H&H Reads <i>A Breath of Scandal</i> (6 of 6) H&H Reads A Breath of Scandal (6 of 6) Elizabeth Essex Are you ready to be reckless? Join us for the FINAL installment of the H&H Reads A Breath of Scandal <i>Uncensored Passion</i>: Exclusive Excerpt Uncensored Passion: Exclusive Excerpt Bobbi Cole Meyer "Kayla wrapped her arms around his strong neck and hugged him close." <i>Hell for Leather</i>: Exclusive Excerpt Hell for Leather: Exclusive Excerpt Julie Ann Walker "Lord almighty, how he wanted to touch her there, needed to touch her there." <i>The House on Blackberry Hill</i>: Excerpt The House on Blackberry Hill: Excerpt Donna Alward "He felt a shiver of anticipation that had...everything to do with the client."
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Apr 9 2014 3:04pm

The Lingerie Shop by Joey W. HillIn need of some sexy reading material to fill your e-reader? I’m here for you. Each month I will bring you an assortment of erotic pleasure reads to tempt your palate—and your credit card....

April showers us with love, lust and some dynamic power exchanges as the couples in here explore their boundaries in the bedroom and beyond.

Naughty Bits, Part 1: The Lingerie Shop by Joey W. Hill

Madison is a control freak with one wish—to lose control. Her hidden submissive cravings have led to a string of disastrous relationships. So when she inherits her sister’s North Carolina lingerie shop, Naughty Bits, she jumps at the opportunity to dump her boring finance career and bad history and try her luck down South.

But before Madison can settle in, she catches the attention of the owner of the neighboring hardware store. Sexually dominant Logan Scott can see the hunger for command in Madison’s eyes and is anxious to help unleash her submissive desires. He presents her with three very tempting gifts—handcuffs, erotic cards, and an open invitation to join him at a submissive’s training session.

Faced with the realization that she can’t sell fantasies to her lingerie customers without embracing her own, Madison accepts Logan’s offer. Now, she’s about to discover just how far her desire can take her…

Ooo La La. The first book in Joey Hill’s four book serial, The Lingerie Shop, introduces us to a sexually repressed woman and the kinky sexy dom who wants to make all her desires come true...especially the ones she doesn't even know she has.

[More erotics coming right up...]

Dec 3 2013 5:30pm

Unrestrained by Joey W. Hill

Joey W. Hill
Berkley / December 3, 2013 / $16.00 print, $7.99 digital

Athena is an accomplished businesswoman in control of every aspect of her life. But since the death of her husband, she’s had the desire to explore submissive cravings she’s had for some time. Unfortunately, Athena is known as a Mistress, because that’s the role she’s always played.

Her type A personality was strong enough to serve her husband as a Domme because that’s what he needed. It’s not until she meets Dale, a retired Navy SEAL, that she attempts to discover what her own submissive desires are. But letting go of her control is not so easy.

Fortunately, Dale is an accomplished Master who can help Athena live out her fantasies. And as she slowly surrenders to his touch, both of them will learn more about the nature of love between Dominant and submissive, and how it defies all expectations.

Joey W. Hill has mastered the art of writing the female Domme and has certainly put her stamp on BDSM erotic romance. But in her newest novel, Unrestrained, Domme heroine Athena has a secret: she’s really a submissive and she’s kept this hidden for years. But there’s one man she can’t cover with so well, a sexy SEAL whom she spots in a scene, giving herself away and unraveling the tightly-held control she’s maintained for so long. And with this, Hill primarily offers a glimpse into the psychological aspects of a BDSM relationship, the mental give-and-take of exploring this deep connection with a new partner, and a plunge into switches and power shifts.

[It's best not to get tied down to one role...]

Nov 14 2013 11:45am

If It Flies by L.A. Witt and Aleksandr VoinovM/m romance (male/male) is a romance sub-genre that has recently exploded in popularity. With some not as well-known authors, it can be hard to find books to cover your reading needs so here is a list of the top ten m/m romance novels.

This list isn’t necessarily a best of the best list, but it is one that I think encompasses several themes within the m/m romance genre. Hopefully, I gathered some that would appeal to many different people, but please tell me what I missed. Like everyone else, I am always on the lookout for more books to add to my TBR pile.

10. L. A. Witt and Aleksandr Voinov, If It Flies

Any number of books by either of these authors could go on this list, but this one is one of my favorite. The Market Garden series features the subject of rent boys and the things they will do for their clients—and what their clients want to do for them. L. A. Witt and Aleksandr Voinov can write the heck out of a sex scene, and the book is very dirty and very sexy.

9. Rowan Speedwell, Illumination

The hero is a rock star and in the closet. Most of us can’t resist that bad-boy rock star, but this one struggles with having it all but not being able to truly be happy. The other hero is agoraphobic and also suffers from a debilitating social anxiety, two issues in direct conflict with the lifestyle of the man he loves. Illumination also deals with the topic of addiction and the struggle to overcome it.

[+8 more essential male/male reads...]

Nov 5 2013 2:00pm

Long Hard Ride by Lorelei JamesEveryone has an opinion about essential romance reads, books that they believe fans of the genre must have read. Ideally, these are stories that define the genre or the subgenre. They may not be the best or the most popular, but they should make readers think. And because this list is of essential erotic reads, they should be HOT, HOT, HOT! 

This is a list of 10 erotic books that stood out to me from the moment that I first read them. Each one rates very high on my sexometer as well. Several even made my jaw drop.

1. Long Hard Ride by Lorelei James — Cowboys are very sexy, and Lorelei James knows how to get the most of them. In the first book of her Rough Riders series, James gives Channing Kincaid quite the ride with Colby McKay and his two bunkmates. While the HEA is with Colby alone, Channing gets more than her fair share of sexy times with these three high octane men.

2. Forbidden by Susan Johnson — Etienne, the Duc de Vec, is a notorious rake and libertine who is brought to his knees by Daisy Black in this historical erotic romance. As you might expect, the notorious rake has a voracious sexual appetite. Sex toys play a part in his very impressive repertoire, my first exposure to them in erotic fiction.

[+8 more essential erotic romance reads...]

Apr 25 2012 5:30pm

Find your future faves with this delightfully convenient shopping list of romance novels coming out in May. This time around, we’ve divided them up by subgenre to make it easier for those who’ve got a very specific obsession. Don’t forget to take this printable version with you when it’s time to shop!

Heroes and Heartbreakers’s May Shopping List
Paranormal/Urban Fantasy/SFR
Midnight’s Master by Donna Grant, Nightshifted by Cassie Alexander, Born of Silence by Sherrilyn Kenyon, and Sparks Fly by Katie MacAlister
Embrace of the Damned by Anya Bast, Sound of the Heart by Genevieve Graham, Kiss of the Goblin Prince by Shona Husk, and Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris


[What’s on your must-buy list this month?...]