5th Avenue by Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan
Miracle on 5th Avenue (From Manhattan with Love #3)
HQN Books / November 29, 2016 / $7.43 print, $5.99 digital

Is bestselling crime writer Lucas Blade a modern manifestation of Scrooge? Is he first-cousin to the Grinch, determined to ignore the very existence of Christmas? Or is he a handsome-on-the-outside Beast, reluctant to let anyone into his lair of misery? Eva Jordan, on her way to house-sit his gorgeous Fifth Avenue penthouse, is about to find out.

In Sarah Morgan's Miracle on 5th Avenue, Lucas' grandmother hires her to work Eve Christmas magic on Blade’s apartment and prepare it for the holidays in his absence. Some women would cavil at disappearing from the busy Christmas social scene at the height of the season but not Eva. Her business partners are concerned that her dating life is non-existent but Eva is very picky.

“I hate online dating. I prefer meeting people in other ways.”

“But you’re not meeting people at all! You work. You go to bed with your teddy bear.”

“It’s a stuffed kangaroo. Grams gave it to me when I was four.”

Eva’s partners may think the kangaroo is a little worse for wear, and that she needs to replace it “with a flesh-and-blood man,” but Eva loves her stuffed animal that “never lets me down.”

[Always there for her...]

Nov 29 2016 8:15am

Have You Ever Read Little Women?

Louisa May Alcott's Little Women is a cornerstone book for many readers. It is even a central element of an episode of Friends in which Joey reads Little Women for the first time (and Rachel commits the cardinal sin of reading and spoils the ending). 

So, have you read Little Women? Do you have definite thoughts on who Jo should have ended up with

Tell me about it in the comments!

Nov 28 2016 3:45pm

Give More: November 2016 Women’s Fiction Best Bets

The Canterbury Sisters by Kim Wright

Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.

H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Around the holidays we tend to think more of families, more of giving, and more of good will toward others (as long as they’re not getting the last parking space in the mall!) Wouldn't it be wonderful if this perceptive insight and feelings lasted the whole year round?

Of course, that's not a new sentiment. Be it what it may, while we do need each other—family, friends, and the kindness of strangers, it's not always easy to get along with each other, even among family.

We talked about the definition of women's fiction before—a woman on the “brink of life changes and personal growth.” And sometimes this personal growth is changing talk the talk to walk the walk.

For Women’s Fiction Best Bets this November I'm doing something a little different. Rather than talk about books released this month we are taking the opportunity to highlight books mentioned in previous columns that you might have missed—that really have the message of the holidays—even if the period they cover is not specifically during November and December.

In these books the heroines learn to forgive past mistakes; mend broken relationships, and offer the hand of friendship to others. The books also illustrate the importance of family, how they can affect us in both a positive and negative way. In no particular order, here are some great books to read over the upcoming holidays:

[Let's get this started...]

Nov 28 2016 1:00pm

Quiz: Could You Handle a Pretend Boyfriend?

Today we're thrilled to welcome Karina Bliss (Fall) to Heroes and Heartbreakers. The hero and heroine of Fall embark on a fake relationship, so they know a thing or two about surviving that, but the question is... do you think you could handle it? Karina let's us know! Thanks, Karina!

Like other conveniences–gas stations, bathrooms and chore amnesia–the  relationship of convenience is a useful tool for romance authors, and catnip to romance readers. The trope promises so much–comedy, forced proximity (often including awkward kisses and bed-sharing), unresolved sexual tension, and the ever-present danger of discovery.

But the biggest joy comes from watching two people who are clearly meant to be together, stumble into true love.

From Georgette Heyer's Cotillion and Heaven Texas by Susan Elizabeth Phillips (my personal favorite), to emerging classics like Elle Kennedy's The Deal and Act Like It by Lucy Parker, we just can't get enough of  these novels. Checking Goodreads, I see 794 books listed under Popular Fake Relationship Books. And that's before we include movies like The Proposal, French Kiss and 10 Things I Hate About You (the fake relationship with a tragi-comic twist–only one of the lovers knows the relationship's fake). If you're a movie buff here's a bigger list:

But have YOU read enough of your favorite trope to pull off a fake boyfriend scam? Let's find out.

Note: The quiz is a weeeee bit NSFW. But just the tiniet bit!

[So can you handle it?]

Nov 28 2016 12:10pm

Lorraine Heath Excerpt: The Viscount and the Vixen

Lorraine Heath

The Viscount and the Vixen by Lorraine Heath

Love begets madness. Viscount Locksley watched it happen to his father after his cherished wife’s death. But when his sire arranges to marry flame-haired fortune hunter Portia Gadstone, Locke is compelled to take drastic measures to stop the stunning beauty from taking advantage of the marquess. A marriage of mutual pleasure could be convenient, indeed . . . as long as inconvenient feelings don’t interfere.

Desperation forced Portia to agree to marry a madman. The arrangement will offer the protection she needs. Or so she believes until the marquess’s distractingly handsome son peruses the fine print . . .and takes his father’s place!

Now the sedate—and, more importantly, secure—union Portia planned has been tossed in favor of one simmering with wicked temptation and potential heartbreak. Because as she begins to fall for her devilishly seductive husband, her dark secrets surface and threaten to ruin them both—unless Locke is willing to risk all and open his heart to love.

Get a sneak peek at Lorraine Heath's The Viscount and the Vixen (available November 29, 2016) with an exclusive excerpt of a selected scene.

Locke glided his fingers down Portia’s arms, all the way to her fingertips, before going back up. I like your arms bared,” he said, his voice low, feral, deep. Don’t wear gloves in the future.”

Following dinner, she hadn’t put them back on. As much as she wanted to, she couldn’t quite regret it at that moment. It would be improper.”

A corner of his mouth hitched up, his eyes darkened. Before this night is done, you’ll learn that I enjoy a good many improper things. Turn around.”

[Read the full The Viscount and the Vixen excerpt...]

Nov 28 2016 9:30am

December 2016 Romance Novel New Releases Shopping List

Find your future faves with this delightfully convenient shopping list of romance novels coming out in December.

We’ve divided them up by week to make it easier for you to find the newest releases. For those who’ve got a very specific obsession, we also divided the list up by subgenre and there are some great books to look forward to, and you can can find them in our printable version. Our shopping list is the biggest yet, so don’t forget to take this printable version with you when it’s time to shop!

Jump to New Releases for the Week of:

December 1-6 December 7-13 December 14-20 |   December 21-31

Week of December 1 through December 6

[Read more...]

Nov 27 2016 10:30pm

A Final Choice: Poldark, Season 2, Episode 9, Romelza Heart-to-Heart

Show/EpisodePoldark, Season 2, Episode 9* (US)
Ship(s): Ross/Demelza (Romelza)

*Editors Note: This is Episode 9 as broadcast by Masterpiece PBS in the U.S. This episode originally aired on BBC One as Episode 10.

Poldark 2x09 Captain's Log

Well, we've reached the end of the line for Poldark season 2, and I am both sad and satisfied. This season was hard, mostly due to the stupidity of one Ross Poldark, but alas, it looks like our favorite idiot is learning.

And just in time, too.

The Warleggans, Elizabeth and George, are now installed in Trenwith, much to the dismay of the remaining Poldark women Verity and Aunt Agatha. Wheal Grace is truly prospering, and Ross is very happy to show Demelza that they've got money now, but that's not what Demelza wants.

Oh Ross. 

A lot happened in this final episode of the season, and I think—I think—Ross and Demelza are going to be okay.

Here are my Top 5 Moments from this episode:

[Read more]

Nov 27 2016 12:06pm

Rowan Speedwell Excerpt: Angel Voices

Rowan Speedwell

Angel Voices by Rowan Speedwell

One frigid winter night a week before Christmas, college student Will stumbles into a church during choir practice, bruised by his own father's hands. He's out of the closet now — there's no going back since his fundamentalist father learned the truth — but he's also out of a home, a family, and a future. Will has nowhere to turn. No one to care.

Except . . . Will's roommate, Quinn, cares. Maybe too much. He's been attracted to Will since they moved in together, but never dreamed his crush was gay. With Will's life in pieces, Quinn doesn't want to push. He also knows he has more experience than Will, who's never even been kissed.

Then Will's father makes a reappearance, and Will has to learn to trust his heart more than the voices of his past. But it's the season of miracles, faith, and hope, and Quinn is determined to teach Will how to love and be loved.

Get a sneak peek at Rowan Speedwell's Angel Voices (available November 28, 2016) with an exclusive excerpt of a selected scene.

The dorm building was mostly empty and quiet, with the majority of its tenants gone home for the holidays. It had once been an apartment building, built back in the late eighteen hundreds, until the university had bought and renovated it into dorm rooms and suites in the fifties. They’d renovated it again in the nineties, so it was fairly modern and comfortable. Will was grateful no one was around to watch as he limped up the couple of steps into the big old building, through the heavy oak door, and into the narrow, tiled vestibule.

[Read the full Angel Voices excerpt...]

Nov 27 2016 11:00am

First Look: Karina Halle’s Heat Wave (November 28, 2016)

Heat Wave by Karina Halle

Karina Halle
Heat Wave
Karina Halle / November 28, 2016 / $14.00 print, $3.99 digital

If you haven’t hopped aboard Karina Halle’s travel romances, you’re seriously missing out. Halle has almost single-handedly defined the trope because for her, the setting isn’t just a place for the story; it lends an element to the mood, the emotion, and all the romance. In Heat Wave, we’re transported to magical, mystical Kauai, Hawaii, for the second-chance, forbidden, enemies-to-lovers love story of Veronica and Logan. And not only is Kauai practically a third main character, it’s where timing, circumstances, and fate have converged for two people with quite a past and a lot of time to make up for.

Halle sets the stage beautifully with a prologue that, no matter the angst to follow, shows right away the powerful chemistry and connection between twenty-something Ronnie and thirty-something Logan. They’re two kindred spirits who see something in the other in an instant, and the complication of literal politics and a meddling family can’t get in the way. Not even when their moment is quickly and irrevocably overshadowed by Ronnie’s older, beautiful, in-the-spotlight sister, Juliet. And Ronnie and Logan don’t get the something together they want right away, but you know what they say about things that are worth waiting for…

[Read more...]

Nov 26 2016 12:00pm

Julie Anne Long Excerpt: Wild at Whiskey Creek

Julie Anne Long

Wild at Whiskey Creek: A Hellcat Canyon Novel by Julie Anne Long

Everyone knows the Greenleaf family puts the “Hell” in Hellcat Canyon—legend has it the only way they ever leaTru Blue: Exclusive Excerptve is in a cop car or a casket. But Glory Greenleaf has a different getaway vehicle in mind: her guitar. She has a Texas-sized talent and the ambition (and attitude) to match, but only two people have ever believed in her: her brother, who’s in jail, and his best friend . . . who put him there.

Sheriff Eli Barlow has secretly been in love with Glory since he was twelve years old. Which is how he knows her head is as hard as her heart is soft—and why she can’t forgive him for fracturing her family . . . or forget that night they surrendered to an explosive, long-simmering passion. But when a betrayal threatens Glory’s big break, Eli will risk everything to make it right . . . because the best way to love the girl from Whiskey Creek might mean setting her free forever.

Get a sneak peek at Julie Anne Long's Wild at Whiskey Creek (available November 29, 2016) with an exclusive excerpt of a selected scene.

Eli searched the shocked crowd—who knew open mic night at the Misty Cat was so exciting?—and saw Glory sitting on the stage, her head in her hands, surveying the wreckage with a sort of glum, philosophical resignation.

He took a seat next to her. She glanced up at him ruefully.

They didn’t speak for a moment.

[Read the full Wild at Whiskey Creek excerpt...]

Nov 26 2016 11:00am

Giving Thanks for November 2016’s Male/Male Romance Best Bets

November is the month of Thanksgiving for America and with it comes a bundle of M/M romance goodies. Stories of redemption, love, heartbreak and laughter abound, just in time for the run-up to Christmas.

Daring Fate by Megan Erickson

Daring Fate by Megan Erickson

(Amazon | B&N)

I wake up chained to the wall of a dark cell aware of two things: I failed my sister, and I smell my enemy.

When I’m taken to meet Dare, the alpha of the Silver Tip pack, I’m sure I’m about to lose my throat. The last thing I expect is for the Alpha to recognize me as his fated mate. No way is he going to let me go now, and I still have to find a way to rescue my sister.

As I plot my escape to save her, I find that if I leave, Dare could be killed by power-hungry members of his pack. And now he’s more to me than my fated mate—my heart is involved. With time ticking by on my sister’s life, I have to make a choice I never thought I’d face—my sister’s life or my mate’s? That’s if I can survive the undead shifters intent on killing me first...

Paranormal was the first genre of romance that I loved, and to this day I go back to it again and again. So when I saw that Megan Erickson had written a book about shifters it went straight to the top of my to be read list!

[Read more...]

Nov 25 2016 3:00pm

Friday Beefcake: A Look Back at the Men We’re Grateful For

SourceHelga Esteb/Shutterstock.com

There have been a number of truly beefy Beefcakes that we've been grateful for this year, and in true Thanksgiving fashion, we're giving you a sampling of some of Team H&H 's favorite Beefcakes of the year. 

So grab a cup of tea, or a glass of wine if that's more your speed, and journey with us as we give thanks for some of this year's beefcakes.

[Read more...]

Nov 25 2016 1:00pm

Rogue One’s Jyn/Cassian: Love on the Run?

Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor

The Rogue One trailers aren't even trying to be subtle about it: Sergeant Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones) and Captain Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) are going to be A Thing. And shippers have not only picked that up; they've run with it. The Star Wars movie may not hit theaters until December 16, but you can already watch fanvids, read fanfic, and reblog gifsets dedicated to the pair of rebel spies also known as “rebelcaptain.”

What's the draw?

[Read more...]