<i>Hell or High Water</i>: Exclusive Excerpt Hell or High Water: Exclusive Excerpt Julie Ann Walker "A bolt of hot passion shot through his body..." <i>Primal Heat</i> Part 1: Exclusive Excerpt Primal Heat Part 1: Exclusive Excerpt A. C. Arthur "His lips took hers in a hungry connection..." <i>In the Fast Lane</i>: Exclusive Excerpt In the Fast Lane: Exclusive Excerpt Audra North "He could hear that strong feminine voice in his mind." <i>Do Not Forsake Me</i>: Exclusive Excerpt Do Not Forsake Me: Exclusive Excerpt Rosanne Bittner "He always knew there’d be the devil to pay."
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July 7, 2015
Forced Marriage in Romance
July 6, 2015
Community as Family in Romances from Carr, Long, Balogh, and More!
RaeAnne Thayne
July 6, 2015
Rock Chick's Eddie Says "I Love You" His Way
Jessica Moro
July 2, 2015
Listening to Tessa Bailey's Officer Off Limits
July 2, 2015
5 Heroines Who Don't Care About Scandal!
Julie LeMense
Jul 7 2015 4:30pm

First Look: Christine Feehan’s Earth Bound (July 7, 2015)

Earth Bound by Christine Feehan

Christine Feehan
Earth Bound (Sea Haven/Sisters of the Heart #4)
Jove / July 7, 2015 / $7.99 print, $5.99 digital

The #1 New York Timesbestselling author ofAir Boundreturns to the mysterious coastal town of Sea Haven where six sisters of the heart are bound by the elements, and one is stalked by an inescapable past…

After escaping from a cult, Lexi found refuge with her sisters on the farm that more than sustained her body—it nurtured her soul as well. But she never forgot the terror she left behind or the always present fear that the cult would find her again, and claim her. Then her nightmare came true.

Lexi was discovered and threatened—only to be suddenly saved by a stranger. He is Gavriil Prakenskii, and he’s awestruck by the woman he’s rescued. She is destined for him. He can feel it in his soul. But how can Lexi find happiness with a man steeped in secrets and shadows, one intimately acquainted with violence, and whose very love could be the death of them?

Shared experiences can bring people together, especially when they’re traumatic. This is at the heart of Christine Feehan’s Sea Haven/Sisters of the Heart series – reclaiming life through bonds with people who understand what you’ve been through.

[Love could mean death for them...]

Jul 7 2015 3:37pm

Romance News Roundup: New Outlander Pics, Dawson’s Creek Read, and More!

Welcome to H&H's daily news roundup! Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in the romance world right now.

Dawson's Creek Season 1 cast—Love Dawson's Creek and Parenthood's Mae Whitman? Then run, don't walk, over to this video of Whitman reading the role of Dawson in a live table read of the show's pilot episode. Afterwards, rediscover Tara Gelsomino's ode to The Power of Pacey.

Entertainment Weekly offers a preview of Outlander Season 2 with new pictures and an interview with showrunner Ronald D. Moore on what's ahead for Jamie and Claire Fraser. Is it 2016 yet? No? Until then, you can distract yourself with all the many posts in our Outlander collection.

—Deal Alert: Jill Myles's Time Travel Romance novel The Beast's Bride is currently $.99 in e-book at e-tailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iBookstore.* H&H blogger Sahara Hoshi chose this series as one of her best reads in May.

Sudsy drama UnREAL has been renewed for a second season by Lifetime. Set behind the scenes of a fictional reality show, UnREAL is surprisingly addictive even if (especially if?) you're not a fan of the reality genre. I'm low-key shipping producer Rachel and suitor (read: bachelor) Adam, even though logically I know they'd be terrible together. Anyone else seeing any romance potential now or in future with this show?

—Harlequin is teaming with Wattpad this year to put on its annual So You Think You Can Write competition. If you're an aspiring author interested in submitting a manuscript, you can learn more at soyouthinkyoucanwrite.com and/or wattpad.com/HarlequinSYTYCW.

[Glass Sword cover + New X-Files footage...]

Jul 7 2015 2:00pm

Cover Tuesday: Lizzy Ford’s Highlander Enchanted Exclusive Cover Reveal

Today Heroes and Heartbreakers is thrilled to reveal the cover for Lizzy Ford's Highlander Enchanted, where the heroine flees from one fiancé and finds love with another man where she least expects it! Thanks, Lizzy!

[Learn more about the book and check out the amazing cover...]

Jul 7 2015 11:00am

Reluctantly Man and Wife: Forced Marriage in Romance from MacLean, Ashley, and More!

Duchess in Love by Eloisa James

As I finished my post on historical romance stories featuring bachelors making wagers to remain single, it got me thinking about forced marriage and how ubiquitous a theme it is. Taking a step back, this trope is prevalent not just in historical romance but in other subgenres. While I don’t purposively seek out books that feature this trope, I’ve read quite a few. I’m not sure why I seem to be attracted to it like a moth to a light bulb, seeing as how I love my free will. Maybe it’s because the two leads are forced to communicate through the initial misunderstandings and less than ideal circumstances dealt them, healing from old and fresh wounds, that ultimately leads to their HEA. Or maybe there really is something to be said about the power of fate and the role it plays in our society, whether we believe in the magic of it or not. Without further ado, I give you a list of some goodies that feature forced marriage.


Duchess in Love (Duchess Quartet #1) by Eloisa James

The first in the Duchess Quartet series, Gina is forced to marry Camden, the Duke of Girton when she is far too young. Over ten years later with the marriage still unconsummated, Gina is set on an annulment while Cam finds himself falling in love.

[More books about force marriages...]

Jul 7 2015 9:30am

First Look: Tara Sue Me’s The Collar (July 7, 2015)

Tara Sue Me
The Collar (Submissive #6)
NAL / July 7, 2015 / $15.99 print, $9.99 digital

Nathaniel and Abby are struggling to navigate the challenging waters of their own relationship, when they get a surprising phone call from their partners in play, Dena and Jeff, who are in need of a helping hand…

Seven years ago, blonde, beautiful lawyer Dena Jenkins was tired of her carefully controlled life. Desperate for something exhilarating to help her escape the pressures of her demanding job and her senator father, she joined a steamy, local BDSM club as a submissive. There she met brooding Dominant, Jeff. The attraction between them was undeniable, and, despite Dena’s doubts, they couldn’t stay away from each other.

Except, as the years have passed, their blazing connection has proven difficult to maintain. Dena and Jeff have a history they’d rather forget, but Dena can’t let go of the past, and Jeff is ready to move across the country to give her space. Now, to save their passion, they’ll have to rediscover what it means to trust each other—and give themselves to each other completely…

The Collar is Tara Sue Me’s latest installment of her popular Submissive Series, which explores the lives and relationships of different couples involved in BDSM.  In The Collar, we get a closer look at Dena and Jeff, two characters introduced in both Seduced by Fire and revisited briefly in The Enticement.  Intriguing glimpses into their past together shows how they met, how they came together and, ultimately, the tragedy that drove them apart.  Now, four years after the end of their relationship, outside forces bring them back in one another’s lives once again.

[It's never too late to give love another try...]

Jul 7 2015 8:34am

Boss-Secretary Deliciousness: Yay or Nay?

We all have strong feelings on the tropes the genre has to offer. Fated mates are particularly polarizing, for example. Today, however, I want to know your thoughts on another popular trope: the boss and assistant!

Earlier this year, we asked if you had read, or wanted to read books featuring lady billionaires. It appeared, pretty unanimously that you did! Does the gender-swapped dynamic change how you feel about the boss-assistant trope? Do you like to read it? What was the last boss-assitant book that you read? What do you like (or not like) about the trope?

Let me know in the comments!

Jul 6 2015 4:30pm

Community as Family, and the Appeal of the Small Town Romance

Redemption Bay by RaeAnne Thayne

Today we're thrilled to have RaeAnne Thayne at Heroes and Heartbreakers. RaeAnne excels at many things, and creating small towns that we all want to live in is one of them, like the town of Haven Point in her latest release, Redemption Bay. RaeAnne is here today to talk about small towns, community, and the sense of family one gets when surrounded by both. Thanks, RaeAnne!

“In little towns, lives roll along so close to one another; loves and hates beat about, their wings almost touching. On the sidewalks along which everybody comes and goes, you must, if you walk abroad at all, at some time pass within a few inches of the man who cheated and betrayed you, or the woman you desire more than anything else in the world. Her skirt brushes against you. You say good-morning, and go on. It is a close shave. Out in the world the escapes are not so narrow.” – Willa Cather, Lucy Gayheart

Small-town contemporary romance series continue to be as popular as ever with readers. I love reading these books because I find something so appealing about the quieter pace, the intertwined lives, the neighbors who chat across the back fence–and the intense drama inherent in communities where you can’t avoid interactions.

These series resonate with me and other readers, I believe, because many people crave that sort of connection–a place they can feel that intangible sense of belonging, of being part of something larger than themselves.

[Small town romance rules...]

Jul 6 2015 3:37pm

Romance News Roundup: Time Hump Chronicles, Edie Harris Deal, and More!

Welcome to H&H's daily news roundup! Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in the romance world right now.

Orange Is the New Black's Suzanne and PousseyRomance author Alyssa Cole (Off the Grid series) has written a chapter of Orange Is the New Black fan fiction! Kinda sorta. Here's the full story: In the TV series, Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren develops a following among her fellow Litchfield inmates with her erotic serial novel Time Hump Chronicles. And now, thanks to Vulture and Alyssa Cole, you can get an idea of what that serial might look like in real life. Read Cole's Time Hump Chronicles, Chapter 3: “Vaseline Dude” at Vulture now.

—Deal Alert #1: Edie Harris's Blood Money #1, Blamed, is currently $.99 in e-book at e-tailers such as Barnes & Noble, iBookstore, and Amazon.* Want to see if it's right for you? Read our First Look at Blamed and check out sneak peeks from upcoming Blood Money books.

—Deal Alert #2: Julie Kagawa's YA fantasy novel The Iron King (Iron Fey #1) is $.99 right now in e-book at iBookstore, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more.* You may be interested to know the novel's Prince Ash made Chelsea Mueller's list of Top 5 YA Alpha Heroes.

—Deal Alert #3: Shirlee McCoy's small-town Apple Valley romance The Cottage on the Corner is currently listed at $1.99 in e-book at e-tailers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iBookstore.* Want more? You're in luck! We've got an excerpt from The Cottage on the Corner here.

—Cover Alert: Tara Wyatt offered up the cover for her debut romantic suspense novel, Necessary Risk, on social today. See the smoldery goodness on her Twitter. 

*We don't know how long deals will last, so get 'em while you can!

Orange Is the New Black pic via kaleighwhiskeyhands.tumblr.com

Jul 6 2015 2:00pm

Show Me, Don’t Tell Me!: Kristen Ashley’s Eddie Says “I Love You” His Way

Rock Chick Rescue by Kristen Ashley

After a post on Heroes and Heartbreakers on not saying “I love you” in romance novels, I got to thinking about one of my favorite series, Rock Chick by Kristen Ashley. It’s a series of standalone novels with strong heroines and alpha heroes, all interconnected and all have incredible stories. If you haven’t read Kristen Ashley, a) what are you waiting for b) start here, as you’ll see these characters pop up in many of her other books.

Rock Chick Rescue, the second book in the series, had that nonverbal “I love you,” but, surprisingly, I didn’t even notice. Rock Chick Rescue is the story of Jet and Eddie—he’s as alpha as they come, as are most of Ashley's heroes. He’s not verbose, nor does he play games, he gives it to you straight. So when Jet catches Eddie’s attention, he does it in a typical hot bunch fashion. He’s a man of action.

He pushed me against the truck, his body came up against mine and he kissed, full on tongue. When he lifted his head, he had an arm wrapped around the middle of my back, his fingertips resting nearly at the side of my breasts and the other hand resting on my hip.

“What was that?” Dammit, I was breathy again.

“Just wanted to say I like what you’re wearing.”

“You could have just said it.”

“Preferred to show it.”

I had to admit, I preferred it too.

[Sometimes “I love you” is all you need...]

Jul 6 2015 12:00pm

Hell or High Water: Exclusive Excerpt

Julie Ann Walker

Hell or High Water by Julie Ann Walker

Only two things could make former Navy SEAL Leo Anderson return to the world of weapons and warfare. First, a capsule of chemical weapons lost on the ocean floor, and second, a plea for assistance from the one woman he can't seem to forget-CIA Agent Olivia Mortier.

Now, working together to race against the clock and a deadly terrorist faction, Leo and Olivia must find the missing capsule, all the while battling the intense desire burning between them. If they can survive, can their growing attraction become more than just a momentary flare?

Get a sneak peek at Julie Ann Walker's Hell or High Water (available July 7, 2015) with an exclusive excerpt of a selected scene.

“We’ve got unfinished business between you and me.”

“What unfinished business? What are you talking about?” Olivia’s adorable chin jutted up at him. Up close like this, Leo could see lighter, turquoise striations flecking the deep sapphire of her irises.

[Log in or register to read the full excerpt...]

Jul 6 2015 11:00am

Romelza Forever: Poldark’s Ross and Demelza Turn Up the Heat!

Spoiler Alert: This post contains spoilers of all aired episodes of Poldark, including (especially!) last night's game-changing episode. Read with caution!

Last night’s episode of Poldark was nothing short of swoon-worthy. For those of you who are new to the show, I’m sure (or at least, hoping) that you were just as much of a melting puddle of goo on the floor as I was when Ross and Demelza finally got together. I’ve read the first few books in the series, so I knew what was going to happen, but the show definitely surpassed my expectations. The perfect combination of the smoldering hero and the fair maiden, Ross and Demelza are now firmly established as members of favorite period-drama OTPs.

Let’s start with a quick recap and move on to dissecting the deliciousness of Romelza.

When we first met Ross Poldark, he was a heartbroken war veteran, brooding over the loss of the love of his life to his milquetoast cousin. Elizabeth had betrayed him by agreeing to marry his cousin Francis, but as viewers, we all probably felt for her predicament: she’d thought Ross was dead! What else was she supposed to do? We all watched as Ross struggled with the news, gripped the railings in the church pew during the wedding, and tossed aside Elizabeth’s ring as he struggled to come to terms with her loss. He contemplated leaving Cornwall for London and abandoning his inheritance. He drank. He buried himself in work. But underneath it all, the wound was still raw, and every time he saw Elizabeth, it bled afresh.

[Ross and Demelza fight and then have a steamy makeup...]

Jul 6 2015 9:30am

First Look: Stephanie Tyler’s Viper’s Rule (July 7, 2015)

Viper's Rule by Stephanie Tyler

Stephanie Tyler
Viper's Rule (Skulls Creek #2)
Signet / July 7, 2015 / $7.99 print, $5.99 digital

Even though he’s no longer a U.S. soldier, Talon “Tals” Garrity hasn’t lost his desire for living on the edge. As the enforcer for the Vipers Motorcycle Club, the eternal bad boy is always getting into trouble—especially with the ladies, who can’t seem to resist him. But when Maddie Wells returns to Skulls Creek, he’s shocked that she can’t seem to keep her hands off him either. Good thing Tals doesn’t mind playing with fire.

Growing up with her family’s prestigious name and money, Maddie could never indulge a bad-boy biker like Tals. Now that she’s back, she finds herself irresistibly drawn to him. But if Maddie ends up getting what she wants, they might both be sorry. Because some very dangerous men are hot on her trail—and Tals and his MC will have to put their lives on the line to protect her.…

Second chance romances are a guilty pleasure of mine. I love reading about a couple who comes together after years of separation and watching as they acquaint themselves with one another and rediscover all the things that made them a couple in the past. Often, the issue that separates them is a misunderstanding that has one or both running for the hills, refusing to even entertain the notion of stopping and calmly evaluating what has happened.

[She wants him back and she is not giving up so easily...]

Jul 6 2015 8:12am

Who Are the Most Independent Characters in Romance?

Last week saw both Canada Day and the Fourth of July (aka American Independence Day) in North America. Both days are all about the uniting of colonies and into great nations and being independent. To commemorate the occasions, we want to know who are the most independent characters that you can think of? Who are some of your favorites?

Jul 5 2015 2:00pm

Primal Heat Part 1: Exclusive Excerpt

Primal Heat Part 1: A Paranormal Shapeshifter Werejaguar Romance by A. C. Arthur

Half man, half animal, a Shadow Shifter lives a dual existence in a savage world-one in which desire can be as dangerous as nature itself.

Meet Eli Preston. As guard to the most powerful shapeshifter in the human world, he is sworn to protect his leader and stay true to his mission. But his devotion will be tested when he meets a beautiful woman who arouses his werejaguar senses­-and ignites his wildest passions...

Get a sneak peek at A. C. Arthur 's Primal Heat Part 1 (available July 14, 2015) with an exclusive excerpt of a selected scene.


He bolted up in bed, sweat pouring from his face, his bare chest heaving with the rapid rhythm of his heart. The conversation replayed in his mind as if it were occurring right at this very moment.

Breathing heavily, Eli dragged a hand over his damp face and cursed. Elder Alamar and Baxter, the Overseer, had chosen to meet before dawn in a conference room adjacent to Eli’s bedroom on the lower level of Havenway. The fact that Eli had been awake that night, as well as so many before and after, was not a pertinent issue. Still, he would admit that his senses had been in overdrive as a result of lack of sleep and lack of sex.

[Log in or register to read the full excerpt...]

Jul 5 2015 10:30am

Give Me Shelter: 9 Reasons Robyn Carr’s Preacher Will Be Your Next Book Boyfriend

Shelter Mountain by Robyn Carr

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes with a variety of personalities. Some are the archetypical of the romantic hero—tall, gorgeous with six pack abs. A few are disfigured or losing their hair. Some are tortured and it takes the length of the novel for them to become a worthy human being. Then there are heroes that are praiseworthy from the very first page.

Every once in a while an author creates a hero that just resonant with readers, like Robyn Carr did with John “Preacher” Middleton from Shelter Mountain.

There is such a disparity between his large pugnacious looks and his marshmallow heart:

Preacher looked intimidating—he was six foot four, bald with bushy black eyebrows, a diamond stud earring and shoulders about as broad as an ax handle was long.

I liked Preacher when he opened the door to Paige and her son Christopher, but over the book, I fell more in love with him as Carr revealed more of his character.

[What makes a preacher irresistible?]

Jul 4 2015 2:00pm

First Look: Monica Murphy’s Taming Lily (July 7, 2015)

Taming Lily by Monica Murphy

Monica Murphy
Taming Lily (The Fowler Sisters Series, #3)
Random House Publishing Group / July 7, 2015 / $15.00 print, $7.99 digital

Perfect for fans of Christina Lauren, Emma Chase, and Maya Banks, the anticipated finale in New York Times bestselling author Monica Murphy’s sexy contemporary romance series about three fiery and determined sisters with their own ideas about life and love.

I’m in trouble. Again. And instead of facing my problems head-on, I’ve run away. Far away this time, and no one can catch me—not my two younger sisters, Violet and Rose, not my father, my grandmother, or that witch Pilar who wants to take control of my family’s cosmetics company. Now I’m in Hawaii, enjoying the sun and sand and water, where nobody knows the hot mess known as Lily Fowler. And I’m loving every minute of it.

But someone is watching me. Following me. He’s gorgeous. Soon we’re talking, and against all my instincts, I reveal bits and pieces of myself to Max. It feels good, though I know he can’t be the man for me. These sudden feelings we share are way too complicated, too fraught, too intense.

Then everything explodes and I’m forced to return home. My intentions have always been true, but now everyone’s mad at me. I don’t know who to turn to anymore . . . except to Max. He’s the one I want to trust. But I’m not so sure I should. Maybe it’s worth the risk—what-ifs be damned.

In Monica Murphy's Taming Lily, Lily Fowler is in trouble. The “wild” child of the three heiress daughters to the perfume company, Fleur, Lily finds herself on the run after hacking into the email accounts of a high up executive at Fleur. Armed with the information that could potentially hurt Fleur, she hides out in Maui while she figures out what to do. You see, as the oldest and most reckless of the sisters, she has built up a reputation that renders her as someone not to be taken seriously. And for a while, she was content to let her family and the media view her in such a light so she could stay under the radar with her extra-curricular hacking activities. Surely no one would suspect that Lily would be capable or intelligent enough to understand the inner workings of technology and computers.

[It is better to haved loved than...]

Jul 3 2015 4:30pm

Friday Beefcake: The Men of Turn

The Men of AMC's Turn

Tomorrow is The Fourth of July in America, or Independence Day! While for the most part, it's just used as a day off work, shows like AMC's Turn remind us of the men and women who fought, died, and spied for our country's freedom. There are so many reasons to love the men of this show, but for our purposes, the one we'll be focusing on is because they're pretty.

Have you watched Turn?

[These guys know how to rock a queue...]

Jul 3 2015 12:00pm

In the Fast Lane: Exclusive Excerpt

Audra North

In the Fast Lane by Audra North

Life in the fast lane.

Racing cars is in Kerri Hart's blood—literally, since it's the family business. But Hart Racing is in dire financial straits, and as the only female rookie driver, Kerri's sponsorship offers always tend to be of the unzipped racing-suit variety. It's a message she'd rather not sell to her young fans. But how can she afford not to?

Love on overdrive.

Ranger Colt knows how to make a woman's heart race. But when his voice pops up on Kerri's headset—while she's in mid-tailspin—she's in no mood for his charms. Colt Hardware now has a significant stake in the Hart family business, and Kerri has no choice but to work with him. But when her ex-boyfriend makes a very public, tabloid-fodder scene that threatens to tarnish her image, it's Ranger who comes to the rescue. Pretending to be engaged to generate some good publicity seems like a good plan. In fact, it works—all too well. What begins as a ruse is revving up to feel a whole lot like the real thing. Will Kerri and Ranger's fake-lationship take a wild turn. . .and lead them toward the finish?

Get a sneak peek at Audra North's In the Fast Lane (available July 14, 2015) with an exclusive excerpt of a selected scene.

Chapter One

“Holy rotors!” Kerri slammed on the brakes and swerved, groaning with the effort it took to move a couple of tons of metal barreling down the racetrack at nearly two hundred miles an hour. The car shifted to the right, toward the wall. Shit. Not good. She threw all her weight against the wheel, trying to change course while Grady’s voice started screaming in her ear, “Ease up on the brake or you’re gonna spin out! Fucking sh—”

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Jul 3 2015 9:30am

First Look: Scarlett Cole’s The Strongest Steel (July 7, 2015)

The Strongest Steel by Scarlett Cole

Scarlett Cole
The Strongest Steel (Second Circle Tattoos #1)
St. Martin's Press / July 7, 2015 / $3.99 digital

Harper Connelly never expected to find herself outside of a tattoo parlor at one in the morning, summoning the nerve to take back her past. She's determined to forget her old life and is looking for an artist who can tattoo over the scars on her back.

Trent Andrews, local legend and owner of the Second Circle tattoo studio, has his own reasons for specializing in inking over scars. And in spite of her mysterious past and the difficult road ahead, he quickly realizes that Harper is funny, smart, and-under her ridiculously oversized clothing and SPF 100 sunscreen-totally hot. He's happy to take on the challenge of designing a meaningful and deadly full-back tattoo for her.

But when cryptic messages start appearing on Harper's phone, strange deliveries arrive at her door, and Second Circle is vandalized, Harper is convinced that her ex-boyfriend has tracked her down, and worse, that he knows about Trent. Running was the only thing that saved her last time, but now that she's started to put down roots in Miami, she'll have to decide if she can finally fight back instead.

Does the thought of a sexy but gentle tattoo artist helping a heroine to overcome her scars double click your mouse?

If so, this romantic suspense novel is for you.

When we first meet the heroine, Harper, she’s carrying around a blue envelope from a United States penitentiary in her purse which she can’t bring herself to open, and it’s also clear that she’s carrying some significant scars from her blood-soaked past (a past which is keen to catch up with her).

[But there might be a strapping hero to get in the way?]

Jul 2 2015 4:30pm

First Look: Lynne Connolly’s Danger Wears White (July 7, 2015)

Dangers Wears White by Lynne Connolly

Lynne Connolly
Danger Wears White (The Emperors of London #3)
Lyrical Press / July 7, 2015 / $15.00 print, $4.99 digital

Hoping to live down her family’s connections to the traitorous Jacobite cause, Imogen wants nothing more than a quiet life in the country. When she stumbles upon a wounded man, the white cockade in his coat tells her he’s a Jacobite, and a danger to the crown. Yet there’s something about him she can’t resist . . .

In search of a document on behalf of his powerful family, Tony is shot and left for dead. Secreted away to a hidden chamber, he finds himself both a guest and prisoner of a beautiful but mysterious woman. What she wants and who she serves, he cannot know. But what he does understand is the desire burning strongly between them. And that neither of them will be spared until their lust is sated.

When the action moves to London, suddenly it’s Tony who has to act to save Imogen. Forced to become a lady in waiting to Princess Amelia, she is in peril from the Jacobites, who are convinced she is their salvation. Only the strength of Tony and Imogen’s love can save them now.

Full Disclosure: On top of being a writer, Lynne Connolly is a blogger at Heroes & Heartbreakers and has blogged with Wendy the Super Librarian at The Good, The Bad and the Unread.

[A true Georgian historical about a spy and his heroine...]